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Mark Gober uses AI to battle upside-down thinking and tackle the virus issue.


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Viral Existence Debate — Complete Dialogue


Here is a summary:

  1. Mark Gober questions the existence and pathogenicity of viruses, while Alex Tsakiris believes viruses exist but our understanding of them is incomplete.

Quote: “Well, if you’re looking at it that way, we might be much closer than I realized because what, what I’ve been trying to do, and I think the no virus position is doing, is attacking the very specific definition of a virus that’s come up in the last, let’s say 70 plus years.” – Mark Gober

  1. They discuss using AI as an arbiter of truth and Gemini largely disagrees with the “no virus” position.

Quote: “Here’s a breakdown of why the no rabies virus hypothesis is highly implausible…The Connecticut study exemplifies the effectiveness of rabies testing and highlights the existence of a real rabies virus.” – Gemini

  1. A key disagreement is whether the “no virus” camp provides viable alternative explanations for diseases.

Quote: “…my complaint is that people like Dr. Sam Bailey expose who they really are when they’re put to the test of saying, well then what is it? ” – Alex Tsakiris

  1. They draw parallels to their discussions challenging the neurological model of consciousness.

Quote: “Well, I’m wondering if this actually is gonna show more agreement than we realize. Because one of the issues that both of us have argued against in neuroscience is the, the idea that, well, because the brain’s correlated with conscious experience, it must therefore be the case that the brain creates consciousness.” – Mark Gober

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