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Lance Mungia

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Lance Mungia, born in 1972, is an American screenwriter and film director, known for his notable contributions to the film industry. He gained recognition for his work on the film “Six String Samurai” and as the co-writer/director of “The Crow: Wicked Prayer” for Dimension Films.

Mungia’s career in the film industry is marked by his unique storytelling style and creative vision. His work on “Six String Samurai,” a post-apocalyptic action-comedy, showcased his ability to blend genres and create visually compelling narratives.

In addition to his work in feature films, Mungia also wrote and directed the short film “Garden for Rio,” produced at Loyola Marymount University. His diverse portfolio reflects his versatility as a filmmaker and his commitment to exploring different cinematic styles and themes.

Outside of his film work, Lance Mungia has also ventured into the realm of documentary filmmaking. His documentary “Third Eye Spies” delves into the world of remote viewing and psychic espionage, further showcasing his interest in exploring unconventional and intriguing subjects.

Today, Lance Mungia continues to be a dynamic and influential figure in the film industry. His contributions to both feature films and documentaries have earned him a respected place among contemporary filmmakers.

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