Movies: Is Red Lights the worst movie about parapsychology every made? |299|

Both parapsychology researchers and Skeptics are misrepresented in this hack job of a movie, but that’s what makes it fun to talk about.

photo by: Rodrigo Cortez

I love going to the movies, but so much of the stuff I want to talk about afterwards is left unsaid. I mean, there’s only so much about the parallels between the parapsychology research report portrayed in Red Lights and the one published by Stanford Research Institute that my family and friends will listen to.

So, I invited my buds from the oh so excellent Gimerica podcast (Darren Grimes, Graham Dunlop and Red Pill Junkie) to join me for a new segment I’m calling Skpetiko at the movies. First up, Red Lights, where professional skeptics (Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver) try to prove that a famous psychic (Robert De Niro) is lying about his ability. BTW, this 2012 stinker is available for free streaming Netflix.

There’s no transcript/excerpts for this show, just fun banter for those of us interested in a deeper look at some interesting movies.



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