Exploring the Paranormal: Insights from Joshua Cutchin


Unveiling the Mysteries of the Paranormal: A Deep Dive into Joshua Cutchin’s Skeptiko Interview

In a recent episode of Joshua Cutchin, From Bigfoot to Extended Consciousness |418| on Skeptiko, hosted by Alex Tsakiris, Joshua Cutchin, a renowned researcher and author, delves into the intricate world of paranormal phenomena. This in-depth discussion explores various aspects of the unknown, shedding light on the ongoing debates in the field of paranormal research.

Bigfoot: Flesh-and-Blood Creature or Interdimensional Entity?

Joshua Cutchin’s conversation with Alex Tsakirxis opens up with a discussion on the enigmatic Bigfoot. Cutchin presents various theories about Bigfoot’s existence, ranging from it being an undiscovered species to a creature of an interdimensional nature. This segment highlights the ongoing debate between traditional, materialist interpretations and more esoteric, paranormal explanations of Bigfoot sightings.

Cryptozoology Challenging Mainstream Science

The debate between cryptozoological research and mainstream scientific skepticism forms a significant part of the discussion. Cutchin illustrates how phenomena like Bigfoot footprints are interpreted differently by cryptozoologists compared to mainstream scientists, reflecting the broader conflict between these two worldviews in understanding paranormal events.

Materialism vs. Paranormal Research

The conversation takes a critical turn as Cutchin challenges the materialist perspective dominant in paranormal research. He advocates for a non-materialist approach, suggesting that it might offer a more comprehensive understanding of phenomena like Bigfoot and UFO sightings, which often elude materialist explanations.

Diverse Perspectives in Ufology

Cutchin and Tsakiris also delve into the varied perspectives within ufology. They contrast the “nuts and bolts” approach, which views UFOs as tangible, physical crafts, with theories proposing a more mystical or interdimensional understanding. This part of the interview underscores the complexity and diversity of theories within the field of UFO research.

NDEs and Alien Abductions: Connected Phenomena?

The interview touches upon the intriguing similarities and differences between near-death experiences (NDEs) and alien abductions. Cutchin explores the possibility that these might be different manifestations of the same underlying phenomenon, opening up a fascinating area of debate within paranormal research.

Government Involvement in Paranormal Events

The role of governments and power structures in the context of paranormal events, especially alien abductions and encounters with otherworldly beings, is another critical topic of discussion. Cutchin debates how such events might be used or misinterpreted by governmental bodies, adding a layer of complexity to the understanding of these phenomena.

Extended Consciousness and Altered States

The conversation concludes with a discussion on the influence of extended consciousness and altered states of consciousness in shaping human understanding of the paranormal. Cutchin posits that experiences like NDEs might have played a role in the formation of major religions and spiritual beliefs, highlighting the deep connection between human consciousness and the paranormal.


Joshua Cutchin’s interview on Skeptiko with Alex Tsakiris offers a profound exploration of the paranormal, challenging conventional perspectives and opening new avenues of understanding. The discussion traverses various aspects of the unknown, from Bigfoot to UFOs, and from materialism in paranormal research to the role of extended consciousness, providing a captivating insight into the mysteries of the paranormal world.

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