Skeptiko With a “k”, Rather Than Skeptico

Is it Skeptico or Skeptiko? With a last name like mine (Tsakiris) I’m used, “how do you spell that” questions. This one’s easy — Skeptiko with a “k”, rather than Skeptico with a “c”.

Past Shows

158. Bernardo Kastrup’s Controversial View of Consciousness Research

157. Spirit Medium August Goforth Skeptical of Reincarnation

156. Closer to Truth Host, Dr. Robert Kuhn, Skeptical of Near-Death Experience Science

155. Buddhist Meditation Teacher Shinzen Young on the Role of God in Meditation

154. Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander’s Near-Death Experience Defies Medical Model of Consciousness

153. Skepticality Hosts Skeptiko, Blake Smith, Ben Radford, Karen Stollznow

152. Near-Death Experience After Effects Key to Understanding NDEs, Say Researcher P.M.H. Atwater

151. Science Journalist Ben Radford “Believes” Psychic Detective

150. Dream Interpretation a Spiritual Journey Says Lucid Dream Expert Robert Waggoner

149. How Many Dinosaurs Fit on Noah’s Ark, Interview With Evolution Theory Expert Michael Flannery

148. Satanist Winter Laake Honest About Facing Death

147. Can Out of Body Experiences Explain God?

146. Paranormal Podcast Host Jim Harold on the Mainstream Media’s Non-Coverage of the Paranormal

145. Stanley Krippner Lends Scientific Weight to Paranormal Dreams

144. Lynne McTaggart Reports on Science at the Brink of the Spiritual

143. Lisa Miller’s Heaven Book Uncommitted to Afterlife, Spiritual Experiences, and Survival of Consciousness

142. Jim Marrs On Donald Rumsfeld and “What is Building 7?”

141. Steve Volk Investigates UFOs, Ghosts, Telepathy and Near-Death Experience in, Fringe-ology

140. Dr. Lakhmir Chawla Frustrates Near-Death Experience Researchers

139. Are Ghosts Real? Guy Lyon Playfair’s Thirty-Year Investigation Yields Insights

138. Healing Prayer Expert Examines Whether God Hears Non-Christian Prayers

137. Religious Cults Expert Provides Context to Spiritual Experiences

136. Hazel Courteney on Understanding a Spiritual Awakening

135. Dr. Andrew Newberg on God of the Fundamentalist Atheist

134. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake on the Persistence of Richard Wiseman’s Deception

133. Dr. Stuart Hameroff On Quantum Consciousness and Moving Singularity Goal Posts

132. Deborah Blum On the Taboo of Paranormal Science Reporting

131. Dr. Rick Strassman On Whether Psychedelic Drugs Prove We Are More Than Our Brain

130. Gary Renard And Robert Perry On Channeling Ascended Masters

129. Karen Stollznow On Psychic Science and Being a Skeptic

128. Dr. James Fetzer On Survival of Consciousness and Near-Death Experience (NDE) Science

127. Dr. David Eagleman Explores the Afterlife and the Limits of Consciousness

126. Andy Paquette Claims 20 Year History of Precognitive Dreams

125. Atheist Debates Existence of Soul with Near Death Experience Believer

124. Near Death Experience Science in Bereavement Rescue

123. Randi’s Prize Exposed in New Book by Robert McLuhan

122. Reincarnation of Apostle Paul, Nick Bunick’s Claims Scrutinized

121. Skeptical of Skeptics, Chris Carter Tackles Near Death Experience Science

120. Dr. James Fetzer Separates JFK Assassination Science From Fiction

119. Dr. Pim van Lommel Transformed by Near-Death Experience Research

118. Dr. Jeffrey Long Responds to “NDEs are an Illusion”

117. Spencer Burke’s Controversial, Long-Term View of Christianity

116. Dr. Sam Parnia Claims Near Death Experience Probably an Illusion

115. Dr. Jeff Kripal Offers a Fresh Perspective on the Nature of Consciousness

114. Near-Death Experience Skeptic Dr. Susan Blackmore Responds to Critics

113. Atheist Ophelia Benson Admires the Pre-Deathbed Denouncement of Christopher Hitchens

112. Christian Apologist Dr. Gary Habermas Skeptical of Near Death Experience Spirituality

111. Parapsychology Researcher Dr. Stephen Braude Battles Against “Sleazy Arguments”

110. Christian Atheist, Dr. Robert Price, Champions Fairness In Argument Against Bible Accounts

109. Is Dr. Sam Parnia’s AWARE Study of Near Death Experience Doomed to Fail?

108. Christian Theologian Claims Near Death Experience Not Communication With Divine

107. Massimo Pigliucci on How to Tell Science From Bunk

106. Psychic Medium Experiment Not Enough to Convince Skeptics

105. Near-Death Experience Research Debate With Dr. Steven Novella

104. Dr. Steven Novella Dead Wrong on Near-Death Experience Research

103. Near-Death Experience Research — Do Science Journalists Get it Wrong?

102. Dr. Peter Bancel Assists Goldsmiths, University of London With Global Consciousness Project

101. Near-Death Experience Skeptics Running Out of Excuses

100. Dr. Garret Moddel Brings Psi Research to University of Colorado Classroom

99. Dr. Jeffrey Long Takes On Critics of, Evidence of the Afterlife

98. Near-Death Experience Skeptic, Dr. G.M. Woerlee Takes Aim at Dr. Jeffrey Long’s, Evidence of the Afterlife

97. Rupert Sheldrake and Richard Wiseman Clash Over Parapsychology Experiments

96. Renée Scheltema, Something Unknown Is Doing We Don’t Know What

95. JREF Million Dollar Challenge D. J. Grothe

94. Dr. Jeffrey Long’s Near-Death Experience Research a “Game Changer” for Science

93. University of Kentucky Researcher, Dr. Kevin Nelson Skeptical of Near-Death Experience Accounts

92. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s Telephone Telepathy Project Seeks Intern

91. Global Consciousness Project Welcomes Collaboration With Skeptics

90. EEG Expert Can’t Explain Near Death Experience Data… and, Dr. Penny Sartori Finds More Than Hallucinations in NDE Accounts

89. “God Helmet” Inventor, Dr. Michael Persinger Discovers Telepathy Link in Lab Experiments

88. Scientific Community Unfair to Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Imperial College London Dissertation Asserts

87. Remote Viewing Fact and Fiction, Paul H. Smith

86. The Men Who Stare at Goats Science With Jon Ronson

85. Atheism and the Comedy Jesus Show

84. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Responds to Dr. Chris French

83. Dr. Chris French, Extraordinary Psi Claims

82. Mark Edward… The Lost Interview

81. Dr. Phil Plait Defends JREF

80. Craig Hogan, Your Mind Is Not Your Brain

79. Skeptic Zone Host, Richard Saunders

78. Psychic Detective, Noreen Renier and Skepticality Response

77. Mark Ireland Seeks Proof of Psychic Medium Communication

74. Dr. Dean Radin And Dr. Roger Nelson Respond to Global Consciousness Project Criticisms

73. Skeptoid’s Brian Dunning Finds Global Consciousness Project Lacking

71. Michael Schmicker, Best Evidence of PSI

70. Guy Harrison, 50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God

69. Psychic Detective Smackdown, Ben Radford

68. Psychic Detective, Vicki Warren

67. Greg Taylor, of The Daily Grail on the New Skeptics

66. 13 Things That Don’t Make Sense, Michael Brooks

65. Psychic Medium John Holland

64. Near-Death Experience Research, Dr. Peter Fenwick

63. Is the Dalai Lama an Atheist? Dr. Alan Wallace

62. The Spiritual Brain, Denyse O’Leary

61. Medium Experiment (Part 3), Michael Tymn

60. Medium Experiment (Part 2), Stephanie A. Stevens

59. OpenSourceScience Medium Experiment, Janice Ervin

58. Psychic Detectives and Police

57. The Psychic Detective Challenge

56. Dr. Jon Klimo on Channeling and Consciousness

55. Carol Tavris on Mistakes and Skeptics

54. Skeptic Ben Radford, Police & Psychic Detectives

53. Noreen Renier, Psychic Detectives and Skeptics

52. Skeptic Lynne Kelly on Cold Reading Techniques

51. Dr. Julie Beischel Responds to Critics of Psychic Medium Research

50. Skeptical Inquirer Editor, Ben Radford

49. Craig Hogan, Your Mind Is Not Your Brain

48. Jonathan Balcombe on Animal Rights

47. Skeptical Researcher, Dr. Clive Wynne Tackles DogsThatKnow

46. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and the Skeptics

45. Researching Psychic Mediums

44. Dr. Steve Novella on Psychic Medium Research Protocols

43. From the desk of James Randi

42. Chris Carter, Parapsychology, Skepticism and Ideology

41. Psychic Dog Video, Skeptical Bias

40. Chris Carter, Parapsychology and Skeptic Bullies

39. Clive Wynne, Animal Consciousness, Making Friends With Skeptics

38. Marc Beckoff, Animal Emtions, the Fox and the Hedgehog

37. Controversy Over Dog Intelligence

36. Academic Snobbery and the Journal of Scientific Exploration

35. Dr. Steven Novella and Dr. Richard Wiseman on “Dogs That Know” Research

34. Response to Skeptics’ Guide Host, Dr. Steven Novella

33. What I’ve Learned From Skeptics Michael Shermer, Steven Novella, James Alcock and James Randi

32. Dog Trainer and Animal Communications Expert Skeptical of Human to Canine Telepathy

30. Resist the Non-Living Universe Assumption, Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris

29. No Proof is Sufficient Dr John Demartini

28. Skeptic James Randi Remains Doggedly Opposed to Any Claims of the Paranormal

27. Medium Research and the Battle Between Science and Religion

26. Scientists Are Not, “Playing by the Rules”, When Exploring Intelligent Design

25. NDE Research From a Christian Perspective

24. Naturalism Advocate Sees No Evidence for Survival of Consciousness After Death

23. Buddhist Scholar and Meditation Researcher Says Skeptics Misinformed, Dr. B. Alan Wallace

22. Physician Turned Podcaster Skeptical of NDE

21. What Being a Skeptic Really Means

21. What Being a Skeptic Really Means

21. What Being a Skeptic Really Means

20. Consciousness Researchers of a Different Mind, Dr. Edward Kelly and Dr. Emily Kelly

19. No Evidence of Life After Death, Dr. David Lester

18. Religion Must Not Cling to What We Know Isn’t True, Rabbi Rami Shapiro

17. Can Dogs “Know”? Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

16. Parapsychology Research Can Learn From Skeptics, Dr. Steven Novella

15. Your Mind is More Than Your Brain, Dr. Robert Almeder

14. Media Overlooks The Spiritual Experience, NPR’s Steve Paulson

13. Religion Afraid of Near-Death Experience Research, Dr. Neal Grossman

12. Blindness of Debunkers and Radical Skeptics, Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove

11. Collaboration Between Sketics and Paranormal Researchers, Dr. Richard Wiseman

10. Parapsychology Research Lacks Good Data, Dr. James Alcock

9. The Universe Isn’t Pointless, Dr. jean Burns

8. Scientific Inquiry Takes Scientists, Not Magic, D. J. Grothe

7. Remote Viewing Leads to Global Climate Change Awareness, Steven A. Schwartz

6. Spiritual Growth Withstands Everyday Stress, Dr. Charles Tart

5. Zen Meditation Leaves Consciousness Scientist Skeptical, Dr. Susan Blackmore

4. Skeptics Spit In My Face, Dr. Marilyn Schlitz

3. Darwin, Evolution and Creativity, Dr. Michael Shermer

2. The Perils of Psi Research, Dr. Dean Radin

1. How Controversial Science is Debated, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake