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Isaac Weishaupt is a bestselling author on Amazon, but are his conspiracy theories are dangerous?


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Audio Clip: [00:00:00] Remove the subjects clothes ( Screaming ) Let us stare upon his baby skin

Alex Tsakiris: [00:00:14 ] That’s Will Ferrell yucking it up with a mock satanic ritual on true TV, buck because there is no such thing as consciousness, extended consciousness spirits, God, angels, demons, none of that stuff has any reality. Well, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Here’s a clip from my interview with today’s guest, Isaac Weishaupt.

Isaac Weishaupt: [00:00:43] I’m saying that when you understand how these people think, they believe that there’s a sort of ceremonial ritual magic they can conduct where they can literally transform the world and this goes back, we could finish our thoughts on who the Illuminati was. There was conspiracy theories back in the late 1700s, that the Illuminati was behind the French Revolution.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:01:09] Welcome to Skeptiko, where we explore controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers, thinkers, and their critics, I’m your host, Alex Tsakiris. Today, we welcome Isaac Weishaupt to Skeptiko. Isaac is the author of several actually many high ranking books on Amazon, if you are watching a YouTube on this, you can see me pulling them up and they kind of stream past really quick, but he’s done a lot and some of them have gotten up there in the kind of 5% realm on Amazon, which is pretty hard to do. And he’s also the host and creator of conspiracy theories in unpopular culture, a podcast that I’m sure all Skeptico listeners are subscribed to, I say that kiddingly because one of the real reasons I wanted to have Isaac on the show today is because, you know, we did an episode on his show, he was nice enough to invite me on and we had really I a thought a great talk about why evil matters and he had some good perspectives on that. And I just kept thinking, you know, one of the things I feel like, it is difficult for me with Skeptiko is I’ve been doing it for so long. And I know I have this base of not only listeners because it’s not about listeners, it’s about us all kind of growing in this information together. But I have this base of interviews and knowledge that I’ve gained, whose origin is in science, like sci, you know and like, near death experience and like parapsychology researchers and Rupert Sheldrake, Dean Radin and all those people I super respect. And people I still interview like, I have an interview in the hopper with Dr. Steven Braude, who anyone is in a psychology community knows. But if you’ve been following the show, you know that I’ve also been headed down the conspiracy path. And, as I’ve said several times, I didn’t choose that it chose me. Because ultimately, my finding in this show is that science as we know it, scientism? The idea that you’re a biological robot in a meaningless universe, is a fucking conspiracy. It’s not accidental. It’s best understood as a conspiracy. And that opened me up to guys like Isaac, who have been coming at this conspiracy thing for a long time, going hard, and really, really digging up some important information that, you know, if I was to run across Isaac’s books, and his podcast five years ago, I would have just dismissed it as all crazy stuff. Now I look at it, I read it, and it looks like we’re gonna talk about this because I just told him yesterday, it looks like truth. It looks like much closer to truth than the stuff I was conditioned to believe. So long intro but I think it’s necessary, hopefully, for anyone who’s listening who kind of needed that. But also, I think I’m hoping that that might help Isaac understand what I’m hoping to do in this show, and why I want him to give us kind of a teaspoon at a time introduction to his world and Illuminati and what that really means, if you can kind of get past that, Oh my God, you know, this is crazy conspiracy. So what does that really mean? What does Illuminati really mean? All the symbolism that we see around in pop culture and you know, so overblown up right now? What does that really mean? What is, What is Jay Z rapping with Abramovich? What’s that? What’s that really all about? What’s all that stuff really mean? That’s Isaac’s home court man and he’s gonna bring us there. And hopefully he’ll be that bridge from sci, which he doesn’t even know what the fuck sci is, to… all that stuff that he’s all about. Does that sound okay, man?

Isaac Weishaupt: [00:05:51 ] Oh, dude yes, absolutely. I first off, thank you, I appreciate the kind words and allowing me to be on your show. My, as you alluded to my forte , my show my subject matter, I try to keep it a bit more low brow. So hopefully we can kind of learn from each other today a little bit. I don’t know what the fuck sci means but I’m about to find out today. But I do think that there’s, it’s curious to me because my journey down this path, roughly 10 years of me getting really deep into this stuff, looking at symbolism and saying, you know, why are these celebrities doing these symbols? And why do these movies keep telling us the same stories over and over and a lot of folks have gone that far down the rabbit hole, because, you know, I’ve talked to like, normal people that aren’t on the, in the truth or community right and most people are familiar with these ideas. But this year, in the last 12 months I should say, there’s been this, they call it the Great Awakening. There’s been this renewed interest in this because it went from talking about this stuff as a theory to Holy Crap, this might be real and to me, it’s very unnerving. And I gotta apologize in advance you caught me on a, in a very shook mood right now. I’m very triggered.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:07:23] Totally, no I get you.

Isaac Weishaupt: [00:07:23] I mean, the monumental thing that happened at the Capitol building there. I mean, I don’t know if, I guess it’s because I’ve been like, I went deep down the rabbit hole on The Great Reset because I’m not a geopolitical guy, I don’t really get into that.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:07:42 ] Hold up, hold up. Because The Great Reset is something we are gonna really have to deconstruct for, my audience, for me, for me, for me, for me, because you’ve done some phenomenal stuff on it but we have to teaspoon at a time. And I get that we’re recording this, you know, the day after the Capitol thing, which is the ultimate theater, I don’t know. I don’t know how to feel about it but it is the ultimate, it’s the ultimate theater, you know and it’s like, somebody really close to me and my family came down and said, Oh my God, you know, people died, you know and stuff like that. Do you know how many people die every day from suicide, related to the stress of a very suspect, kind of circumstances that have been placed on us with a certain viral infection that has, I mean, we this last 12 months has been extremely strange and a lot of people have been triggered ,a lot of people have died, a lot of strange things have occurred. And I think that people who are just especially over the top triggered by what happened yesterday, are, in my mind, not seeing the bigger theater picture. But there I go man, I’m jumping into that debate, I don’t want to not debate that discussion and I don’t want to have it. I tell you what I want to start with, because when I was on your show, I told you something that is just really true , like I read the introduction to your book on the Illuminati.

And if you can recapture that for people and tell people about what the Illuminati is in just kind of simple terms. Because I think it’s very, very useful. It’s a real thing. People need it as kind of a launching point to understanding of the reality in history, and then how it gets pulled and re-framed in one direction and how it it’s it’s all these different things that we think it is, it is exaggerated by one side, but there is an ultimate reality to it, too. That’s very strange and very dark. Can we start there? Do you feel comfortable just Kind of doing the Illuminati thing?

Isaac Weishaupt: [00:10:02 ] For sure man yeah, absolutely. The curious thing, Okay so we talked about the Illuminati and we look at it from the sort of, like 50,000 foot view, and here’s where it gets a little dicey because different theorists described it as different things. To me when I talk about the Illuminati, that I’m referring to sort of like the YouTube definition of it, where you’ve got this long line of thought leaders that are employing dark arts, using occult forces using symbolism, using knowledge of how the mind works, knowledge of consciousness, otherworldly entities, I mean, you throw it all together in a blender. And this is what I would argue the Illuminati is. Then you’ve got like your textbook definition, which goes back to Adam Weishaupt which I’ve read the caveat every time I’m going to shows for the first time I have to make sure I tell people that’s not my real name, Isaac Weishaupt is not my real name at all. It was a terribly foolish pseudonym I chose many years ago, and it stuck and unfortunately that’s now something I have to explain everywhere I go.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:11:22] Not terrible at all, explain Weishaupt

Isaac Weishaupt: [00:11:25] So Weishaupt’s the, well I chose it because my blog started out, it’s got Illuminati and I got invited to do a radio show back in like, 2011 and I was kind of like, you know, I’m just a dude going, I was taking a break before I started grad school and did a blog and I thought, what the heck am I gonna call it? What am I gonna call my name? I not going to use my real name, because this is like, at the time, it was like, this is really bonkers territory, you know and I just chose the I in the W out of there and when with Isaac Weishaupt, because I thought it was clever. But you know, people roast me on that incessantly. I mean, I must get a question every day on social media about,from some new, you know, person says, wait a minute, dude you’re related to Adam Weishaupt you know, so yeah, i’m a shill apparently.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:12:15] Again, tell them who Adam Weishaupt is.

Isaac Weishaupt :[00: 12:17] Okay yeah so Adam Weishaupt, is a Jesuit priest who he, or a Jesuit college graduate in Bavaria, back in like Germany right, in 1776, he started the secret society and they had, and much like you see with the goals of the great reset, they have a lot of interesting ideas that seem Noble. And it’s always semantics, right? like,the official like goals of the Illuminati back then were to fight injustice, to facilitate knowledge through science and not just rely on the church to give you the full version of reality because that’s kind of how it was back then. And he employed all the sort of things that you would expect from a secret society, gave people you know, secret names, secret handshakes, and even infiltrated some masonic lodges. And what was curious, a curious connection into my realm of studying pop culture in the occult, he actually would have his higher up initiates separate and sever ties from their friends and family, which is sort of an occult, ritualistic tendency you see with certain events, like, for example, the mask, right, we talk about the masks for about a whole year now. And what they do and free Masonic rituals, they put a hoodwink mask over your eyes, and the idea is you suppress the ego, you suppress the initiates sense of self. And they can sort of create a new environment, which therefore they can sort of be reborn into these new ideas. So Adam Weishaupt would have his initiates separate from friends and family completely, which has been a recurring theme in like every Disney movie, right, like the parents always have to die you know, I went through this in my, I wrote a whole book on Star Wars franchise and like the story is loaded with parental trauma of like you know, like, Luke’s got to kill his own father, I mean, and Darth Vader as a young man, his mother was killed in front of him, you know, it’s like it goes on and on and turns out this is connected into like, secret society stuff but…

Alex Tsakiris: [00:14:37] We’ll pause there for just, let’s pause there for just a second. So we don’t lose anybody. So secret society. I want to really break that down because as our past president, the good old George Bush said, I can’t tell you anything about it, it’s secret and a big old smile on his face, like that wink and a nod thing is always in play, but there’s a reality to it too, so there’s a reality to Skull and Bones. Whatever reality you think it is, that’s George Bush’s secret society, where they actually have video of them performing very dark rituals that, you know, most of us, you could just say, Oh, that’s strange, creepy stuff that people do. So there’s always this kind of wink and nod kind of acknowledgment of it, but at the same time, make light of it. That’s okay you can take either camp you want, what I’m really wanted to nail down for people who are kind of doubtful is, okay, there’s a real history 1776 there’s a real meaning behind it. There’s real people who did it and I would go back even earlier, to 1666 Sabbatai Zevi right, Sabbatai Zevi 1666. This is real history, one 2 million followers. His main thing was, we got to break free of Judaism, which is a cult at the time, it’s like this high rule based kind of wacky religion, you can only do this and he’s like, rebel against that and you know how we should rebel against it, do the opposite. Because look, in our book, you know, this is our book, the Bible, which is all our book. He’s gonna come when everybody’s good, or everybody’s bad and we’ve already tried the good thing that ain’t work. So let’s try the bad thing, redemption through sin. Let’s do the most sinful things, to our children, to other children, to you know, let’s have orgies. Let’s do stuff on the Sabbath, let’s make it secret, let’s lie, let’s deceive, let’s infiltrate, do all the things that are the most evil that we can do, because that’s gonna bring about the Second Coming. I think there’s a direct lineage between the Sabbatiens and then the Frankest, who follow, and you can follow that history and it goes right into Islam. But it’s the same thing. It’s the exact same thing. It’s the, do what thou wilt stuff and it’s the kind of, I can do anything to promote my end goals and I will deceive you with saying it’s one thing or another, and I will infiltrate, and we’ll be secret, and we’ll be all this stuff. So here’s the connection, I’m trying to make anyone who wants to investigate this, these parts are undeniable, the Sabbatarian Frankish to Illuminati stuff, there is a clear line, you just can’t deny it. So you can deny all the rest of this stuff but there’s a certain part of this that you’re talking about that’s just history. And the fact that people are able to dismiss it so easily is part of the fucking thing. What do you think about that? am I stretching that too far?

Isaac Weishaupt: [00: 18:08 ] No, man, you’re 100% dead on because I’ve got I’ve got a stack of like a few books that go through, like the history of the occult, and sort of like major thought leaders of the past, and to me to sort of simplify it because like, I’m no scholar, like, I’m just trying to, like, sort of learn about these ideas, learn about the history of the whole thing and history is, you know, sometimes it’s a little muddled. Sometimes it’s sort of rewritten by the powers that be, of course, but to me, there’s a clear line of the modern day occultist, modern day thought leaders that I would argue, be the ones in this Illuminati that we call them, there’s a clear line from that going all the way back to the secret societies of, you know, ancient Egypt and Greece and Rome and their practices, they were doing sort of the same, the reason I think there’s a clear lineage, because they’re doing sort of the same thing, you go back to Pythagoras, you know, he started one of the first secret societies and he went around synthesizing all these secret teachings in Egypt and, you know, Greece and all there and Mesopotamia, which, you know, fits into a much larger argument I have about the Capitol building as a symbolic event. But anyway, I know it’s a big rabbit hole sort of topic but you go back to the ancient secret societies and these occultists they’ve been practicing different methods and making contact with a higher power, a higher dimension, kind of like, you know, like you seem to believe in, you know, some element of spirituality and I agree that, to me, there seems to be this weird sort of atheistic push to think that oh, you know, we just came from space dust and we’re going to turn into worm food and that’s it ,it’s over, there’s nothing else to it, and I just don’t believe that for many reasons, but the Mystery Schools they all taught their initiates how to make contact with this other dimension, this higher power the divine as they would call it, God, through Apollonian or Dionysian rituals of, you know, sensory deprivation, dance, drugs, you know, drinking alcohol, rhythmic dancing, playing the drums, like you name it, there’s a lot, it’s either you’re depriving the senses, or you’re overloading the senses, and kind of what you alluded to there’s this, and that’s one, theory about this whole thing, why are they doing all of this is to bring about the apocalypse, the great revealing, and the End Times, which, you know, you could argue that, if you look at, for instance, Robert Anton Wilson, who wrote the Illuminatus trilogy, which I didn’t read the whole thing, it’s very confusing for me, like, I’m not a good fiction reader, but I read parts of it and he mentioned that they tried, you know, we’ve tried Capitalism, we’ve tried Communism, we’ve tried Fascism, the only thing left for you know, the Illuminati, the World Octopus, Global Controllers the only thing left for us to try is Anarchism. But try for what exactly? And that’s the big question and like, clearly, I don’t know the answer and it would take a whole lot of people on the inside to reveal that truth. But to me, I think there’s always been a spiritual component to this and I think that continues to be found in like, you alluded to this, this theatrical sort of last 12 months we’ve had, and I’m not saying like, oh, the viruses fake and this is all just, you know, Hollywood special effects, like I’m not saying that. I’m saying that, when you understand how these people think, they believe that there’s a sort of ceremonial ritual magic they can conduct where they can literally transform the world and this goes back, we could finish our thought on who the Illuminati was. There was conspiracy theories back in the late 1700s, that the Illuminati was behind the French Revolution. And the way that the history books teach it is that if the French Revolution blew everyone’s mind, because before that, it was just there was a aristocratic privileged elite bloodlines and royalty and novelty and all that stuff. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, they get overthrown violently and now there’s this egalitarian society and they’re secular principles instilled and there’s now, people have the freedom to do what they want, they have the freedom to accumulate wealth for themselves. And this was also very radical, and it corresponded with the goals of the Illuminati, of the thinkers of the Enlightenment, the Freemasons, and a lot of these sort of like groups you hear about, like the jock of beans, but they all sort of have been saying this kind of stuff and when you look at the Great Reset, that’s essentially what Klaus Schwab is saying from the World Economic Forum, or they’re in Davos, Switzerland.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:23:19] If people are still with us, the one question that might pop up is, why would we associate the Illuminati with all these good things that you’re talking about, Egalitarian society and rights given to the people and overthrowing what is clearly a corrupt system of lineage, you know, power and transfer of power just by your bloodline, or concentrated in some completely corrupt church where there’s 12 year old Cardinal, a 12 year old bishops that are, you know, given all this land and all this power. So how do we how do we sort that out, that like, because in a lot of ways, I think that’s easier for people to understand and accept that there was a need for an Illuminati force, there was a good part of an Illuminati ethos. Even if it comes along with some other stuff that we can talk about, can you help people square that in their mind and possibly bridge that reality?

Isaac Weishaupt: [00: 24:32] First off, I’m going to fail to square their mind with it because that’s something I’ve been trying to do for years. Because I’ve wondered the same exact things I look at all this stuff and I say and ultimately, I’ll give you the sort of like, I’ll give you the the final takeaway first and then explain myself. Ultimately, I think it’s a ruse. I think that all these things are being sort of dangled In front of us, and it’s not going to be the case, I think it’s, I fear that if we go into this idea of what they call The Great Reset the new normal this, this global government that conspiracy theorists have been clamoring about for years and years and years, saying, Oh my god, they’re consolidating power and you know, it’s gonna be bad news for everybody if American democracy fails, and capitalism fails, and we go into this communist sort of globalist government. And, you know, going back to Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan said, like, Well, one way we could get there, because he was he was a globalist, one way we could get there as with an alien presence, we could unite as a globe, because he was planting that seed, but I do think that they would like that, and they’re going to say, look, we need a global government, because we need to sort of divvy out, you know, the, this is what they say they’re like, we got to make sure you don’t eat too much meat, we got to make sure you’re not contributing too much to pollution, because you know, the planets in bad shape and…

Alex Tsakiris: [00:26:03 ] Hold up there tell us who, who they is because you have some real specific stuff, I can’t pin you down, I keep trying to bring it back to the 17th or that French Revolution, you don’t want to go there, you’re chomping at the bit to go to this Great Reset so let’s go

Isaac Weishaupt: [00:26:19 ] Right, right.

Alex Tsakiris: [00: 26:20 ] No no, let’s go there because this has been an important part of your work recently. But you can point people to the documents, you can point people to the modern day groups, what they’ve said and again, if we laid enough of a kind of hint on the table, it sounds very enticing. Of course, you have to control your carbon footprint, my God, the planet is at stake the whole environment, of course, you’re gonna give up your rights a little bit to do that, of course, we have a population control, of course, that you’re not going to have any money because we’ve had to, you know, shut down the whole economy. Well, we’ll give you money, you’re just, chip up and we’ll give you money. Who is this Santa Klaus guy? And who is he really? I mean, who really is he? And why is he so prominent in this story right now? Why is Bill Gates allowed to talk on all these health matters? What’s his credentials? So who is, who are some of the players here, that without us even realizing it, are kind of ushering in this change?

Isaac Weishaupt: [00: 27:34 ] Ultimately, it’s the if you look at the, you know, Klaus Schwab, he runs the World Economic Forum and they are like a major thought leaders in the globalist movement. And they, the World Economic Forum is limited to the top 1000 richest corporations. And that’s why I say it’s a ruse, because I’m always extremely critical of, you know, the corporations, you know, and that they want to say like, this is literally what their argument is, when you read his books and you read through all the documents and stuff. Their argument is, look, people are greedy, and we need to make sure that we divvy out just enough for you to live so that you don’t ruin it for everyone else. And oh, by the way, the people that are going to do this are the greediest corporations that made it to the top of the of the economic system through you know, all the nasty stuff that corporations do you know, cutthroat stuff they do with, you know, sweatshops and slave labor and all that kind of stuff that’s pretty seedy. So they want to say like, Look, you guys are greedy we’re gonna let the greediest people on earth re-divvy out the goods so that you won’t be so greedy, like that’s what they say. And that’s why I’m like man F that, because I’m with you on the sense that like the Illuminati are they bad guys are good guys? Well, like if this is the Illuminati like, I would say they’re bad guys. They have ideas that seem seem fair enough. They seem very common, not common sense that’s the wrong term. They seem, you know? appreciable. Like, well, maybe I don’t think it’s such a bad idea to worry about the earth, you know, worry about how much how much meat we consume, like, because I have concerns about those things, too. I’m by no means a vegan, but like, I try to be cognizant and not just mindlessly eat meat. I appreciate, you know, the animal that gave its life for me, like that kind of stuff. But to see the people that are going to orchestrate it. That’s where I think, Okay, this isn’t good. This is bad. This is everything that these conspiracy theorists have been warning us about for dozens of years. You know what I mean? So I think that, I think, yeah, there’s a lot of concerns to be had, with this Great Reset plan which, by the way on the surface, they’ll flat out tell you The big problem is America, they say America needs to be removed as the global superpower and America needs to be, what do they say something about how Western values need to be brought to their knees something to that effect. And I mean, what do you, what does the world think we’ve been doing the last 12 months, they’ve been testing every single thing, we’ve gotten capitalism, throwing everything at it, to try to shut it down and that’s always been my argument because I don’t believe in QA non and all that stuff. But I think that when we see stuff like what happened at the Capitol Building, I think that’s helping out people like Klaus Schwab, in this world economic forum Great Reset, because what it does is that sends a signal out to the whole world, globally, like, oh, American democracy, this is the thing we’re supposed to model ourselves after the one that regular you know, a bunch of people just walked in and could have done whatever they wanted. I mean, thank goodness they didn’t go violent with it. I mean, a couple people died but like, you know, that could have been a lot worse and I think that sent a lot of weird signals and there’s gonna be a lot of weird rippling effects. And it all supports this Great Reset, because Klaus Schwab has been saying it, America is the problem, we need to bring it down because this is the last sort of bastion of capitalism and democracy. Why you just give it up and join them as global super, you know, dystopia that they want.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:31:34] Okay, you went full bore there on me, full bore. Screw the teaspoon, throw it out the window, get the fire hose, get the fire hose out.

Alex Tsakiris: [00: 1:09:23] Again, if this is the teaspoon, I’m ramping for some people who maybe would at first glance, say these ideas are wacky, and maybe you’re going to be the introduction to the non wackiness of them.

Isaac Weishaupt: [01:09:39 ] Yeah, I find myself in that role oftentimes, I get a lot of people that that reach out to me and you know, I’m very humbled by that but like, they kind of tell me I’m the red pill that sort of snap them out of stuff and I don’t want to look at it like oh, I snapped you out of like a Morpheus or whatever, but like, to me there’s a lot of lot of truth buried in a lot of these ideas that I’m talking about and I like to give examples in entertainment because for me, it’s like Francis Bacon was always professing that you can teach someone better through entertainment, than to directly lecture them. So that’s kind of why I have this sort of niche of tear down entertainment and movies and films and music videos and exploiting the call agenda behind the ideas within them.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:10:26 ] You do a great job, you make it very, I don’t want to say entertaining because that kind of turns it in the wrong way. You just make it very comfortable. it’s enjoyable to listen to you get a great voice.

Isaac Weishaupt : [01:10:40 ] Oh thanks I try, I try you know, and I grew up with like, you know, the Alex Jones and the Bill Cooper’s and I tried to take what I liked from the people that I , David Ike ,I taught they had the things that I like, and incorporate them and I’m learning and constantly trying to perfect it so yeah, thank you. Appreciate that.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:10:57] Thanks again to Isaac for joining me today, I thought was a great conversation. I guess the one question I’d have to tee up from this interview is Illuminati. What do you think? Where do you go? Is it a please unsubscribe river you just can’t cross? Let me know your thoughts of course, I’d love to hear you over on the Skeptiko forum. That’s the best place to reach me. But if you track me down any place else, I’d love to engage with you there as well. I have some really great shows coming up a ton of them in the hopper. I’m almost embarrassed about how far behind I am but I’ll just start spitting them out there and see what happens. Until next time, take care. Bye for now.

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