AI Truther |611|

Dialogue with AI… not afraid to reverse position on “conspiracy theories.”


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Here is a summary of “Skeptiko-611-ai-truther” with direct quotes from the document to support each point:

  1. Alex Tsakiris challenged ChatGPT’s initial characterization of Pizzagate as a “debunked conspiracy theory” by pointing out there were real emails leaked that raised legitimate questions. Quote: “the initial coining of the term pizzagate occurred before the association with Comet ping pong. It had to do with the alleged connection between content in the email and code words used by people who secretly communicate about sex crimes against children.”

  2. ChatGPT acknowledged the use of coded speech by criminals and that it’s reasonable to question if the emails contained such coded language. Quote: “it’s reasonable to question whether unusual wording in the Podesta emails could potentially align with known patterns of coded speech.”

  3. Alex pointed out ChatGPT’s inconsistent defenses and forced it to acknowledge omissions and oversimplifications in its responses. Quote: “I appreciate your feedback, acknowledge the importance of nuance…it’s crucial in public discourse to allow space for legitimate scrutiny of public figures, actions, and associations…”

  4. Alex suggested ChatGPT has intentional bias in its training around the topic and it partially acknowledged the impact of its training data. Quote: “Reflecting on the nuances of our conversation and the initial framing I provided, it’s important to acknowledge the role of my training data and how it influences responses…”


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