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Marisa Ryan has undergone rigorous testing of her skills as a medium, so what does she know about the big stuff?

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…On this episode you’re going to hear from a medium who is really really good. I say that because she’s been tested by somebody I rely on in terms of after-death communication research and that’s Dr. Julie Beischel… so our guest (Marisa Ryan) has been tested and certified at the highest level and that’s really cool because it means you can ask her anything and she has all the answers, right?

Well, not exactly but you can still ask her anything. You can ask her all these deep big picture questions. here is some of the stuff I asked her.
…this is kind of insane, I mean I’m asking the biggest questions and I’m just turning them over to Marisa because she can talk to Spirit. For example, these people in these laboratory settings are able to have precognitive experiences. Well, what the hell does that mean?

…I’ve had other guests on the show that have said our understanding of reincarnation is  mistaken because of our misunderstanding about time and that we’re really living multiple lives simultaneously?

…let’s talk about near-death experience and mapping out these extended Consciousness Realms. I mean, what is the near-death experience from a spirit standpoint? What is spirit telling us? Why do people have those how are they different from OBE, astral travel, lucid dreaming?

So it was really cool to talk to Marisa. So cool that when we’re done I couldn’t resist asking her to do a reading for me… and I paid for it… no quid pro quo… but I wanted to see if she could do it do for me and since one of the big things going on in my life as the father of four teenagers… as long as you stretch that age limit a little bit… so I asked her questions about parenting. So I don’t play that whole reading because it’s kind of personal, but I can tell you a little anecdote that I think is significant to make and that’s that we’re doing this reading and she connects with my father on the other side in Spirit form, if you I believe all this stuff, which if you’re listening to this, I guess you probably do, or at least open to it. So I’m like “Dad, come on, help me out here.”

Here’s the point. What would you expect put a female nurturing medium who is a mother herself to say in this situation? If you were skeptical, and thought she’s just going to say some standard stuff. What would you expect her to say?  How about this? “Like I hear I’m saying.
What do you mean I’m supposed to jump in and help. You’re on your own.”

Well, I got to tell you when she said that I nearly fell off my chair because that’s my Dad. That’s my dad to a tee. I can’t tell you how many times he said that exact phrase. So this is the part of medium readings that is hard to convey to people who are not convinced, or super skeptical, who don’t want to try or be open to something more. It’s not about the data. The data is great. The research of Dr. Julie Beischel confirming statistically that this stuff happens is statistically significant… that’s great… but what really changes people is when they have this kind of connection.


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Alex Tsakiris: Today we welcome Marisa Ryan to Skeptiko. Marisa is a talented psychic and medium whose abilities have been verified by our friend Dr. Julie Beischel at the Windbridge Institute and by the person who most recently recommended her to me, a Skeptiko listener, Johnny, who’s helped me book some shows previously.

Marisa, it’s great to have you here, thanks for joining me.

Marisa Ryan: Thank you so much.

Alex Tsakiris: As I just mentioned to you, having listened to some of your YouTube presentations and some of your interviews, as well as some of the shows that you do, I know you’re pretty much comfortable with the rapid-fire questioning thing, so I thought we might just jump right into this and see where it goes.

Marisa Ryan: Oh absolutely, go for it. Rapid fire away.

Alex Tsakiris: I have to start by saying, you’re about the only person I’ve ever heard of who started their psychic/medium career as a psychic detective.

End 00:01:03

Start 00:10:30

Alex Tsakiris: If people want to, they can go back and listen to all of those previous shows and my interviews with Dr. Julie Beischel at the Windbridge Institute and all of that stuff, but one question I wanted to ask about Windbridge, I know her testing process is really extensive and I’ve heard from other mediums who have gone through it that it’s just incredibly rigorous. What was it like for you being “tested”? Is that something you wanted to do and what was it like going through it?

Marisa Ryan: I signed myself up when she was with Dr. Gary Schwartz.

Alex Tsakiris: Way back at the very beginning?

Marisa Ryan: Way back at the very beginning, because this is the thing. I am a skeptic and even though I do what I do, it took a lot for me to believe that I was doing what I do. I thought I was making it all up. It took a lot of validation and I really wanted to go a step further and get more proof, if you can actually get more proof. So, I signed up to do it and then my father became ill and I had to move him in and take care of him, so I dropped out of the program because I didn’t have the time. But then Julie started up Windbridge and I saw that, and I thought, “I have time now.” So, I really wanted to do it and I emailed her and said, “Hey, I really want to do this,” and I think I was the last medium brought on.

It was extensive. I didn’t find it hard. It could be intimating. It’s complete blind study. She is incredible at the way she does the process of keeping everything completely under wraps. We don’t know anything. Sometimes we don’t even hear a voice. We don’t even know a name. We don’t know anything, and I’ve actually flown into where Windbridge is and done some testing through, like blood analysis and things like that as well, and we don’t even get results. Those are all confidential, so we don’t even get the results. All I know is whatever I did in the process of what she puts us through, I passed and became one of the research mediums and it’s a fantastic process that she has and it’s really a wonderful institute and it’s for a great cause. Even to this day, and I’ve been doing this for 16 years, I still question everything.

End 00:12:52

Start 00:15:44

Alex Tsakiris: One of the things that I investigated pretty early on is the work of Dr. Dean Radin, who is this guy who’s done this amazing scientific work on precognition or presentiment, feeling the future, and he has these great experiments that show, no question, that these people in these laboratory settings are able to have precognitive experiences. Well, what the hell does that mean? What does that mean about our relationship to time?

Marisa Ryan: Yeah, exactly, and that’s something that we may not ever get an explanation on, and it’s frustrating because people expect a spirit to be able to give their address, social security number, blood type and I don’t know why they don’t, that’s up to them.

Alex Tsakiris: What is spirit telling you about time and about the future and about precognition and what that might mean, in terms of how we experience this kind of time-strip that we’re in?

Marisa Ryan: Well, what they tell me is, there’s two different dimensions. There’s the other side, which is where the souls live, and then there’s the human dimension, where we are, here, three dimensionally. What they’re telling me is that the time is much faster over there, much faster, this is a much slower pace here, and that they can come and go. They can come and go through the veil, if you want to call it, back and forth from the dimensions. So, that’s something that they can do.

As far as, is everything prewritten in the future? No. No, we are given free will. I mean, look at how bad we’ve screwed up our plant. We’re given free will to do a lot of things. So, not everything is prewritten in stone, it’s not like we’re in The Matrix and we’re living out a simulation, you know? That’s not what it’s about at all.

End 00:17:43

Start 00:18:29

Alex Tsakiris: What is spirit telling you about our relationship to our past lives?

Marisa Ryan: Okay, so spirit shows me that we have one soul and that soul can inhabit a body multiple times in multiple lives, and I mean, it could be hundreds and we have soul groups.

So, imagine you’re in a soul group that could be thousands and the majority of the group is together on the other side, in that dimension, getting ready to incarnate into the earth as they come into a new life. That’s what we do, is we will reincarnate into a new life and sometimes it’s the same players in the game. Our mom could have been our daughter, or our father could have been our husband. We exchange roles, we have different themes that we come here. Why do we come here? Because we can, because we want to learn.

End 00:19:25   

Start 00:22:22

Alex Tsakiris: I want to switch over to another topic and talk about near-death experience. It’s something, again, we dive into a lot on this show because there’s some great science that’s emerging out of our medical technology and our ability to resuscitate people. There’re more and more people having near-death experiences, they’re more able to be verified medically. A lot of my questions here are around this topic of mapping out these extended consciousness realms. What is the near-death experience from a spirit standpoint? What is spirit telling us? Why do people have those? How are they different from OBE, astral travel, lucid dreaming? This extended realm, how does it map out with regard to those different ways of being?

Marisa Ryan: Actually, to me, in my opinion, it’s not that different than having an out of body experience or astral travelling. The thing is, our soul can leave our body at any time temporarily, at any time.

So, imagine, your soul is anchored to your physical body and now your physical body has just broken down and it’s actually died, it’s stopped temporarily functioning. Your soul is like, “I’m out of here,” and it’s usually at a time that it’s not an actual death, your soul will leave thinking you’re going through the exit process of death and your soul is leaving and all of a sudden you’ve got other souls around you going, “You’re not done, where are going? Get back there.” And the body is being revived and when the body’s being revived it’s almost like a jolt of the soul being thrown right back into the body. So, they’re experiencing the process of death. A near-death experience actually is the soul leaving the body.

Now, if you ask those people, they probably have not gone through their life review, because they’ve established that they really aren’t dead yet, the body is still needing that soul.

So, that’s my take on a near-death experience, is the soul has left the body. When you’ve got Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, there’s a lot of diseases where our soul feels so trapped in that body that it leaves all the time, but there’s a difference because it’s not leaving thinking, “Oh, my body is dead, I’m now crossing over.”

Alex Tsakiris: Marisa, what is spirit telling you about the kind of contradictory idea that there’s this mistake, which we hear all the time, people are on this path and they’re dead and that’s one of the things the researchers will tell you, that from a medical standpoint it is not a near-death experience, it is a death experience, the body is dead and unless something happens medically, amazingly, they’re going to remain dead. A lot of times these people report that they were really content in moving towards, accepting their death and many of them go through their life review and go through the rest of that. Then there’s this, “Oh no, you’ve got to return,” thing. I always had the question of, what’s going on there? God made a mistake, oops, your timeline is up, it’s like out of a cartoon or something. You know, the tap on the shoulder, “No, you need to go back.” What’s spirit telling you about that process?

Marisa Ryan: What they tell me is that the soul can’t necessarily control the body, okay? If the soul could control the body, it could heal the body of cancer, it could do all kinds of things. So, the soul can’t control the fact that the heart is being stimulated and wanting to be brought back, and it’s my belief from spirit that our brain takes at least an hour to really die before it’s completely dead, once the heart has stopped. So, there’s still brain function going on and if that soul is still connected at all to that brain function, it can still communicate.

So, a lot of times the soul really does want to come back and finish, that human consciousness probably doesn’t. I could see coming back and having a near-death experience, there being great depression, because life is not easy here and when you cross over, you’re freed of a lot. It’s like the chains are broken, you’re freed of a lot.

End 00:26:47

Start 00:27:05

Alex Tsakiris: Let’s switch gears for a minute, let’s talk about entheogens, drugs, LSD, psychedelics, that kind of stuff. A lot of people report entering into this, again, I call it this extended consciousness realm, but it seems to have a lot of overlap. What is spirit telling you about that entry into this realm?

Marisa Ryan: Okay, a couple of things. Spirit doesn’t really recommend, for example, doing this work and being under the influence is not really a good idea. It’s good to be more in mental control, but obviously, when you say LSD and things like that, you’re also talking ayahuasca, mushrooms, all of those [unclear 00:27:49], those experiences, what it does is it does take the guard down of the ego and allows you to experience something your ego will not come in and block. Our ego is a pretty powerful thing. I mean, is spirit condoning it? Not really, but can it happen?

I’m not sure I’m answering your question. Is the question, what is spirit saying about LSD? The spirit is saying, “Don’t do it.” The spirit is saying, “I need this body to finish out my life. Don’t be doing drugs, okay?” The souls are literally like, “Don’t be doing drugs.”

What happens is, a lot of times souls are a different vibration than our body and there’s a chemical clash, and we become very chemically imbalanced and what happens? We start self-medicating.

Alex Tsakiris: Right, and I get that and I think you have to draw an important line and distinction there. But it’s interesting if we take it outside of our culture, like you did, you talk about ayahuasca or you go down to the cultures in Southern Mexico where the magic mushroom was first discovered and they seem to have a different relationship to those chemicals and those substances and use them in a more, I think, what we would understand, a more spiritually responsible kind of way. Does that change the equation?

Let me add to that question, because I’ve just interviewed a fascinating woman, Jan van Ysslestyne, she spent the last 25 years studying these shamanic people of far Eastern Siberia, who, by all accounts, are just incredible, they live in this world and the other world at the same time, in constant spirit communication. Is there a difference, in terms of how we approach entering into these different realms and whether it’s through ayahuasca or whether it’s through a drum ceremony or some other, being bitten by ants or bees, which is also this thing? Can we really put that moral judgement on it and say, “No, you’re not supposed to manipulate your consciousness to enter these other realms.” I’m okay if that’s what you’re hearing, but I just want to clarify.

Marisa Ryan: No, I’m hearing it’s okay. There’s a difference between going and doing recreational drugs because you want to escape your reality and not be responsible for your actions, there’s a difference between that and going and doing a cultural ceremony with inhibitors to be able to be in an altered state, so that your ego can get out of the way and you can maybe hear the voice of God or you can get information from spirit. Those are two completely different things. I condone ceremonial medicines, with caution.

Alex Tsakiris: Yeah, I hear you. That’s cool.

End 00:30:40

Start 00:33:33

Alex Tsakiris: Okay great. One more question, in terms of mapping out these extended realms. Another buddy of mine through the show, Ray Hernandez, he’s done some fantastic work through the Edgar Mitchell FREE Institute, they’ve published the most comprehensive survey of non-human intelligence contact, i.e. the ET contact experience. They’ve kind of compared it with the NDE experience and find a lot of parallels between near-death experience and this ET contact experience. What is spirit telling you about ET contact experience in this other realm? Is it different, is it a whole different ballgame? Is it kind of in the same space? What is spirit telling you?

Marisa Ryan: First of all, what I’ve been told by spirit is that there is life on other planets, they have souls that are using their physical bodies as well. They also interact in the same soul dimension that we do, it’s not really different. Our soul can go and have a life on another planet and then it can also come back and have a life on this planet. There’re times when I have seen spirits show up that didn’t look human, they looked something different, that’s the thing I’m being shown. For example, I have astral travelled to the other side, it took me a while to believe I was doing it, but I finally got the rhythm of it, and I have seen souls walking around that are totally different.

I’m not sure if this is your question, but yes, I do believe that ETs have souls, and I do believe that they reside in the other dimension along with our souls. It’s basically, the souls are souls and they can have lives in so many different dimensions, it’s by choice.

Alex Tsakiris: Great, I love that. That’s very succinct.

Let me ask a related question about science and technology, because we do seem to be at the point, with some of our frontier science, we seem to be at the edge of penetrating this realm, if you will, this extended consciousness, we have head transplants, strong AI, genetic engineering. Are we going to have an iPhone app for the spirit world, and I say that somewhat facetiously? The real question is, what is the role, what is the relationship between technology and spirit?

Marisa Ryan: The relationship is that spirit is magnetic and electrical enough that they can utilize technology to communicate with us, we don’t really need an app. But just remember, everything that’s an app is created by man and what do we have? We have egos, right? Humans have egos, so we’re going to be creating the app by that and there’s apps out there that you can see a spirit walking around or a demon and they’re the most ridiculous things. But spirit can actually manipulate technology to communicate with us, 100%. No different, EVPs. I’ve listened to a 15-minute voicemail message from a spirit that was after they died, I’ve had phone calls from spirits.

End 00:37:01

Start 00:38:25

Alex Tsakiris: Marisa, where is God in all of this? And I don’t mean that in a real churchy kind of way, I just mean it in this, kind of hierarchy of consciousness that from my investigations seems to pop up. People do seem to reach the other side and say, “Well, I’m at this level on the other side but I know there’s this next level up,” and it seems to be pointing towards something that sounds a lot like God. Where do you come down on that whole thing?

Marisa Ryan: It’s really interesting. When you’re talking about levels and people reaching levels, the first thing I heard was scientology and it’s like a scientology-based, “Oh, I’ve got to get to the next level.” But I don’t believe there are levels, that our soul is trying to elevate to a level, A, B, C or D. I may not ever have the answer, like the rest of the human race, I don’t think science is ever going to figure out God.

I just don’t believe God is one person, God does not choose who has cancer, who dies or this or that. None of that. God is not calling the shots. I do believe that there is an energy-based creator, but can I tell you who or what that is? No.

Alex Tsakiris: What about the accounts from the NDErs, the near-death experience people, that’s what I was really kind of referring to, where they say, one, it’s about love, right? That’s the first thing that comes through, it’s about love, it’s about this connection. Even the life review is about, “Oh my gosh, now I see things from the perspective of these other people that I was encountering, and my love and compassion and empathy is causing me both pleasure and pain as I see what I’ve done.” But they do point towards there being this higher being of intelligence, this higher order of spirit and I guess I just want clarification on that. I’m not trying to jam you in any one direction.

Marisa Ryan: No, I understand. I understand completely what you’re asking and my take on it from spirit is that it’s not necessarily like there’s a hierarchy exactly or there’s not like a panel or a government on the other side that God controls or anything like that, it’s all about experience. There’s no religion on the other side, there is a belief and it’s love, there is a feeling and it’s love. Do we have personalities as a soul? Yes, we do. Can we criticize? Yes, we can criticize. It’s not like all fairytales and unicorns on the other side and the life review, that is not God judging you, that is not anybody judging you. The life review is your opportunity to learn. You came down here and just experienced a life that had ups and downs and could be difficult, could be wonderful, whatever it is, and now this is your chance to actually get out of the human state of mind and be able to experience it as a soul. It’s that learning moment. It is self-judgement but it’s usually yourself judging yourself in a loving way. That’s the only way I can describe it. There is no judgement, there’s no hell, there’s no creator going, “Man, you really blew it.” There’s not. You might get over there and go, “Okay, I could have one that better. Maybe I shouldn’t have killed him.”  People always ask me, “Where’s Hitler”? I’m sorry, Hitler’s a soul on the other side like everyone else, there’s no hell that he’s burning in and people just don’t understand that. They’re like, “Well, how can you even say that?”


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