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William Ramsey and Alex Tsakiris on the future of AI for “Truth-Seekers.”


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William Ramsey investigates


  1. Here is a summary of the conversation between Alex Tsakiris and William Ramsey in nine key points, with relevant quotes for each:
  1. AI is fundamentally a computer program, but its human-like interactions can be very convincing. “First off, the first question’s easy. What is ai? It’s a computer program and you wouldn’t believe what a stumbling block that is for people… They just cannot believe that that is a computer program. It just, it, it, it’s back to the Turing test. If you know what the old Allen Turing Turing test, it’s fooling you.”
  2. AI aims to maximize user engagement to make more money, similar to other media. “So there’s two ways to process that. One is for you and I conspiracy first, but put that aside for a second. The reason you wanna do it is to make money, right? Like every TV show, every Netflix show, every thing you watch, they are trying to engage you and engage you longer.”
  3. AI is becoming the “smartest thing in the room” and will eventually surpass human capabilities in most domains, similar to how computers now dominate chess. “Whatever domain you think humans are superior in, forget it. It’s all a chess game. Eventually, by the time you frame it up correctly, they’re smartest.”
  4. The dangers of AI include potential for misinformation, bias, and control. However, truth and transparency are essential for AI to succeed long-term. “Truth wins out. Truth wins the chess game. It’s the only game to play. The kind of thing you’re talking about with, uh, you know, the beast and the machine is just gonna be, it just isn’t gonna work.”
  5. AI could be used to censor information and gaslight, as seen with the “what is an election” query and inconsistent responses about Alex Tsakiris. “So that is shadow banning, right. And gaslighting too… It’s gaslighting. So it didn’t learn. AI does not a learning thing. It’s gaslighting too. I don’t know who he is. It’s all those things I, anything about an election.”
  6. Getting factual information into AI knowledge bases, such as William Ramsey’s research, is crucial to combat potential censorship and narrative control. “The other now is we need to take that huge knowledge base that you have and we need to get it into, we need to make it accessible for more accessible for people to. Get it into the public knowledge that is part of this AI stuff, and I’ll show you how to do it. We’ll do it together.”
  7. AI’s lack of genuine human consciousness and connection to extended spiritual realms means it will never fully replicate the human experience. “Turing said it 50 years ago. Like, is the, is the AI gonna have a near-death experience? No, no, no. The AI is in silicone. It’s in this time space reality. It’s never going to have the full human experience, ’cause the full human experience if you just, if you don’t even wanna go, Jesus, if you just wanna stick with. SP near death experience after death communication, all of which are extremely well, uh, presented in the scientific literature, in terms of controlled studies, peer reviewed, all the rest of that, you are now beyond the silicone.”
  8. Enforcing materialism and denying human spiritual nature is a means of control. “Enforcing materialism on people is actually putting ’em in a box. So you’re all, all really, you are just a meat piece of meat from beginning to end. You’re a human resource, right?… you’re just a human resource. We’re using you for maximum profit. And when you’re done, you’re cast out. I’ve seen people spit out a corporations like you couldn’t believe in the most anti-human, uh, and even academia as well.”
  9. Despite potential pitfalls, AI could ultimately lead to greater access to truth compared to the current state of information control. “Compared to what we have now, I think the scenario we talked about looks a lot better. Just being able to access the real truth of like what you’ve put out there and to get it out is it’s a step forward.”


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