Dr. Stephen Braude’s Insightful Take on Parapsychology and Scientific Skepticism

Parapsychology and Its Place in Modern Science: Insights from Dr. Stephen Braude

In a thought-provoking episode of Skeptiko – Dr. Stephen Braude, The Veil of Stupidity |485| hosted by Alex Tsakiris, Dr. Stephen Braude, a renowned parapsychologist, sheds light on the complex relationship between mainstream science and parapsychology. This article delves into the key points of their discussion, highlighting the nuances and controversies that surround this fascinating field.

1. Resistance Within the Scientific Community

Dr. Braude opens up about the often dismissive and even hostile attitude he has encountered from the scientific community towards parapsychology. He shares a personal experience of being shouted down during a presentation at the University of Maryland, reflecting a broader resistance to parapsychological research in mainstream science circles.

2. The Skepticism Conundrum: The “Veil of Stupidity”

The conversation shifts to the skepticism surrounding psi phenomena, such as psychokinesis (PK) and extrasensory perception (ESP). Braude argues that skeptics often fall under a “veil of stupidity,” leading to panic and dismissal rather than objective analysis of these phenomena.

3. Materialism vs. Parapsychology

Braude criticizes the materialist viewpoint in science, which often disregards evidence of phenomena that challenge a purely physicalist interpretation of the universe. This segment of the discussion highlights the ideological conflict between conventional scientific perspectives and parapsychological evidence.

4. Understanding “Schlemazel”: Luck and the Universe

The notion of “schlemazel” – a person seemingly at the mercy of bad luck – is discussed as a valid concept in parapsychological research, yet often ignored by mainstream science. Braude’s insights challenge the conventional understanding of luck and coincidence.

5. Academic Challenges in Psi Research

Dr. Braude and Alex Tsakiris discuss the unique challenges faced by researchers in psi phenomena, particularly the lack of tenure and academic freedom, which restricts the exploration and wider acceptance of controversial topics in academia.

6. Government Interest vs. Academic Stance

The episode touches upon the U.S. government’s interest in psi phenomena, contrasting it with academia’s public stance. Braude expresses his concerns about the suppression of psi research at the federal level, indicating a disconnect between governmental and academic perspectives.

7. Multiple Personalities and the Depth of Consciousness

Braude delves into his work on multiple personality disorders, discussing its implications for our understanding of consciousness. He references studies showing varying brain activities in different dissociative identity states, suggesting a complex relationship between consciousness and physical states.

For more in-depth insights into the world of parapsychology and its ongoing battle with scientific skepticism, listen to the full discussion in the Dr. Stephen Braude, The Veil of Stupidity |485| episode of Skeptiko with Alex Tsakiris.

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