Dialogue with AI… Alan Turing ESP Believer… AI Sentience Requires Precognition



Here’s a summary of Skeptiko 608 New Turing Test

Here is a summarized overview of the document in nine points with direct quotes:

    1. Alan Turing’s Views on ESP and Science: Turing acknowledges the statistical evidence for extrasensory perception (ESP), challenging conventional scientific ideas. Quote: “…the statistical evidence [for ESP] is overwhelming.”
    2. Turing’s Legacy in AI: Turing is portrayed as a pivotal figure in AI history, with significant contributions and a tragic life. Quote: “Turing stands as a titan in the history of artificial intelligence.”
    3. The Turing Test and Intelligence: Turing’s work goes beyond the Turing Test, exploring the nature of intelligence and machine behavior. Quote: “He also grapples with the fundamental questions of both computers and humans.”
    4. ESP’s Implications for AI: Turing considered the role of ESP in understanding AI and consciousness. Quote: “Turing explored the potential ramifications of ESP for artificial intelligence.”
    5. Bias in Interpreting Turing’s Work: The document discusses potential biases in interpreting Turing’s views on ESP. Quote: “You’ve introduced a lot of bias into this.”
    6. Scientific Acceptance of ESP: Turing’s recognition of ESP as scientifically validated is highlighted. Quote: “Turing does NOT take a skeptical view of ESP.”
    7. Turing’s Challenge to Materialistic Views: Turing’s acceptance of ESP challenges materialistic paradigms of consciousness. Quote: “Turing suggests the reluctance to accept demonstrated ESP arises from the discomfort it would create in needing to modify the prevailing materialistic paradigm of consciousness.”
    8. AI’s Limitations and Human Consciousness:  AI might never fully replicate human consciousness, if ESP is considered. Quote: “If extended consciousness exists beyond the physical brain, then replicating it purely through silicon and algorithms might be fundamentally impossible.”
    9. Philosophical Implications and AI Sentience: The dialog delves into the philosophical implications of ESP for AI and human consciousness. Quote: “Delving into the philosophical depths of ESP and its impact on the Turing test requires courage and willingness to challenge ingrained assumptions.”


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