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Kathy Mingo gives a demonstration of aura healing and how it can lead to mediumship.

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Alex Tsakiris: [00:00:06] Welcome to Skeptiko where we explore controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers, thinkers and their critics. I’m your host Alex Tsakiris and as many of you know, one of the goals of this show is to push past the stuck on stupid discussion around extended consciousness, and that’s really where science has pushed us, hasn’t it? I mean, let’s take past life regression for example, science would, of course, dismissed the entire phenomenon with a wave of the hand and maybe a little gibberish about extraordinary claims, require extraordinary proof. Worse yet, we’d be told, as we often are, that it’s actually a scam, perpetrated by greedy new agers, who are looking to exploit the weak and the gullible. So how do we push past that blockade that the pseudo skeptics have built?

Well, first of all, I’d suggest that you need the right kind of guest, and I’m thinking and hoping that we might have just that kind of guest today. Kathy Mingo is a psychic and a medium in the UK. She specializes in past life regression and shamanic healing work. She’s going to tell us what that means. She comes to us highly recommended by our friend Claire Broad, who documents her own rather amazing experience with Kathy in her new book. And as a special bonus, as Kathy and I were just chatting about, Kathy has been brave enough and open enough to agree to do…

Kathy Mingo: [00:01:41] Or stupid enough.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:01:45] But she has agreed to try and do some kind of demonstration. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out. She’d never done anything like this. We’re not like trying to test her in any way, because she said, “I’ve never done anything like that,” but I thought since her work is kind of unusual and unique, that just to give people, to give all of you and me, a sense for what it’s about, we might do a demonstration.

So with all that, Kathy welcome to Skeptiko and thank you so much for joining me.

Kathy Mingo: [00:02:13] Well, thanks Alex. I’m thanks for having me and hi to everyone at Skeptiko that’s listening in. [box]

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Alex Tsakiris: [00:02:19] Well great, awesome. You know, as I explained to you, I kind of have evolved into playing this little game that I call Skeptiko Jeopardy.

Kathy Mingo: [00:02:32] Fabulous

Alex Tsakiris: [00:02:34] And this one, since my introduction was kind of limited, I think the natural place to start is with you. Who is Kathy Mingo?

Kathy Mingo: [00:02:46] Okay. Well, I’m just a very ordinary person that just happens to do what some people call an extraordinary job. I don’t think it is. I just think what I do is very natural. I do need to put a caveat in, I don’t actually call myself a medium, but when I’m in someone’s auric field, so that’s what I would do. I work through someone’s bioplasmic aura field. So the energy around the body or the aura and just as a by-product, sometimes, well, quite often, people that have passed over come in to say hello. So it’s literally, it’s a byproduct of what I do.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:03:24] Can I jump in there with the question? You say that in such a matter of fact way that it’s… No, it’s great. it’s great. I love that because that’s where we want to go. But I think then we need to step back and say, what is your understanding of an aura and how might your understanding of an aura be different than some of the other stuff you hear out there, in terms of other people and they talk about auras or aura cameras? Do you have any understandings of that, that are different than what people might normally encounter and then related to that, why do you think that’s real? When did that come into your experience that there is such a thing?

Kathy Mingo: [00:04:10] Okay, there’s a long answer to this, I will do it as quickly as I can. So I was trained as a past life regression therapist through hypnosis. That’s where my training came from. So I was working in a shop called Quest and the medium had not shown up that day. So I was asked, “Would you fill in?” and I thought, like I’m doing with this, I kind of thought… I have to try everything, I’m like that, I’m kind of off the hoof. So I will give anything a go, no harm no foul.

So this man turned up and I said to him that all I know and all I could understand that I needed him to do was to lie down so I could go through his auric field. I see it as a field of quantum energy around the body that houses information both from the past and from the future. I see it like that. I see it as a holographic sphere if you will. 

Alex Tsakiris: [00:05:08] Let me push on that a little bit further because I’m just really interested. When you say that’s how you see it, is that because that’s how you were trained?

Kathy Mingo: [00:05:18] No, I wasn’t trained in it at all.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:05:21] So what was that experience like then? I mean, that that whole experience, we could probably deconstruct it. It’s incredibly interesting. I mean, first of all, how do you wind up in a class for past life regression? That would be question number one.

Kathy Mingo: [00:05:34] There’s a story for that as well Alex, I’m afraid. My whole life has been a series of entwined synchronicities, that had I not listened to that, I wouldn’t be where I am now. So I’m very open on, if I’m guided by the universal flow, if you will, I’ll always go with it.

I will digress a bit. I’m a croppie, I’m a crop circle fan. So I was in Wiltshire on top of a hill. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life, and I literally put my hands up to the universe and went, like, “Give me a bit of a clue.” I get home from my holiday and on the mat of my flat, through the door, through the post box, was an invitation to do past life regression therapy. So I called them, and I went, “I have no idea how you’ve got my address because I never signed up for this.” The woman searched and she went, “You’re not actually on my database.” So I went, “Great, I’ll sign up,” because I just thought that was that I’d asked. So I went and did past life regression through training through hypnosis. That was what I initially did.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:06:42] I mean, there’s so many parts to this.

Kathy Mingo: [00:06:44] I know, fantastical, I know.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:06:46] It is fantastical, definitely. It does correspond with so many stories we’ve heard in the past about synchronicities. Few of us, including myself, have been brave enough to always follow those synchronicities in our life.

Kathy Mingo: [00:07:04] Yes, they have, certainly.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:07:04] Sometimes we look back and go, “Wow, why didn’t I trust that more?” It is, no doubt, a profound coincidence. We’re going to keep peeling back the layers here. When you say you’re a croppie, I appreciate that on one hand on the other hand, it’s like, no damn it. I mean, it seems to be something very, very important to you and the larger question of what’s going on with crop circles is incredibly important. We’ve done a couple of shows on them.

The one thing that I get about crop circles, that I think is worth exploring, is that, if we separate the crop circles for a minute from their origin, in terms of their assumed origin of an ET that comes down in this craft, and get back to something that so many people have reported and kind of demonstrated in some ways, is that there is some connection to extended consciousness that even comes through being in these crop circles. They are both a portal for this extended realm, whatever that extended realm is, and they’re in between this physical realm and there. So, I guess we do have to peel back there and say, what is your understanding of what a crop circle is and what is your connection to crop circles?

Kathy Mingo: [00:08:31] Okay. So my belief system, and it’s a contentious subject, crop circles, especially in the crop circle community itself. There are some that are definitely man-made, I 100% know that. But what’s interesting is when I’ve heard crop circles are man-made, some of them are not. So I will get told off from the man-made section that say they’re all man-made and then there’s the other section that say that none of them are man-made. I do feel that there is disinformation weaved in, as there is with everything, isn’t there? 

Alex Tsakiris: [00:09:05] Again and people go nuts when I do this all the time, but I’m sorry because so many of the things you said there are super important. One of the things that I learned when I first started investigating crop circles is even the distinctions you’re making become very blurred, in terms of [unclear 00:09:20]-made versus not man-made, because what we found is when we really go and push the people who admit to them being man-made, they say, “Yeah, it was man-made but you know what, it was kind of strange. I was woken up out of a dream at 2 a.m. in the morning and I had this image, this complex geometric image, that I should go put in a field and I did it.” Now is that man made in the usual way we think about it?

Kathy Mingo: [00:09:51] Well, I suppose man-made in the way that the formation is laid down physically, but I know that there’s consciousness that happens within crop circles man-made crop circles and many of the crop circle makers say that there is paranormal… I hate that word, but I think it’s normal, but let’s just call it paranormal for the sake of this conversation. They have things that happen, cameras don’t work. I have manifested a crop circle myself, but I think we’ll talk about that later on. Manifested a glyph that you couldn’t dismiss it. Was I connecting into a man-made consciousness?

One of the crop circle makers that I do know said that he’s God’s pencil. I love that because wherever their glyphs come from, it’s coming from consciousness, I believe. 

Alex Tsakiris: [00:10:49] Well, that’s a very interesting and important point there, because when you say God’s pencil, that puts us in a different direction than does the ET explanation and I don’t want to get away from the ET explanation because we don’t know what that means either, but it is a pigeon hole we might want to go to.

What if we return to your story then? Was there some kind of spiritual transformative experience for you that was associated with you being in this crop circle or being part of the crop circle community or experience? Would you have a specific?

Kathy Mingo: [00:11:25] Absolutely. My whole spiritual existence, I think is interwoven in synchronicity, and maybe the area that the crop circles are in as well, which is very special, which is the Wiltshire Landscape. So that also has a lot of ley lines, so there’s there’s that interwoven with it as well, I think. But I just literally come out of the crop circle that day, which was a beauty, and there was a lot of transcendent energy that was going on. You can sometimes, if you lay down there long enough, if the farmer allows, because there’s also the cost of lost crop and everything else that goes into it, there’s almost a kind of time slip. I’m not saying alien, I’m just saying you can sometimes lose time, in a way that I think is very meditative. It’s transformative. I think it’s almost metaphoric, that would be my…

So when I stood there on that hill, which was on Milk Hill, which has been very famous crop circles, and put my arms up, I didn’t expect that the answer would be… You know, we expect an answer right away, don’t we? Like God’s going to come down with whoever and give us this great answer, but sometimes time doesn’t work like that.

So I had to look at this leaflet from this past life regression college, which I had never even contacted and thought, “Right. Well, I need to go down that route,” which I did.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:12:54] So picking back up on your story, this is great stuff Kathy, I admit this is great stuff. So picking back up on the story, incredible coincidence, right? There’s the leaflet. You call up and your name isn’t even on the list.

Kathy Mingo: [00:13:07] Not on the list.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:13:09] Okay knock three times, I’m answering.

Kathy Mingo: [00:13:12] Yeah, absolutely.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:13:14] And then the further coincidence that you’re in a class and it just would sound bizarre if we didn’t have the rest of the story, that the teacher would pick up and leave one day and say, “Kathy, you take over,” and you would proceed to just kind of do this auric kind of thing, that you don’t even know that you’re trained to do, but it just kind of happens.

The other thing I find interesting and I’d like you to kind of expound upon a little bit, is that you seem to process this as energy and then you even threw quantum energy, and we’re not even going to go there because we don’t know exactly what that means.

Kathy Mingo: [00:13:46] No, fair enough.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:13:47] But I take it that that’s how you are experiencing this. You’re not experiencing the voice of God, you didn’t see the Virgin Mary, you didn’t see Jesus, you didn’t see any of that, you saw lights and energy around a person.

What do you think that means, number one? And number two, how has that unfolded and proven itself to you, as your practice is going on? You’ve worked now with hundreds or, I don’t know, thousands of people.

Kathy Mingo: [00:14:14] Yeah. I mean aura, it’s not really a great word for it either, to be fair. All I knew was that to work in this man’s energy he needed to lie down, for some reason, and I knew I needed to… I don’t touch, I just put my hands over and he’s lying there, I didn’t know this man from Adam, and I went on and on about this. I said to him, “You’ve got pins in your neck, down your neck, down your spine,” and he went, “Kathy, I haven’t.” And usually I would go, “No, I’ve got this wrong,” but I couldn’t let it go. I couldn’t let it go and I kept saying it. When he talked to his grandfather and I didn’t think anything of it, and literally about 48 hours later he got hit by a truck, because he was a motorcyclist.

And the next time he came to me, everywhere that these pins I had felt and seen, were where they actually were physically. So that kind of blew my mind a bit. It blew his mind as well, because the next time he came to see me was in one of those great big head halos. I don’t know how to explain that.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:15:23] Well, you know, there’s two parts of that. One is how you would explain it? I guess that’s what you’re saying when you say how would you explain it? The other part of it is, what are the implications of that?

So I want to break that down a little bit for folks because that’s what I was alluding to in the intro to the show, and sometimes people think it just sounds like an angry rant or something like that, and I want to let people know that it’s not really that. It’s like, we have to really understand how we’ve been blocked from really asking questions in a deeper way and that’s what we’re going to try and do now. We’re going to try and rustle up some hunches out of you. You don’t have to have the complete answer, but you have a hunch, you know? Because once we say, “Okay, there is something there that we want to dig into, there’s a bunch of questions that follow from that. Like, what is our relationship to time, would be a natural thing about that?

The other is this whole question of healing. I mean, there are questions about healing that I don’t see asked very much at all. I mean, from a spiritual perspective, why healing? Why do we need to heal? Should we heal? Are we on a healing path or not on a healing path? What does that mean? What is your role in that? Why do you need to be involved in that? I mean, you’re God’s pencil, well maybe your God’s plan is for someone to be healed or not healed. I mean, there are a million questions there. I don’t even care which one we start with, but since I teed it up, what does that experience that you just described tell us about time?

Kathy Mingo: [00:17:01] I think it tells us that, well for me at least, see I struggle with the concept of time. Especially within the auric field like past, future. It’s so finite, isn’t it? I think infinity, for me energy is energy, it’s infinite, but time places its constriction, that something’s in the past or something’s in the future. But when he was lying there, obviously in our corporeal sense, I was going into, what I call the future, but for him, this might be a bit controversial, but I do believe that the auric field is like a book, and if you read a book, you can read the front or the back, can’t you? You can go through it to the back and know the ending. I believe, more and more that I’m starting to do energy work, that’s what we’re dealing with, some sort of information packet, like a SIM card.

So I was just going a little bit forward into the information, because had I known that, I should have said to him, “Don’t go on our motorbike,” but I didn’t, because I wasn’t given that information. It was very matter of fact, this is what I see, and this is what ended up happening. I couldn’t change the outcome. Maybe not for me to change.


Alex Tsakiris: [00:18:19] perhaps so let’s dig in a little bit further in terms of because I think people will be interested in this. What you think you’re actually doing then during this healing process because healing is super important to so many of us for so many reasons.

We’re suffering

Kathy Mingo: [00:18:41] we feel

Alex Tsakiris: [00:18:42] we need relief from that suffering and we’re seeking healing and you’re offering. That service that seems to work for so many people so you have people coming and said I felt this way before and I felt better after you could go do the science and I’d love to go do the science on that but we can’t in this interview.

We just have to kind of take your word for it.

Kathy Mingo: [00:19:05] Yeah, but so one question

Alex Tsakiris: [00:19:06] that the one question that I think doesn’t get asked enough is what is your understanding of precisely what you’re doing as part of that healing process? With the auric field, so

Kathy Mingo: [00:19:20] well, I believe I’m doing and obviously it’s perception.

Isn’t it? Everything’s perception really? So but I feel that I’m going through perhaps the cellular aspect of that person’s energy the bioplasmic field or a such a crap word of excuse my language. It just doesn’t. Over is because it’s spiritual healing its physical healing. It’s emotional healing mental healing it can all it conglomerate’s into this one thing but it’s many things in the one.

I do like to think that’s a bit of a paradox as well. Does it make sense? So I literally I’m going through and auric field past life stuff can come up future life, but it can also. I can give you an example if you like. And I know it says taking my word for it, but I have a client who she sees me every three months is like a therapy.

She’s very rich. She doesn’t she has no skepticism at all, which is great and she was so usually I just talked to her relatives. That’s what she wants. That’s not really my thing, but it’s what a lot of people want. I’ve got an opinion on that. But but this time she went I’m feeling a bit tired.

Will you go through my aura? So went through the bioplasmic field and all I said to her was I believe or I can feel actually physically feel a delineation within the auric field. So darker spots or heavier spots, and I said, I think you might have a cyst in your liver. I didn’t think anything of it.

She have one of those full body scans of the woman came back to when all you’ve got really is just a little cysts in your liver. So she came back and she said I’ve just spent four hundred quid to be told exactly what you’ve just told me, but I’m not a scientist. So I’m not I’m not privy. Am I to having lord?

It’s about healing because I’m not. A doctor. I’m not MediCal, but what does that mean?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:21:17] Well, let’s set that aside for a second and let me ask you again. Kathy and I don’t know if I’m freezing it the right way. What is your experience about what you’re doing and let’s put it in the context of what other people say because there’s other people who do similar kind of things to sometimes they’ll come back and they’ll say I am directed by the hands of Jesus.

I’m not putting that yeah. Yeah just saying, you know people will say that or other people would say. I’m using my Spirit guides to direct me towards this. I have an angel or this you

Kathy Mingo: [00:21:54] saying I don’t do any of that.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:21:56] Well, I don’t know if they do any of it either. Okay, though. I think what you do is is interesting in particular because you know, we connected it to this crop circle thing in your experience with that and the other thing that’s interesting.

We’re so much unravel the other thing that’s interesting about connecting it to the crop circle is that. Crop circles are in the physical. Playing in the Physical Realm somebody who says I’m the hands of Jesus are guiding me as I you know, do therapy on somebody. Yes have no way of touching that you are saying on the other hand.

Wait a minute. I went into this crop circle field. Here’s a photo of it and there was this energy field. Here’s the scientist who measured it and here’s how he said his cameras kind of like you said batteries we have kind of. Phenomenon a whole range of phenomena that we can kind of put in the Physical Realm so you seem to be straddling this.

Almost technology if you will associated with that and I love your openness in your story to that. Hey, she asked me I kind of stumbled into doing past life. I’d stumbled into doing medium readings I start but I think you have a sense Kathy that there’s something else. What are you following their what’s guiding you in terms of driving this ability that you have.

Do you know or do maybe you don’t care too much about that? You just kind of do your

Kathy Mingo: [00:23:22] thing? I just do it. I think I’m not making excuses. I’m very receptive. I like quantum physics. I know you don’t want to go down that route, but it does seem to be playing out more and more that we are all intertwined.

So a my energy my auric field they say that there’s several layers of the aura. There’s seven chakra points. There is in my understanding. There’s way more than that. And we are energy is infinite energy is infinite or sorry. Yes infinite, but we’ve got this mental constriction that stops. I think a very organic practice if I was if I was in medieval times, no one would think twice about what I do they would send them to me and go, you know, they’ve got the pox.

What can you do about it? There wouldn’t be any of that mental. Rigidity. about what I do and what shame is do? I would say I’m a bit more on a shamanic level. If I’m honest energy is Just Energy and we can all interpret it.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:24:23] Okay, a related question. I guess would be on this whole issue of channeling again.

It’s controversial for a number of. Real understandable reasons in that, you know people there’s a lot of different channeled information out there. There’s channeled information that we find is kind of not-so-great channeled information. It comes it comes to be proven to kind of pull people down the wrong path kind of a Hungry Ghost kind of thing.

There’s also channeled information that seems quite profound. Inspires people, I guess I’d have similar kind of questions about first of all, what do you even think is going on with channeling along the lines of you know, who are you channeling? What is what is being channeled? Why is that?

Channel available. I mean again, I do feel like these questions are not usually asked instead stuck on verifying and shaming. Oh my gosh, you were wrong on this or that person’s fake rather than trying to understand the phenomenon more generally it. What are some of your again hunches in terms of who you’re channeling what is being channeled?


Kathy Mingo: [00:25:50] Okay for me again, I think channel is pretty much like I was talking about with the aura. It’s information. I really believe that energy is information and. You know it could okay Jesus come in channeling Jesus. I don’t work that way if I Channel, I think it’s a telepathy between Consciousness and my mind or I don’t know telepathy of Greater mind.

But as you’re saying about the acacia records, I’m a really firm believer that there’s no original information in the universe. I think it’s all being there and it’s like kind of like a pick-and-mix if you will of. What need to channel for me? I don’t I don’t need to channel. I don’t definitely don’t Channel with people that Paso.

You know people that have passed over I don’t do that. But if I get information from what I call a higher source, I’m funny with the word spirit guide and funny with the word Spirit Guardian. I don’t like labels, but obviously we need a labor don’t be so we can understand the archetype of the.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:26:57] Help us. Help us understand that it’s something I’m very interested

Kathy Mingo: [00:27:00] in. So if just saying I got a channel through at the moment, I don’t I I’ve got one of my bugbears and I’m not trying to be controversial. I kind of am is I’m going to just say Okay. So they I’ve got a 16th century Chinese monk. I don’t need to change my voice to create that vision of having a Chinese person’s voice because that person is no longer.

Incarnates that doesn’t currently they’re not here. So I’m going to channel that information through my own voice. Does that make sense?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:27:33] It does and that’s a really great tiny little example. Have you ever connected with what you identify as being a 16th century Chinese

Kathy Mingo: [00:27:43] man? I would say what I probably have channeled.

Is the frequency of that information rather than a 16th century Monk?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:27:55] Why do you make that distinction? And do you believe that there are Spirit beings if you will, you know, I mean our our ancestors when we do a medium reading and we get specific information and they tell us things that are important to us about our life and I was there for your daughter’s you know, yes birthday party.

What is how do you process that what do you think that means?

Kathy Mingo: [00:28:22] Okay. So yes, I do believe in spooks. It’s hard, but I do believe in higher energies ascended masters, but my view is that it’s an energy thing if I’ve got someone has passed over that comes in, I think. And I’m starting to believe this a little bit more and more the more I do this that I’m possibly talking to an echo or a resonant memory of that soul that comes through in the in the physical body so I can understand.

You know, you’re tall. You’ve got dark hair. Your name’s Derek. Does that make sense? But what I’m actually linking to is an echo and resonant memory of their life their soul. He’s all about soul for me.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:29:03] So do you think that Derek in that case is directing that communication through that frequency because okay.

Kathy Mingo: [00:29:14] Yeah, I do. I’m just trying to distinguish that. You know, I don’t think Derek is coming in because the body’s gone the body’s being dealt with I know that their cellular memory held within the physical body through any Incarnation, but that’s what I believe that the kind of memory and they bring through memory they bring through.

special memories love memories.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:29:36] but they also bring through some conflicting and some contradictory information. Yes, I’m going through some very religious information that seems to contradict our understanding of other people who say that it’s religion stuff is okay, but there’s a deeper truth to it or they bring through stuff that you know back again something we’ve been touching on.

But some of them are nasty manipulative entities that are disguising themselves in are intentionally seem to be deceiving people and that seems to be provable in some sense. You know what Spirit comes through and tells you hey your real path is to go and sleep with your breasts friend’s wife and try and use your you know, Don’t know if that’s really in the best interest of all

Kathy Mingo: [00:30:24] involved.

Well, that’s why I see I’ve never met anything like that. I’m not I’m not scared of anything. I will do Spirit cleansing of houses Ouija board. I’m not scared of that because I think if you’ve got a pure intention when you’re doing it, it can only resonate on a pure intention. Oh, yeah, of course there are things out there.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:30:49] Fair enough fair enough and and you know, I’m totally down with you know, the secret of the ascent is to always look up and you know, like that’s about Claire’s Vibe too is that you know, focus on this I do always have to kind of bring it back to you know, we have this in Britain, you know, you have a whole John Dee Thing who probably was right responsible for setting up the.

The roadmap the blueprint for the British Empire and he’s doing exactly that right. So he’s going down this really dark path and at the end they’re doing all this crazy sex magic stuff. And yeah, it really doesn’t end. In the pattern of his life is not positive and we see people you know Aleister Crowley pick on the Brits here today, you know, everyone all this evil stuff this up that no matter what you think of Aleister Crowley.

No one would model their life after that. No one thinks that that. Leads to spiritual growth and spiritual advancement of your soul. So and then if we take that on them or you know, we have the pedal Pope right now, you know, and we have that whole thing, even if people say that and so I say that sometimes people get offended.

It’s like Geo don’t know if you have a handful of lifelong friends in there all pedophiles. I think the burden of proof shifts on YouTube

Kathy Mingo: [00:32:05] exactly.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:32:09] I get what you’re saying and what Claire saying that you haven’t encountered it clearly. It’s a force out there that seems to have a pretty

Kathy Mingo: [00:32:19] good opinion for me. I think it touched to Ego. I mean what I know. I’m quite interested in Crowley actually because I’m not opposed to looking at the dark because the dark and the light to me is exactly the same thing, but when it goes into ego that’s where I think it goes into really low vibrational energy.

And that’s when I think all all hell can break loose when it’s really brought into a low vibration.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:32:45] Do you mean that literally as well as

Kathy Mingo: [00:32:48] figuratively not literally? Yes. What

Alex Tsakiris: [00:32:50] do you what do you think about hell what do you think he’ll is and I’ll give you two choices to kind of hear pare it down a little bit.

I think some people I’ve heard kind of ascribed to the as below. So above kind of thing the way I put it to turn the phrase around is that if you want to find a bunch of creepy people who are seeking out kind of nasty stuff in our. Increasing their in their negative energy by associating with other people with negative energy.

Hey, you can do that right here you any town. You can go find that and maybe that’s what’s happening on the spiritual level as well other people contrary to that say no there really is this Force out there that is. On par with the white Force the the light force and it’s the dark force and it’s kind of pulling things in another Direction.

You can pick another answer but among those. Who do you

Kathy Mingo: [00:33:46] think you don’t know? I don’t I don’t know about hell personally. I think hell’s what we live in the illusion. I really do I think if he’ll plays out where we are living at the moment, especially the way the world is going. So I darken like to me is Duality.

You can’t have dark Canyon without right because dark is just whether light hasn’t gone in yet. So I think hell’s down here. I’m not on the Heaven and Hell Spectrum.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:34:12] Okay fair enough. I’ve kind of really. A blown the skeptical Jeopardy model because you are so awesome to talk to and you’re so open about just kind of sharing all this information.

Are there any other topics I want to do this demonstration in whatever time we have and I want to make sure you know, we are respectful of your time. Um, what other topics do you think we might talk about? I do want to talk about your practice. So let’s talk about that why people do seek you out and I understand you have to understand that Kathy is very sought-after at this point.

She has quite a waiting list. That doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t try and contact her but she’s not out there scraping to kind of scrounging around trying to get some work out of I don’t think that’s her main thing, but she does have a practice. You should tell people about that because no doubt.

There are people listening who this show is for them. This show is reaching up for them for a reason.

Kathy Mingo: [00:35:20] So yeah my practice obviously, I work I work in a little it’s a shop is a crystal shop in Epsom and I do my or here. I am booked now until January 20 22, I think hang on. I’m booked a full 18 months ahead.

So which is great for me, but I get a lot of people that book once and then they come a book me again and then go on the waiting list. So it’s you know, I don’t also I’m one of not I don’t want to encourage people. I cannot stand people that don’t take responsibility. So they come to me and asked about 2-3 times.

They’re not getting the point. I won’t say I won’t see them again and I have to say you know what? This is all about self responsibility. I’m not here to walk your path for you. I’m here to put you on it and what you do with that is your choice. I’m quite big on that. So I’m very honest. I’m very blunt.

Some people say I’ve got no bedside manner but I think Honesty is a you just gotta shove it out there. Haven’t you that’s what I do. That’s how I’ve always operated. I’m never going to change that.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:36:30] So this is give people a more of a sense of what it’s like for them. So they sign up on the list.

They’re doing their date comes around.

Kathy Mingo: [00:36:40] Yeah, they come down they come in they lie down actually in the room. I’m in I came here because I didn’t want to do this for my house with her. I’ve got four cats and I’ve got two young Siamese and we would not have heard of thing because they allowed so I thought well if I do it from where I do my normal.

Energy work or leadership with everyone to call it just be easier for me. So there was come in lie down. I would go through their auric field. So if they’re lying down the right-hand side is their physical information and the left-hand side is their emotional it can intermingle with that’s kind of how I separate it.

I’ll go through the energy and say mrs. Joe bloggs then or mr. Joe bloggs. Slight issue with the energy around the sacral or their pancreas, you know your Dad’s here and that’s how it kind of transpired. A lot of times. We’ll go past life whether I do or what I always say to people. Are you open to past life some go?

Yes, and some will go notes load of rubbish. Okay. So if something comes in I’ll just ignore it.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:37:49] Let’s go there for a minute.

Kathy Mingo: [00:37:51] Okay.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:37:51] What is your understanding of what past life is number one and then there’s also a lot of controversy about how useful it is or it may be distracting to some people and that some people, you know, beg away from it because it’s like no I don’t want to go there because it’s going to mess a person up and like you said, I’m just reading out of the book.

Anyway, you shouldn’t get too hung up on it. You’re just in the here now and. So it kind of is irrelevant. But at the same time at other times, it seems to be incredibly relevant for people people have major trauma block job for they have either health issues that can be resolved by past life work.

I mean, I don’t know this. I’m just this is what I’ve heard. What do you think?

Kathy Mingo: [00:38:33] Yes, so I can give you examples so. I had a woman this was for the hypnosis though. So she is a very random story, but her husband sent her to me because. It was so fair that he she couldn’t look in the bathroom mirror.

I’m sure the phobia so I do deal with the phobia side of it and he was so for that having to put the towel over the bathroom mirror every day. We just thought well, we’ll give it a go. So in in her regression, she was a Victorian girl little child. She she’s got an obsession in this lifetime. With cleanliness of a fate is another weird thing that she had and in that other life time when we were going through it.

She wanted to go into this big house to wash her feet and she was effectively molested in that house by this great big man and all she could see was the reflection what was going on in the mirror in the bathroom. Now did her subconscious make up a scenario to help her Let It Go, was it true memory?

I can’t answer that for you because I don’t know I’m going to be honest. I don’t know either way. It’s quite credible because from that from that session afterwards the bathroom mirror thing are gone.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:39:52] Yeah, that’s the point that always gets me about about those stories in about people who are skeptical and I always say, you know the kind of skeptical lobotomy, which is to just say let me put it all out of my mind just by putting some label on it and saying, oh I’m a skeptic that can’t possibly happen and I’ll share with people that they’ve heard this many times in the show, but that’s why I was so interested in kind of pursuing people who have looked at it scientifically like and I mentioned dr.

Julie by shoulder at the wind Birds Institute because she did some kind of incredible work. She keeps hearing these stories over and over again. And then she says, okay. Well, let’s do some experiment here on the best. We can with grief because grief is real right very our health insurance pays for grief counseling or health insurance pays.

If you go to the doctor and the doctor gives you a medicine for grief, they’ll pay for that. So it’s completely integrated into our medical system. So what if we introduce now as you just described you to past life regression medium reading let’s introduce that into the equation and then we can test that right we have does what’s most effective this kind of stuff?

We do all the time. This is pharmacology where doctors you module has her PhD in Pharmacology. Yes Zealot medium reading more effective than the talk therapy more effective than the drugs. You might get more effective than both combined. I would suggest if we did the same thing. I would guess I would bet money that if we did the same thing with the people who have you done this wacky past life regression stuff.

We find the same thing. So how do we process that you know, you’re open? You’re you’re so much more open saying, I don’t know if it’s real or not. It’s effective. It seems

Kathy Mingo: [00:41:38] to be active. Does it matter where it comes from the own come is she can

Alex Tsakiris: [00:41:45] I think but I think I think it does and I think that’s where we’re at.

And that’s another question that I have and we’re going to save that to the to the end because it’s the final question after we do a little demonstration here, which is how can you help science get on the right track in terms of pointing at. Areas of research where your hunch tells you. Hey, that’s something we should pursue.

That’s something where there may be an app that we could develop down the road or something like that, but I’m

Kathy Mingo: [00:42:15] going to

Alex Tsakiris: [00:42:16] I’m going to put that on hold, that’s  our question is Kathy consult doing some free Consulting for your key science.


Alex Tsakiris: [00:42:26] What do you think we should do here? And again folks, it’s so nice, it’s so awesome of Kathy to agree to do this little demonstration here. It’s no, no pressure. We don’t know what’s going to happen, and if nothing happens, that’s totally fine. She’s never done this on Skype Zoom, we’re using. She usually does it in person. But to give people a sense of what you do, is there anything we could try here that might…?

Kathy Mingo: [00:42:53] Okay, so if I tune into your… because I can’t see you on the smaller screen, could you go back to bigger, so I can see you better?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:43:03] Yes, here I am on the big screen.

Kathy Mingo: [00:43:04] That’s better. Okay, so what I’m going to do is, I think I’m probably, I’m big in remote viewing, or not big in, I love remote viewing. I think it’s all of the same stuff. So really, in challenging myself, I should be able to do this. If I can do this with you lying down, in my presence, I should be able to do this way. If energy is that way, I should be able to do it. So that’s what I’m saying about myself. So if I can’t, then my mind is too… even I’m constricted, I suppose, in a mindset of what you can and what you can’t do. I’m being honest. Does that make sense? I should be able to do it. Do you want me to start now?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:43:49] Sure.

Kathy Mingo: [00:43:50] Okay. So what I would do is go into your auric field, bioplastic field. So I shut my eyes, just because I’m doing it, I suppose remotely. Are you open to people that passed over coming in this one?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:44:08] You bet.

Kathy Mingo: [00:44:09] Okay, go with me here. Okay. It’s interesting because I’m also, I think I might be linking into someone else within the home. So you might have to bear with me on that, because I feel like I’ve got two going on. Would that make sense? It’s very odd this. So, it’s interesting. Sometimes I have to get taken to a location, which I do when I’m doing my… Have we got a Louis?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:44:47] Grandfather.

Kathy Mingo: [00:44:49] Can you have that? I’ve got someone talking to me about Louis or Lewis, but I would go Louis. They’re shouting at me.  

Alex Tsakiris: [00:44:59] So Louis would be a grandfather to me, and Lewis would be a brother to me.  

Kathy Mingo: [00:45:06] Okay, I think I’ve got two here. A Louis and a Lewis, would that make sense?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:45:14] Well, only one has passed over.

Kathy Mingo: [00:45:16] One is past. Okay, I need to go into this. So your grandfather Louis has passed over. He’s shouting. He’s quite… he’s a strong man. I feel like I want to do as I’m told but not in a bad way. I didn’t actually want to get into the mediumship but there we go, this is how this is obviously working out. I feel like, if I tune into your aura a bit, I would work energetically in your lower sacral root chakra point, anything to do with the male, the prostate area, all of that. Does that make sense? Lower back, okay? And also the top of the neck, but I don’t know if this is someone else also, with their health, with their neck.

I’ve also got someone talking about an aortic valve compromise, if that makes any sense. When I’m talking to my clients, because I don’t call myself a medium, I ask them questions, I know you’re stunning up because this is scientific.

Alright, I’m going to assume it’s your grandfather, I don’t know it is. I’m just saying, I’m giving you what I’m getting. He’s taking me down, it’s a weird thing, it’s all wide. Sometimes I get imagery, does that make sense? So I have to piece together these little packets of data and all I can see if, like white squares, it’s very odd. Squares, and quite a drop. I feel like if I look down, I would be dropping down. I don’t know, you’ll have to tell me afterwards.

Okay. He’s talking about an aortic valve, like rupture or aneurysm. I feel like I have to give you that. And if you were lying with me, I don’t mean in that way, I mean if I was doing a reading for you, I would go straight into lower back, sacral. You’re aware of your chakra points, yes? I would assume.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:47:45] In a very general way.

Kathy Mingo: [00:47:45] You’ve got the gist of it, yeah. Wow, okay. They’re also showing me someone in, what I would understand to be deep finance, whatever that means. Someone very, very, within finance or real estate or what we call estate agency here. I’ve got quite a muddle because I’ve got something from… Have we got Marie?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:48:24] Yes.

Kathy Mingo: [00:48:25] Linked to someone else, not you?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:48:28] Yes.

Kathy Mingo: [00:48:32] I feel like I’ve got two lots of information hitting me at once.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:48:35] Right. I mean, I can kind of tell you who that is, or I could maybe not tell you who it is until later?

Kathy Mingo: [00:48:40] No, that’s fine. I’ll go with this. Wow, okay. It’s funny, when I’m doing this, I even get fixated in my mind. I’m stuck on those squares, the white square things. Well, they’re not white, they’re like a wall. It’s very odd. I can’t kind of move beyond. I feel like I’m looking out at quite a lot of… It sounds an odd thing, it looks like a cruise ship. A house that looks like a cruise ship is the only way I can put that. I can’t make any sense of this, I’m sorry.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:49:24] Well, I’ll kind of give you some stuff there. So these white squares are the house that I live in. It’s a very modern house. It’s kind of very close to the ocean and it kind of has this…

Kathy Mingo: [00:49:35] Okay, does it look like a ship?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:49:38] It would definitely, from various points of view, yeah. Right on, exactly. And it’s unusual with the squares. It’s these huge architectural squares.

Kathy Mingo: [00:49:49] Okay, because whoever this Louis is, and I’m not going to say it’s your grandfather or not, I’m just saying that I feel like I’m standing on a kind of patio, if that makes sense, looking out. Would you say your house is rather large?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:50:08] Yes.

Kathy Mingo: [00:50:09] I live in England. We live in rabbit hutches that we have to accept. This, for me, can I say palatial? For me it would be.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:50:18] Yes.

Kathy Mingo: [00:50:20] Okay, and I think grandfather has a lot of pride in that. He would have been, maybe someone that would have held a great pride with accomplishment or achievement materially. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just mean a sense of success.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:50:37] Absolutely, considering he came to the United States with $5 sewn into the inside of his jacket when he was 14 years old from Greece.

Kathy Mingo: [00:50:51] Wow, okay. So, I’ll give you that one then, because there is a sense of really, really deep pride and accomplishment of perhaps what you, or you and whoever, have accomplished in your life. Does that make sense? I’m not trying to be all sort of hokey and…

Alex Tsakiris: [00:51:09] Sure, sure, sure.

Kathy Mingo: [00:51:12] He’s a really good-looking man. And there’s a mustached man as well.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:51:17] Okay,

Kathy Mingo: [00:51:17] That’s passed over or is in the family but really mustached, and the only reason I go like that is I’ve got a thing about mustached men. Did he have a mustache? Really, it’s quite a thick one. I’ve got definitely a male with a thick, thick, thick mustache. 

Alex Tsakiris: [00:51:36] At different times my dad didn’t wear a mustache all the time, but he did sometimes.

Kathy Mingo: [00:51:42] And when he did was it quite a sight?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:51:45] Not really no,

Kathy Mingo: [00:51:48] Okay. Wow, okay. You were the sensitive child, I’m being told, sibling wise. So you’ve got siblings, but I’m being told you are very sensitive. Well, you wouldn’t do this is you weren’t, so, do you know what I mean? But they’re saying actually, you’re very deep, you’ve been given quite a bit of crap within your lifetime. Does that make sense? That I think you’ve really had to bat off a bit and not internalize. But I do feel they say that you do kind of internalize it, whether you want to or not. Male condition maybe. But you’re very honest and you’ve got integrity and as a child, I’m being told, infinitely questioning everything. I would imagine you might have been a bit of a pain in the rump as a child, in questioning. Would that make sense?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:52:47] Sure.

Kathy Mingo: [00:52:48] Okay. I would suggest the flushing of your system, aurically speaking. The auric fields can hold stuff. I would also go back maybe 17 years ago, within your, what I call timeline. So if you were with me, it’s a bit difficult because I kind of want to get into your aura now properly, without kind of doing it in this, sort of by locating way. I would probably need to pull some stuff about 17 years ago. It’s not exact but this would go back into the aura field, where you get stuff that’s stuck. So whether it’s 17 years ago or 17 days ago, that still sits with the soul. Does that make sense?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:53:41] Sure.

Kathy Mingo: [00:53:41] And it is this, sort of deep questioning. I’ve got a very strong female coming in. This is to do with, I want to say Mary, but I don’t think it is. I think I would want to say Mary or Marie. Not as in marry me, but Mary or Marie with another female.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:54:05] The only Marie I connect with is still alive.

Kathy Mingo: [00:54:09] Okay, but around the family circle.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:54:13] Yes, it would be my brother’s wife.

Kathy Mingo: [00:54:17] Okay. And any skeletal stuff with her?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:54:27] What kind of stuff?

Kathy Mingo: [00:54:28] Skeletal?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:54:31] I don’t know what that means.

Kathy Mingo: [00:54:32] Skeletal or spine or hips?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:54:38] Yeah, hips and Joints. She just had, like an injection, a cell stem kind of thing for her knees.

Kathy Mingo: [00:54:44] But specifically for hips or lumber 4, lumber 5 back regions.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:54:49] It was for the knees actually.

Kathy Mingo: [00:54:50] Okay, but would it affect the hips and the lower back as well?

Alex Tsakiris: [00:54:54] I’m not sure.

Kathy Mingo: [00:54:54] I’ve just been given that to shove that in there as well.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:54:59] Okay.

Kathy Mingo: [00:55:04] Obviously I need to do this… If you were lying on the couch, I would probably be doing what we were discussing is healing. I would sort of try and clear the mental layer. I know that you want answers and that’s fine, but I do feel they’re saying don’t try and overanalyze them. Don’t over analyze. Okay.

See, I’ve got two people pulling me all different sorts of ways. So your ancestry is not from here, obviously, and from a very proud nation.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:55:50] Right.

Kathy Mingo: [00:55:51] Okay. They’re also talking about… when I say they, whoever I’m speaking to. They’re talking about your partner. Wife, partner, whatever it is. Wow, okay. Would you say very formidable? I don’t know. Be careful where we got here. I mean, very, very, very strong, mentally really strong.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:56:31] Okay. She’s a forensic psychologist.

Kathy Mingo: [00:56:37] Oh gawd, okay. So she has to think in a very, very conceptualized way? Whereas you’re a bit more expansive, is that fair? You’ve got more, what I call the female brain and she might have more of what I call the male brain? It’s not about gender at all, it’s just about energy.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:56:53] Yeah, I know, I get what you mean. I don’t really resonate with that, because I feel like I’ve gone down this science and logic path as a way to access the deeper…

Kathy Mingo: [00:57:11] Okay.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:57:12] And that’s like one of the things I say on the show often, especially for some people to understand, especially for women to understand, that sometimes that’s how men have to work, you know? I have to know it. I have to know it logically and overanalyze it before I can feel it.

Kathy Mingo: [00:57:28] Yeah, that makes sense, but you are very deep. You do have that deep… Men tend to mask it perhaps a little bit more.  

Alex Tsakiris: [00:57:38] Well, I think to me, it’s like a given. I mean, who are we? Why are we here? If you’re not asking those questions, what the hell are you doing? Watching football games?

Kathy Mingo: [00:57:46] So many people don’t, do they? They don’t ask those questions and they just take that the illusion is enough for them and they go about their lives and things are… I think I might have just lost my connection when going into the mental layer. I’m sorry about that.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:58:01] That’s okay. I appreciate it.

Kathy Mingo: [00:58:04] I’m really hot. There was a lot of heat about that. I don’t know, I don’t know.  

Alex Tsakiris: [00:58:12] Well, it’s always interesting, it’s always great. I appreciate it. You know what we ought to do, because we’ve spent some great time together and your answers have been fantastic, and I hope that they’re useful to some people. I do want to return to that question that I had.

Again, what is your hunch Kathy of what, if somebody investigated it a little bit with kind of the best scientific means we have now? Where could we make some progress that could help people? Where could we get that app? Where could we get that breakthrough?


Kathy Mingo: [00:58:47] Well, I think problem with science or scientists, is they’ve got a very concrete viewpoint, it’s really hard to breach those walls as it were. So what I would say is until science becomes more open-minded.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:59:03] I totally, totally get what you’re saying. I’ll give you a more specific example. We have auric cameras now.

Kathy Mingo: [00:59:09] Yes, I’ve got one myself.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:59:11] Okay, so there is some technology. My understanding is that that technology has actually improved a little bit in the last 10, 20 years. Where do you see similar kinds of gains that could be made? You know, we have spirit communication devices that people are playing around with. Where do you see some progress potentially being made in that merger of technology and kind of extended consciousness? And is that a direction that is positive, do you think that’s good?

Kathy Mingo: [00:59:43] Personally, [unclear 00:59:45] techy folks. So the aura camera for me is a teaching tool. It’s great that it shows life chakra points. So if you’re putting healing in, it shows, so you can demonstrate that. But if you’re healing someone, it can affect the energy of that person and they can see it.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:00:04] Do you find, from your experience, that it is, for lack of a better word, accurate? Is the camera accurately portraying what you’re seeing with your personal energy work?

Kathy Mingo: [01:00:18] It’s not the tool that I use. I use it to teach, but I’m hands-on, I prefer the organic way of doing it. I think it can show a certain… I think it shows a lot of heat. The one that I’ve got apparently is on bioplasmic, which is great because it can show different colors. There are certain aspects where, if you put, just say love into the heart with someone that’s got heart chakras shut down a bit, the heart chakra does open up. So there are aspects of that, but I don’t know, I’m not sure that technology… I’m not sure. Like you were saying, a mediumship app, that would be… I mean, we’ve got mediumship phonelines for that, to be fair.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:01:01] Yes, yes, that’s right. 81800 Medium.

Kathy Mingo: [01:01:05] Which I’m not a fan of, I must say.  

Alex Tsakiris: [01:01:09] Well Kathy, it’s been great, and we’ve talked about so many topics, I hope people can follow along and find something interesting there. And I definitely hope that they’ll check you out if they’re in the area. So what area, I have to confess, I don’t know, what area of the UK of England are you in again?

Kathy Mingo: [01:01:30] So I’m in Epsom, which is in Surry. Famous for the Derby horse race. It’s on the outskirts of London.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:01:40] So any plans for any other ways to get your message out there? Do you have any book plans?

Kathy Mingo: [01:01:47] I am writing a book that I’ve been writing for about 40 years already, but it keeps evolving. Because the work’s evolving, I just look back at it and think, “Well, that’s outdated now.” So, it’s a minefield because we are evolving, I think, so quickly.

I’ve got my website. I love to write blogs. So I’ve got a lot of blogs that people can read if they’re so inclined.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:02:11] And I’ve got to say, the website address, we’ll include it in the show notes, but what is it?

Kathy Mingo: [01:02:14] www.kathymingo.com. And I’ve got a thing called Consciousness TV, which I’m just trying to… It shows people, A) how to see Aura, which is really easy. To teach someone to see it is, if you can take the mind out of the equation, which is, I think the biggest problem for a lot of communication is the pesky mind, if you can take that out, seeing aura, I can teach you to do that on the TV show.

I’m also doing a ghost hunt things. My personal, I suppose my cheeky little habit is paranormal investigations. So that’s what I’m doing. I’ve got my first one on November 9th, and we’ve got the technology, we’ve got the Ovilus, we’ve got a doll that has EMS static and her eyes go blue when a spirit comes. So it’s fun, that’s my downtime. I go to ghost places and do that.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:03:14] That is so cool. That is so awesome. So again folks, it’s been great spending this time with Kathy Mingo. We’ve told you how to check out her website and please do that.

Kathy, just thanks so much for joining me and doing this demonstration as well.

Kathy Mingo: [01:03:31] Well, I hope it was alright. It wasn’t how I normally do it, so I apologize.  

Alex Tsakiris: [01:03:35] No, no, no apologies, it was great. And again, thanks so much.

Kathy Mingo: [01:03:42] Okay. Thanks Alex. Thank you everyone.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:03:45] Thanks again to Kathy Mingo for joining me today on Skeptiko. Wow, what a fantastic interview. We’ve interviewed on this show, of course, many, many fantastic scholars, academics, researchers, but for the pound-for-pound quality information about, at least giving us a direction to look at some of these deeper questions, can you beat that? Just pretty amazing in a very short period of time.

One question I’d tee up from this interview and that is, what do you make of auras? Do you think the aura thing is real? And what is the relationship between auras and healing, if we can speculate about that? So let me know your thoughts to that question.

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 I have a number of shows coming up. I have some great ones already in the can that I can’t wait to get out to you. Even doing the show every week and I still can’t stop getting more and more content. Content glut, isn’t there? Aren’t you like me, don’t you find that there’s so many more shows to listen to than you can get around to. So, you’re going to have to pick and choose but we all pick and choose, you can pick the shows that you want to listen to and hopefully I can offer you something that adds to your knowledge base.

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