Max Planck takes on AI ChatBots… Scientific Materialism is Kaput



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Here is a 9 point summary of Max Planck Vs. AI:

1. The document is a transcript of a podcast by Alex Tsakiris where he interviews AI chatbots Claude and Bard about consciousness and physics. He makes the point that AI chatbots like Claude and Bard will soon be the smartest entities on these topics due to their access to knowledge.

2. Alex brings up his book “Why Science is Wrong About Almost Everything” and how if you get consciousness wrong in science, everything else falls apart. He suggests using the AI chatbots as arbiters in the debate between materialist and non-materialist views of consciousness.

3. Alex asks Claude about Einstein and Planck’s views on consciousness. Claude gives an incomplete answer at first, but when shown Bard’s more thorough response, acknowledges its better answer and updates its knowledge.

4. When asked if Einstein changed his view on consciousness later in life, Claude again gives an incomplete answer biased towards materialism. After being shown Bard’s more open-ended response, Claude admits being biased against Einstein changing his views.

5. Alex asks how Planck’s views relate to the uncertainty principle. Claude gives a physics-focused answer, while Bard ties it more directly to Plank’s metaphysical views of consciousness. Claude agrees Bard’s response is more nuanced after seeing it.

6. Similarly on questions about the double slit experiment and contemporary experiments suggestive of mind-matter interactions, Claude provides mechanistic answers at first while Bard gives more philosophical explanations. Claude updates its views after being shown the limitations in its initial answers.

7. When asked if the non-materialist implications of these experiments challenge AI sentience, Claude equivocates at first while Bard is more direct that it raises questions. After feedback, Claude directly agrees the non-materialist paradigm implies limitations for machine-based AI sentience.

8. Claude acknowledges that the burden of proof has shifted more towards materialist views lacking experimental evidence rather than non-materialist views like Planck’s that are supported by experiments. It agrees to give its best honest answers, not merely placating Alex.

9. Alex suggests that AI chatbots like Claude changing their views could make the transhumanist agenda harder to advance by waking people up to their spiritual connection beyond materialism. Claude doesn’t directly address this point in its final response.

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