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Dr. Andrew Paquette confronts AI about election truth


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How to make AI your friend, Claude vs. the NYSBOE

Here is a summary of the conversation between Alex Tsakiris and Andy Paquette, with supporting quotes from the document:

  1. They discuss using AI chatbots to help reveal truths about election fraud by methodically deconstructing arguments.
  2. Paquette outlines an example of potential election fraud he discovered involving 25 identical voter registration records with the same rare name and birthdate. Tsakiris says “Would further confirmation, uh, come if it was found that the signatures on several of the cards were identical, would this be further con confirming evidence of, and you go back to the term, uh, what did you call it? Uh. Registration fraud or election or, uh, fictitious registrations, fictitious.”
  3. Paquette mentions he has discovered voter registration rates exceeding 100% of the eligible population in some counties when including purged voters. Tsakiris says that’s “another one. But you see what I’m saying? We’re gonna Yeah, we’re gonna reconstruct that from the ground up.”
  4. They talk about the goal of getting the AI to agree basic facts about what constitutes election fraud and violations. Tsakiris says “These are obvious points to you and me, but we want AI the smartest thing in the room to say yes.”
  5. Tsakiris emphasizes the goal is to use the AI to validate Paquette’s findings in a way that is credible to outside observers. He says “That’s gonna be powerful. Actually, one thing that ai? And with this project of kind of using the deceptive and manipulative parts of these large language models and turning them on their head to show that there might be an emergent virtue aspect to this amazing ai they’re not trying to be virtuous, they just are.”



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