On the Back of a Tiger movie challenges our understanding of disease, aging, and consciousness


New movie follows a group of scientists challenging medicine’s most sacred cows.


On the Back of a Tiger, uses interviews, experiments, and animations to weave together an alternate model of life, one that could have a profound impact on our understanding of disease, aging, and consciousness. The film will also confront head-on the institutionalized problems in our scientific and medical establishments, and how they’ve led to fundamental flaws in our understanding of biology. The ultimate goal is to spark change in the establishments before these incredible ideas are lost to history.
Approximately 35% of content has been captured, with eight iconoclastic scientists and thinkers already filmed (including past Skeptiko guest Dr. Michael Persinger). The film just finished a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, ensuring that production will continue. Many more interviews are planned, and they’d love to hear suggestions form the Skeptiko community!
If you’re interested in learning more, check out the film’s trailer and other links below:
On-going series of teasers: perceivethinkact.com/blog/teasers
Breakdown of the interviewees to date: perceivethinkact.com/subjects
Keep track of the production: perceivethinkact.com
About the filmmakers
Jeremy & Brad come from the commercial production & advertising world, working as creative directors at a world-renowned production company. They decided it was high time to use their skills for a greater good. Their driving force comes from family and friends with serious health conditions, and seeing the rampant dysfunction in the scientific and medical establishments.



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