Why are so many movies going Gnostic? |315|

Miguel Conner explains why movies like Snowpiercer and The Lego Movie rely on Gnostic themes. 

photo by: Bong Joon Ho

Today we welcome Miguel Conner to Skeptiko for another round of Skeptiko at the movies. Miguel is the host of one of my favorite must-listen-to podcasts, Aeon Byte Gnostic radio where he explores all manner of Gnostic related topics, and in a broader sense, and this is the real hook for me, all topics related to the “how can this be” question.

So, with Miguel as our guide, we tackle two movies with strong Gnostic themes. And while Snowpeircer and The Lego Movie certainly resonate with Gnostics, they also resonate with the rest of us. Why? Before this interview, I almost challenged Miguel to refrain from using the word “Gnosticism” when explaining how and why these stories speak to us in a deep way, but he decided we didn’t need any gimmicks to demonstrate how familiar we have all become with the concepts and themes at play in a Gnostic worldview.

Listen Now:

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