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Joshua Cutchin, a native of North Carolina, is a renowned author and researcher with a deep interest in forteana. He holds Masters degrees in Music Literature and Journalism from the University of Georgia. Cutchin’s work is characterized by his unique blend of expertise in music, journalism, and the unexplained, making him a distinctive voice in the field of paranormal research.

Before dedicating himself to writing and research full-time in 2015, Cutchin served as the Public Affairs Director of the University of Georgia. His transition to a full-time author and musician was driven by his passion for exploring the unknown and sharing his findings with a broader audience.

Joshua Cutchin’s work often delves into the realms of cryptozoology, UFOlogy, and other unexplained phenomena. His approach to these subjects is both scholarly and accessible, appealing to both academic and general audiences. His books and articles offer insightful perspectives on some of the most intriguing mysteries of our time.

In addition to his writing, Cutchin is also known for his appearances on various paranormal programs, where he discusses his work and theories. His ability to communicate complex ideas in an engaging manner has made him a popular figure in the paranormal community.

Today, Joshua Cutchin continues to contribute significantly to the field of forteana through his writing, research, and public speaking. His dedication to exploring and understanding the unexplained has earned him a respected place among contemporary researchers and authors in the field.

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