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William Peters: Expert in Shared Death Experiences

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William Peters is a renowned figure in the field of near-death and shared death experiences. He is the founder of the Shared Crossing Project and a leader in researching and educating people about shared death experiences (SDEs). His work in this area has significantly contributed to the understanding of consciousness and the continuation of life after physical death.

Peters’ journey into exploring shared death experiences began with his own personal experiences. He had his first SDE as a volunteer at a hospice, which profoundly impacted his view of life and death. This experience led him to delve deeper into the phenomena, eventually establishing the Shared Crossing Project, which aims to raise awareness and provide education on SDEs.

As an author and speaker, Peters has shared his insights and research findings with a wide audience. He is known for his ability to explain complex spiritual experiences in a relatable and understandable manner, bridging the gap between the scientific and the mystical aspects of death and dying.

William Peters holds a master’s degree in education from Harvard and a master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. His academic background, combined with his personal experiences, makes him a unique voice in the field of consciousness studies.

Through his work, Peters has not only provided comfort and understanding to those who have experienced SDEs but has also opened a dialogue about the nature of consciousness and its continuity beyond physical existence.

Books by William Peters

William Peters has authored influential works on shared death experiences, contributing significantly to the literature in this field. His books offer deep insights into the nature of these profound experiences.

Podcast Appearances

William Peters has been featured in an episode of the Skeptiko podcast, discussing his research and insights into shared death experiences:


    William Peters’ work in the realm of shared death experiences has opened new perspectives on the continuity of consciousness and the spiritual aspects of death. His contributions as a researcher and educator continue to enlighten and comfort many around the world.