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Dr. Leanne Whitney is an independent scholar in the fields of depth psychology and consciousness studies. She received her PhD in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Whitney specializes in the intersection of Western psychology and the Eastern contemplative traditions, particularly focusing on the integration of Yoga philosophy and Jungian psychology.

Leanne Whitney’s work as a transformational coach and Yoga teacher reflects her deep commitment to holistic wellness and personal growth. Her approach combines psychological insights with spiritual practices, aiming to help individuals achieve mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

In addition to her coaching and teaching, Dr. Whitney is also a documentary filmmaker. Her work in this field further showcases her interest in exploring and presenting complex ideas in accessible formats.

As an author, Leanne Whitney has contributed significantly to the academic discourse on consciousness studies. Her book “Consciousness in Jung and Patañjali” is a notable work that delves into the parallels between Eastern and Western thought on the nature of consciousness.

Today, Dr. Leanne Whitney continues to be a prominent voice in the realms of depth psychology and consciousness studies. Her interdisciplinary approach and dedication to exploring the depths of human experience make her a respected figure in her field.

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