Demolition of the Rational – Gary Lachman

Unraveling the Complexities of Modern Consciousness and Culture: A Skeptiko Podcast Review

In an engaging and thought-provoking episode of the Skeptiko podcast, host Alex Tsakiris delves deep with guest Gary Lachman to explore the ‘Demolition of the Rational‘. This episode, spanning a range of topics from the influence of wokeness in sports to the interplay of occult and politics, offers a rich tapestry of debate and insight.

Wokeness in Sports and Entertainment: A Critical Viewpoint

The episode kicks off with a critical analysis of how ‘wokeness’ is perceived to have transformed sports and entertainment. Focusing on the NBA and NFL, the conversation sheds light on the broader cultural shifts impacting these arenas. The debate underscores the tension between social movements and traditional entertainment values.

Age of Aquarius: Rationality on the Edge

Discussion veers into the realm of the Age of Aquarius, with intriguing insights into phenomena like UFOs, paranormal activities, and the perceived breakdown of rational consciousness. This segment probes the boundaries of mainstream acceptance of such fringe topics and questions the adequacy of our current rational frameworks.

Consciousness and Philosophy: Divergent Perspectives

The podcast navigates through various philosophical perspectives on consciousness, contrasting historic views with contemporary understanding. This exploration highlights the evolving nature of philosophical discourse and its impact on our understanding of consciousness.

Modern Science vs Extended Consciousness

A significant part of the conversation critiques modern science’s approach to extended consciousness and paranormal phenomena. Referencing “Proof of Heaven” by Eben Alexander, the episode delves into the cultural and scientific responses to such unconventional ideas.

Cultural and Scientific Bias: A Critical Examination

The episode also addresses perceived biases in cultural and scientific institutions, especially regarding paranormal and unconventional scientific topics. The discussion extends to platforms like Wikipedia and their representation of such subjects, suggesting a need for more inclusive scientific discourse.

Occult Influences in Politics: The Unseen Hand

The conversation takes a turn to discuss the intersection of occult practices and politics, with a focus on the influence of occult thinking in the era of Trump. This segment unravels the complex web of magical thinking and its covert role in shaping political narratives.

Moral Imperatives in a Rational World

Concluding the episode, the debate centers on the existence of a moral imperative, good and evil, and their relevance in discussions on consciousness and cultural phenomena. This philosophical inquiry probes the ethical dimensions of our collective experiences and beliefs.

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