Richard Syrett, COVID Spiritual Warfare |521|


Richard Syrett contemplates a metaphysical connection behind COVID-19.


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[00:00:00] Speaker 1: As long as there are those that remember what was and will always be those that are unable to accept what can be?

[00:00:08] Speaker 2: Yep, we’re all kinds of stubborn.

[00:00:09] Speaker 1: I’m thankful I will shred this universe down to its last item.

[00:00:16] Alex Tsakiris: Never been much of a fan of the Avenger movies, probably because I’ve never been much of a fan of the apocalyptic end game final battle. But I have to tell you, as these things pile up more and more, and especially as I talk to people who I really respect, like today’s guest, the outstanding alternative media journalist Richard Syrett. Well, when people like Richard start heading in that direction, I do take notice.

[00:00:44] Richard Syrett: She said, COVID has opened a window for us and presents us with all of these opportunities to do the things that we should, that we want to do in terms of this, again, is very radical, progressive, collectivist agenda.

[00:01:00] Alex Tsakiris: That doesn’t get us all the way there. We get the radical progressive; we get the collectivist there’s something more I have a sense that there’s something more that there is something evil behind this.

[00:01:13] Richard Syrett: Yeah, there has to be a spiritual element. You’re right. I guess in the fog of war in the midst of battle when I’m dealing with the efficacy of masks and the latest study that comes out or the latest peer reviewed study on Ivermectin or a core challenge on vaccine passports or a woman who’s pregnant and is getting fired because she refuses the vaccine. These little kind of the ground war. What is behind this thirst for control? \I mean, if you get down to the bedrock, ultimately, it is, it spiritual warfare we’re dealing with here.

[00:01:54] Alex Tsakiris: I wonder, do you have any thoughts specifically about whether there has this been this huge swing of the occult in the satanic in the do what thou wilt culture, the Luciferian culture? Is the timing of that for you, in any way, connected related potentially linked to what we’re seeing here? Or is that a stretch?

[00:02:21] Richard Syrett: No, I don’t think it’s a stretch. I think this is we’re getting down to near maybe the final chess moves. I don’t know how far we are to the end of the game, you know, game over, but it feels to me. Like we’re getting down to the final chess moves where these dark forces are having, everything seems to be going their way,

[00:02:43] Alex Tsakiris: Stick around. You’ll hear that I do come in off the ledge at the end. Here’s my interview with Richard Syrett. Welcome to Skeptiko, where we explore contrast to science and spirituality, with leading researchers, thinkers, and their critics. I’m your host, Alex Tsakiris. And today, I’m very excited to welcome Richard Syrett to Skeptiko. Richard is always absolutely one of the top alternative media journalists that we have. And he is really held that honor for quite some time. I don’t want to kind of make him out to be or putting him out to pass or anything cuz he’s still doing absolutely terrific work. You might know him from his frequent guest appearances on Coast to Coast where he’s a guest host. Or like me, you might be totally hooked to his excellent podcast, Conspiracy Unlimited. And yes, I have pilfered more than one or two guests from Richard’s excellent lineup of interviews. If you live in Canada, you might be tuning into him on his syndicated radio show, which he was just telling me a minute ago that he just wrapped up. So this is going to be a real treat for me. And I just mentioned to Richard. You know, whenever I hear him, I always feel there’s a lot more to the story that he’s holding back. He’s a journalist, he lets his guests do the talking, unlike me sometimes. But I want to know what this guy thinks. I want to know what he thinks is the state of this alternative media explosion that we’re in the middle of, but we’re not quite sure to make what we’re in the middle of. Richard, thank you so much for joining me and welcome.

[00:04:35] Richard Syrett: Hey, Alex, thank you for that wonderful introduction.

[00:04:39] Alex Tsakiris: Well, it’s just the truth that makes it easy when you’re just telling the truth, but I give a very brief sketch of your bio. What else should people know? You’ve done so much you’ve done TV shows you’ve done media appearances on TV, multiple radio appearances, fill in the details for people of your work.

[00:05:05] Richard Syrett: My latest project is an afternoon drive show on a radio station that serves the Greater Toronto Area. It’s called saga 960. And it airs weekdays from 4 to 6pm. Eastern. And it’s quite a departure from anything I’ve done really since I was producing talk radio in the early to mid-90s. It’s more of a straight ahead politics, opinion, newsmaker type show, very fast paced, and I offer my opinions. We talk about the culture war we talk about COVID obviously, I mean, the lockdowns, the vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, this is really the issue of our lifetime. So but I continue to do my Sunday night show the syndicated program, that conspiracy show you mentioned and that has about 40 affiliates across North America. My podcast Conspiracy Unlimited. I’m writing a newsletter. I publish a newsletter once a month called Inner Sanctum and people can subscribe at So that combined with two teenage boys about to turn 15, keeps me hopping.

[00:06:29] Alex Tsakiris: Yeah, but it does. One of the things that I think it’s interesting about your syndicated radio show saga 960, right, saga 960?

[00:06:39] Richard Syrett: That’s the radio station. That one’s not syndicated. That’s just in the Greater Toronto Area. My syndicated show is Sunday nights. And that’s the conspiracy show. And that’s [unclear 6:48] radio.

[00:06:50] Alex Tsakiris: Yeah, great. And its kind of interesting to me, I mean, conspiracy has gone mainstream. And I think in so many ways, the topics that you’re talking about, you’re saying it’s a straight ahead show. And yet, I’m sure you’re bringing a lot of this material that would normally be considered conspiratorial or not normally, but 10 years ago, certainly 20 years ago, it would have been very, very conspiratorial.

[00:07:17] Richard Syrett: That’s so true. I mean, for me, personally, and I never considered it really alternative media, because I’ve always been fortunate enough to do, I guess what you would call alternative information within a mainstream media setting. I’ve always worked at major market, radio stations delivering this kind of content, the conspiracy show airs on a 50,000 watt AM station, it has the largest broadcast footprint of any station in North America, that the station is primarily music oriented. However, I have, kind of an island of talk on Sunday nights. And the show I’m doing now on saga 960 is for the most part, it’s a much smaller station, but it is considered mainstream, I suppose, I suppose. But what I’m bringing into it, I suppose, yeah, there is a bit of a convergence between what was considered alternative or conspiracy and that is, I won’t bore you with how that has become such a loaded term. That’s what’s happening right now we are seeing a convergence thing I was talking about 20 years ago. And I’m not, I don’t consider myself to be a conspiracy theorist. It’s always been a case by case basis. Let’s follow the rules of evidence. Some of these things are non-falsifiable. And so, ultimately, there’s no resolution, other things, I think, based on the evidence, warrant further examination investigation, but I never bought in wholeness bolus into the idea of the Illuminati or some secret society that is trying to rule the world, like the Freemasons. I mean, for crying out loud, these people can’t even organize a parade, the Freemasons anymore, I never bought into the idea that they’re trying to rule the planet. So I was always conflicted by much of it, but my role was to prove to provide a respectful platform for people to come on and talk about their research.

[00:09:43] Alex Tsakiris: So, I think you go a lot deeper than that. I mean, then almost seems it may take of it. Let me throw out another term that maybe will turn us pivot us in a different direction. Okay, conspirator attainment. There’s both, you know, a positive aspect to that and A negative aspect to that, I don’t know what to make of it. Joe Rogan is probably one of the most influential media people of our day. I mean, more viewers slash listeners than anyone on CNN or MSNBC, or any of those things, highly influential, has this conspiratorial edge. But at the same time, when he gets on there with Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo, it’s very conspiratorial, it’s ha-ha-ha, flat earth, it’s kind of covering all these things in a way that’s tremendous to package it towards entertainment, it has to go that way as it goes mainstream. But you’ve always come at it from my perspective, from a different angle you’ve come at it with Who can I get on the show who has written a solid book, or has a solid background, better research, and kind of tackling it straight ahead. So do you think that this conspire attainment flavor that we’re adding to it might be one of those things that’s designed to divide this community, because certainly, that’s my view of like Flat Earth, for example, and you can’t do this stuff and not run into flat earthier. And they come across as being super genuine, like, “Hey, you haven’t done the research, it’s real kind of thing.” I just can’t help I just tense up and I go, do you know how this looks to anyone, quote unquote, from the outside any of the normies, if you will? They’ve immediately cut our group in half. And they’ve said or elite put up a dividing line and say, there are actually wacky people out there who believe in Flat Earth, so we can take that whole group. And just, that’s one way we can divide them right there. What do you think about any of that?

[00:12:02] Richard Syrett: There’s some truth to that, for sure. Those that are trying to label somebody or discredit somebody by using that term. If it’s not flat earth, they’ll find something else, whether it’s Bigfoot, or whether it’s UFOs. Or the Illuminati. It doesn’t, you know, pick your poison. But you’re right there is a certain element of that, and have I fallen prey to that maybe I have, maybe I have, maybe I have created some of that division. And maybe that is part conspiracy entertainment.

[00:12:44] Alex Tsakiris: Well, what do you think, if you have, how have you through confession? Where do you think you’ve gone with it? Well,

[00:12:49] Richard Syrett: I’ve had flat earthier on, I’ve had them on Coast to Coast, I’ve had them on my radio show, my syndicated radio show, I tried to arrange for debates, but you can’t do that. Right, you’re not going to do that you’re not going to accomplish that you’re not going to get someone to come on and debate a flat earther. I mean, I’ve tried, and I’m not saying it’s impossible, that there isn’t someone out there willing to do that. And in many instances, you know, the people that call into the program, sort of serve that purpose. And I tried to provide some pushback.

[00:13:25] Alex Tsakiris: I want to be clear, I don’t think we should not talk to anyone, or canceled culture verboten to talk about anything, anything, I think that’s what this, that is at the core value of this alternative media kind of ethos, but I guess we’re, I think, we have to kind of draw the line a little bit, is just in terms of having some standard by which we would understand or cast doubt, or kind of resolve these things. And in a way that doesn’t kind of that it’s the relativism thing, just because we’re gonna talk about Flat Earth, does it mean it’s on the same level as another guy who’s going to come on and talk about a peer review paper that was published in 2015, that shows that Fauci was bioengineer part of the team that was bio engineering, you know, COVID, and the guy says, and here’s the research, here’s where you can get it, versus somebody who’s just kind of has an idea about the theory of everything kind of level idea.

[00:14:38] Richard Syrett: Well, I think you’re spot on there. I mean, I think I’m not apologizing for my program. But I think, over the period of 20 years, there has been an evolution and when I first got into this whole field, and I didn’t really think much about UFOs, I’ve never seen a UFO. I didn’t About Bigfoot. I was trying to build an audience. I was trying to find a niche that wasn’t being serviced in the market. And I kind of fell into it. It kind of started dribs and drabs on my show, and then eventually took over. And so I think it’s evolved since then. But I think what I’m doing now is on saga 960, I think is closer to what you’re talking about, where I’m bringing on people who will talk about peer reviewed studies when we’re talking about COVID. And, let’s say the effectiveness of early treatments like hydroxyl, or Ivermectin, these types of things I speak with, I spoke with the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, all of these people. I mean, that’s really what I’m interested in right now. And I am somewhat conflicted by what I’m doing on Sunday nights in the midst of all of this stuff that’s going on, like, do I really want to spend two hours talking about or an hour talking about a Bigfoot or, or UFOs? Not that that’s not interesting, and that people want to hear that. But truly,

[00:16:20] Alex Tsakiris: Please don’t stop. Please don’t stop!

[00:16:24] Richard Syrett: We do need a diversion. It’s you know,

[00:16:26] Alex Tsakiris: I don’t think it’s a diversion though, Richard. I mean, like your work in the ET, UFO kind of abduction thing. And it’s hard to know exactly where you come down on that. But like, one thing, I really appreciate it like one of your shows recently on Conspiracy Unlimited, it’s a few episodes back, but it was the guys who wrote the book on the sons and daughters of Roswell. And I thought it was a great reminder where these researchers, we think Roswell, you know that they’re all dead? Well, most of them are dead, but their sons and daughters who can tell you directly how they were threatened, but threat of death if they spoke of this, and we’ve heard those accounts before, but I think like, here’s what I think you bring into focus when you bring in the ET thing, because you have covered it so long. I see so many people that are falling for a tip [unclear 17:25], the documents weren’t classified. This from a CIA spy who’s trained to lie. The whole thing seems fabric. I’ve been interviewed Leslie Kane, and Ralph Blumenthal, we really respect and like both of them, but they’re the ones who originally broke the story in the New York Times. And it’s like, “How are you guys falling for this? Are you forgetting how they’ve lied to us for 60 years? And now they’re trying to draw our attention to, Oh, no, it’s all right now on these videos we just discovered from a few years ago.” I think we need a steady hand on the wheel there to remind us a little bit of this history. And I feel like when you cover this topic, you bring that just naturally to it.

[00:18:18] Richard Syrett: Thank you, I appreciate that. I mean, I’m not saying it’s not important, but right now, especially what’s happening here in Ontario, with vaccine passports and we have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that as Robin Williams used to quip regarding, we had a line about the Magna Carta being written on an Etch a Sketch. I mean, we are, it is so all consuming now. I mean, this stuff literally keeps me up at night. As I say, I have 14-year-old boys I’m, I mean, we are on a knife’s edge up here. And so it is just, it takes all of my focus and all of my energy. I mean, I would love to go back to the days when I could talk about I call it the stuff where nobody gets hurt. And now I know with the whole UFO, ET issue there. I mean, there are layers there and when you talk about Roswell and people being threatened, obviously there’s a lot at stake here, but what I’m talking about now on, …

[00:19:23] Alex Tsakiris: But how is there not more at stake with ET than with COVID, ET Trumps that a 10 times over how is it more important than the spirituality? You know, transhumanism a Satanist is a cult thing. Do what thou wilt culture that you talk about all the time. If anything, they’re completely what I want to know is to what extent are they intertwined? Because if I try and understand COVID separately from any of that stuff, I’m lost. I’m lost, because I got one guy saying, this one guy saying that if I don’t try and understand it inside of that context, I can’t get there.

[00:20:05] Richard Syrett: Right? Well, maybe I’m more of a linear thinker, I right now what I’m feeling or what I’m facing, or what we’re facing here in Ontario, or the immediate threat is, okay, so they’re about to introduce or they did on the 22nd vaccine passport. Which means, okay, for now, you just can’t get into a restaurant and a gym and a sporting event. Okay, big deal. We can manage. We don’t need to go to restaurants. But the next step is introducing, a digital form of that passport. What can they do on the back end to that, to connect to PayPal to connect to your banking information. And I see where this is going. And it’s happening at like warp speed. So I have to contend with that, right now. And that’s an interesting point, how does this intersect with the whole UFO, ET issue?

[00:21:02] Alex Tsakiris: In particular, how does it intersect with the evil issue? I mean, it’s funny, I just did a couple of interviews on with a guy from Google, who’s very high up in Google, and is well entrenched in the AI thing. And we talked about the demonetization in the controller reluctantly, he kind of went there, very nice of him to kind of address these things that you never hear about. And then I talked to a guy who’s a PhD in quantum computing, we talked about, where is this AI stuff going? Where is the transhumanism going? And to me, the point of all that stuff is, we don’t really care what Google is doing. What we care about is, are they evil? Is what’s behind that. Essentially, satanic evil, crap, wait, because if it’s just some guy who’s just trying to do the right thing, that’s we can process that one way. But if it is, like we suspect, truly, truly driven by some evil forces that are beyond this realm, which I think the evidence is quite substantial, and I come at it differently than you do that evidence. But I think that evidence for the extended consciousness realm, playing a role in our world here is just overwhelming. So that’s what I want to know.

[00:22:27] Richard Syrett: Well, I’ve always, for me, personally, and I don’t always talk about it on the air. But people I have enough that people I think, understand I’ve always put the UFO, ET issue through my faith filter from a biblical perspective. And I do see it as more of an interdimensional angelic realm, type of intervention that we’re seeing here. And I think the same applies to the bigger picture what we’re seeing with COVID, and this attempt to control and coerce, …

[00:23:05] Alex Tsakiris: And mask and even to mask seems, because the mask science to me in some way is kind of an interesting window into this, because at this point, we have firmly established scientifically, that masks just don’t make any difference. They work in the lab, but over and over again,

[00:23:22] Richard Syrett: Actually did studies on this like 100 years ago and came up with the same.

[00:23:27] Alex Tsakiris: Isn’t it intriguing, though, that they want everyone to wear a mask? I just think that’s I’m not into that. I’m not super into that zymology stuff, because I think it can get wacky, but it does seem occulted in so many ways, and I know you’ve covered this many times.

[00:23:43] Richard Syrett: Well, in a more basic level, your rights and it’s let’s see if how far we can get them to comply. So we’ll get them to wear one mask, and then we can get them to wear two masks. And then maybe we can get them to wear three masks. And then let’s see if we can get their two year olds to wear masks outside while they’re alone on a swing. And then let’s see how they react when we tell them that they have to have a vaccine, otherwise they’ll lose their job. And yeah, it’s the in terms of the occult. I don’t remember doing anything on that specifically, I may have I’m sure there is an occult connection to that. I mean, what do you think that connection is in terms of masks specifically?

[00:24:30] Alex Tsakiris: You can take it a lot of different levels where people have, but from a very surface level, it’s, it’s a hiding, it’s a hiding of who I am, it’s a deception. And I think that at its core, that is the satanic do what thou wilt ethos, and again, I’m not a Christian, so I don’t process it exactly the same way that you do. But at the end of the day, it’s probably pretty close. I mean, there seems to be this dark force. Dark energy that keeps hitting us with the same things over and over again. And some of those things are just right there are deception, control, hidden, all those things that and people who are more into the zymology, which I don’t like to go there necessarily because it gets pretty wacky pretty soon. Mask fits perfectly with that in so many ways.

[00:25:22] Richard Syrett: Sure. Yeah, there is definitely, when you’re talking about something hidden, there is just a lack of transparency. And I guess the root of a cold is cold. I see this denial. We have something up here in Ontario called the Ontario science table. It’s supposed to be a volunteer group of physicians and health, public health officials and so forth who are really this quasi unelected government that we have in Ontario. They play the tune and the premier dances. I mean, he actually said out loud, it would be political suicide to go against them. I mean, that was supposed to be an inside thought. But he actually said it out loud. If I were to go against these unelected people that have no accountability, we don’t even know their names, most of us, his political career would be over what’s quite an admission quite a stark thing to say out loud. But there is this cultish behavior. I mean, when you confront someone with you mentioned masks, you know, 14 randomized, controlled trials all show, no efficacy, and what do they hold up in response to hairdressers in Utah. That’s their operational other cohort study, right? That’s the one that they point to suddenly, that’s the gold standard two hairdressers in Utah that had 72 customers. And so just pay attention to that one and not these, or there was actually on the news today. Former the Public Health Commissioner for Baltimore, she now works in the emergency room, a physician at George Washington University Hospital, and she again, she said out loud, that I’m because she’s vaccinated, she has to be careful around her unvaccinated child, admitting that this is where the spread is coming from. And you see all of these cracks now. Whether it’s Israel, what are they up to fourth jab. In another six months, if you don’t have your fifth jab, your green pass will expire. It’s like this vaccine caste system that I predicted would happen. But when you talk about the vaccinated now or spreading it to the unvaccinated, and there’s no scientific epidemiological reason to segregate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated with these vaccine passports. And you show them the data and so forth. You just get a glazed look. And you get this avatar response. No, like you’re playing in a computer game, you must get vaccinated. Yep. But I just explained, I just showed you the data, it doesn’t matter. It’s like you’re playing against a brick wall. To me, that’s a cult. And we can’t deprogram all of these people. There’s not time. I mean, it almost leads one to despair at this point where it’s like this zombie apocalypse.

[00:28:31] Alex Tsakiris: I think things down here in the States are a little bit different. And I think although, you know, this is a worldwide thing, which is also curious to me. I mean, the extent to which the message was kind of simultaneously spread and implemented, speaks to, you know, a power and a force behind this thing that just we couldn’t have anticipated. But there’s a lot of pushback down here. And some of the science is making its way through. You seem to be very in tune with the science. Do you think science has a chance here?

[00:29:12] Richard Syrett: Yeah, I keep seeing, as I say, cracks in the dam and I don’t know how many cracks it’s going to take for the dam to burst, it should have burst a long time ago. Now, I know there’s places like Florida and Tennessee and Texas in particular that are resisting, pushing back. I think there is something like 24 states now that are opposed to these vaccine mandates and are going to sue the federal government. I mean, I look at what’s happening in Romania. We had 70,000 people gathering in the city square and had to shut down all of their vaccine centers. Because 70% of the people saying we’re not taking it. I wish we had that fighting spirit up here in Canada, we do not sadly and that also can lead to despair. I mean I’m constantly that’s the real monster under the bed right now. Alex it’s not a Bigfoot or a Grey Alien for me, it’s despair.

[00:30:23] Alex Tsakiris: It’s also I think what you’re saying is very interesting I hadn’t considered that it’s your countrymen it’s your sense of community and the sense that they’re not with you and I kind of get that. I live down here in San Diego, California which everyone would think you know oh my god you’re in California Forget it. Now San Diego is kind of fought back and as kind of claim their spot I don’t wear a mask you don’t have to wear a mask anywhere. The vaccine thing is just a complete non-issue down here but my spirits are lifted by the fact that I feel like the people that I do see at least you know a good percentage of them are kind of cluing in and I get where you’re coming from if you feel like, your neighbors don’t really have your back that’d be hard.

[00:31:19] Richard Syrett: Right? We could be days or weeks away from the federal government announcing you can’t get on a plane or a train without a vaccine. Saskatchewan on September the 13th just passed an emergency order where they can enter any property without a warrant. I mean what’s the next step is bursting into people’s homes and vaccinating holding them down and vaccinating them so, it’s very different up here. I may not be able to get out in a couple of weeks. I mean, the border with the United States is closed for Canadians traveling by vehicle so, we could be trapped. So again, I mean, I love the whole world of ufology and ETs and, and the paranormal and all of that. It’s just my entire focus and energy now has just been consumed. With this I feel almost like, I’m fighting for my life, my kids’ lives. It’s a heavy burden, you know, to be to be a parent right now. And wondering, when my kids go to high school. We homeschooled them for about four years, but they wanted a high school genuine high school experience. So we sent them to an all-boys Catholic school, and now they’re sending mobile vaccine units to schools, and minor children are told you do not need parental consent to take the vaccine. So, every day when we send them out the door, it’s like, remember what we told you, you don’t take the vaccine. If they start hounding, you about it. You just leave and you come home. So, that’s our reality right now.

[00:33:12] Alex Tsakiris: Wow, I had no idea. And Not that it matters. But isn’t that against the law? For?

[00:33:22] Richard Syrett: Yeah, you would think we have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms up here. I think it’s Section seven that deals with bodily autonomy, which is the most basic of all, human rights. Except we have a proviso it’s section one in the charter, I call it the weenie clause. And basically, it means that all of these rights and freedoms that you have, can be limited. There are reasonable limits to those. Now, we all remember Oliver Wendell Holmes, your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose, I get that, but that’s not what they’re talking about, especially when you place that power in the hands of activist judges, which we have up here. I mean, we have had when the Liberal Party here has been sort of the natural governing party for most of this country’s history. And we have very radical progressive activist judges on the bench that have been appointed by consecutive liberal prime ministers. And they have taken that clause, or that section one, reasonable limits to ensure things like, social justice and equality without ever defining those, so they can suspend your civil rights in the name of social justice or equality or diversity and all of these woke-isms that are not defined in law. That’s where we’re at. So we have a number of charter challenges before the courts right now on vaccine mandates. We had hotel quarantine, detention, where if you were returning us Canadian citizen returning from overseas, and upon your return, you were forced into quarantine in a hotel at your expense. And this has since been abandoned because they realized that people were actually catching COVID in these hotels, and there was an incident where a woman was sexually attacked while in a quarantine, so that one went away because the government made it go away. But all of these other charter challenges are being struck down. We’re losing in the courts. We’re losing our charter rights and freedoms. The court says, “No, this is reasonable in the case of a health emergency,” show me the emergency. Are they stalking bodies like cordwood in temporary morgue, like they did during the Spanish flu? I don’t see it.

[00:35:59] Alex Tsakiris: Richard, what do you think is going on, on a global level? If you kind of take a step back, what do you think is in play here? What is the game?

[00:36:13] Richard Syrett: Well, I always come back to was *Rahm Emanuel*, and others have said this, never let a good crisis go to waste. Winston Churchill, I think said the same thing. And not the COVID isn’t real, not that we need to mitigate risk and protect the vulnerable and all of that. But when you have something like this, it presents an opportunity. What else can we sort of piggyback on this crisis? In fact, our own Deputy Prime Minister, who was also was before the last election in parliament was dissolved. She was deputy prime minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland and a biographer of George Soros, by the way, and again, said something out loud, that should have been an inner, unexpressed thought, she said, COVID has opened a window for us and presents us with all of these opportunities to do the things that we should that we want to do in terms of this again, this very radical, progressive, collectivist agenda. And now you hear them talking about how …

[00:37:22] Alex Tsakiris: but it doesn’t get us all the way there. We get the radical progressive, we get the collectivist there’s something more, I have a sense that there’s something more that there is something evil behind this, because otherwise, how do you know? How do you really add it up to you to destroy these economies to destroy the mental health of just hundreds of 1000s of people?

[00:37:51] Richard Syrett: Right!

[00:37:52] Alex Tsakiris: At some point?

[00:37:53] Richard Syrett: Yeah, there has to be a spiritual element. You’re right. You’re right. I guess in the fog of war in the midst of battle when I’m, you know, dealing with the efficacy of masks and the latest study that comes out or the latest peer reviewed study on Ivermectin or a court challenge on vaccine passports or a woman who is pregnant and is getting fired because she refuses the vaccine. These little kind of the ground war, I guess I just haven’t had an opportunity to look at more of the spiritual warfare aspect of this. But I sense and I believe it’s there for sure.

[00:38:41] Alex Tsakiris: Because one of the shifts that I think is happening right under our feet, and again, it’s this kind of big picture, all media thing, and you’ve covered it quite extensively in different ways on your show, is the push for the satanic whether it’s sneakers from Converse, or Nike with blood in them, and [unclear 39:07] and all that stuff that we’ve seen for a long time. And it’s this do what thou wilt Netflix kind of culture. And then at the same time, there was a rise there is undoubtedly a rise in general spirituality, spiritual, but not religious, if even want to go that group as fast growing group and some of the stuff I’ve covered on my show with a very positive, near death experience, kind of love and light and expansive part of consciousness. But the atheists have kind of left the scene. And I always wonder what’s going on with that, remember 10 years ago that was the battle, you know, was the people who were more spiritually engaged. We’re battling against these scientists, atheist, and now they seem to take on a different seat at the table. Now it’s just science kind of more in this vein of what you’re talking about of kind of social engineering will tell you what to do Shut up, we’re the expert’s kind of thing. And at the same time, the rise of the occult satanic, which is completely out of sync with that science vibe, but they’ve kind of packaged that in a way and sold it. And I know you’re in the fog of war. But maybe I’ll give you a little bit of a respite here, Richard, maybe it’ll be a relief to think about something else. Because I think you have a sense about this, that maybe, I haven’t heard, and I’m wondering if anything pops to mind.

[00:40:33] Richard Syrett: What is behind this thirst for control? Yeah, I mean, if you get down to the bedrock, ultimately it is spiritual warfare we’re dealing with here. I mean, how else do you explain the behavior of somebody who genuinely believes that a person, a pregnant person, a pregnant woman, rather, a vulnerable person should be held down and vaccinated against their will or should be ostracized from society, there are people doctors now on social media, saying that the unvaccinated should be excluded and should not have access to health care? And how else do you explain that, then, I think the spirit of what’s a very dark force, that that has to be at play here for someone to actually think that about another human being. I mean, we’re getting in, I know, people are very nervous about making the equation of or the comparison between Nazi Germany in the 1930s. And what’s happening now. Because we can’t diminish the Holocaust, we can’t diminish apartheid. We can’t diminish slavery, and all of these things, but I think the signs are there. I mean, I’ve talked to people who survived the Holocaust, once concentration camps, they’re in their 80s and 90s. And they’re nervous, they see the science. And obviously, there is a, I think the same forces at play in all of these things, whether we’re talking about genocide, or apartheid or slavery, denying someone just basic human dignity and their human rights. So yeah, there has to be an element of spiritual warfare. I mean, that underpins everything right for me, absolutely.

[00:42:47] Alex Tsakiris: So I agree. And how can it be otherwise? I think we like I always say, what’s left out of the equation so many times in our culture is that we are all leading rich spiritual lives. That’s a given. That’s a given, no matter who you are, you read it. That is the ultimate result of understanding that you are not a biological robot in a meaningless universe is that you’re this rich spiritual being.

[00:43:12] Richard Syrett: We’re not meat robots.

[00:43:13] Alex Tsakiris: That’s right. [unclear 43:14] So we’re all in that game. I wonder, do you have any thoughts specifically about whether there has this been this huge swing of the occult in the satanic in the duvet, thou wilt culture the loose fairing culture? Is the timing of that for you, in any way connected related potentially linked to what we’re seeing here? Or is it just I mean, these things happen, and they don’t always sync up for any big picture reason. But do you see anything there? Or is that a stretch?

[00:43:52] Richard Syrett: No, I don’t think it’s a stretch. I think this is we’re getting down to near maybe the final chess moves. I don’t know how far we are to the end of the game, you know, game over, but it feels to me, like we’re getting down to the final chess moves where these dark forces are having, everything seems to be going their way. And if the end game is absolute total control and enslavement, and I don’t know, if I’m ready yet to make the connection between the I don’t know enough about the mRNA vaccine to say that this is part of the connects to the transhumanist movement to make us less human to make us less spiritual. I don’t know. It could be how do you feel about that? Do you think the mRNA vaccine is designed to I don’t know dehumanize?

[00:44:52] Alex Tsakiris: I think transhumanism gets too much play in the same way that we’re talking about this. Extended spirituality, I think darkness gets too much play. It’s all about the light, the light shines so bright and so much brighter than any of the darkness, that I think it’s easy to get caught up in the ebbs and flows of the light in the darkness. But to me, no, I was reading somebody past long a quote from Gandhi the other day. And he said, “Good always when he says think of history, good always wins out” and I think the fact that we’re here is an affirmation of that so yeah, I don’t really, in the same way that I don’t think their game is as tight as it looks in terms of this bio hack that they’ve done. And now it’s kind of spreading a million different ways that they didn’t predict and it’s creating a real headache for their science because their science absolutely makes no sense in terms of booster, in terms of immunization for people who have or natural immunization for people who’ve had COVID, all of that’s crumbling at the same time that I think there is an internal strength in people that is waking up so I don’t know, I take it, maybe, I’m …

[00:46:25] Richard Syrett: No, I be you know in the midst of all this I do I have to be reminded you’re right the good guys win that’s how the movie ends ultimately.

[00:46:32] Alex Tsakiris: Yes.

[00:46:33] Richard Syrett: But we have to endure and we live through this which you know it does it takes a tremendous amount of faith and inner strength you know to stand up to that but we do you have to finish the race you have to fight was I think was Jordan Peterson is saying the other day how actually evil is not dark darkness is easy to look into it’s the light, you can’t stare at the light because the problem with …

[00:47:04] Alex Tsakiris: You could do a step into it.

[00:47:06] Richard Syrett: Yeah, but if you stare at the light, if you stare at evil then you are compelled to admit that it’s real and to do something about it that’s why evil is difficult to look at. So here we are we’re looking, we’re staring at evil, now what? Now we are compelled, we have to fight and [unclear 47:31] right now I have to fight.

[00:47:35] Alex Tsakiris: Richard Syrett that might be an awesome, awesome way to wrap this up this might not be quite the inspiration to folks who are not undergoing what you’re going because I have to admit I just really like all of us down here, we don’t quite stay as focused on what’s going on. But it’s a good eye opener, if it’s a canary in the coal mine kind of thing then give it to me both barrels and you certainly did it. What a battle you’re going through! So I hope people do stay in touch with your excellent work. Now the radio show that you do that syndicated people can listen to it through the website.

[00:48:20] Richard Syrett: Yes, it’s the conspiracy show Sunday nights 11pm Eastern, and you can if you’re not in the listening area, and it’s a huge listening area. You can listen on AM 740 all across Ontario, parts of Quebec, Manitoba, main to Minnesota south to the Carolinas but at night with a little help from atmospheric skip you can pull it in on the radio, if you’re outside that huge area. You can stream it live

[00:48:51] Alex Tsakiris: And then of course there’s conspiracy unlimited which is free and if you want to and I certainly do. You can get the premium thing for just like $2 a month it’s like the greatest value out there. Some absolutely terrific shows there as well and that you can get everywhere but the is the place to go right.

[00:49:16] Richard Syrett: Got it. And I’m not sure when this is airing but I’ll be doing Coast to Coast. Saturday September the 25th. Pacific that would be 10pm Pacific or 1am Sunday morning, Sunday, September the 26th.

[00:49:32] Alex Tsakiris: How do you feel when those dates are coming up? Do you kind of have mixed feelings of that 1am?

[00:49:40] Richard Syrett: I’m like a shark I guess I have to keep moving otherwise I’ll sink and drown. I just keep moving.

[00:49:48] Alex Tsakiris: Oh, awesome! Well, it’s been terrific having you on in and just love your work and so respect what you’re doing. And thank you for joining me, Richard.

[00:49:59] Richard Syrett: My pleasure, Alex. Thank you for having me.

[00:50:02] Alex Tsakiris: Thanks again to Richard Syrett for joining me today on Skeptiko. The obvious question from this one is, is the chess game coming down to its final moves? What do you think? Join me over on the skeptical forum or find me any way you will. Lots more to come. Stay with me for all of that. Until next time, take care and bye for now. 


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