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Dan Shukis, dressed as a cowboy, showcasing his musical talent by playing an acoustic guitar.Biography

Dan Shukis, originally from the Chicago suburbs, is a notable musician and podcaster with a unique blend of talents and interests. Growing up, Shukis started playing the piano at a young age but didn’t pick up a guitar until he was 24. After studying English Literature at the University of Colorado Boulder, he further honed his musical skills at The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. This led him to start writing original songs, influenced by a wide range of genres including indie alternative, 80’s new wave, house music, and classic rock. His style in Moonstone Quill, a band he co-founded, draws from traditional folk, bluegrass, and country genres.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Dan Shukis is the host of the Cosmic Keys Podcast, an esoteric show that provides weekly astrology forecasts and explores a variety of metaphysical topics. The podcast features in-depth interviews discussing current events, spirituality, and alternative news. Shukis’s approach to these subjects is both educational and spirit-based, providing listeners with a unique perspective in an era often dominated by materialism and superficiality. His work on this platform shows his commitment to delving into alternative voices and stepping into the spiritual underground.

On his podcast, Shukis collaborates with guests from various spiritual, paranormal, and metaphysical communities, reflecting his long-standing interest in these areas. His work in Cosmic Keys, which he initially co-hosted with Scarlet Ravenswood, blends astrology forecasts and tarot readings, offering a holistic view of spirituality and consciousness. Despite challenges and changes, including the departure of his co-host and a move to Colorado, Shukis has continued to evolve the podcast, maintaining its focus on consciousness, spirituality, astrology, and hermeticism while also incorporating discussions on contemporary controversies and conspiracy topics.

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