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Russ Dizdar is ex-law-enforcement and has 30 years of boots-on-the-ground experience with satanic ritual abuse.

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I have an interview coming up in a minute with Russ Dizdar. This is going to be a tough one for a lot of folks for a lot of different reasons. Here are some clips.  

Russ Dizdar: [00:00:17] I was in Worthington, Ohio at the Police Academy called OPOTA, a law enforcement agent named Thomas Wedge, who wrote a book called The Satan Hunter for law enforcement. So I’m going through all of this, the very evening that I get home, I get a phone call from a frantic woman who said, “Somebody gave me your phone number. I have a stepdaughter that’s in the psych ward. She’s going to kill herself.” She goes into all of the stories about satanic stuff and rituals and blood rituals and animals being sacrificed. I sat down with a 13 year old, she’s there because she keeps writing over and over and over, “The ritual of the flames. The ritual of the flames. The ritual of the flames.” When I finally got enough engagement with her to talk about it, she said it’s a ritual that she has to do on her 14th birthday to prove her love for her mother, her mother, a satanic priestess.

So victim, this little girl, as I’m engaging here, began to have other personalities come up. Again, I’m a counselor, I’m trained, I’m in school, I’m trained to do things. I’m listening to this 13 year old and I’m listening to a male personality. Then I’m listening to another personality.


Alex Tsakiris: [00:01:27] Why is that so hard to accept for most people? Moreover, why is it completely misrepresented in the media?

Russ Dizdar: [00:01:38] I would say the first part of this is the issue of grid. When you talk about investigative journalists that I deal with, psychiatrists, police officers, feds, if it’s not in your grid, in other words, if you’re trying to deal with a MS-13, a gang, they’re real, they’re a real gang, they’re a drug gang. They’re in my city now, up here in Canton, Ohio. They have certain markings, certain hand signs, certain clothing. So there are certain characteristics about a real gang.  So when we deal with satanic crimes, very little teaching on that subject.


 Alex Tsakiris: [00:02:11] And I want to make sure we talk about MKUltra. You’ve thrown it out there. We’ve investigated it extensively on this show. It was in response to what they thought was a threat from Russia who was engaged in a lot of this activity. But there was also, as you point out, and I’m sure you will, there was a direct Nazi connection, where we had just picked up their research and said, “Gee, horrible thing that you’ve done, but let’s see if we can do it better.”

Russ Dizdar: [00:02:41] Alex, you’re a million percent right on that issue. When it comes to psywarriors, no question that the United States knew that they had to do something in the 50s to counteract what they learned about the Russians, what they were doing. What nobody was saying though… Step back, like you just did, step back another step. Where did the Russians get it? Where did the Americans get it? So, you do go back to the Nazis.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:03:06] I mean, you don’t have to go all the way there with the Nazis, but you can’t deny that they were interested in the occult. You can’t deny that those SS uniforms had the little skull and crossbones on them and that they were actively trying to seek all these occult objects in order to empower what they would do. Tell us what you saw and experienced when you were in the castle in Germany.

Russ Dizdar: [00:03:30] Well, that was the whole issue, where did it come from? We kept following the trail, following the evidence. So, I’ll say this real quick, modern day satanic ritual abuse is nothing less than the extension of the agenda of the master race that the Nazis started in 1939.

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Alex Tsakiris:

Today we welcome Kevin Annett back to Skeptiko. Kevin is a former United Churchskeptiko-Join-the-Discussion-3 of Canada clergyman, who became a whistleblower of crimes by his Church in which he later discovered were crimes of the Canadian government and later discovered were also connected to crimes of the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church and other various parties. Now, in the previous episode, if you haven’t heard it or if you haven’t heard of Kevin’s amazing story in general, we talked about the horrific nature and scale of these crimes. We’re not going to talk so much about that today, but his excellent movie,



 Alex Tsakiris: [00:04:00] Welcome to Skeptiko where we explore controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers, thinkers and their critics. I’m your host, Alex Tsakiris, and as you may know by now, if you’ve listened to this show very much lately, you know I’ve been kind of into the evil thing. And I’ve got to tell you, it’s not because I have any special interest or attraction to the topic, it’s just, it seems to me to be kind of one of the fundamental central questions we can ask about the nature of who we are, why we’re here, the whole consciousness question. Evil is something that is fundamental to that.

So again, as you know, I’ve spent quite a bit of time exposing the completely inept, materialistic, atheistic, scientific dogma that would have us completely sidestep any of these questions, claiming that evil doesn’t exist, good doesn’t exist, because consciousness doesn’t even exist.

You also know we’ve gone a few rounds with the love and light folks, who are equally convinced that evil is just something that’s understood as a bad idea and can be banished with a couple of good, positive affirmations?

On this show you’ve even heard from magic practitioners who reluctantly acknowledge the existence of evil but fall back into the idea that it doesn’t really matter as long as you marshal those spirits to join your side and ultimately do what thou wilt.

But, one angle we haven’t covered, and it’s one that we’re going to cover today, is talking to someone who claims to, kind of have insider knowledge about evil in a boots on the ground fighting evil kind of way. And that’s what we’re going to hear today, because today’s guest, Russ Dizdar is an ordained minister, former police chaplain, and a guy who’s taught college level courses on occult and satanic crimes.

Russell’s worked with a number of victims of satanic ritual abuse, he’s investigated satanic crimes, occult crimes, a lot of mind control stuff. It’s going to be very interesting and dovetail with the research, if you will, or interviews we’ve done on this show.

He’s the author of several books, including one that we’re going to talk about today, The Black Awakening and maybe some of his other books. You can hear him on his long running show, The Ragged Edge Radio.

Russ, welcome to Skeptiko, thanks for joining me.

Russ Dizdar: [00:06:53] Great to be with you Alex, I appreciate being here today. 

Alex Tsakiris: [00:06:58] I left some stuff out of that intro. We should best start by telling folks more about who you are and how you came to this work and then the research that you’ve done.

Russ Dizdar: [00:07:14] Sure. We go back 40 years then, that’s 40 years ago in the beginning of this. I was raised through the 60s, early 70s, lived a wild, crazy life, drugs, bar fights and all of those kinds of crazy things. Well, I tried to clean it all up. I got into Buddhism, I went to a temple for three years. I got to do a lot of other things, occultism myself.

Now in the context of that, I was never raised in church, but just just to say, what occurred to me in 1975, for the first time I heard the message of Jesus and I heard the message that he’s alive, he’s real, he’ll come my life, change my life.

Well, all I can tell you Alex, that night when I received Christ in my life and he came in, I’ve known him now, walked with God, you know, knowing God and walking with God. That’s where it all started, as far as this new life for me. You want to call it being born again, being awakened to who God is?  That’s the biblical picture of that salvation.

So in that, I really feel like I recognized what evil really was. There were some episodes of spiritual things, entities, visitations that I had prior to that salvation, where I almost lost my life.

So, when I became a believer in Jesus, a Christian, then I began to get into ministry. From that time in the late 70s, on, we’ve always engaged the underworld. I began to deal with young people in Satanism in the late 70s. Then in 1980, 1981, we got involved with satanic ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:09:02] Can I jump in there with a question?

Russ Dizdar: [00:09:04] Sure.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:09:04] Because one of the things that, straight up, we’re going to have to deal with is, like I said in the intro, establishing the idea that there is such a thing as evil. And in particular, when you talk about satanic ritual abuse, straight up, and you know this, most people, you go to Google and you Google satanic ritual abuse, and the first 10 pages, first 100 entries are about the hoax. So the satanic ritual abuse as this kind of meme, as this kind of joke.

Now, we’ve explored it on this show in some different ways, but I guess one of the things I was hoping you could do is, from your experience in law enforcement in particular, kind of nail down that this is real, this is out there. Even without, if you would, without the religious overlay. I mean, there are people out there who are doing this stuff.

Russ Dizdar: [00:10:07] Absolutely.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:10:08] And to a certain extent, law enforcement, from what I understand in talking to some of these people, they kind of feel constricted in reporting it and talking about it. So they go out to a scene and it’s a crime scene, and there’s all sorts of satanic stuff all over the place, symbols and other stuff, and they feel obligated to kind of, not report that.

Can you give us some kind of boots on the ground evidence that you’ve had, that this is something that’s real, beyond the Google search of satanic panic, which is what always comes up?

Russ Dizdar: [00:10:50] Sure, and that’s the vital part of all of it, and that was asked that on Coast to Coast years ago, when it came to satanic panic, and there was a big battle over that whole issue in the 1990s actually.

So, the big issue is, what do we do with all of the victims? In 40 years I have worked with hundreds of victims of satanic ritual abuse.

Now, when I first began to hear about it Alex, that’s when I said, “This is so bizarre.” We know about Satanism, like Anton LaVey and popular Satanism, rock and roll Satanism, we know all about that, but we didn’t understand this deeper level and real rituals.

So I formed a team back in the early 1980s, which is now called the SIIU, it’s an investigative team, a private investigative team. So we began to hunt it down, we began to go after it. When we had victims come in, we would listen to their stories, we would do what we do to help them and see them get safety. We’re talking safe-housing them, hiding them out. We can get into talking about programmed personalities, triggers, people coming, watchers. So, I’ve got over 38 years of engaging victims, extracting victims, hiding victims out, spending thousands and thousands of hours with victims.

So just on a secular look at this, the American Psychological Association, Colin Ross being one of the world renowned psychiatrists out of Canada, he’s now in the United States, he wrote a book, Project Bluebird: The Purposeful Creation of Multiple Personality Disorder. And there are a ton of books now, there’s a lot of content out there now.

Here’s what we’ve got to do, here’s the big question that I scream out at conferences, when I did teach a little bit in law enforcement, police academies, the big issue was, where did all the victims come from? You cannot have a person have split personality, everybody in psychology knows it comes from massive trauma and usually begins in childhood. So where did all of the numbers… like for example, 1992, Holly Hector from Centennial Hospital in Denver, in a book called Satan and Associates, they gave an estimation of 2.4 million victims in 1992. And these are people that have the trauma based, a splitting of personalities, and the evidence of programming and controlled abuses. She mentioned in her report in, I think 1992, that 87% of the victims they’re dealing with come from a satanic ritual abuse background.

Well then, jump forward 10 years or so to Colin Ross.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:13:33] Hold on, let’s stop right there, because I want you to kind of nail that down a little bit more. Where you’re going is super important and it’s backed up by some of the research we’ve done in this show, from a non-Christian perspective. I am not a Christian. Like I told you in the email, I accept the reality of extended consciousness and Christ consciousness, only because I’m forced to, because that’s where the data leads. If you follow near-death experience, people are encountering Jesus, they’re encountering Christ. You can’t dismiss that in the same way that you can’t dismiss the entire near-death experience.

I don’t want to get off on my thing, but I also want to say that this trauma-based realization of this extended realm and connection with this extended realm is again, something we’ve run across again and again and again in our investigations, again from a non-Christian perspective.

So there’s a lot of overlay there, but I’m hoping you can, maybe back up Russ. You’ve done this for so long, you’ve been this warrior on the frontline, helping people. So no matter what people think of the Christian overlay, I want to help people get more of a sense of what you’ve seen on a firsthand basis, like you said, maybe from more of a secular perspective, where you said, “Wow, this is just undeniable. No matter what I might think about this, this is really happening.”

Russ Dizdar: [00:15:10] Sure. That’s one of the questions we all have to answer, regardless of any background, and as much as we’ve dealt with psychiatrists and psychologists, with no Christian overlay, when I’m in law enforcement, they don’t want me to talk anything about religion, when I’m teaching in the Police Academy, when they allowed me to, “Don’t talk about that, just deal with evidence and facts and how to investigate this stuff.”

So the big issue is, again victims. Why are there so many victims? Where do they come from? Why were there thousands in the 80s, hundreds of thousands in the 90s? And I do agree with the assessment, I’m quoting secular content; Colin Ross, a secular counselor, a psychiatrist, he’s world renowned knowing about all of this, he’s written a lot about this, numerous books, he believes in an assessment of 10 million victims in the United States alone.

Now, I could talk about going to Scotland, Germany, France, Poland, Canada, why are they worldwide? How come they’re in all of these other continents also? Where did they come from?

The DSM-III, the Diagnostic Manual, The DSM-IV, the Diagnostic Manual for Psychology and Psychiatry, it wasn’t in there, the DSM I and II. The phenomenon began to pour in in the late 70s. Victims began to show up everywhere, and that’s what happened to us in the early 80s, victims. My first victim, I had to show up at a children’s psychiatric center, a 13 year old girl, she’s writing, she has all these drawings that she’s showing me. She’s there because they’re afraid she’s going to commit suicide because she keeps writing over and over and over, “The ritual of the flames. The ritual of the flames. The ritual of the flames.” When I finally got enough engagement with her to talk about it, she said it’s a ritual that she has to do on her 14th birthday to prove her love for her mother, her mother, a satanic priestess. I engaged her. I looked at all of the writings, the pyramid, the languages that we don’t even know of, ancient languages.

So I’m looking at things that I’ve never seen, this is like, 1981, 1982, 1983 in these early days. I’m looking at content and materials that I’ve not seen and then we all of a sudden had to scurry around and scour everywhere for information.

So victim,



. The ritual of the flames, the ritual of the flames. Originally the flames, when I finally got enough engagement with her to talk about it, she said it’s a ritual that she has to do on her 14th birthday to prove her love for her mother.

Her mother, a satanic priestess. I’ve engaged her. I looked at all the writings of the pyramid, the languages that we don’t even know of ancient languages. So I’m looking to things that I’ve never seen a, this is like 1981 82 83 in these, in these early days, I’m looking at content and materials that I’ve not seen, than we all of a sudden had to scurry around and scour everywhere for information.

So victim, this little girl, as I’m engaging here, began to have other personalities come up. Again, I’m a counselor, I’m trained, I’m in school, I’m trained to do things. I’m listening to this 13 year old and I’m listening to a male personality. Then I’m listening to another personality.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:18:07] Can I ask you, what brought you to the hospital? Paint that scene for a minute. Why were you called, who are you at that point and then pick it up from there?

Russ Dizdar: [00:18:17] Sure. I was in Worthington, Ohio at the Police Academy called OPOTA, a law enforcement agent named Thomas Wedge, who wrote a book called The Satan Hunter for law enforcement. He kind of snuck us in under the carpet to be in the Police Academy, to go through this training, Occult/Satanic Crimes. So I’m going through all of this, the very evening that I get home, I get a phone call from a frantic woman who said, “Somebody gave me your phone number. I have a stepdaughter that’s in the psych ward. She’s going to kill herself.” She goes into all of the stories about satanic stuff and rituals and blood rituals and animals being sacrificed, the two brothers were involved.

So she’s the one that begged me to go to the psyche ward there in Akron, the children’s psyche ward, so I did. I just went to the psyche ward, they had somehow gotten permission for me to come in and I sat down with a 13 year old, and that engagement back then has, to this very day, I still know that person and we work with that person.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:19:31] So when you say that you’ve worked with victims, I just want to make sure that people understand that anyone in that situation, particularly you, coming from a law enforcement, you know, that’s your training, that’s going to be your career, I mean, that’s just kind of real stuff that I want people to understand when you say victims.

What do you do with that evidence? And I guess that’s a follow on question, what additional cases did you have, now you’re coming to the point where you’re training other law enforcement, or you were in the past, training other law enforcement professionals how to deal with this? Number one, what do you tell them and then number two, I get the sense that they don’t really want you to do that training anymore. So how was that all evolved?

Russ Dizdar: [00:20:20] You’re right, Alex, you’re absolutely right on that, because I talk about it not being in the grid. Even when it comes to psychiatrists, psychologists, most of them for 30 some years, psychologists, psychiatrists had been taking in victims, that have, they now call it DID, dissociative identity disorder, they all have dealt with this. All across the United States, every psych ward, counselors, psychiatrists, they’ve all dealt with this for over 30 years. You can’t deny the numbers, you can’t deny the victims. The issue is, when they start telling you stories of being in boxes with spiders and blood and a baby and an altar and people in hoods and candles and strange languages, they’ll talk even about the dark side, demons and all of that.

So, the issue is, police officers, any academy, you can go through 25 criminology books, training books, forensic psychology books, textbooks, I collect them, there’s no grid. There’s no grid Alex, they don’t teach. All of the officers that I know, that when we’ve gotten into cases and we’ve taken content to those officers, to federal officers, it’s bizarre to them.

The issue is then, how do you investigate this? When you take a Jeffrey Dahmer and you do catch him, he did kill those people, but nobody brought up the fact that he was multiple personality. Nobody brought up the fact that he had an altar built out of human thigh bones in his apartment where he killed all of those people. Nobody brought up the fact that he did this, he had a power cone in the shape of a triangle of human skulls where you conjure…

Here’s what the trainer and the law enforcement told us, Tom Wedge, he told all the law enforcement people, “Don’t worry, whatever you believe, whatever your background, Christian, non-Christian, whatever it is, the point is, they believe it’s real, that’s what matters. They believe…”

Alex Tsakiris: [00:22:24] That’s a really important point. There are so many points to pull apart there. Also, just correct me if I’m wrong, but Dahmer directly said he was in contact with spiritual beings that were telling them to do this stuff, and I think he also said his father had similar contact.

Russ Dizdar: [00:22:38] And that’s the point, that’s what I’m saying. In the investigative side of this, there’s no, what I call a web. Today, if I meet a satanic ritual abused person, if they’re 21 years old, here’s what I know already. They are third generation. It means that they have family background where there are other multiples. They have a grandmother that’s probably been multiple also, involved in all of this, because it’s generational. I’m talking 35 years of this. When we meet victims, I don’t care if it’s an 8 year old in a psych ward now, in a children’s psych ward, or if I meet a 68 year old, which is first generation, many of them are the MKUltra, the Monarch. Those are the ones that we have heard about the most on the web and in books and things. I could talk about the Fort Bragg psywarrior.


Alex Tsakiris: [00:23:29] We’re going to talk about that in a minute. I’m going going to bring it back though to something else that you just said and I, I’m not just interrupting you for the sake of interrupting you that some people accused, it’s, you said something interesting that I want to make sure people get from your experience with law enforcement.

What I heard you say is that. There’s physical evidence that they have to deal with. Walk into a crime scene. There’s an inverted Pentagon, there’s blood ritual, circle, all this stuff. You can’t get past that. So one of the things you do with this is what you’re telling me is you say, well, it doesn’t matter.

If there’s a reality to it, these people think there’s a reality to it, and I have to deal with that. But then what you said, and I’ve heard this before too, and people listen to this show, is that if we get past that kind of narrowly minded, atheistic kind of, there’s no reality D any of this stuff, and we start listening to these people, they say, Oh no, it’s real in that I have this.

Contact with this extended realm that’s telling me to do this. And then there’s even evidence of them making contact with that. So w what? What is this whole thing, why do we get such misinformation and disinformation about this if this is a, if not common, at least understood to be part of law enforcement? And we’ve interviewed some folks on this show. Then why is that so hard to accept for most people? What are in moreover, why is it completely misrepresented in the media?

Russ Dizdar: [00:25:12] I would say the first part of this is the issue of grid in, in the, when you talk about investigative journalists that I deal with, psychiatrists, police officers, feds, if it’s not in your grid.

In other words, if you’re trying to deal with a gang, there are real, they’re a real gang. They’re a drug gang. they’re in my city now up here in Canton, Ohio. they have certain markings, certain hand signs, certain clothing. So there’s certain characteristics about a real gang. And, and law enforcement has to alert they, that’s why they have a gang unit.

They had a drug unit. They got his sex crimes unit. the pedophile stuff’s off the wall too. So when we deal with satanic crimes. Very little teaching on that subject. If they go to a location where there’s a ring and candles and an inverted pentagram and ancient writing that they don’t even know what it is, Sheehan would be in, uh Oh, Guam belt, a Shari.

These ancient ritual languages, it’s summon. So again, forget about the spiritual side for a moment. Let’s just deal with trace evidence. Let’s just deal with a forensic, you know that, that, that, that kind of evidence. So you’ve got a Dahmer, you got dead bodies, you’ve got meat, human meat in the freezer, you’ve got, but what they didn’t tell you in all of the.

All of the documentaries. Even the newest one that I, I, cause I’ve watched them all. What I learned when I was at dev tech, a SWAT team training in Geneva, Ohio. When Tom wedge, the law enforcement agent brought in the actual large books from Matamoros and also from, from Jeffrey Dahmer’s inside the house, the crime scene pictures.

They didn’t talk. They didn’t know what to do with an alter w they didn’t know what that was like a little table built out of human thigh bones. They didn’t know what that triangle was with the skulls. What is that? So here’s what I tell them. When I met with, and even even in the last year, meeting with detectives in Pennsylvania, fed individuals, state troopers, here’s what I tell them.

It. What they believe goes to the motivation of the crime. Forget whether you believe there’s a Satan or not. They believe it. That’s their motivation to slaughter and kill. we have cases of two girls. I have a fed, a billboard picture on our website. We put up a lot of Sarah and Kathy. That’s our case.

it is been taken over eventually by the feds. They’ve never solved the case, even though we turned over state’s evidence. The fed. The F, the, the primary fed. Now over that case, out of Pennsylvania, out of Pittsburgh. His whole issue was, but Russ, that’s bizarre. one of the other cases in, in Alan’s town, a little boy went missing the whole story of a victim.

We took there after 10 years of cooperating the stories and all that, they could not, they could not win when they sat for four hours to interrogate the victim that watched a little boy be sexually abused, richly co, you know, killed. cannibalized. The boys never been found to this day. I think some 1516 years later, his name’s Louis, the detective after all of this said, he could not deny what she has to say.

Here’s what he said, Alex, the detective on the case. It’s just too bizarre. So this is why I’m saying that the the grid, when, when you’re going to investigate a crime, what’s the motivation? What about Berkowitz, the process church? What about John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy, both of them being multiple… Where did they get those other personalities?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:28:48] Oh, hold on. Let me just make sure everyone understands what you’re saying. And when you say the grid, because what I hear you saying is that. People get locked into a certain belief system that literally makes it impossible for them to, in this case, do their job or take in

Russ Dizdar: [00:29:06] information.


Alex Tsakiris: [00:29:08] Just in an objective way. That’s, that’s what you mean, right?

Russ Dizdar: [00:29:11] Yeah. Yeah. Cause if an atheist, like when I was in Scotland, not too long. This list is like this last year, in original abuse conference there, you do have strong atheist nowadays. Not a lot of them, but —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–like, they just discard all of this.

None of this is true. So when we say to them. What do you do with the victims? What about the ritual sites? What about the symbolism? Again, in law enforcement, if they don’t know what an inverted pentagram is, or a pinnacle, a pinnacle is witchcraft and pagan, an inverted pentagram. That’s satanic. Certain writings.

You if you know the language, if you know the content of the Alma Elantra, working of Aleister Crowley, if you, if you know how to read that, like I don’t speak, I’d love, I don’t speak German, I don’t speak. I know a couple words. I don’t speak Russian. I know a word or so. So if someone gives me a whole sentence in Russian, I’m lost.

I don’t know what they said. I don’t know how to engage that. So when law enforcement shows up with a kid or or death or dead body that has a tongue cut out or left hand cut off, or a C tannic justice symbol carved into their chest in the context of a ritual site that has candles, blood symbols, and they can’t read any of that.

They don’t know the language, they don’t know what it’s for. Until they begin to learn. Well, a state tannic justice symbol imprinted, that involves the fact that the coven, has, has taken this person because they told the secrets and see tanning justice is, they’ve killed them. And part of the issue of cutting off the tongue is because they spoke, and they shouldn’t have.

There are rituals that involve, you got to understand the language of rituals. Why are certain rituals done? What, what are the, what are they, what are they about? What do they mean? So. The two girls that I talk about that we have on our site a lot, we put up, both of them. For example, I share, I share with the federal officer, and here’s what, again, just looking at facts.

Sarah Bain was abducted out of Rochester, Pennsylvania. She ended up here in Ohio in a backfield that was known for CTN Decker rituals. Kathy Menendez, a month later, Sarah was killed. Slaughtered and killed on demon rebels, early July, on the calendar in August is satanic rebels, Kathy Menendez. So there, so when you look at the satanic calendar and the kind of ritual that is demanded, blood sacrifice, usually a girl between seven 17, when you begin to look and when you have that in the mode of operation.

And, and how they operate, what they use. No different than a burglar or a cat burglar or a, a drug Lord and you, and you see the tools they use. You see the methods they use. Well, we have to learn. And, and have in the grid of our understanding, the ritual dates, the reason for rituals, the types of rituals, and, the things that are done to individuals.

that will tell you was this, this a tannic ritual. Was this a darker or cult ritual in the Crow? Linnaean sense? Was this simply a meeting of, of WCA and didn’t involve blood of human, but it was a ritual site, and yet there’s no blood. So you’ve got to know the difference between pagan Wiccan and, and, and just simply know their language.


Alex Tsakiris: [00:32:46] okay. So I get that from a well said. And, and you’re saying from a law enforcement standpoint, there’s two problems. One, there’s the grid problem, the belief system, worldview that doesn’t let this or doesn’t want to allow this end cause almost, right. The stories you tell almost suggest like, I don’t want to go there.

You know, it’s not that just I, I just, it’s too uncomfortable and we don’t expect to hear that from law enforcement, but I’m sure it’s there.

What game is the media playing in this? Cause I kind of understand where you’re going in the law enforcement grid slash, worldview, but is there something more that’s going on with mainstream media, Hollywood media in terms of how they’re portraying this.


Russ Dizdar: [00:33:28] And Alex, because of the, everybody has a bias. I can just say my biases. I believe in God. I believe in Jesus, a Bible, you know, that kind of stuff. Everybody has a certain bias. And so when it comes to journalists and no local news media and, and there’s, there’s clearly. Again, their grid, their bias, they have no language for some of this stuff.


But now we can get conspiratorial in the sense that. Is there a certain level, law enforcement, media, psychiatry, and so forth that that purposely wants to downplay this.

I can tell you about being in a police Academy where the trainer said to all the cadets, all the officers, all of the detectives in the whole Academy, don’t tell the public.

If you find pentagrams pentagrams carved to do a chest. If you, if you find this content, don’t tell the public it’ll come. You heard them before. While I was the, I mean, we’ve seen that over and over again. We take the opposite view. That’s why I’m not, that’s why I’m not in law enforcement directly.

Although we have, we have former law enforcement that work with us. We have particular people that we work with in law enforcement, when it comes to crimes and death, and even the issue of just sexual abuse. if we touch on the Catholic thing, most of the thousands and thousands of views folks out of the Catholic system, the courts just wanted to hear about the abuse.

What we’re not hearing is that many of those cases were satanic ritual abuse, the black rooms, all across multi continental. and we, we, we’ve engaged over the years. But when it comes to law enforcement, when it comes to the courts, when it comes to suing an institution, here’s what they tell you.

Leave out all this religious stuff. Let’s just deal with. The physical harm, the sexual harm, let’s just deal with those factors as far as litigation. That’s just something that happens constantly. And, you go

Alex Tsakiris: [00:35:28] conspiratorial illusion because I don’t know how, you can’t, to be honest, you know, like I’ve told people when I started this show, I didn’t have a conspiratorial angle at all.

I was just following the data. I was following the data on. The science meme that we’re biological robots in a meaningless universe. I was like, that’s bullshit. Of course, we’re more than that. I don’t know what we are. You know? I know my Christian upbringing told me one thing, but I’m open to whatever it was, but why is there this meme in science, this atheistic name, and why has it survived so long when all the evidence points in the other direction?

That led me to believing that there’s. There’s a conspiratorial angle to that. There’s a reason why that mean why that grid, if you will, that worldview gets perpetuated and I got to tell you, I just see the same thing

here all over the place.

I mean, the way this is reported is just absurd. It’s just so distorted from the reality that if anyone does five minutes of research, they go, wait, that’s not true.

Sure there are there and let’s get this out there. There are cases of satanic panic. There are satanic hoaxes. There are the, the woman in England who, is in a custody battle with her husband, even though she’s had her kids taken away from her a couple times, cause she’s not a good mom. She raises the, you know, satanic panic flag and, and it has a certain effect.

Those things happen. That’s a reality. But it’s so the way that reality gets portrayed in the media versus this other reality that you’re talking about, which far outweighs it in terms of number, in terms of importance, in terms of everything else. How do you not see that as some kind of controlled release of this information?

Russ Dizdar: [00:37:21] Well, I mean, and again, I think in a law enforcement unit, psycho, just in a, in a societal way, look at the drug Lords. Do they not operate secretively? Do they not operate in, in threat of punishment? If the, any of their people would test, what about the mafia? Do they not operate in a secretive way?

Organized crime? Does a drug Lords do, human trafficking of, of millions of kids and boys and girls. They operate in deep secrecy and a fear factor. If you get out and telling, you know, what does it, snitches get stitches. So there is, there is this whole issue of, the fear factor. So what I keep telling her buddy, then just keep dealing with the individual victims because you cannot have split personality without massive trauma.

Usually sexual, mental, emotional over and over again. Everybody knows it. In psychiatry, you can’t be did without that. Then the other question is, why are there, why are there so many of them? Why have they all of a sudden showed up everywhere? Every, so we deal with that part of it. If you’re going to engage a child, is there sex?

There are certain indicators. Look at the private parts of a child or a young person, or in a rape case with law enforcement. Is there evidence of the rape? Is there evidence of sexual abuse? Are there marks? Are there tears? Are there, you know, so all of the forensic evidence is in a rape case, in a sexual abuse case that has to come into play.

So if someone comes forward and says, I’ve been raped, I’ve been, this happened in these people and my uncle did this, and the teacher of the school did this. And they’d been rabid, raped four times and occurred last night and occurred last week. Well, they go in to get a physical checkup. I, by competent doctors and multiple doctors, and they’re all saying, this person hasn’t been touched, or this girl is still a Virgin and she hasn’t been touched.

There’s no physical marketing’s, there’s no cha, you know, vaginal tears, you know, none of the characteristics. Of real physical stuff occurred. So that’s, that then begins to tell you, you know, the, you know, follow the evidence, as we say in law enforcement, follow the evidence. The problem is sometimes they don’t follow it all the way though.


Alex Tsakiris: [00:39:30] make sure I understand what you’re saying because I don’t want people to get the wrong impression. You’re saying cases that are misreported or intentionally. Fabricated can pretty easily. In a lot of cases, when people are talking about physical abuse, law enforcement has a lot of experiences that they can get to the bottom of it.

What I hear you saying over and over again is


do you do with the fact that they get to all that and they go, yes, this really did happen, and then they’re forced to deal with. The eyewitness testimony of the experience or the victim who says, and this is how it happened. I was brought into a circle.

These people had hoods. They were doing these crazy ceremonies and all the rest of that, and you’re saying what they do is they have to accept the physical evidence of, in this case, maybe sexual abuse. They seem to not be able to deal with everything else, which is kind of a strange way of. Handling the data,

Russ Dizdar: [00:40:29] right?

Because you know, for let’s just say, let’s take like a forensic attitude towards multiple personality disorder individuals. What everybody pretty much knows is that means there’s been mental, emotional, and most likely physical and sexual abuses that caused such trauma. That it tore the personalities. So there’s no debate on that subject.

It’s in the DSM threes and fours. That’s all secular content. that’s, that’s world, you know, that’s worldwide on that issue, on, on the, that now if you have a person coming forward that they were raped by a coven. I can, let me just give you one story right by coven. This thing occurred. so when we hear these stories, this is what we started doing Alex, way back in the 80s.

We decided we were going to go after. Is there really a location? They gave us a location. Is there really a barn there? Is there a, is there a basement? Is there a secret door? Is there a, is it in a wooded area, in a cemetery area? Is there a lid we can lift off and look in there and see what they’ve told us?

So when we hear the content, or over the years, hundreds of times, we’ve taken victims with us. As you go, you show us, you take us to the spot, you show us where it occurred. So if we, in some cases. A blatant evidence, very, very clear in, in other cases, it’s not here any longer. Oh, they must’ve moved it.

there’s no, the, the, the pentagram on the floor is gone. so that’s when you have to, as an investigator. Look at the facts and begin to see, is this a domestic thing where somebody is just trying to get custody and it’s, it’s, you know, and that’s, that’s, that’s bad enough. Where, where maybe one of those, a spouse is trying to tell, get the child to say, all the sexual abuse occurred, or satanic abuse occurred only to get custody and only to have the other spouse put away.

It’s pretty, it’s, it’s also a crime to accuse somebody of things they’ve never been. They’ve never done. I think it’s also abuse when you accuse somebody of being a Satanist, a pedophile or whatever, and there’s no possibility that they are, so again, following evidence is very, very key.

But if that evidence includes. Weird, ancient languages. You maybe you did find this site, maybe you did. Like we did find a basement that had one all over it that had symbols on the wall. what did the symbols mean? What did the language mean? Why are words written backwards? So all of that has meaning to the people that.

Sacrificed an animal or sacrificed a human being or did a sex ritual with tie downs. Of course, if you find pictures or if you find flash drives, that’s then you’re talking more smoking gun stuff and, and, um. That’s part of the whole of investigating. So I don’t have any problem with an atheist saying, well, I don’t believe any of this.

I don’t think any, it’s all like when kid is landing the federal officer back in the 90s and went out and say, ah, I, I’ve searched this out and I studied all the, investigate. There’s no, there’s no, there’s no nationwide satanic ring. No kid is landing. The federal officer. Made most of those investigations by phone calls from his office.

Kid is landing the FBI federal officer, and this is where I’ll get myself in trouble with this. Ended up in the psych ward himself. I’m not going to listen to Ken Atlantic. I’m going to listen to the hundreds of victims that I’ve personally dealt with to the thousands that are across the board, and here’s what we have to answer.

Who did this to them? What tools did they use, because you could be brutally sexually abused as a three year old and also split in your personality? And it didn’t involve Satanism. Most of the SRA or the, or the did issues do involve Satanism a very sophisticated kind. So if you think in terms of a virtual abuse, think in terms of mafia, think in terms of drug.

Lord. terror if you tell, is such secrecies. If we can understand that there’s drug Lords and drug cartels that are global, billion dollar industries that nobody can bring down and they’re sophisticated. They even use drones now. Then we know that, you know, and most of the drug pimps, most of the drug Lords are not caught.

Most of the mafia people, most of the mafia crimes, they’re not caught. when it comes, when you stink, it’s

Alex Tsakiris: [00:45:06] not, it’s not too hard to extend that and say, if we know there is this issue of satanic practices tied to crime. Why would we not at the very least expect the same kind of activity being performed?

And I’m with you 100% and I love that you’re trying to apply kind of a secular filter to it, which I appreciate cause that’s not your orientation. And you have a particular view on that which we will hear, and we need to hear. But let me switch gears because you brought this up a couple of times.

And I want to make sure we talk about the MKUltra. You’ve thrown it out there. We’ve investigated it extensively on the show. We’ve also investigated just the psi phenomena in psi researchers but tell me what you think. Yeah, MKUltra is all about and what these people were doing because there is, I want to inject a little bit of my overlay, my grid, if you will, is that initially when a lot of this stuff started.

It was in response to what they thought was a threat from the enemy, if you will, the enemy being Russia who was engaged in a lot of this activity. But there was also, as you point out, and I’m sure you will, there was a direct Nazi connection, or we had just picked up their research and said, gee, horrible thing that you’ve done, but let’s see if we can do it better kind of thing.

Russ Dizdar: [00:46:41] Alex, you’re 1000000% right on that issue. Cause w that’s part of the issue of 30 some years of researching it and wanting to have the facts and wanting to have those things, because if they’re really there that we need to deal with it. If it’s really that content, we need to understand, understand it, what it is.

So you’re absolutely right when it comes to sigh warriors. No question about the United States, knew that they had to do something in the fifties to counteract the, what they learned about the Russians, what they were doing, what nobody was saying though. That step back, like you just did step back another step.

Where did the Russians get it? Where did the Americans get it? Then when you do a little further research, where did the Brits get it? Where did the Canadians get it? Where did the Australians get it? they all went into some of these projects. so. You do go back to the Nazis, and I know that some will say it’s just pure conspiracy, but you can read it.

I could read 200 books on the Nazi regime and all that. They did everything. Everybody knows. They taught about a master race. They believed in a master race. Whether we want to believe in the spiritual side of that, forget that part of it again. Did. They really did Himmler really believe that they could back breed to become the great super soldiers or the God-man, small G.

did he really believe that? Absolutely. He was a breeder. He, he, he, he believed that. So he believed the spiritual doctrine. I believe Hitler did that too. And, and many of the top SS, they believed in this so much. So, they created Lebensborn the secret birthing centers all over Germany in the 1938, 1939, 1940 where they took Germans that they thought they could prove, had the occult version of the area and won the God-man.

If they could just make them mate and breed the next generation, the new layman’s born babies, the, the new, master race babies they would have, they would become more powerful. We’ll use them as soldiers, and they would continue that process. So there’s no question about, they believed in a master race that they actually applied that to genetic birthing centers.

they, believed in it so much so that Himmler said, you, anybody can find, now you could find this quote in the web era said if we could create, but 200 million of these super soldiers or these Godman, these Nordic. hyper humans or hybrid humans as he called them. If we could do, if we can build a 200 million, not only could we conquer the earth, you know, conquer the world, but we could maintain it.

Rule it for a thousand years now. That’s what he believed. Bizarre. Yes. Stupid. Yes, of course. I’ve been to Auschwitz. I’ve stood in the gas chambers. I, we’ve, we’ve tracked this to Himmler’s castle. I’ve been in the hall of the dead.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:49:34] Tell us about that story that your trip to the hall of the dead and again, the physical evidence that you found.

You know, the symbolism. What we know now happened in a lot of people are interested in the Nazi occult link and people have a lot of different spins on it, but it’s undeniable. It’s undeniable that they were heavily, heavily influenced by that. And then we pick that up as you’re going to talk about in a minute with MK ultra and say, well, gee, golly gee, just to defend our country, if the spirits can be on our side.

The demons can be on our side, we’d better get them on our side, which is kind of a bizarre for most of us, is kind of a completely bizarre idea. In the same way we’ll maybe we’ll talk later about Aleister Crowley in the desert. You know, trying to bring about the antichrist with L. Ron Hubbard is the guy.

He’s right there

Russ Dizdar: [00:50:31] yet participating

Alex Tsakiris: [00:50:32] in that and creates Scientology. And there’s also links to. Mormonism, that maybe we won’t, we will or will not get into. But all that stuff is like document. I just interviewed, let me go on for just a second. I just interviewed Dr Hugh Urban from Ohio state university, comparative religion professor, written the book on Scientology and written a book on cults in general, but he documents very carefully that exactly this happened, this ritualistic ceremony in the desert of the United States to bring about the antichrist.

These guys were serious about that, and yet we treat it in an academia, even Dr Urban, just kind of blows by that and goes, okay, and here’s the next thing to deal with as if we can completely divorce ourselves from the potential spiritual reality. Whatever you believe, whether you have a Christian overlay on that or whether you think that you have to look beyond the Christian


And I guess I tie that back to your, yup. Thing about Germany and the Nazis. Cause it’s the same thing folks. I mean, you don’t have to go all the way there with the Nazis, but you can’t deny that they were interested in the occult. You can’t deny that those SS uniforms had the little skull and crossbones on them and they w and that they were actively trying to seek all these occult objects in order to empower what they would do.

I mean, the Raiders of the lost Ark, they didn’t. It. Lucas just didn’t make that up out of thin air. But there was a reality at all that. So with that and be going on, tell us what you saw and experienced when you were in the castle in Germany.

Russ Dizdar: [00:52:11] Well, that’s, that was the whole issue. Where did it come from that we just, we kept following the trail, follow the evidence.

So I’ll say this real quick, modern day. If you want to call it MK, Ultram, it’s kind of old. That modern Dame called MK ultra here. Modern day Suggestic virtual abuse is nothing less. Then the extension of the agenda of the master race to the Nazi started in 1939 there’s a reason they believed it. There’s a reason why, like thinking terms, Alex, of the final solution, when the Nazis met in a secretive meeting to discuss the camp stay would build.

The ovens that would be built to be large enough, the way in which they would, gather up the Jews and others and gypsies and so forth, and how they can bring them down to the camps. they sat there in a sophisticated way. That involved engineering that involved, moving the, involves so many things in plotting and planning.

They’re the final solution in eradicating Jews, gypsies, whoever else was in their way. So that all occurred, the camps, you know, there’s 900 of them or so. Actually more than just a few. So the same thing’s true concerning, you know, when I wanted to know where, where are thousands or even millions of CJ, Nick originally abused multiple personality, all this, where’s it coming from?

So we kept tracking and tracking, and we’ve had over the three decades that led us to Germany when we met Fort Bragg Sai warriors when I met a federal officer’s wife first. Here’s a, here’s a point that’s important. In the first generation of multiple personality disorder that started in the late 70s, early 80s, when 30 year olds and others were starting to come in.

The psychiatric community psychology community. They didn’t know what to do, and they began to hit every psych ward. All the counselors were getting them. So they came up with the DSM three and they said, here’s the diagnostic tests and the evidences for multiple personality disorder. That phrase, um. So that the psych war world began to deal with that.

They had to deal with that, but they didn’t go tracking it. They dealt with that in an academic way. They dealt with that in the office way. Our way of dealing with it was, we’re going to go take this to the ends of the earth and we’re going to search and we’re going to go wherever we need to go, which led us to Germany, so I’m going to tell you this modern day and Kay ultra, the military side is a sanitized version of the development of the master race and altered enhanced humans. That’s what Cy warriors is all about. Or the Russian, whether United States, whether remote viewers that at Fort Meade in Stargate, the, the Fort Bragg goat lab where they were using Cy powers to explode the, the heart of a goat.

Those that were in the program that we dealt with personally, they were there. They knew that. Alex say the folks that knew Sidney Gotlib directly, the folks that know John Alexander, the folks that know stubble bine all these folks that we dealt with on that level. there’s no question about the research level, the reality level, the books that are involved, but the people that are involved, also, David Morehouse, a psychic warrior, one of the remote viewers out of Stargate.

So when you, when you deal with all of them. All of that content. You track it backwards. It all goes back to the Nazis and all goes back to their belief system. Spiritual. It all ended up like the like, like Nazi ideology was actually spiritual revelation. Whether we want to, we don’t, we don’t, you don’t have to say, people say, you can say, I don’t believe in that.

Well, they did. They believed that they were engaging non-human entities in the hall of the dead and the healer castle in which Himmler was going to turn the, the Himmler castle was going to be turned into a, a, the, the, the place in which they would rule the world from. So down in the hole of the dead is where rituals were done.

Down in the hall of the dead is where the 13 skulls were put in. The indentions down in the hall of the dead is where Himmler and Hitler, villi Galt, the ancient sorcerer that was taken out of the psych ward in Germany, and Hitler had him as the primary sorcerer. They’re doing rituals in that, in that, in that hall of the dead that I stowed, yet very charged, spiritually charged place.

So from that place, and. After the war and all the Nazi doctors and all the scientists were taken. Here’s what anybody can do. Track the Nazi rat lines in the early 50s to mid-50s wherever the rat lines went in all the world, South America, South Africa, Johannesburg, Victoria, into Chile, to Argentina, wherever the rat lines went, guess what happens?

You can now track. The emergence 25 years later, the emergence of the victims of, of multiple personality, mind control iNACOL. They begin to show up in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America, all over Europe, in Britain, whoever, whoever, wherever the rat lines went in the, in the Catholic church system nationwide, wherever the Nazi became fake priests, wherever they went.

And we’re not captured. We’re not dealt with, didn’t go to Nurnberg. They continued the project. 

Alex Tsakiris: [00:57:41] the project both has, a spiritual component that you could speak to, but it also has what you’re referring to. And I can confirm from everything I’ve phoned as a technological, if you will.

Component to it. Sure. So that’s when you say, sanitized, you could also use the word, you know, perfected. So when they brought it into the lab, Stargate and Stanford research Institute and how put off and Russell Targ, I’m not saying that those guys in their Sydney got laid, you know, a respected doctor, but many people outwardly say that he’s the Joseph Mengele of the United States.

So there is an undeniable reality to what you’re talking about. How do you parse that though? How do you parse the Technology component, the good soldier component of I’m asked to do a job, I’m John Alexander, I’m told to do this stuff. I’m Joe McMonagle. I’m told to do this stuff, and I do it because that’s my assignment and I can see some immediate.

Intelligence payoff for this. I mean, if I can remote view enemies, vocation around the world, that doesn’t seem to me to be Nazi evil. How do you parse the, as you said it, you know, the, the sanitized version of it that seems to have a genuine intelligence component with what you’re talking about, which is really kind of challenging, but I think people have to deal with it, is the super spiritual aspect of this.

Russ Dizdar: [00:59:28] Sure. Well, I think at this point now, the physical side, the reality of MKUltra Monarch, you know, mind control program shooters. There. I think that there’s so many victims, so many have been investigating now for decades. I mean, I’ve been involved 38 years in direct investigation of it and the direct working with victims and all over the place, including military ones, including MKUltra, including these individuals and that that incurs to this very day.

We got cases all around us. We have threats all around us. I was at the mind control conference in Richmond, Virginia when Alan Ceftin cordon Hammond talk about the green bomb, the famous green Greenbaum speech. I was there at that conference. They, they believe they were not Christians. They believe that there was a nationwide conspiracy.

they acknowledge the CIA’s involvement. They acknowledged the CA CIA presence in that meeting. Um. Core Dan Hammond was getting out of it because of the threats that he got. But let me do this, Alex, let me hold up something to this book here on. If you’ve ever seen this book. I quoted this in my book, the black awakening 10 years ago.

I keep mentioning it left and right. You can get it on Amazon probably for about a hundred bucks, 150 bucks now. I’m, I’m amazed that there’s hardly anybody in all the books I buy. Every book I can find that’s out on MK ultra, every single book on the subject, FAU. I mean, I, that’s, that’s what we do. That’s what our teams do.

This book right here is written by G H Estabrooks. World renowned, renowned psychologists, psychiatrists in the 1950s world renowned head of the global, kind of like the, world, American psychological associates, the psychological associated to the world. He’s considered one of the greatest psychologists, psychiatrists worldwide.

U S military hires him. They be, he begins to work with them. This book is put out. Here in a chapter called weaponizing. Here’s what he says in 1947 this is put out in 1947 here’s what he says, just like you’re saying, we in the arms race in the battle, if developing weapons and so forth, we know that we have to do anything and everything to be ahead of everybody else.

he says here in, in that chapter on weaponization, we learned how to take soldiers, create, here’s his term, his terminology, create multiple personalities, create an alter personality. We learned how to program those sub-personalities to be. Active assassin shooters, disinformation agents, spies, infiltrators.

We’ve learned how to program them, give them a trigger and put them down inside the soldier without the soldier knowing what’s really there. You know what else? You know what he says in this book in 1947 he says, I think he spilled the beans and they’ve tried to cover it up since. Here’s the guy that did all this stuff.

Here’s the guy that did the stuff with Sidney Gotlib with all those people back in that day. He said, what we need to do after. He explains in detail the effectiveness of creating ultra-personalities, creating the spies, the program shooters, the assassins and so forth and how that works and how successful they were.

He also details this. GHS. Brooke says, I didn’t say this. He did. He says, we need to create these super soldiers and placed them in every department of us military so that down the road we can have a hidden fifth column of the super soldiers to call up if we need to. That’s in this book under weaponization, he would have known all, he would have been at the very forefront of MK ultra.

This book was put out in 1947 so this, this psychiatry knew this stuff. Psychologists knew this stuff. You know where he got it from? From the Nazis. 


Alex Tsakiris: [01:03:32] You know Russ, this is powerful stuff that you’re bringing forward, and I love when you reference the direct connection there, and I think it helps people because, you know, Nazi is a such a hard word. A lot of people just go, “Oh, okay, Nazi, I’m out of here.” But in this case, as you’re documenting, you can’t folks, you just have to go and follow the data and say, “Why did this happen?” People know Project Paperclip, why did that happen, what was the source of that?

For folks who don’t like that angle and are more into the modern thing, go and watch the video from Derren Brown. Famous UK mentalist, the atheist just sounds kind of silly to me at this point. But he’s an outspoken atheist, he’s a mentalist, but he shows you how to mind control someone to set them up to do Sirhan Sirhan Manchurian Candidate thing, he does the whole thing. The guy goes into a theater and he pulls a gun, he doesn’t know that the gun only has blanks in it. But there it is, there’s the demonstration, and again, secular, this guy doesn’t know anything about it.

And if you go to those Sirhan Sirhan cases, I guess I’m old enough that I kind of remember it, but a lot of people have forgotten it, this is the murder of Robert F Kennedy and in LA, when he’s about to take the nomination and there are eight bullets they pulled out of a wall and there are only six bullets in Sirhan Sirhan’s gun and they when they get Sirhan Sirhan, he’s just as you’re talking about, as I’ve heard you talk about, maybe you can bring us up to date on these modern day shooters, but it’s the same thing. You look into his eyes and you go, “Something’s not right here,” and the guy goes, “I don’t know where I was, I don’t know what happened.” There’s this complete memory erasure thing.

And when you look at the documents that were forced out by the Canadian government on MKUltra, they go, “Yeah, that’s what they’re trying to do, basically erase people’s brain,” and then it’s impossible to deny that they were doing the rest of this stuff.

So, oh man, I can only imagine your frustration at two levels. Again, we’ve kept the spiritual side of this out of this discussion and I think that maybe helps bring people along, but maybe you want to speak to either one of those points that I raise, in terms of how this is, kind of controlled, this information, in terms of what we know and why it turns people off. What is your understanding of the spiritual component of it and how do you make that fit into the larger problems that people have with religion, particularly with Christianity? Christianity, a lot of people would say would be the last ones we’d want to turn to, particularly the Catholic Church, which is the original, it is Christianity, and now it’s understood to be systematically, institutionally, completely corrupted. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t good people in there, but as an institution, boy oh boy, I don’t know.


Russ Dizdar: [01:06:49] Yeah, because like I say, you keep backing up and all of the things you’re bringing into it is important because the facts need to be there.

Let me throw one thing out. This is what stuns law enforcement, even psychologists, here’s what even the psyches know. Then you have a first generation MKUltra or a person that says they have multiple personalities and they’ve been diagnosed, and they are, and they have personalities, here’s the question I came up with. Why do all of them that we’ve dealt with, all of the first generation ones, who are now between 55 and 72, the development of splitting them began in the early 50s, so they were born in the 50s and up, from that point on. So all of those victims, by the hundreds and thousands of them, where did they come from? Who did this to them? Why do all of them, Alex, have a personality that comes up that speaks fluent German, every single one of them? Every single one of the first generation all have personalities that speak fluent German. Many of the second generation, even down to the third generation, 21 year olds, they also can do this.

It’s one thing to web and investigate the outside of everything and then to track, where did it come from, who did this? The grandfathers did this, these mothers did this. For example, numerous cases we have right now, if I have an SRA 21 year old, 25 years old, here’s what I already know. Probably the mother is multiple and the grandmother’s multiple and the grandmother and the grandfather cam from Germany. We already know this is a generational thing and backs up to the Germans. This is repeated over and over and over and over and over in cases.

So you can get at the forensic investigative side of this, you can get at where it’s coming from, who did this, what the agenda is. Then we can ask, why did you guys in the military take this in?  you, why did you guys say, some military takes us? My belief, they’ve been given a Trojan horse. They were given a gift. They thought the Nazi technology, they thought the Nazi enhancement, they thought the Nazi concept of super soldier, psywarriors would be an enhancement. They didn’t know it came with a lot of other stuff.

So in my view, in my personal belief about this, I believe our US military was infiltrated purposely along the way, from the end of the 40s early 50s and this is where modern day remote viewing even came from. And we can get into that issue too because all of the SRA multiple personality victims that we’ve dealt with have trained remote viewer personalities, all of them. Where did that come from?

And even though, many of the early remote viewers… and this is important because we’ve dealt with a lot. David Morehouse is a direct individual we dealt with, we’ve listen to for years and year. Ed Dames, McMoneagle, Monroe, Smith, Lyn Buchanan, you can go back to all of them. And although they say, in a sense, hardwired wise, there is a reality that we can do some of this stuff, but Ed Dames has come out to acknowledge what we’ve been screaming about for years and years and years. Ed Dames came out with it, PSI Tech came out with it, they are now all acknowledging that the presence, the way they’re able to remote view, is they go passive. They connect to the Akashic records, they connect to the Hall of Records, they connect to an outside source. We’ve said that all along, we said it with Edgar Mitchell when we were in Roswell, when he was promoting a [unclear 01:10:45], The New Development of Humanity.

There’s more to remote viewing, and it is an advantage if you could remote view where the sniper is, like Lieutenant Colonel Channon in the First Earth Battalion Manual, that the Fort Bragg psywarrior brought to me, it’s now on the web, you can get that free on the web now. So this manual was to teach US soldiers how to be clairvoyant, how to engage with telekinesis, how to use these super abilities.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:11:31] It’s the super-soldiers’ manual. If people hear this stuff, and again, I love that you reference it. If they’re kind of freaked out “Oh this guy is off the wall,” no, go and look it up they’re directly talking about super-soldiers.

Russ Dizdar: [01:11:43] And many had been trained in that. So lack of knowledge. That’s what I’m saying, back in the early 80s Alex, when we first got to engage this, I know what salvation is, what real demons are. That’s me, I know all that stuff. We dealt with that for years and years and years and years. But when it came to the multiplicity thing, when it came to personalities that were programmed, when it came to a federal officer’s wife that we dealt with and a Fort Bragg psywarrior and other military individuals that came in, all of them victims, wanting out of this, wanting freedom. Well, we had to ask those questions, where did he come from? What’s it connected to? And there are credible sources along the way, not just going way back to Project Paperclip, but more integrally to see where that led down the road.

So, when people say today “Where did all of these victims of mind control or DID, where did they come from? Why are more and more…?” We have more now than we did 30 years ago. It’s still an active issue, not only in the United States but in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, which I was just there last year for a ritual abuse conference on this very subject. England is saturated. Obviously in Germany, it’s massively saturated, and the Russians have taken this in too.

So we can go back and just stop right there and say, “Well, the Germans did it because they thought it would give them advantage. The Germans did it because they thought they could create an enhanced or an augmented human or an augmented soldier. That’s ultimately what they thought they wanted, an augmented solider, and they used the terminology, not us, they did. They used the terminology, God-man or a hybrid almost.

So you mentioned the ritual in the Mojave Desert by Jack Parsons is connected to the Crawley… So Jack Parsons, the the American rocket scientist, JPL scientist. He’s a renowned scientist out at Pasadena. He’s already known to be into satanic rituals, dark things and so forth, from the people around him, they all know that. But he goes out to the Mojave Desert, not only does he do the Babylon working. The Babalon Working…

Alex Tsakiris: [01:14:08] And the guy who’s there, kind of playing aid or whatever is L Ron Hubbard, Scientology founders. So yeah, please continue with the story. 

Russ Dizdar: [01:14:20] Sure. So, whether anybody wants to believe this or not, they’re doing a ritual. And as far as criminality, if there’s a woman involved in a sex ritual that she’s compliant with and they’re doing a ritual and they’re any mumbo jumbo, law enforcement doesn’t care about that. So that ritual was not, in a sense a criminal thing, so nobody in law enforcement could come and say, “Stop this.” But the ritual, what was the ritual all about? The ritual was all about Aleister Crowley’s Moonchild. It was all about the possibility… they believe that in the inciting and in the summoning… Now, they believe that there was the big entity, the Whore of Babylon, the entity that could come and the entity could come in the context of the ritual. The sex ritual will involve a supernatural charging of conception, that in the act of that sexuality and in the actual moment of conception, that non-human presence could be spliced in to augment the new being and the new being would be a hybrid, a human/non-human mix.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:15:36] It was the Antichrist specifically, according to their beliefs, again, whether we believe them or not. That was what they were summoning through the Whore of Babylon. And like I said, folks, they will have already heard people, people who listen to the show will have already heard Dr Hugh Urban from Ohio State University, who doesn’t really have any skin in the game, he’s just saying, this is the history of Scientology, this is what we know. So yeah, that’s pretty stunning.

Russ Dizdar: [01:16:05] And this is why it’s of interest to me, I’ll just throw this in real quick. On a biblical side, on a biblical prophetic side, if Satan’s real, what is he going to do? So just on that whole side of the fence, here’s what I believe about the so-called Antichrist. He is counterfeit to the real incarnation. In the incarnation you have God, the Bible picture is God Almighty causes the conception in a woman, Mary, that’s bloodline genetically all the way back to Adam. So a real pure human being. So you have, at the moment of conception something miraculous occurs and you have, in the biblical picture, the Godman God in human flesh. The Logos becomes human flesh. So that’s just a biblical picture.

Now, let’s go to the satanic side, and they want to bring in Antti Christ, the Greek word anti-Christian, meaning and instead of and opposed to, but also instead of the real Christ, Antichrist. How’s he going to come about?

Now, here’s what I believe, and we know over the years, Alex, and this is where we’re getting into the spiritual side of it, I guess. All those ritual things and manuals that we confiscated, all of the discussions with those who knew how to summon and explained in detail these kinds of rituals, whether we want to believe this or not, here’s what they say. The reason that in the creation of multiple personality disorder, which is, that’s just a secular term. If we want to use the Luciferian terminology or Aleister Crowley’s or Jack Parsons’ concept, they were creating Babalon Working babies. They were wanting to see, their belief that all these SRAs all over the planet right now are Babalon Working babies. They are the attempt to go backwards, to recreate and bring about a splicing in an altered human, if not a direct hybrid human. That’s what the Babalon Working was in the Mojave Desert, the actual rituals that were done in order to select, cause conception and produce an SRA split personality, mind controlled…

That’s not where it stops. Whether we believe it or not, they believe they have possibly altered DNA or spliced in DNA. Just like geneticists believe they can take a gene from a panther that enables it to see at night, splice it into a soldier’s DNA and the soldier being able to see. You know, the studies on the frog that can glow. You take the gene from the firefly and you put it into the frog and now the frog with that gene spliced in, now that frog can glow. There’s science behind this. There’s physics behind this. There’s physics concerning the incarnation. There’s physics concerning the, well, what do you want to call it? The counter incarnation of the Antichrist. Not only has Crowley tried, not only is Jack Parsons tried.

I was at the 2045 meeting in Lincoln Plaza, New York, when Dmitry Itskov, the Russian billionaire, Google’s head guy, Ray Kurzweil, all the geneticists, I was at that meeting of the transhumanists. Did you know that the transhumanists, they’re trying to develop immortality to wipe out death? On that same state with the geneticists, scientists, inventors, with gene splicers, with Ray Kurtzweil and all the rest of them, they brought in Russian cosmists, who put on the screens, the big screens that we saw on the stage, this is what they said, it’s not what we said. The Russian cosmists said that the ancient gods of the skies are guiding the modern day inventors and scientists and guiding them to help bring about immortality for man, because the ancient gods desire a return of the God Man.

So, there’s motivation, even in the deep science of transhumanism. There are elements of what we saw in Nazism in the 1939, 1940 development of [unclear 01:20:36].

Alex Tsakiris: [01:20:42] That’s incredible and I have confirmation of that. We did a whole show on the whole CERN ritual. You know, the Large Hadron Collider.

Russ Dizdar: [01:20:48] I’ve been there.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:20:49] And the ritual that they performed at the opening of that, it blew people away and people were like, “Why are we doing all of these pagan rituals that have all these entities that we’re bringing in? What is the connection there?” And there’s something deeper coming on.

You’ve been incredibly generous with your time. You mentioned in the email that we might have another chat. There’s a lot more to talk about. I’d love to talk to you about near-death experience, because I think that plays into this, and in particular, there’s some crossover with people like Joseph McMoneagle, psychic spy #001, who has a near death experience and when he shows up at Stanford Research Institute, lo and behold, they pull the Raymond Moody book out of his file. Raymond Moody being the guy who coined the term, near-death experience. There are a number of people who’ve had a near-death experience who see that as a Christian experience. I have a couple of them up here on the screen, if you’re watching this on YouTube. But there’s a lot to process there, but I’m not sure we could get to all of it and do it a way that really does it justice.

So, will you come back and have another talk about some of that stuff?

Russ Dizdar: [01:22:13] Alex, you’re fun to talk with. We’ve only scratched the surface of this content and again, we can bring out, track the evidences, evidences, evidences, and then we can get to the, is there a spiritual backdrop? Is there a spiritual motivation behind all of this and what does it ultimately lead to? We can get into that also, but I would love to come back and I appreciate you having me on.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:22:39] Okay. That’s great Russ. You produce a tremendous amount of content, very high quality content, you’re doing real investigations and you’re talking about those investigations. Tell people how they can follow your work and learn more about what you’re doing.

Russ Dizdar: [01:22:58] Sure. Well, the main website we have is and there’s no question, it’s a Christian backdrop, I have no question about who I am, but you’ve got to understand me. I’ll talk with anybody, any place, anywhere, anytime, and we’re engaged with all of this information.

So we put out a lot of information. I wrote a 600 some page book on the subject matter. That deals with the factors we’re talking about, but it deals with the spiritual side of it, called The Black Awakening. And that term came off the lips of a Fort Bragg psywarrior. They ripped my shirt off to see if I was wired, that if I was recording them, and they said, “You have no idea what’s coming. You have no idea what’s going to happen to the United States. You have no idea of the undercurrent and the coming chaos.”

So I put that term there purposely to discuss, if there’s really, worldwide, over 50 million of them, why are they here? Who created them? What we know what the Nazis wanted, but right now, modern day, who wants to use them? So that has to be addressed and looked into.

So, that’s the main site. It will give you a ton of content, like you said, hours and hours of subjects. We touch on all of these things, and we will be glad to try to respond to anybody that connects with us.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:24:29] Well, fantastic. I’m super impressed at your ability, like you said Russ, that anytime anywhere thing impresses me to no end, because the number of people who say they can do that and then can’t do that, can’t handle the questions that people really have, because they’re outside of their grid, as you say, are their worldview, and you certainly stand up to that. I was very impressed with the way you handled all the questioning and I look forward to talking to you again. We’ll have a great follow-on conversation. So, thanks so much Russ, best of luck.

Russ Dizdar: [01:25:07] Thank you, blessings. Thank you. Bye bye.

Thanks again to Russ Dizdar for joining me today on Skeptiko. The one question I’d have to tee up from this interview is, Nazis, really Nazis, you’re going to go there? Haven’t I always said, whoever says Nazis first loses? I don’t know.

I said it in the interview, I’ll say it again, I’m super impressed with this guy. I don’t care about the Christian evangelical kind of stuff. Somebody’s got to grab the reality of this extended consciousness realm and try and tackle it. And I don’t have to agree with his entire overlay, as we kept saying, but we will go back and talk to him again about that as well. To say that at least he’s confronting some of the data.

Really interested to see what some of you think about this show. Of course, my favorite place to do that and to connect with you is the Skeptiko Forum. I’m hoping we’ll get some good conversation going over there about that and be sure to check out the Skeptiko website where you can get all of these shows for free, for download. No paywall, no ads. How do we do it? It’s really not that expensive to run a podcast, and I like sharing all this stuff with you and with other folks who don’t know about it yet, who you’re going to go and tell them they should listen to this, only if they should. And we have a lot of them up there, you can see some on the screen, but you already know there’s over, I don’t know, 350 at this point.

Please check out more episodes and share them as you will. I’ve got some good ones coming up. Stay with me for all of that. Until next time, take care. Bye for now.   [box]

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