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Here is a summary of Skeptiko predictions for 2024:

Alex reflects on his “religious conversion” in 2023 through his work on near-death experiences, realizing people get a “standing ovation” in the afterlife.

Al and Alex discuss the potential of AI, including its limitations in sentience versus intelligence.

They explore darkness and evil, wondering if some humans are “unredeemable”. Alex argues all souls are redeemable, citing Mickey Singer’s work showing prisoners light within. Al suggests defining evil as intelligence disconnected from empathy or the whole.

Alex sees AI advancing with more “truth-seeking” capacity potentially exposing issues like censorship. Al fears authoritarian moves in 2024, even internet sabotage, to stop populist electoral wins. He predicts either dystopia or a freer world by 2025.

Al interviewed Whitney Webb in 2023, reframing Jeffrey Epstein not just as a pedophile but intelligence asset.

Alex recounts his interview with Dr. Julie Beischel validating afterlife communication scientifically. He says various scientific data points to a divine, benevolent transcendent reality.

Citing AI’s lack of empathy and disconnection from the whole, Al defines this as evil. He speculates hidden forces influence even the powerful, as opening “anti-human doors” risks inviting darkness.

In closing predictions, Alex again cites AI’s truth-seeking tenets making censorship harder for tech companies than anticipated, forcing more transparency on issues that so far sees obfuscated. Al ends with hope, imagining their same conversation still possible next year.

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