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Al Borealis end of year show, and bringing truth to the truth movement.



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Clip:I have a business proposal for you. Uh, heist, like no other.

Alex Tsakiris: That’s of course the professor From the Netflix series money heist.

Uh, show that on a lot of different levels, connects us to my interview. My end of year wrap-up interview with the very excellent Al Borealis from forum Borealis. Now, the reason that I chose that clip is not because Al is from Spain. In fact, he’s from Norway, But of all the podcasters. I know if you’re looking for one that embodies that. Calm compassionate. Intellectual toughness with a vendetta mask wearing rage against the machine sensibility. Well, in my opinion, there is one like none other.

[00:01:04] Alex Tsakiris:

I don’t want to be telling something that isn’t true. So , show me where I’m wrong, but don’t March out, you’re sacred cow and say, oh no, you know, it doesn’t really matter. He’s kind of right on this. And shouldn’t, we all just get along bullshit.

[00:01:21] Al Borealis: Look, I agree with what you said. , it’s incumbent upon us to flush out bullshit because there’s so much bullshit there.

it comes with the territory because most people who are open to that, they are disillusioned with the huge main cult called society, the propaganda and the mainstream, so it’s often like the less intellectual and academically trained. You are the more, it’s more like a belief thing. Okay. I don’t believe this. So now I’m opening myself up to the counter, but the problem is the counter-culture. It is. Soccer match where you have two equal teams and you have to like a tribalist choose one.

That’s not what’s going on is one huge cult, and then there’s everything else.


Stick around for my end of year wrap-up show with Al Borealis.

[00:02:15] Alex Tsakiris: Welcome to skeptical , where we explore controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers, thinkers and their critics.

I’m your host, Alex Charisse, and today we welcome my good friend en I just firmly believe one of the best in the business. Podcasters Al Borealis. We shall say from foreign Borealis and last year, Alan and I had a terrific time doing an end of the year kind of wrap-up show, which I had never done before. And when we did it, we said, we’re going to do another one.

So here we are, we’re going to do another one. So that will be tradition. I love for it to be a tradition. So Al that’s going to be my intro. If you want to do an intro of your own, you can do that.

[00:03:06] Al Borealis: Like you just announced at your end, we are doing a mutual show today. So accept for this intro. , they’re going to hear the same stuff. Right onto that. That’s my intro. That’s it. I

[00:03:20] Alex Tsakiris: kind of think as a general rule of taking over the world, everyone should hear the same stuff.

That’s gotta be one

I wonder if

I can know if I must have heard about it. (the state ) .

[00:03:51] Alex Tsakiris: of the foundational kind of things.

[00:03:53] Al Borealis: Oh, really? So how, how, how, how socialist have you, I’m boring and let’s have some things in Coleman and then, so, uh, let’s face into it or out of it individually. I think that makes spice, it makes a difference, you know, hardcore fans that he listened to both

[00:04:13] Alex Tsakiris: right onto that.


[00:04:15] Al Borealis: It’s like, it’s like, if we are musicians, it’s like, some of the songs are the same, so Mauro own, you know? Right.

[00:04:25] Alex Tsakiris: Exactly. Although I don’t know as well as you do cause you’re a musician

[00:04:29] Al Borealis: and I am not no stop saying that, but yeah, all last year we ended the show with a song of mine.

[00:04:37] Alex Tsakiris: We did remember. So, um, that they’re do, you’re putting yourself under the gun.

You’re going to have to send me an original composition for this year.

[00:04:49] Al Borealis: We’ll see. But folks, um, today, uh, we going to have this show, right? But not long, not in a long time from now, we’re going to do another. I hope. Uh, I’m just going to say it to the people. And also you’re under pressure and that’s next year, skeptical is 15 years old.

It’s become a teenager man almost legal age, and I, this needs to be marked somehow. So I’ve already concocted a plan. I’m doing the Mr. Burns Accella and tan moment right now. And, uh, that’s plan is to go through with Alex, uh, what I would call the skeptical journey, the skeptical journey. It’s a pretty unique show.

He, I know you’re going to be bothered by this, but don’t interrupt. Just let me say it. Skeptical is a pretty unique show out there for different reasons. I’m going to tell you when we have that show and the journey is incredible and I’ve analyzed it. I spent a few months analyzing the development, and I think I have a better survey over that.

Even Alexander, are we going to talk about that? I like, and it’s going to be so fun to pick your brain and get your reactions and your comments upon, uh, different phases that you’ve been through and stuff you have achieved and done. So people, you look, you can look forward to that. It’s going to be a super interesting show.

We’re going to it’s like always when I have Alexon we talk about so many different subjects. And obviously we are going to do that here too. So there’s going to be a good show. But apart from that, and these end of the year, I think, I think that’s going to be like how we are going to jive in the future.

It’s going to be shows like this, be a mutual show each year. Except when Alex releases a new book, then I’ll have an arm on for that.

[00:06:48] Alex Tsakiris: Well, that’s super nice, super nice of you. And I obviously love to do it. I do want to kind of interject here because for today’s show, but I want to make sure we do is kind of stay on schedule for truly doing an end of year show.

Cause I’ve been on a couple of these and everyone gets mired down in COVID, which is understandable. You know? I mean, it’s like one of the biggest events of, you know, all our lifetimes, you know, looking back, I mean, it just is, but at the same time, there’s other things going on, you did a number of terrific shows.

Pardon? The pause. There is all of L’s shows from 2021 and there’s really. I’ve listened to all of them, at least in part, so I go through your shows and I listened to, , parts. And if I’m hooked in, then I listened to the rest. And if I’m not, I move on. And that’s just how we all have to do it. Cause there’s so much great stuff here. But I learned what I really love about your shows is I learn, I learn, I learn, I learn, I make tons of notes.

I go and check out what you’re saying, but it invariably winds up changing me and changing the shows that I do. So

[00:08:13] Al Borealis: what I thought, I wouldn’t mind it changes your paradigm. That’s what I want to do. Right. Thank you. Yeah.

[00:08:20] Alex Tsakiris: I just have to be a sucker for all your little cheeky, little phrases, paradigm expanding and all the rest of that stuff.

[00:08:27] Al Borealis: Uh, it’s a cliche, but it’s true. I want people and people often to say, when I launch a new show, they say welcome to class or, you know, something like that. It’s like a pun. It’s like a thing. People think they’re getting educated and that’s, that’s really why I’m doing it. So failing. So

[00:08:47] Alex Tsakiris: I’m going to be trying to keep us on schedule here cause you and I can talk for a long time.

So what I thought we would do is kind of start with going through your top three shows, moments, insights. They don’t always have to be, this was the greatest show. It can be just, I got a little insight from this from, from your perspective on your work. And then, , I think I can weigh into with some of mine as well.

So do you want to kick us off with this body of work? That is your 2021 published shows.

[00:09:24] Al Borealis: Well, you start at the bottom that’s that’s the beginning of the year.

, and then we do the same with you, and then we go to predictions. That’s the fun thing, right? Perfect. Well, you know what we should do in addition to predictions, we should evaluate our prediction from last year. Damn. I forgot to warn you about that. I don’t know if I recall them. , cause when we do predictions, we have to be accountable for them.

[00:09:48] Alex Tsakiris: Well, yes and no, but their predictions, they don’t have to be. I will acknowledge that I don’t have any pre-cognitive abilities, so. Okay. What, what would be, give me, give me one of your top three foreign Borealis moments from 2021.

[00:10:08] Al Borealis: Okay. So the thing is, what you watching now is the list of my, of the forum Brook from 21 folks.

It’s one of my most productive years yet probably accept 15, I think 15 or 16 in the beginning. I was super, I don’t know how I did it, but despite having published 3, 4, 5, 6, 22, I think is all now I have like 15 to 20 unreleased. So I suppose they would be 20, 22 when they are released, even though the recording in 21, this problem isn’t for skeptical because Alex usually released a show right after he does it.

Like this year, I released a show from two toasts, none 1600. With Harry Cooper on the Nazi thing, the Antarctica thing. So it’s, it’s a bit confusing. Lots. Should I comment upon what are recorded in 21 or what I managed to release in 21? That’s the question before I pick up published, published. Okay. So noteworthy stuff, we have Miguel corner and Gnosticism then only have

[00:11:27] Alex Tsakiris: three

[00:11:28] Al Borealis: L rain.

Yeah, but I’m, name-dropping what I’m going through. The list here. Uh, north roots, uh, is pretty innovative. It’s a unique show. You can’t hear it anywhere else. Cracking reality, I think is one of the best shows for the more science minded people that was with Anthony peak. I don’t know if you listened to that one.

[00:11:51] Alex Tsakiris: Yes. I had Anthony pecan recently as well. Okay. Not sure. I buy into some of his understandings of a brain chemistry and its relationship to these extended experiences, but yeah, he’s got a lot of super great ideas. I love the guy I’ve talked to him.

[00:12:10] Al Borealis: Yeah. I had one on, um, the gender stuff with Dr. Glow.

Eliminate nice guys, Gnostic stuff again with Lawrence Corona. Number two, they’re wanting to be released until next year, but that’s going to be one of my favorites. COVID illustrates and released journals of Henry Sinclair. If they are genuine. And again, it’s a scoop like the north routes to Freemasonry.

You won’t find it anywhere yet. Although it’s going to come as a documentary and books and all that stuff, operation aggressive with all one of your favorite pentagons biggest secret with Nick cook a hair hacking agric course. Let’s discuss that one. This is one of my favorites. It’s a new guest, mark stylish, but me and him go back.

We’re a long way back. Uh, I, I, he wasn’t that aware of that. I made him aware of it, then he connected the dots. But, um, I think this is a special show for several reasons. First off the guest is brilliant. He’s a brilliant mind, although I don’t agree with him about everything, uh, in terms of interpretation, knowledge, et cetera, but that’s just an advantage, but he’s he see unique in that?

He’s one of the few people who has published a book on aggregators and my show with him. I think I’ve heard some shows he did on that, but I think my show with him is the best. On that topic with him, uh, at least from what I heard and he recommends it to a students, listen to that show take notes. So I’m very pleased with that show.

And I went to look at a variation in, in my website, the subscribers that can vote, vote for the shows, like from one to five. And this is one of the most popular ones too.

[00:14:09] Alex Tsakiris: Okay. Why do you suppose that? Why do you suppose that is ya? I listened and, you know, kind of give people the overview, that aggregor thing and how you think it plays out.

I’d love to get level three on that, because I think that the idea is such a fit for so many things that we see. I’m just not so sure that we’re not stretching the metaphor too far, you know? So it’s talk butts and Agra. It’s a Daymond as Anthony peak says, and it’s like, yeah, that’s something like that.

But we really want to lock into. You know, one definition of it that some guy has come up with. So tell me

[00:14:51] Al Borealis: no, no, but he has some this thing and what he did, I could have done what he did if I had to which to do it. Cause I have a similar background as him in terms of esoteric education from a notch. I mean, very, very early one.

And uh, he just realized, look, there’s nothing on this out there. Let me collect a bunch of info and get it out. And it was that accidental too. He really didn’t realize, uh, which, what the waves it was going to make in some circles, which it did. So I think it was a brilliant move from his, uh, on his part.

And, uh, there’s not that much of his personal speculation there is in, in terms of how it is implemented, how it is interpreted because you can have a very clear concept of it and a clear idea of what it is, but from this. To decoding the manifestation. Everybody is on their own. Nobody can say it’s like this, or it’s like that, this is, this is it right?

So there I agree that is going to be individual. But in terms of the understanding, eh, it’s pretty mainstream, uh, within is a not very mainstream concept. And as a Terry guys, not a very mainstream, uh, layer of knowledge, but within that, he’s not being very controversial.

So, uh, did you catch that?

[00:16:22] Alex Tsakiris: I did. And I apologize. I had my mic muted there as I was peppering a question at you. So, uh, then once you tell us how, what you think it means to you briefly, and then more importantly, how you think it’s relevant to what we’re experiencing now, because part of the place that it launches us is that reality is always in flux.

The simulation hypothesis kind of takes merges with, uh, ed Grigori in a very elegant way and nothing is really foundation that we can stand on. And how do you, how do you understand that relative to 2021 and what we’re going.

[00:17:06] Al Borealis: And obviously what we actually didn’t get around to discuss, uh, which we both lamented, uh, and that’s to do with Corvette.

I mean, one aggregor that I didn’t see calming, which has been building up for years and years and years is the, you know, here in Norway, there are some differences to the American culture, but one negative traits with Scandinavia is that they’ve had this scientism fetishism growing under the radar for so long.

And, uh, at some point it just became clear to everyone that you can’t question vaccines. If you question vaccines, you you’re going to be called an anti-vaxxer and you’re going to be discredited on everything. So even S health professionals, science, people, whatever, academic people who know stuff has to be very careful and that’s before COVID and then the whole thing explodes.

Imagine if COVID actually was like a ball or something, do you think, look, we, we, we had returning fascist from this little experience we ever had. Now imagine if, if the damage of COVID it wasn’t just infectious, it was also asked

[00:18:31] Alex Tsakiris: how does that, how does that relate to the aggregate.

[00:18:33] Al Borealis: Oh, well, uh, I’ll tell you, but we would have, uh, camps.

We would have concentration camps that would make, does that

[00:18:40] Alex Tsakiris: How does that relate to the aggregate? How does that relate to, so

[00:18:44] Al Borealis: the Agra gore is, uh, a big farmer. You can’t question big pharma. You can’t question vaccines. You can’t look onto the fall. She coming out saying, I am science.

This aggregor is the, it’s an aggregator that you’ve met. You met, uh, a related aggregor, uh, from your earliest skeptical days when you were discussing the skepticism, it’s a kind of the same energy, but it’s on steroid. And it’s specifically, um, going into the lane of health or vacs, uh, yeah, that, that, that version of it, or that member of that, of that aggregate family and that agriculture is super powerful.

Now it’s more powerful than anything else you can, you can just look at YouTube or Twitter or Facebook. The stuff you can criticize without being censored is now it actually helped many other areas because before the pandemic, they were smacking donors. So many different things that you couldn’t touch.

No with this, this has become the number one taboo. So the algorithm is very big. Removing people who, who just opinions. Okay.

[00:20:05] Alex Tsakiris: I’m going to, I’m going to jump in and interrupt and people hate that. But to me, this is exactly what I don’t like when I say stretching the metaphor, because we could approach exactly the same data points you’re doing from any number of angles from the technocracy angle, , from the medical industrial complex angle, from all sorts of different dimensions.

So when I hear you and mark talking about aggregators, w first of all, my understanding of aggregor is. Something that is made manifest by this collective energy. So it is this hungry ghost kind of thing. , we go looking for, , what was looking for me it’s you didn’t know that you were creating it, but you were creating it.

I think there’s an element to this that is happening right now, but it would be at this metaphysical spiritual level, we’re not going to be able to nail it down with Fowchee and all the rest of that stuff. And that’s what I think we can bring to this conversation is kind of what would be the metaphysical implications as they relate to what’s happening right now, in terms of the, where we’re putting our collective energy and where it’s coalescing and where it isn’t and where it’s all that kind of stuff.

Do you have any thoughts on that? You’ve got about 10 minutes and then

[00:21:27] Al Borealis: we’ve got to move on very important, uh, clarification. So, um, Agra Gores doesn’t have to manifest in three D they normally manifest in a psychic or collective psychic. And so, uh, they can be met or the metaphysical in incarceration, eh, kind of, but not necessarily in manifestation.

So just this thing that if I’m going to write something on Facebook, something critical. To COVID or vaccine, or I may, the aggregor may kick in and I maybe feel with fair, for example, uh, inferiority. I’m not saying that happens with me, but, uh, I’m self-censoring because the aggregor is making me aware.

It’s a very powerful aggregator, the COVID fare or that, or the VAX versus ship. So these are manifestations of this agriculture that is now dominating and, uh, there may be several, uh, and they may conflating and bailing up a bigger one. But the thing is, it’s moving now in our culture. It’s moving now in people’s minds.

And I mentioned or social media, just because it’s a weird way to perceive this in the earlier days. In the old days, if you’re going to judge the climate, you have to go out in the streets right now, we sitting behind computers and mobile phones. So that’s why I’m using those examples of where we can see the site Geist, how the sidecar operates, but make no mistakes.

The agri gore is manifesting in these vehicles too. Do you understand what I mean or what starts to come convoluted?

[00:23:06] Alex Tsakiris: Nope. That’s okay. So now it’s my turn. Cause I’m going to take this. I’m going to take it in a different direction.

This, my dear friend is an interview that I have coming up with Phillip fair banks, author of the pedal gate primer. And it’s a political look at all this stuff. And we got to talking about this history and this important history with L Ron Hubbard, Scientology Stargate, but in particular, the connection to the occult, the esoteric to Alister Croley and to good old fashion.

I don’t know why we call it American hucksterism, but we think it’s, we proudly embrace the hucksterism that is in America. So let me play this clip and then we’ll have a little chat. ,


[00:23:53] Alex Tsakiris: The only way to understand L Ron Hubbard, in my opinion. And first and foremost, as a kind of grifter kind of guy, I mean, he’s just, he’s a scammer and he’s very good at it.

And he’s good at scamming people’s money and he’s moves in with Jack Parsons. And the next thing you know, he’s fucking Jack Parsons girlfriend. And at the same time he puts this, give him his

[00:24:14] Phil Fairbanks: money. And Hey, would you also, now that I’ve got your girl, would you also give me your money, invest in a business, give me some boats and

[00:24:23] Alex Tsakiris: stuff, you know, and he’s like, sure, Ron,

[00:24:27] Phil Fairbanks: sure, whatever

[00:24:28] Alex Tsakiris: you say her on.

And, and, and, you know, so anyone who wants to reflect on that can say, I know people like that, I know people and both sense it, whether you’re the one being victimized or whether, unfortunately you’re the one who victimizes other people, you know,

[00:24:43] Phil Fairbanks: like I almost have to respect L Ron occasionally because he comes from that like larger than life, PT, Barnum, uh, huckster tradition.

That’s so quintessentially American, you know, what’s more American than PT, Barnum. I’m going to take a bunch of rubes for their money. , it’s just so, it’s so insane that like, , they were going to do a sex ritual out in the desert.

And I think this is how he stole his girlfriend. I think because like initially Jack Parsons was going to have sex with his girlfriend. He’s like, wait, Jack,

[00:25:18] Alex Tsakiris: maybe I’ll have sex with your girlfriend. And you could be the

[00:25:23] Phil Fairbanks: one who’s like watching us and saying the stuff you can be reciting stuff while I’m having sex with your girlfriend who we will later embezzle from you.

And have you start a business that we can steal you. Like it’s crazy. Yeah.

[00:25:38] Alex Tsakiris: So when he does go out and perform these rites and rituals under the direction of Croley right? Cause Croley is in communication with Jack Parsons, Jack Parsons reaches out to Croley and says, I’m your number one guy. I want to be your number one agent. And, and, you know, uh, cruelly from all accounts has a little bit of that huckster in him too.


[00:26:01] Phil Fairbanks: Yeah. And he loved Jack. Apparently I think that the, that relationship ruined it, uh, because when he saw he’s like, no, no, no, that’s what you do to the other guy.

[00:26:13] Alex Tsakiris: You don’t, you don’t believe in that

[00:26:16] Phil Fairbanks: stuff. You get the other guy to believe in, you take his girlfriend and his money and his boat, and that’s the trick like, and then you say abracadabra and you know, or RR Rita or whatever.

Uh, and in call it a day,

[00:26:33] Alex Tsakiris: we’re kind of dancing around this other aspect to it. Well, there’s two other aspects to it. One is the CIA kind of big game stuff.

Somebody’s got to run the world and it ought to be us and his connections. L Ron Hubbard’s connections. There are undeniable, as you said, and he kind of wraps himself in this kind of quasi, military Maisie kind of stuff, and we can get into all that. But then the other part that I keep kind of dancing around, I can’t pin down is, and you’re not saying this, but I think it’s a misstep that a lot of people take to say, oh, okay, then it’s all fake.

No, that doesn’t mean that it’s fake. It doesn’t mean that they were not attempting to, or successfully connecting with spirits for lack of a better term in this extended realm that are becoming their partners in engaging in this and have some ability to influence world events and things down here, or definitely to influence people.


[00:27:29] Alex Tsakiris: , this to me, relates to the growth thing that I’m always struggling with. It’s L Ron Hubbard is a huckster Allister Croley is a huckster.

[00:27:40] Al Borealis: There’s a difference between them. The difference only took it seriously.

Ron hopper didn’t know

[00:27:47] Alex Tsakiris: that. No,

[00:27:48] Al Borealis: no, that’s not the difference. I

[00:27:49] Alex Tsakiris: promise you, man. No, th the difference is that when you start messing with the extended realm, you inevitably, invariably don’t know what the fuck you were doing. So the Edgar gore thing, if we want to start writing books about it and putting it into, you know, fancy kind of words around it, we have to first and foremost acknowledge, we have no idea how the fuck that extended consciousness realm works and whether performing ritual sex magic rituals works, quote unquote or doesn’t work, or is more effective than L Ron Hubbard getting in there and just partnering up with the CIA and breaking into the IRS and stealing documents.

[00:28:40] Al Borealis: So, um, look, Ron Hubbard from the get go was a swindler. He was a. Working for the alphabet soup agencies. And, uh, he built up Scientology based on actually not based on OT or material. He didn’t have much OT or material. He basically used Rosicrucian material from, uh, golden Dawn. And from AMORC now, not just that, but the cult elements in his stuff was from there.

Uh, like some of the techniques, uh, the philosophy was bullshit. I mean, it was low level, bad quality science fiction that he probably came up with himself. I mean, it’s not that creative. I’ve never seen one example of a Hubbard, uh, taking this seriously. At least he can show it in writing or he can show it in having studied, being a committed member of something, a student of something like have cruelly has written a lot of stuff and being a committed student or something.

They are the same in that they use their ego to like dominate, uh, their surroundings, the corn man, call them what you want. But I promise you, Ron Hubbard didn’t take this stuff seriously. When he w when he went to bed, he was just a normal corn man. Cooley was more of. Metaphysical spiritual psychopath.

That’s the difference in my view for Jack per past persons, he was sincere, uh, operator in this. No you’re saying we can’t know. I may mess around. Well, yes and no, it’s too big for any single human being to, you know, know everything that’s going on. But we have tradition. Tradition is accumulated knowledge of every human being on earth.

So, um, in every field of society, we are standing on shoulders, the same constant of the metaphysical stuff. So there are certain things we know about the metaphysical. When I say we, I don’t mean Google or, uh, whatever, but I mean, there are accumulated knowledge among human beings about cosmos, about the laws and principles ruling cosmos.

And, um, this is being applied. No, the sex magic thing is you. It’s a small, small, small, small segment within this huge world is a small segment and not many people are, are seriously doing it, but it gets the attention because it’s sensational. It it’s like it sucks up the air in the room and on people only go for the extreme stuff.

So it’s not important in human history. Same as Satan is we discussed this right when I had you on for evil. So it’s not a big thing in human history, but it, it gets a lot of attention. And so, um, yeah, you can manipulate aggregators. You can create a , you can work with it deliberately, uh, especially when you are a person like Croley you want to reply to this?

No, we don’t address your point or did I misunderstand? Yeah.

[00:32:08] Alex Tsakiris: Move on, move on. Next one is next from your list next from your shows,

[00:32:14] Al Borealis: you have the Viking show is, is a . And then I finally got Randall Carlson on when the earth nearly died. And then I have, who is number one, which is, people are wondering about that one.

What’s going on. I even got 11 votes not being released yet. It’s crazy. But this is going to be about some of the cultural underlyings of foreign Borealis. And then we come to a show or want to discuss forthright and game. I want to put this out as one of my favorites. Why? Because first off, I think it’s the first time I have years of feral back since I think the last time I was 19, I don’t think I had him on for it.

Um, I’m not sure I should check that, but at least it’s a long time since I had him back and we wrapped up a very important thread that we’ve been working on, the thing that many people associate him to. And, um, it was all over a pretty good show. Uh, it’s going to get some great post rants from me, uh, when part two is finished, but part two is already out there for my subscribers in terms of the show or the interview itself.

It just lacks the post commentary. But yeah, this is one of my favorites from, um, but you didn’t listen to that, right? Because you didn’t figure out how to, to open it.

[00:33:41] Alex Tsakiris: No, but I’ve listened to a bunch of the, you know, I don’t have a lot of patients for the Joseph P feral thing. I love in the pat in the past what he said about the forthright and gay men.

I’m super interested in listening to it, but to me in, you know, this, my hang up is you can’t totally miss the mark on UFO’s and say that it’s, you know, Nazi technology with little midgets in there. I mean, it’s just so flat, earthy kind of thing that then it kind of destroys your

[00:34:11] Al Borealis: credibility.

Did you listen to, so the show I did with him on UFO’s called, , the spider in Roswell

[00:34:17] Alex Tsakiris: I did. And what I hear is like kind of a reluctant backtracking from feral, you know, to get away from what he’s saying, but never wanting to fully get away from and say, oops, of course I was wrong. Of course that’s, doesn’t make any sense.


[00:34:33] Al Borealis: now that’s projection, eh, you know, he’s does it look, it’s just, you can criticize Graham Hancock for suggesting that some of the alien UFO stuff is metaphysical. You can’t criticize, uh, Richard Dolan for saying that so much of it is creatures that are not human beings, but are physical. You can’t create this as Marcus shred for saying that so much of it is classified.

Uh, technology look, it’s, you know, this is a huge field. And then we have a friend, a mutual, uh, guests on who has his own spin. What’s his name? We both had him on this year, um, near cook. Yeah. On his take on it. Right? So it’s just puzzle pieces that adds to the whole picture. And for L’s lane is the Nazi angle and the deep state angle.

That’s just his lane. There’s no reason for him to do what Dolan does because Dolan and many other people already do it and they do it so brilliantly. Peter, lavander tried to get into that lane, but no Ferrel Ferenc lane is, is completely good. Uh, Farallon Hoagland booth agree to an extent about this.

Like for example, they are both open to the ancient civilization, customs being out there. That’s one, and they’re also open to potentially known terrestrial sources for this, be that, or the planners dimensions, time, time, travel, et cetera. So that it’s all in their law and you’ll see it also in their writing.

So his book Roswell under voice, he was just arguing that some specific UFO cases, especially around the end of the second world war has been, uh, um, basically, uh, soil up to make us look the other way. And I think that’s completely fair. And I know you disagree with this, but, but I have to say it for the listeners so that they don’t misinterpret what your take on, on ferals attitude is because it’s not correct.

I see how you can perceive it like that, but, but that’s not his message.

[00:36:53] Alex Tsakiris: Okay. So w I K. Hijack that, why don’t you tell us what you liked about that show in particular? Because it’s really what you’ve done. There is really terrific. Cause I’ve picked up bits of the trail and the Borman thing, and I think it’s totally spot on.

And I think that he’s contributing a lot in a lot of ways. So, you know, I’m just maybe going a little bit too skeptical on it. So tell us what you, what you really are valuing most in that

[00:37:24] Al Borealis: episode. Yeah. So when I get him back in the future, apart from doing some religious and spiritual topics, we’re going to do economy.

That’s where he really shines. He’s a brilliant genius on that. And that’s ties directly into the octopus. The , the, uh, dish spin, uh, Odessa, Bowman, brotherhood, the Anglo-American elite it’s tied. And what I love with this show is that it’s the perfect segue to discuss economy because when we come into economy, we come into contemporary times more than anything.

And, uh, the voice of the, the globalist corporatism and I especially love part two because first off I get to read. It was something we call notes on the bomb and conspiracy, which is a collaboration. It’s the only thing you do this all the time in skeptical, you could, oh, you used to do it. You had a collaboration projects with your listeners.

Well, I’ve done it once on this. So they add points to the timeline and I got to read that entire timeline to Joseph and he commented upon it that I really loved doing. And also we call the nine 11 with him because he has his own spin on many things. You already an artist there, you, for thing, I could mention other things, but one of them is the nine 11.

It’s kind of similar to as JFK T take. It’s not either of the above. It’s all of the above. And so for the first time we got to cover that with him too. Um, so yeah, I think it’s all around. It’s a high quality for rattle show for those who are into Pharrell, those who aren’t into Pharrell, I think they’ll enjoy part two.

I think part one is going to be a little boring for them because it part one is very nerdy, particular historical factor. It’s that if you’re not already used to this narration, you may lose the big picture, but the big picture comes back in part two. So this is, uh, one of my, uh, favorites for, for this year.

Great. We can move to the next show we don’t have

[00:39:48] Alex Tsakiris: today be, um, in my, in my own skeptical way. And as people who have listened to our conversations before, you know, know that one of the real total joys for me in talking to you is that we can have these exchanges and agree.

And at the same time disagree and see the settler. And I call it a level three kind of conversation, which you just, we just don’t get to. And I think there’s less and less of these things where of course we agree on the big picture. Of course we agree on the bigger picture. Now let’s talk about this other part where we don’t agree and that’s what gets most interesting to me.

So in that spirit, the second clip that I would share with you from scripture, Is the interview I did with mature woods. , and I titled it. Who inspires you Satan or Jesus. And let me play you a clip from that.



[00:40:54] Clip: You know, there were times

when I was doing Jack that I actually felt retarded, like really retarded. I mean, it brushed my teeth retarded. I wrote bus retarded in

a weird way. I had to sorta just free myself up to believe that it was okay to

be stupid or, um, to be

a moron.


To be moronic. Exactly. To be more

an embassy, but simple Jack thought he was smart or rather didn’t think he was retarded. So he can’t afford to play with Todd being a smart actor, playing a guy who ain’t smart, but thinks he is. That’s tricky.

Tricky is that working

with mercury is hot science man is Osborne.


You noticed this is what we

do, right? Yeah. Hats off. Especially, no, not Academy’s about issue.

[00:41:40] Alex Tsakiris: That’s of course, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. From Tropic thunder. And it’s a clip that has become somewhat of a touchstone cultural icon because the full retard thing, which is part of the clip that we’re going to get to in a minute.

But I wanted to start with this long way around the barn clip on the first part, because what he slips in there, Robert Downey Jr. Does in a very interesting way is the reference to the academy. That being the academy awards, which in our case serves as a very good stand in for culture and our popular culture and what we think of it and how we process it.

And if this intro is a long way around the barn, which I assure you, it is, then you will have to stay with me for it’s linked to today’s guests, Mitch Horowitz, who is self-described historian of alternative spirituality. And one of today’s most literate voices of esoteric mysticism and the occult. And he also happens to be a Satanist.

Now I’m not hating on him because he’s a Satanist. As a matter of fact, I like mature. It’s at least I like him well enough, but I’m not sure I trust Mitch Horowitz. I’m not sure I believe Mitch Horowitz. And I guess my doubt stems from this character that we touched on a couple episodes back named Colonel Michael a queen.

Who it turns out is somebody that Mitch identifies as one of his greatest sources of inspiration

[00:43:14] Clip: in that same article you’re asked, who were some of your greatest inspirations? And you mentioned Satanist, Michael . I mean, Mitch Kohn, this guy is one of the worst of the worst, you know, pedophiles. Uh, no, this, this not true, but the whole bond.

Hold on. If you say, if you say it’s not true. Okay. I

get it. It’s not my saying it that’s grotesquely inaccurate. He died recently. Uh, he had no involvement with pedophilia whatsoever. I’m surprised to hear you say that. Okay.

[00:43:47] Alex Tsakiris: Back to Tropic thunder, this is serious. You don’t know. Everybody knows.

[00:43:51] Clip: You never go full retired.

What do you mean? Check it out. Dustin Hoffman, Ray man, look retarded. Half retarded, not retarded cat two picks. Cheetah caught autistic show,

no appetite. And Tom Hanks.

Forrest Gump slow. Yes. We thought him maybe braces on his legs, but he charmed the pants off Nixon and want a ping-pong competition that ever taught it.

He was goddamn war hero. You know, when he retired war heroes, you went full retard, man, never

[00:44:19] Alex Tsakiris: go for retired. I love that Glip on so many levels. And maybe now you get what I mean. I mean, I can trust you just don’t go full retard on me. Don’t ask me to believe that Michael Aquino. Is not a worst of the worst Satanist sex abusing, probably murder of children, probably pedophile kind of person.

Just go read his history. It starts in 67 when he’s in the Phoenix program, which we talked about on the last episode, but that’s just the beginning he’s named in the MK ultra program. He’s named by people involved in the Franklin scandal in 82, in 85 there satanic ritual abuse allegations at Fort Bragg.

Again, Aquino is identified as being part of that and did the real ones that everyone points to. And everyone knows about is that the Presidio child development center in San Francisco in 86, 60 victims came forward. And these are all little kids, three to seven years old. And they described being taken to a queen O’s house with him and his wife.

They described the inside the crazy insane, all black, all red walls, the alter the satanic alter kids don’t make that up. The evidence was so overwhelming that the police immediately got a search warrant and searched his house. And what do they find all sorts of video tapes, photographs, photo albums, all of it, as we’re later told, but never shown is related to this child sexual abuse thing.


[00:45:58] Alex Tsakiris: Cut it off there and appreciate you listening to such a long clip, but here’s how I think that relates to exactly what you’re talking about. Especially this year. For me, I’ve been more and more kind of dogmatic about this search for the truth. And what our truth community should be and how we have to apply our own peer review scientific method kind of thing on folks.

And it really turns a lot of people off. So if I say Joseph Farrell has said this, and it’s total bullshit, and it’s provably bullshit . And he hasn’t reversed himself completely. He hasn’t come out. I’ve had to come out and say, oh my God, I believe that I was wrong. Then he needs to be called out because you can’t just do a Mitch Horowitz and not get the facts.

Right. Mitch is wrong. Fundamentally about the history of Michael acquaint. Oh, Colonel Michael Queena, which leads us in a bunch of different directions of what does that mean in terms of us living under the freedoms quote, unquote, that we live under by a military industrial complex that is knowingly partnering with somebody like Michael acquaint them, what does that mean today in a COVID vacs or die kind of thing, or a vaccine die kind of thing.

So a lot to process there, but, , I’m really getting kind of my backup about the truth thing and about calling people in and around the truth community on being a COVID. For being, for telling the truth. And that doesn’t mean that I have the truth. It just means I’m willing to stick my neck out and say, if I’m fucking wrong, I want to correct.

I don’t want to be telling something that isn’t true. So fucking tell me, show me where I’m wrong, but don’t March out, you know, you’re sacred cow and say, oh no, you know, it doesn’t really matter. He’s kind of right on this. And shouldn’t, we all just get along bullshit.

[00:48:02] Al Borealis: Yeah, no, um, several things to address that first off, I haven’t listened to that show.

I’m good. I didn’t know you had a set on, or maybe we should just call them Satanists rather than Satanists, but, uh, yeah, I’m definitely going to listen to this show, going to be interesting to see how he, um, deals with the dose. Um, I, uh, Alex, uh, rebirth was there, but, um, and I, I don’t suppose you want to discuss Satanism or a queen now, Michael aqui now I don’t know too much about, uh, those things.

Anyway, I know about temple of set, of course, church of Satan, but here’s the thing you can’t, you, you, you conflicting, it’s two completely different things. That’s not what’s going on here in terms of your, so Pharrell, first off you got this notion about him that I I’m trying patiently to correct. If you think that notion is correct, then you need to, we need to start with a source.

We can start with your feeling, your interpretation, your vague impression of what Pharaoh means or thinks. Or I said, you need to point to something specific, address that in terms of making him accountable for it. And if I then actually agree with them and I will, uh, come to his defense rather than play the devil’s advocate.

So when I’m correcting, what I think is a erotic notion you have about, uh, Pharrel’s take on UFO’s. It’s not because we all have to play along to get along. It’s not because I’m invested in his philosophy somehow. I’m not. We just get along very well. It’s actually, because I think you’re wrong. It’s the same reason I am defending the vendor when you, uh, which is completely fair of you to think that he somehow is connected to the alphabet soup.

Fine. You think that I disagree from the evidence I’ve seen and I can argue for it if, if need be. And that’s what I’m doing here with Pharrell Pharrell, from the get go listen. I discovered him before most other people, when he wasn’t a famous and I’ve listened to hours and hours. Of basically free rants because the interviewer, she, she just asked a question and then she showed up nothing like you and me.

Right. But I’ve listened to that. So I know where he’s coming from on these things. And he’s, it’s not like he started out saying, oh, you are forced on Nazis. And then eventually, uh, some are, but you know, it may be, that’s so beautiful. No, no, no, never did he do anything like that? And I read his books, which is actually, should be the source for where someone’s coming from rather than what we squeeze out of them.

Right. In a conversation because you know, you and me, we can say stuff in a car, in the heat of a conversation that may not be like the main philosophy, default baseline of what we’re thinking. But like you say, actually you say, look, we agree about the big stuff. So when we flush out disagreements like this, it’s the small meticulous things.

And that’s where the fun is. And that’s where we can learn and move on and get some dynamic. Right. So, but, but remember we have a huge platform in Coleman, so it’s kind of what’s going on here. Uh, again, I just have to reiterate, he never said everything is Nazis and he’s never backed off the Nazi thing.

In fact, as more and more people take this up more and more evidence comes out. So it’s not been asking. Before us ever that, I mean, the Nazi thing is so huge that even corn man have taken it and run with it. Like you, I don’t know if you’re aware of, um, the, uh, these are corn man. Not like the, to the stars academy who actually has something going for them.

The David will cook and,

. Corey Gord. He’s just one of these swindlers, but yeah,

[00:52:17] Alex Tsakiris: just a little man. It’s very, very. Territory there’s no,

[00:52:22] Al Borealis: no, it’s so much. Look, I’ve gone deep into that. It’s so much that’s flushed out. He is a con man, and he’s also, um, like most corn man. He is also psychiatrically unstable, and he’s just someone who lucked out in order to, because there’s so many naive people in this.

Look, I agree with what you said. One of the things you said, you said, it’s we in the hate, the term you using it. So I’m going to use it now in the alternative field and the content culture field in independent media, it’s incumbent upon us to flush out bullshit because there’s so much bullshit there.

And it comes with the territory because most people who are open to that, they are disillusioned with the huge main cult called society, the propaganda and the mainstream, whether it’s mainstream academia, mainstream media politics, you name it right religion. And so the problem is most people are not educated in order to find out how to, you know, source criticism distinguish.

So it’s often like the less intellectual and academically trained. You are the more, it’s more like a belief thing. Okay. I don’t believe this. So now I’m opening myself up to the counter, but the problem is the counter-culture. It is. Soccer match where you have two equal teams and you have to like a tribalist choose one.

That’s not what’s going on is one huge cult, which within itself has of course some differences. And then there’s everything else. And into everything else, lane, there can be put to, if some of them takes over, we are in a new coughed, right? So it doesn’t mean everything else is called launch. So we have to be critical and picky.

And of course, like it’s an easy low-hanging fruit, but you have the flat earth thing. Right? We don’t want that to take over as a, as an extreme example. So I agree with you, buddy. We need to clean up our own. And that’s when we, you know, discussions like the moon landing, for example comes into play, right?

You have a very different views there. So, uh, you and me would find cookies. So, and we would find more realistic and you can, you know, go through the, uh, everything that’s suppressed. COVID you name it? You know, you have in the COVID thing, you also have those who deny not it’s a thing you had one on, I love that show, but that was 20 or 21, a guy who claimed it didn’t exist.

And you just flushed him out, like beautiful, like no mainstream I could have managed to do well. Yeah. You know what I’m saying? Right.

[00:55:09] Alex Tsakiris: I do know what you’re saying. And I think that you, you made a really important point that I want to kind of pull out and highlight there and that that’s, there’s a certain tool set that goes with critical thinking that goes with logical thinking and it’s related to the scientific method and just had a guy the other day.

Tell me, you know, the scientific method is bullshit. I’ve had a bunch of people tell me, you know, science is so corrupted now that, you know, forget it, forget, even forget the scientific method and

[00:55:39] Al Borealis: full-stop injection. I’ve had some of those on too. One of them. His name is Alex Securus did discussion for two hours.

They go on.

[00:55:51] Alex Tsakiris: I think in many ways, as we try and traverse this territory of the metaphysical and the physical, which we want to do, we want to have a kind of materialist consensus, reality discussion. We’re both on zoom or talking into a microphone. You had salmon soup for lunch. Um, these are kind of things where we want to kind of ground ourselves and say, that’s a common reality, you know?

And then we have this metaphysical reality that are we living in a simulation is all of the, are we just creating aggregate, basically told Polly, you know, everything around us and we want to exist in both those worlds. The point is the scientific method has some great tools for traversing, the physical, the, if the world is out there and I can measure it.

So wink, nod the world, isn’t really out there and you can’t really measure it, but let’s pretend the world is out there and you can measure it. And what you’re pointing out is that there’s a certain tool set that goes with that. And yes, we might want to avail ourselves of that tool set. And I also agree with.

Just wholeheartedly about this process in cleaning up our own and being accountable and holding ourselves to a standard. And with that, you know, then I’m really okay with moving beyond, uh, Joseph Farrell, but I’m also big on, you know, kind of pushing people and aggravating people, which I’ve done. It’s it’s like, , I got friends in the podcasting world that have been around for a long time,

So, you know, if you’re gonna have Damien Echols on your show, then you least thought asked him if he raped and murdered those kids. Yeah. Because all his other co-conspirators admitted Raped and murdered those kids. And he was convicted by two juries of doing that and he was never exonerated.

So if you’re going to have him on your fucking show, just ask him and then we can move on. And you know, I’ve talked to other people. I talked to Miguel, I liked Miguel, Miguel had him on and Miguel said, yeah, I understand that. I under that’s legitimate.

yes. And, and that’s okay. That’s that’s

[00:58:16] Al Borealis: okay. I didn’t know. He still lived even. I thought he was

[00:58:20] Alex Tsakiris: dead. Oh no, no. He’s writing books. He’s you know, friends with all,

[00:58:25] Al Borealis: what did you have him on done? Why don’t you have him on,

[00:58:28] Alex Tsakiris: I guess I would, I would have him on, there’s a line there that gets to promoting something.

What I, the line for me is if Damien Echols. Showed up at my doorstep and said, Hey, I, I want to be on. I want to, I want to come on and respond to what you’re saying in a second.

In a second,

[00:58:55] Al Borealis: uh, Alex, the old Alex, he would totally have James Randy on without respecting the guy.

[00:59:01] Alex Tsakiris: I did have James Randy on, and I had a lot of other people on, and that’s a good distinction. That’s more for if we ever do that show on the whole journey. And the distinction there for me is the evil distinction, you know,

[00:59:15] Al Borealis: it’s and you can argue that James Randy is evil.

He’s done so much damage. Yes. And he may even have, have I’m doing stuff to kids to

[00:59:26] Alex Tsakiris: yes. Yes. I did not know that. I did not know that at the time. And I would have asked him and you know, I was too soft on James, Randy, uh, at the time. You know, we, we don’t know. Yeah. But I mean, I asked them some hard questions.

I just didn’t really push hard enough, I guess, to, to wind that back, I was just really kind of agreeing with you on, you know, the methods that we must have for re recalibrating our methods for finding the truth.

So it was kind of a long, long way around the barn. Whose turn is it now? Is it your turn to

[01:00:02] Al Borealis: go next? I just realized, how are we doing this? I thought we were going to do three of mine and then three of yours, but it’s one mine in one years. Right? That’s what’s going on. So that is my turn. Yeah. Yes, that is my turn.

Okay. So, uh, and that’s, uh, I, I will, I think after this recording, I think I would have managed to get two shows out before the end of the year, which I’m not there yet. Um, but the last show that is there now is the secret of secrets, how to survive death, you know, what maybe can I do what you did play?



[01:00:40] Al Borealis: But this notion of the body of light part is the key. , yeah, a lot of these groups just don’t have that information.

No, they don’t. And basically everything we do has to do with preparing for death and the most powerful. Richard I’ve ever experienced in my life. And I’ve been in a lot of Richmond, uh, uh, visited or the groups, two buttons, you name it. And I was present at, uh, I’ll be able to look yes to be present at the death ritual where they, whether it was when we need to see to her died.

This death ritual is kind of, uh, connect with, uh, Gregorio and the dying it is creating are. I mean, I’m not getting detailed, so I can talk about this in general, creating a, I think a portal like are kind of creating some kind of energy without going into details and then invoke the brother or sister who’s recently departed and bind them into the center of the place where this is taking place and then spur, uh, what’d you call it when you get some extra first kind of threw them into the, the path further.

So create this energy ritually, invoke the person, and then guide that person further into the other world. And it’s all done with lots of tools. Sound is being made, chanting, uh, recitations actions. Uh, it’s the most powerful, like I was there with another, from Norway and he was in tears. It was annoying actually, because not every I had to hold his hand.

Right. And you got to snow on it and everything. So, but okay. But that’s how powerful it, I was just blown out of my socks and I realized, oh my God, man. It’s all about, it’s all about the death process.



[01:02:39] Al Borealis: So what you heard here, Alex, I’m going to, I’m going to point out a show called the secret of secrets, but I was teasing it with, uh, playing something, a quote from the end of another show with the same guy, uh, hacking aggregators, as we discussed earlier, the reason is that I think this sums up what this other show was all about and people think is hyper bore.

And the thing is, um, I really do, I should do more or I think you pronounce it, hopper, hyperbole. I think it should do

[01:03:18] Alex Tsakiris: hyperbola we say, but everyone gets what you’re talking about.

[01:03:22] Al Borealis: Yeah. It doesn’t make sense that she would be hyperbole, but the thing is I should do more hyperbole in my titles and stuff because I usually go for put ethic titles instead of to the point or even teasers.

But in this show, people will think it’s a hyper bold secret of secrets, but it’s not, it’s what it’s actually called or corn or canola from the secret of secretory. It’s actually what it’s called. That’s how big of a secret it is. And I think are on the first show ever disclosing some of these, of course we’re scratching the surface.

Of course, both me and the guests know stones more than what’s coming out in. Into discussion, but at least we having that discussion in the open. And I think this is one of my most important shows. I think it’s only surpass. Do you know when you say what’s important, there are so many filters or criteria as you can work from, right.

But if we narrow it down to spirituality and metaphysics and esoterics, and if we also narrow it down to usefulness exclusiveness in four, you won’t get many places. Then I say the only show I’ve done that can surpass this is one of the, my least popular shows. And that just confirms, like I said, where the class five, when I had him on, you know, we rated the shows we did together.

And we all agreed that the most popular is going to be the least important Antarctica show and the least popular I did with him who was the most important, which was the death show now the same here. Right? So with a guy called Timothy Hogan did the most important and least popular show, which was about the elements, the two-parter.

But apart from that one, I think this is the most important and exclusive in terms of, uh, informations. So it’s basically. Really wreaking. So universal secrets, if that’s even a word, uh, it reminds me of the word of the term public secrets. It’s kind of similar. It’s like you have people all over the world who knows about this from time and Memorial, but they will kept it under wraps and, um, yeah, say no more.

It’s all about death, man, which actually dovetails with where the aims of skeptical skeptical has had huge focus on death to only from an completely different angle

[01:05:53] Alex Tsakiris: no, that’s perfect. Because one of the questions I was going to ask you relates directly to that. I think the, a cult, the hidden, the esoteric, , I I’m super interested in the wisdom there because I think there is wisdom there, but you’re right. I have intentionally kind of done an end run on it.

And my end run on death is near-death experience and reincarnation science, because again, we can kind of pin it down. So we’ve talked about that a bunch in the past, but I guess what I’d ask you as it relates to that really wonderful clip that you played is. To what extent is it secret? Is it hidden when we now have thousands of people who’ve crossed that barrier and have found a way to come back and tell us about it.

And then part two of that question is what do we do with the implications for technology there? Cause it’s clear that more people are quote unquote, coming back. I hate that term, but that’s what we have to use because of our advanced medical technology having to do with resuscitation. So we can actually blur that line in a way that we couldn’t.

And why is it that this extended consciousness is blurring the line with us as we do that? What are your thoughts?

[01:07:22] Al Borealis: Excellent point. You racing here. , I will answer it like this and what I’m seeing now. I never I’ve said before. I think, so this is very important. If anyone give any credence to my inputs open and sharpen your EHRs forks in esoteric, there are two layers.

You have what people think of when they hear the word. I won’t even discuss occultism because that’s big. That’s like the low is that like the crap that’s like the poor fiction, the fact of esoterica. So I wouldn’t even go that’s where you find Damien angles and stuff like that. In serious esoteric are people who are into it as a path in their life.

There are two layers. There is the one that you will Google, where you would find books from leveling, for example, or Aquarius or Rudin books or organizations. You’ve heard about everything from semi esoteric, like, yeah, like Mark’s own Institute of hermetic studies to more downright, uh, initiatory systems.

Like for example, the rosary crusade order our mark. Now all this is really exoteric, it’s esoteric in exoteric. So if you can Google something, if you can join something, if you can just apply online for something it’s not really esoteric, remember folks it’s correct. When Alex says occultism means the hidden, but esoterica really means it Pythagoras, coined a term.

Ah, no, I, I always, I restored a list. I forgot, but it was, I think it was our restorative less acquainted to him, but it was describing the need seats of the ancient mystery schools of the ancient mystery traditions. It was that which is never in the public. So it is that which you are initiated into, whether it’s physically done by.

Uh, a group or a ritual or whatever, or the real initiations, which are spiritual, where you access a level of realization on a understanding that is completely subjective, that you cannot share in the objective world. It’s like DOH is says the truth that can be spoken is not the real truth. The secret that can be revealed is not the real secret.

So that brings us to the second layer, which the less we say about it, the better, but there is a very small, very small, um, I’d say, uh, uh, what’s the word, like just not a fragment, but a segment as a small segment of esoteric is still around. It used to be the thing now is just fragments. And within those circles, yeah, you can Google it.

You can find it online. You can find it in books and that’s where the real secrets are. And so these people let’s call them gods of mystery tradition, gods, or whatever are preserving something from the Dawn of mankind. And there are tools, there are structures that are methods. There are insights, there is law.

And the difference between. Say an initiate like Palm neatness, an engine Greek who went into the other world and came back and brought something with them to share with us the difference between him and some random Jude who our car runs over. And then he’s being resuscitated by Bruce Grayson is that both of them are having real experiences.

But when you are just a random person who stumbles into the metaphysical, you have to probe is the same way that you are full thing. If you’re exposed to it, this is Jack Velez. We big point. If you’re exposed to the UFO phenomenon, you have no upper rotters to deal with it. So you Ville it’s. It goes for anything.

It, police knows this too, that weaknesses really the psychology of the weakness is more important than what they actually experienced in terms of making sense of this is the same in the satanic panic or in children who have fantasy. You know, how can we distinguish between force, memory, and rate? And this is the same.

You have four phenomenon. You’re not equipped to deal with whatever phenomenon is manifesting there. So you think it’s Virgin Mary or you think it’s, it’s a spaceship from. Alpha Centuri it all depends on what you already have in your mind, in order to all, you can interpret that the same way the aunt, when he unconscious your foot.

Right? So this is what I’m saying also about the other world. Someone who’s trained, who has devoted his life or her life to this, and deliberately triggers this experience. It’s a completely different ball game than some poor soccer who just ants up there and then is being brought back. I’m not saying it’s valid or no value from what that other person, but that’s where you get people like the guy you had on the show.

He said, he’s all about Jesus, man. Oh, if it wasn’t user then is bullshit, right. That’s his filter. So yes, there’s useful. Especially if there’s commonalities across time and culture for, for these kinds of researching, then you can find objective factors, but it’s, it’s like the difference between primary school and university, when you regard their Nitze and their death experience and the random John DOE or Jane DOE, you see what I’m saying?

[01:13:18] Alex Tsakiris: I do see what you’re saying. And I think it’s, I think it’s an interesting point. I would, if we’re really going to dive into it, I’d ask you to backup. Because, you know, my entry or my continued interest in near-death experience is about the science and as close as we can come to the science and we already get, I already gave the speech that, you know, science isn’t perfect.

And it’s, you know, by definition, it’s wrong because it suggests that the world is out there and the world is measurable. And we know that it isn’t, but I would turn that around and say, everything that you just said is kind of dependent on some kind of consensus reality. So the clip I would play kind of in response to that is from an interview from may of this year that I did with Dr.

Jeff Long, the near-death experience researcher I’ll play the clip and then we can chat about it.


[01:14:18] Clip: That’s how everybody think of one incident where Katniss, Everdeen genuinely moved you when she volunteered for her sister at the reaping.



Good. What else? Oh,

when she sang that song for little roo.

Oh yeah. We didn’t get choked up at that. You know, I like you better Effie without all that makeup high, like you better.

[01:14:42] Alex Tsakiris: So. That’s of course, Woody Harrelson from the hunger games, a clip that would seem to be because it is a long way around the barn from an interview with one of the world’s leading near death experience.

Researchers Dr. Jeff Long who’s compiled the largest searchable database of near-death experiences. And who joined me primarily because I wanted to verify, because I referenced it so many times, the quality of the data in the database, here’s a short clip. Are you in any way, scrubbing the database? Are you in any way taking out any references that might be offensive to someone?

You know, if it’s, if they’re satanic, you know, or this and that, or I don’t think so. Cause I even do in D E R F aliens. I do in the E R F E T. There are a few entries that come up. It doesn’t seem to me like you’re in there scrubbing the database in this kind of cancel culture, shadow banning. You know, we don’t know what’s really out there.

Uh, great

[01:15:45] Clip: question, Alex. The only change that we make to the entirety of what is shared with us is we remove references. I mean, they may dislike their doctor that they believe was involved in their life threatening event. So we remove names just to preserve confidentiality. Overriding concern is the confidentiality of who shares.

We post everything that

they share with. It would be an

abomination to us to pull out anything that we didn’t like, or we disagreed with. If they share

[01:16:14] Alex Tsakiris: it with us, it goes up.


[01:16:16] Alex Tsakiris: The real point that I’d like you to respond to about Jeff Long is we’re trying to do what we can do to get at a dataset. So I kind of resist the notion that, oh, you know, I’m doing my best there to say, is there any thing wrong with this data set?

How would we evaluate this dataset? Which should. Match your dataset, right? I mean, this is the way that we would investigate.

[01:16:43] Al Borealis: Yes. Yes. And it’s interesting because science is doing the same as the checker did. See esoterica has known all the time, but everything you encounter in what you call extended realm is dependent on filters.

Those filters would be obviously cultural, linguistic, linguistic, religious in the term of like what kind of set of symbols and notions do you operate in spiritually? Um, so there’s psychological, of course, even gender. So, and that’s what, uh, near death signs also see, they see, there are some things that are commonalities and there’s some things that are subjective.

It doesn’t mean the subjective thing is wrong or unreal. It just means some things needs to go through your filter. If you hear, if you hear a political speech, let’s say Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump or something, Ron Paul, your filter is going to determine what you’re taking out of that. Someone who’s a supporter.

One of those would be great stuff, man. Another one would be, ah, fuck him. I, you see what I mean? They’re all exposed to the same. Objective vibrations. They hear the same, everything. They’re there at the same event, taking place at the same time, but they’re taking different things with them and thus the same going that’s why DOE is, is one path.

And total tech is another esoteric path. That’s why via rajana is one path. And let’s say Gnosticism and other. So you can’t just do everything. You can’t ride a million horses at the same time. My point is find a horse that actually brings you there. And if you find such a, let us do a better analogy, it’s all about the mung.

Let’s go to the traditional mountain. Most people knew , you know, flirting with stuff. They are just dancing around a mountain. Oh, let me try this path. I’m going couple of meters up there. And uh, I want to try another one and they go down again and they never commit to a path so they never get anywhere.

Oh, I know everything about what’s going on because I’ve been around the mountain five times. I can tell you a million entrances to the mountain, but they really can’t tell you much. Apart from that superficial level, now someone will actually determines to go to the top of the mountain. And when he reaches the talk, by the way, he the, that he’s past the clouds.

So he can see the sun shining bright. Now the higher up he gone, he comes the more, these different paths with dwindling. One path. Eventually you call mass high that there’s only four paths east, north, west, south, and the higher up you call me the more you can actually not know just your own path. I’m so high up the mountain that I can see other parallel paths.

I can’t see the path on the opposite side. If I’m from the south, I can see the north puff, but I can definitely see some path to the left and some to the right of me. And I can even devise some people who are not on my path, but on that part up careful where you’re threading a, you may fall down, oh, there’s a, there’s a hill there where you can find some food.

So the higher up I call them the more I can survey all the other paths to. And only when I’m at the top of the mountain, I can see all paths. This is how you should understand the spiritual generations in the world. And this is what they are reinventing with science as near death experience and reincarnation, the trying to get data points.

That’s valid to all. And they’re trying to also find what’s commonalities and what’s dependent on individual factors. And last thing I want to say about this is, remember who created science, esoteric minded people created science. They don’t teach you that anymore. In for example, the history of science and philosophy science they’ve even only mentioned quirky.

We had factories. If you’re out there, deep enough level, Isaac Newton was into alchemy and astrology for some weird reason. Francis bacon was flirting with this or that for some reason. But the fact of the matter is that up until science was hijacked in 1800 by materialists, but they didn’t just hijack it overnight.

There was a long battle, but eventually they won. They won over the Royal society and different other scientific vehicles and outlooks. And then it became full materialist and everything was purged. But why did esoteric in its eights create the scientific method and even scientific institutions and all this stuff, because they knew this is the only way we can educate the masses.

The masses will never be enlightened people. They will never be interested in these things that me and Alex are interested in trying to find the big questions or may never say never, but certainly not back in the day, they didn’t have the tools for the education. So the best way to do this is to bring enlightenment.

That was the whole idea. For example, of Rosa Crucian is, and we’re going to enlighten the reformation, the Renaissance, uh, the enlightenment, all that stuff was brought about by. The enemies of the then ruling order, which was for a long time, capitalist is more Islam for that matter. Although Islam was more open to, to enlightenment in certain parents of, of there, especially in the ultimate empire and eventually also materialism that succeeded that this spiritual hegemony.

So esoterics created it. The course they’ve been into science all the time. They’d be into spiritual science and as our tools better, they’re both always physical science too. Like in the enchant grease engine D you couldn’t distinguish between spirituality and sciences was the same thing. A mystery priest was also the one who actually measured a map or developed chemistry for this or that conserving the numbness or how, uh, when should we harvest or how should we navigate the seas?

It was all, yeah, it was practical applications of spiritual reality. So those things were went hand in hand, dualism came, materialism came. And so Mount Sinai has got rubbed out of this truth realm, consciousness realm, and now it’s come full circle because now we see, and this goes back to his accord back to what we started discussing today, Alex, and then.

Science has come full circle now to become a tool for lie, misinformation, deception elution. And that’s why, why we need to clean up. We need to be truth committed, and you don’t, you have to be fact committed in hard sciences today, natural sciences, but you don’t have to be truth committed. I mean, you see this, even in health science is all about money, propaganda, power politics, and.

Science science truth and even facts methods less now. So that’s the problem. When you remove the spiritual layers of science and you put it into the hands of, of, uh, materialism and opportunists, it’s better to say. I mean, it’s all about power and control,

[01:24:11] Alex Tsakiris: I, I really appreciate what you’re saying.

I don’t hear many people talking about this and that’s what’s oh, it’s just, I just get charged up talking to you because this is, so special to have that kind of conversation. And I love your analogy. I love your analogy of climbing the mountain and the trail backs and, you know, but I I’m, I’m skeptical.

I mean, I’ve grown into being skeptical. Maybe I always was, but, um, inquiry to perpetuate doubt. So my mind always goes to the counter example and I think sometimes that turns people off, but again, it doesn’t turn you off, which is wonderful because to me, the counter example of what you’re saying is, you know, I’ve been a Yogi for a long time and people misunderstand that.

If you say you’re a Yogi than you’re a Yogi, you don’t have to have, you don’t have to show. The certificates you got from the weekend retreats that you did, that doesn’t matter. All you have to do is say I’m a Yogi and then you’re a Yogi, but I’ve been, you know, a lot of different schools, a lot of different teachers, lots of different learnings.

Uh, particularly remember being in San Diego when I had moved out here and where I live is kind of a really fascinating part of yoga in the west because I live in north San Diego county, which was kind of the landing point for a guy named Patabi Joyce. And Patabi Joyce was really along with BKS Iyengar, the two people who are most responsible for bringing the kind of physical yoga, you know, the kind that you couldn’t go down in the gym and do and all that.

And they were, uh, disciples of Krishnamacharya who said ghosts, and this spread this to the west and they did. And I actually studied under a teacher who was BKS Iyengar teacher, and actually brought BKI Sanger over. And then I studied under a teacher here in San Diego who actually brought Patabi choice over.

So I just kind of casually met both those people, but Tabby Joyce, it turns out was sexually abusing his students, which I later found out in my interview with. My Yogi friend, who was sold into sex slavery to a satanic cult when she was six years old, but she was also sexually abused by Patabi Joyce.

I of course check that because you don’t want to just take somebody’s word for that. And there are now hundreds of women who’ve come forward and said that Patabi Joyce wasn’t exactly on point with where he was doing that energy. But back to my long story, I remember being in this class with this wonderful Brazilian woman who is our yoga teacher, and we had really vibed and were sinking and talked, but she had made some point about respecting this tradition of, of the Indian tradition, where.

Where this comes from. And I was like in my kind of classic kind of skeptical way, say bullshit on that, you know, for all their, their beautiful, wonderful insights, they’re still marrying their daughters off at 11 years old, they still have a culture that classifies people into these different cults that they can’t get out of.

And these classifications and untouchability is still a real fucking thing. So don’t tell me about the flowers from this wonderful spiritually oriented, which everyone says, you know, India is the source of all this fuck that she’d been there. Have you been? No, I have been there, but great, good for you.

But my point is I like fucking Jeff Long from Iowa. Who’s collecting 3000 accounts from ND ears that I can search. I like Gregory shoeshine from X, from Oxford. Who’s studying cross culture in the E’s across time. So 600 years of Indy EAs across times from across a bunch of different cultures, Western Plains, Indians, uh, people done on the Mason, Mexico, as well as people in Africa and on the islands and all the rest of that shit.

And I say Bravo to that. And if that science lines up with what you’re saying, Then I say Bravo. And if it doesn’t, I say you bring forth the evidence to show me where they’re wrong. Show me where there needs to be the course correction, and I’m down with it. I, let me go back to where I started because I get an on-ramp and it sounds like I’m against what you’re saying.

I’m not against what you’re saying. I think what you’re saying is a beautiful, beautiful piece of the puzzle, but it’s a clay pot that needs to be tested through the most severe heat that we can apply to it. And the beauty of what Western science has done now is it’s brought us some new data points that we can not just dismiss as well.

That single mom from Iowa, who said that, you know, she saw Jesus, we can just dismiss her account because she wasn’t, she wasn’t esoteric enough. Fuck that shit. I don’t, I don’t buy that. I mean, maybe, maybe we should, but I no,

[01:29:21] Al Borealis: no, no, we shouldn’t.

I just said a random person who look around them person who takes an LSD trip and doesn’t even know isn’t LSD. We’re still, let me see, be valuable lessons from his experience versus the old hippie who trips once a week. Right now, let me address some of these excellent points you made. I said there was two layers and the same.

Isn’t just true for Western as it, it goes true for all esoterica. So Alex, when a long head Indian comes to California and sell and accumulates a group of young, beautiful women and exclusive cars and all that stuff, you already know what layer he’s operating on. It’s the same way you can go to golden Dawn group.

And in fact, this happened to, uh, uh, an acquaintance of mine. His, uh, girlfriend was being initiated into a golden Dawn group and he wasn’t there, but the friends were, and this, she was so and of course this is a fake golden Dawn is like an outer layer. So it’s like they rely instead of on real spiritual triggers, they really rely on hypnotic effects and all that stuff.

So it’s more of like a theater as a Terica, but so she was done. So it’s psychologically vulnerable because of her mind was blown and all that stuff because of their hypnotic elements. So he screwed her, had sex with her the same. Which is a huge, it’s, it’s the same as your psychologist doing it, or your professor or something, you know what I mean?

It’s such a betrayal. So that per so yeah, that happens all the time and whether it’s Indian. So in Western, look, if Jeffrey Long that you mentioned and not to pick on him, he’s probably an excellent person, but he’s done good research in this field. We can agree about that, right? To know. Let’s say it leaks out that he was abusing an intern.

Does that invalidate all the work you did? No. You just have to understand that we’re talking about human beings, the human limitations. This is why this, you have to realize that there’s two standards. The real Indian guru, won’t come to your doorstep in, in goddamn, uh, San Diego, you have to fucking climb a mountain in Himalaya to come to his doorstep.

That’s how it works. That’s why I’m saying this second layer of esoterica is very exclusive and it annoys people to know. And in fact, it annoys people so much of the money. Some the, I, I don’t believe it’s exists because I can’t get access or be probably just conceited elitists. Why can’t they share it with me?

I can Google it. I can’t attain it. So it’s probably bullshit. And all those are more like romantic notion, always, probably G people. Those people are probably at the level of Buddha and Jesus and a better kiss their feet. And they’re public telepathic. No, no, no. Uh, no, it’s a human experience. There’s human limitations, but I’ll explain it like this.

Alex, if I were sort of lucky to be a guardian of a wisdom tradition, and I knew you Alex very well. And I knew that you’re an ethical person. I knew you’ve ever responsible person. I knew you were a sincere seeker on you. You had a intellectual apparatus for it. I would totally, uh, open a door for you to see if you went through it so that you could be, become an initiate, but that’s how it works.

That’s how it’s been working. Day one. You don’t just say go to the town square on unknown. That’s what the corn man do. And that’s how 99% of people are being swept up by people like that across or whatever, but the real, but what they are faking the illusions, they are playing out what they’re pointing to accents, but on a different level.

So they are taking the real thing that they themselves don’t have access to because they can never qualify to, to get there. And they are making a mock version of corn man, a commercial version of that, where they can gather all the, you know, some of the stuff there, they, this guru saying you may find in some exclusive Astra, maybe.

So I’m not saying there’s no commonalities, but I’m saying those who actually practice, walk us their talk. They do it solely because they have learned how to God. And if one of these corn men actually managed to, to get access to one of these small action groups, that group would be corrupted and it will be destroyed.

And that’s what has happened for thousands of years. That’s why there’s so few around only those around whether it’s individual. So networks. So even organizations are wrong because they have learned how to guard themselves from the human limitations. And if they don’t, if they go wrong, if, if they are like brilliant, And we are all 40 and an N and a mistake is big enough.

It’s tunc is sank. You it’s gone. So, um, it just shows that we bought in that is to say, it depends on your standard. Most people are content with going around the foot of the mountain and smell a Bush and walk a couple of feet and then go back and try something else. Most people have no commitment to go, come to the top of the mountain, but I’m telling you the more you climb, whatever tools you use, weather and science should be one of the tools, psychology to philosophy, religion, you name it, whatever human knowledge, insight experience to stand on.

Other people’s show shoulders rather than reinventing the wheel. The further up you will go. And the harder it becomes, the harder the tests, the more you have to refine yourself, you cannot get to the top of the mountain and pasta confusing clouds, and just be bombarded by the radiation of the sun.

Without refining yourself. You have to your ethics, your wisdom, the Soviet union. How you, you, you, you said one thing, you said, eh, we have to be trained to critical thinking. That’s a part of it too. And so if you just talking science, there are certain, uh, qualifiers that you need to achieve there. But if you’re talking signs of life, if you, if you’re not distinguishing, oh, just a segment of life, but you’re talking about our path in existence in life, then it, it has to be all the human layers has to be refined as you develop.

And that means your sensory, your body, in terms of health, your, your, your, your perception, the way you’re sensing things, your feelings, the way your, your emotions work, your psychology, the way you’re thinking and reasoning and thoughts, work, and your creativity, uh, your, your ability to go into the trunks and dental.

All of that stuff has to be refined Cymbalta, obviously all the time. And it’s damn hard, man. That’s why. Count on a couple of hands. How many people really reached a dope, at least that we can remember today, but I’m saying the less known a guru is the more believable he is granted that he, he, he, he’s not just less known because he hasn’t started out.

I’m not talking wrong, I’ll run her. But before he published off, he was always a crook. I’m talking about someone who has been in operation and nobody knows him go to that guy. He’ll teach you much more than the go. You can Google you, you catch my drift here. Oh yeah.

[01:37:22] Alex Tsakiris: Yeah. And there’s a lot there. I agree with, but we have to, we have to kind of wrap this thing up a little bit, and I think the best way to do that is with this predictions thing.

So maybe limited to one or sneak two in there, but what are your bestest predictions for 2022? So

[01:37:43] Al Borealis: I have a two and a half prediction. Number one, I think all Macron may be godsend, metaphorically speaking, because it achieves what none of the vaccines ever even try to achieve, which is bringing about herd immunity, because as it looks now, uh, Dr.

Malone who invented the technology, listened to his interview on a Jimmy Dore show, he tells you explicitly, you should never ever have everybody knows this who are, but it’s not scientists. Who’s running this show. It’s it’s political agenda on big pharma, but you should never ever vaccinate during a pandemic.

Apart from the very vulnerable and sick should wait until after, when it becomes endemic, like the flu. One of the reasons you shouldn’t do that. Just one. I mean, I haven’t, don’t have time to go into this fuller is that you are preventing the humidity, but here’s the thing we know from research that the best immunity is as it’s always been, it’s nothing new.

What we learned in basic school is natural immunity combined with this. That probably that’s probably why it originated in Africa because in Africa they are not almost not vaccine vaccinated. So their Omicron allegedly comes from, and it has managed to get to where Dr. Malone said, namely being very, very infectious, even more than the gain of function, research result of original COVID-19.

And so it’s very, very infectious, but it’s much less severe. That means that when people get it, they will be immune to future strengths and POS strengths. Unlike the, again, the vaccine. So this is my prediction is that if they’re right, that it is milder and, but more infectious, it may just be. Thing that pushes people’s collective paradigm over the top.

So they realize, oh my God, this is endemic, not pandemic. We have to learn to live with it. Every body will get COVID sooner or later, which means that we should deal with it as Norway did recently and classified it at the same level of the cold and inf and the influenza. And that means we cannot shut down society anymore because of that.

And so when people then even if it comes to harder, COVID strain, only corn has made sure your immune that’s my first prediction. My second is I say two and a half that’s because the second can go two ways. So this either what will happen is that people will get so fed up with this, uh, fascism that’s taking place now that they will rise up against it.

But we may need a little more time if we have, uh, more time because on the here’s the other prediction and that’s that they will nail the, um, evolution, the development of things in the direction that pushing it, meaning by, by forever two basic freedoms and civil society, and, you know, a complete takeover of all channels of media and communication, complete censorship, complete corporatism.

And unfortunately, us so often, if not all. It’s so dependent on America, on a USA, which we, the rest of the world hates because we have to wait for that dumbed down, broken down, just crushed a population to, to somehow manage the rice. And the only outlets you have to rise up, see, it seems is to become more and more extremism extremist in, um, kind of a pseudo fascistic.

Like there’s two kinds of fascism praying out playing out in America. That’s the top down fascism is just real fascism, which is the corporatism they leads. And then there’s the bottom up fascism, which kind of is a react. It’s a reactionary thing to that, but it’s the only lane people have to go. And, and even that is being taken away from them because it’s being used as an excuse to SmackDown, all sorts of political, um, and dissidents.

So it’s good to go even further in that direction or the reaction from the people will manage to, to, to kick back. But I’m becoming more and more pessimistic. Look at Australia, man. Oh my God. So that’s my predictions. And unfortunately both were related to COVID.

[01:42:25] Alex Tsakiris: You know, I was about to say, I thought we were going to get through this whole thing without doing the COVID thing, but I guess it’s inevitable, particularly

[01:42:34] Al Borealis: when

[01:42:36] Alex Tsakiris: you’re right.

I mean, you can’t talk about predictions for 2022 and, uh, you know, talk about it. So what I’ll do for my prediction is play a clip first, and this is an Ollie, but if people remember this from their truth seeking library in their head, oh man, go, go revisit this on so many levels, but it’s an interview that was done by Alex Jones.

And I sometimes can get frustrated with Alex Jones. But when I do, I go back and listen to interviews like this, and I remember that he has given us so, so much. So I don’t know if he’s co-opted I don’t know anything like that, but this is so uniquely wonderful and important. It’s an interview with Aaron Russo shortly before his death.

Uh, and it’s, it’s about his experience with Nick Rockefeller. So with a very, very elite guy who was trying to, who was telling him, Hey, look, he won. He told them that nine 11 was going to happen. Oh, point by point. And then he said, what was going to happen after it? And that we were going to get.

Afghanistan, then we’re going to invade Iraq. He laid all this out months before, and then he goes and tells him that, what do you care about the rest of those people? Here’s what we want to do. We want to control everybody. We want to vaccinate. He said chip them. But it’s the same thing. We want to have everybody under our control.

And he says, why? He said, you know, you got all the money in the world. You’ve got all the power in the world. Why do you need that? But that’s the other part of the clip that I’m not going to play. Here’s the part of the clip that, that I’ll play. And then I’ll talk about

[01:44:22] Clip: it was done

to create a fear in the American public, right?

So that then we will obey what they want us to do.

And the ferry take Richard Reid, the shoe

bomber. Here’s the guy who was six foot, six ugly as could be. I heard he smelled, okay. He sits in coach on a plane. Lighting matches to put a shoe on fire, surrounded by people that see the garlic. If you were going to blow up a plane,

you go into

the bathroom, you close the door and you put your shoe on fire.

You’re not going to sit there surrounded by people he matches.


[01:44:55] Alex Tsakiris: Okay. So I love these long way around the barn kind of things. But here’s my point. You still take your shoes off when you fly. And when people say that it’s going to change, or maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, I just remind him you still take your fucking shoes off.

And the reason you take off your shoes remember is because of this one, idiotic crazy obviously, , operation guy who goes and does this as Aaron Russo talks about. So my point is, the real, only way out of this is love is love, compassion, and being that point of light, being that gladiator for light and not hating on anybody and not hating on the evil that is behind this cause that don’t work , either that’s their game.


[01:45:58] Al Borealis: you’re one of them. Exactly,

[01:46:01] Alex Tsakiris: exactly. You become one of them. And I think so many of us are one step closer to saying, I’ll make that fucking trade. Let me grind that guy into the ground. And I think because I think good always wins. That’s always the way the story ends. And because I think as our friend, Miguel Connor pointed out evil always turns stupid and we see evil turning stupid right before our eyes.

I think that there will continue to be a light emerging from this. And I think it will begin to emerge in 22, but I don’t think it’s going to come. And packaged in the way that most people think. I don’t think it’s going to be particularly pleasant because I think these guys have a lot of, lot of bullets in the, in the chamber that they can fire that, that we have to be aware of.

[01:46:57] Al Borealis: Yeah. What ports.

[01:46:59] Alex Tsakiris: So have we, have we done it? Have we done our job?

[01:47:04] Al Borealis: Let me break. Uh, I remember one prediction I made last year. Everybody thought Trump was going to pull it off, but when you pushed me for an ending, I laid out, I love scenario thinking, right? So I laid out different scenarios. You didn’t like that.

You wanted to me to stick to a outcome. And I said, he’s not going to make it going to be Biden. I was right about that one. And you didn’t push me. No. So I don’t have to, you know, evaluate the next year. But the reason I think we should be accountable for our predictions is that if we are daring and he’s all responsibility as host, right.

If he had daring to make an analogy, yes. It’s not. Pre-cognition, it’s an analysis. We should substantiate what it’s based on. Right. And, and, um, yeah, we should, we should point to a lane on say in afterwards, why didn’t it happen like that? Or why did I think it went like that? So, yeah, that’s all done. I’m saying.

[01:48:06] Alex Tsakiris: Well, that’s a good one. I think you should point to that. Of course he didn’t really win. I mean, they rigged it in the most dramatic way, fat possible, which is kind of interesting, but I think your point is super, you, you totally got that prediction because the prediction was Trump wouldn’t make it Biden would prevail.

And I think it’s, he did. It was the incredible what they, what they pulled up. It was. So, you know, I recently interviewed a Stephen Snyder from recluse who you’re going to interview on your show from the farm. Great. I love what he said when I asked him that question. Cause he’s kind of a little bit more of a left leaning guy.

And he said just what surprised me is how in your face, , the rigging of the election was how obvious it was. And I think he is spot on that’s. It’s not the surprise that they break the election. They break all the elections. It’s just that they did it in a way where they had 106% voter turnout in Wisconsin.

And you don’t usually get that and you don’t get it where it’s reported, you know, but anyways,

[01:49:13] Al Borealis: yeah, no, it goes to the, uh, bigger tendency. Uh, I discussed this with Steven Schneider actually, when I had him on the show is just not released to, to neither the public nor the subscribers yet. So waiting with a 15 other shows in it.

This one will be pushed ahead by the way. But he said we discussed, uh, w w w he said, the elites today are so stupid. They’re more Dumbo than they were used to be. And that’s the point you and me have fleshed out earlier, if you remember. And so, because I said, is it that, or is it that just that they have now so much control that they’re just being brazen about it?

They’re not pretending back in the day, they were pretending, even though that we didn’t have internet or anything, there was a certain standard you had to, to try to maintain like a, uh, not a believability. What’s the word, but you know what I mean? Right.

[01:50:12] Alex Tsakiris: Believable, I

[01:50:13] Al Borealis: think is perfect. Okay. So, but they don’t have that anymore.

Is that because the incompetencies so extreme combined with extreme power or if it is it because the power is now so extreme, it doesn’t matter if people know what’s going on in many ways, you, you are, you are excused for having that view because look at our syringe case, there was so orange case. Isn’t about our Sanchez, not even about WikiLeaks.

It’s, it’s about everyone else. It’s about, if you even try to entertain the thought of fucking with us, we’re gonna screw you six times from Sunday. So deep that just a shell of a human being there’ll be left, know your place, know your lane. We have taken over, it’s done this and our Sanchi isn’t the only one you have Stephen, this lawyer in New York.

Now don’t singer look into that case folks. It’s incredible. That’s the law system, uh, just exposes the American, uh, you’re just in a system for what it is. So I’m not sure Alex, and I want your input on this. Is it just the, an extreme incompetence and stupidity and arrogance combined with her extreme power now because of technology and all that, or is it that they just don’t care anymore?

Because they all I said to recruits, I said to him, Steven, I said to him, look, yes, the elite is more in Britain, stupid than ever, but they hire experts. That’s what they always do for anything they want to do. They find the brains. You we’ve talked about that too. Alex. They find them certain things that we want, it’s going that direction.

So there’s not a lack of brains of there. And there’s not a lack of opportunity to turn the brains onto their team and work for them. That’s what most of us do anyway. Right. So, uh, yeah. That’s the big question. What do you think?

[01:52:12] Alex Tsakiris: I think you make a great point and

[01:52:15] Al Borealis: it’s while I didn’t, but I want you to say, where’d you one of those two

[01:52:21] Alex Tsakiris: I, I think the point that you make is. you can be stupid and hire smart people if you have money. And if you own the printing press, that prints all the money, it kind of affords you a lot of opportunities. But at the same time, I agree that there’s a certain sloppiness that I wouldn’t immediately dismiss as a brazen in your face.

I don’t care if you know it. Some of it just looks sloppy. It looks like it has no nothing to gain by being sloppy. I don’t know why you run this operation and Israel is the Zionists or one of your allies. And they become the most jabbed people on earth with more boosters than anyone else. I don’t know how that fits into your, did you really plan on doing that?

And, uh, the people in Africa and Brazil and these other countries, they’re not, not so much India, not so much, you know, was that part of your plan? No, that wasn’t part of the plan. They’ll be able to recover and do that, but you know what I’m saying? I don’t want to get too far a field there cause we’ve got to wrap this up, but no, I think your, your larger point, both those points that are kind of intertwined with what you’re saying, I think are important is no, they’re not that smart, but don’t count them out because they can still hire some brain.

[01:53:43] Al Borealis: Yeah. They always turn to brute force when a manipulation game doesn’t work. Yep. What a sad note undone.

[01:53:53] Alex Tsakiris: Well, we don’t know how the game gets played, but we know who wins in the end and who wins are the people who stay true to the, to the light, to the light in their heart, because that’s the only thing that matters.

You beautifully said it earlier. This exercise we’re in is a preparation for a transition. It can’t be otherwise that isn’t even that isn’t even esoteric or metaphysical. It’s just fucking common sense. How can it be otherwise? How else would it make any sense? So that’s, that’s where we really come together.

You and I out. And you know, when you stay anchored in that kind of reality, everything else kind of becomes a lot easier to deal with

[01:54:39] Al Borealis: almond. And let’s not forget this life we’re living. It’s just a drop in the big cosmos. It’s just, uh, it’s, it’s what Shakespeare said. Life is a scene, something like that.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So let’s not lose perspective either that we are here to learn something, experienced something and what we take away from it. It really what’s matter. That’s why you and me are trying to peek open the door into the other side so we can get some reassurance of the bigger perspective that life.

Isn’t just, it’s not just one in one day. It’s many, many days. It’s not just one in one moment or life it’s many, many. So the battle is, is huge. It’s long. It’s so big. And I don’t know, maybe Gandy is right. Maybe the path and the goal is one you can’t distinguish. That’s why the means never excuse the goal.

In other words, the meaning of life is the path itself, an old cliche. But, but yeah, I think it’s true.

[01:55:57] Alex Tsakiris: Yeah. Beautifully said. And then maybe that’s where we should leave it. Yeah. I friend, it’s been awesome. This will become a tradition. It’s so enriching for me. What a great way to feel that I’ve wrapped up the year.

So thanks so much for doing this

[01:56:13] Al Borealis: and happy new year. Yes.

Thanks again to Al Borealis for joining me today on skeptical. The one question I tee up from this show is what was your favorite skeptical or forum? Borealis moment.

Of 2021. Let me know, track me down, find me. Okay. 2021. You’re gone. 2022, bringing down. We’re ready. Until next time. Take care. Bye for now.


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