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Marilynn Hughes Out-of-Body Travel (OBE) Experiment Stuns Skeptiko Host

Scientifically controlled demonstration of out-of-body travel yields surprising results and aids grief stricken mother.

marilynn-hughesDel Mar, CA, June 3, 2009 – For those suffering the loss of loved one grief can be a constant companion.  Michelle suffered such a loss when her 20-year-old daughter took her own life in 2004.  Earlier this year Michelle spotted an advertisement seeking volunteers for a scientific experiment testing psychic mediums.   She joined with hopes of receiving some confirmation of her daughter’s existence beyond death.  She got a whole lot more.

Join host Alex Tsakiris  as he reports the findings of this four-month investigation into afterlife communication and the role of out-of-body experience in alleviating grief.  The 50-minute audio program includes interviews with out-of-body (OBE) experiencer,  Marilynn Hughes and a grieving parent transformed by the process.  The interview can be heard at: https://skeptiko.com/75-marilynn-hughes-obe-experiment/

During the interview Hughes describes how the tightly controlled experiment was different than usual:

Marilynn Hughes: “One of the interesting things about doing an experiment like this is that most of the time when this sort of thing is happening I know a little bit about the family.  This was actually very interesting for me to do because I didn’t know anything up-front, and there was the no feedback rule.  It was kind of running blind and just hoping that you’re seeing things correctly and translating them correctly. It’s really exciting to hear that so many of the things were right. And that it was helpful.”

Even Skepitko.com host, Alex Tsakiris was surprised by the results, and by Hughes:

Alex Tsakiris: “We’ve worked with some pretty amazing psychic mediums as part of this experiment, but it’s hard to get them to commit to a public demonstration like this… Marilynn was fearless… of course, none of it matters unless you get results and in this case we not only received a lot of information suggesting Hughes was able to connect with the deceased, but the transformative aspect of this whole process for Michelle was amazing.”

A complete transcript of the interview is available at: https://skeptiko.com/75-marilynn-hughes-obe-experiment/

Marilynn Hughes has experienced, researched, written and taught about Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism since 1987. Odysseys of Light: Adventures in Out-of-Body Travel and Crystal River Flowing: Adventures in Co-Creation were published by Hampton Roads Publishing in 1991 and 1993. She has written numerous out-of-body experience books since then. She has also appeared on innumerable radio and television programs including: Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, The Joan Rivers Show and BBS International Radio.

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