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Kevin Day, was a TOPGUN Navy Air Controller when he was thrust into one of the biggest UFO events in history.

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Sunday, November 14th, 2004, morning. The Nimitz deck crews busy launching F/A-18F Super Hornets helicopters and E-2 Hawkeye electronic warfare planes. The mission – simulated air defense…

That’s a clip from the very excellent documentary that you’ll find on YouTube, The Nimitz Encounters, and we’ll get back to that in a minute. But first…

First this morning we’re going to be talking to Leslie Kean, New York Times reporter who first reported on the Navy departments release of UFO footage that really changed the world.  It was one of history’s most important stories and I’m very proud…

Now, that was Whitley Strieber interviewing, of course, Leslie Kean who you’ve heard on this show who broke the New York Times story, the obvious, at least to me, politically controlled PSYOP release of UFO information. But I want to play that clip because Whitley does put it in perspective. This is the biggest news story ever and if Whitley’s too [alt-alt 00:01:13] media for you, go to Fox News.

UFOs have captivated the public interest for decades, but they’ve always been dismissed, including by me, as the province of whackos, but that is changing, thanks to some remarkable video tape and first-hand accounts from very sober people who are trained to identify aircraft. These are aircraft apparently that are moving in ways that appear to violate physics, that are flying very differently from any aircraft ever observed and way faster than any plane that we know any foreign country has. What is this?

That’s of course Tucker Carlson doing a mea culpa on the UFO thing.

So, the point being, how could this have happened right under our noses, right during our watch and why do so many people still not get it? Well, some people get it.

Nearby, the guided missile cruisers USS Princeton has been tracking unknown aircraft that appear and disappear from her sophisticated Aegis radar screens. The SPY-1 radar is one of the most advanced sensors ever deployed. The Princeton’s main role is air defense of the Strike Group for the past few days. Senior Chief, Kevin Day, has noticed these peculiar craft appearing on his radar screen, and some…

That’s today’s guest, Kevin Day (author of Sailor’s Anthology). 20-year Navy veteran and TopGun Intercept Controller who was drawn right in the middle of not only one of the [biggest UFO disclosure events in history], but into the middle of a UFO contact experience.

Kevin Day: After this now famous Commander Fravor intercept happened, I went back up into combat and I found one of these things on the radar and I got the relative bearing from the ship. I went up topside and I looked at that thing through the Big Eye binoculars and I think that’s the moment, if I had to say there was a moment, that was probably it, when I saw it with my eyeball. Whatever affected me happened then.

I mean, when Chakataya [sp] told me that I was incredibly important to what’s about to happen, I didn’t know what to think.

This is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional, multi-tunnels down the rabbit hole adventure. I’m tempted to try and deconstruct it and pull it all apart, but it’s another one of those where I probably need to just let it go and see where you take it.

Stick around for my interview with Kevin Day.


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Alex Tsakiris: Today we welcome Kevin Day to Skeptiko. Kevin is a retired 20 year Naval operations specialist who worked aboard all of those big giant Navy ships that I see off the coast of San Diego where I live, but none of that prepared him for what he saw in 2004 when he was part of this huge UFO encounter that later, just last year, became the centerpiece for probably the biggest official UFO disclosure rollout in history. And since Kevin, right here, is the guy who really orchestrated that whole event, in terms of controlling all of the planes and all of the pilots and because that then eventually drew Kevin into the spotlight last year, when all of this thing became public, I thought it was a great opportunity to have Kevin on Skeptiko and talk, not only about that, but how that was just the beginning of a much deeper, more complex and in many ways a more disturbing story about what’s really going on.

So, Kevin, with that long, somewhat stumbled through introduction, welcome, thanks for joining me.

Kevin Day: Well, thanks for having me Alex, I’m very happy to be here with you today.

Alex Tsakiris:  Well, thanks.


Alex Tsakiris:  This is the stuff that drives folks crazy and folks like  me crazy and then in turn drives listeners crazy because there’s so much information and it’s the way you filter the information, the way you package it, the way you put it together, the way you process it, makes all the difference in the world. I go back to the timeline Kevin that we have to drill into people’s heads.

2004, you’re out in the ocean and you and a bunch of other people, probably a hundred people in total, witness an experience, probably one of the most extraordinary UFO encounters in Naval history, although we don’t know because they don’t reveal this stuff when it does happen. There are all these craft and they’re flying in this extraordinary way, flying from 57,000 feet down to the surface of the ocean in a second and then flying back up and moving and going in places where people are thinking they might go or shouldn’t go and all of this telekinesis kind of stuff going on.

So, this is all of this crazy stuff and it happens in 2004. You walk off the ship and go, “Wow, that was my last intercept mission and I had this UFO experience.” Then you start having all of these UFO experiences, you write a book in 2008. Everything goes away.

And in 2016, a year before they roll this story out in every major paper, including the New York Times, which they never let us forget that they rolled it out in the New York Times, you’re visited by two guys. You’ve gone through all of this stuff, you’ve gone through hell and back, you’ve kind of completely forgotten about this stuff. It isn’t in the public domain, you’re not in the spotlight and these two guys come and visit you and say, “We want to look at your mind.”

Then, a year later, you’re visited by Tom DeLonge and he says, “Yeah, that’s what those guys were about.”

And then six months later, they roll this thing out in the New York Times. This is an unbelievable story.

Kevin Day: Yeah. I was actually working at the golf course, volunteering locally here, trying to save it from bankruptcy, which we did by the way, which is another part of this story. But anyway, I was waiting tables for free one day and the CNN story broke and that was, what was that, December ‘17 now or ‘18?

Alex Tsakiris:  I’m sorry, because I’ve said the wrong date a couple of times folks, and I apologize. It was December of 2017, a little bit more than a year ago. Please go ahead.

Kevin Day: So anyway, it stunned me, I was like, “Oh shit, really?” I went home and I got on the computer and I found a YouTube video that Robert Powell had produced, and I ended up leaving a note on the YouTube chat section and he ended up contacting me and everything kind of went from there. My life changed again, and I was able to finally figure out what the hell had happened to me.

Alex Tsakiris:  What do you mean by that? What did you figure out happened?

Kevin Day: Well, Chaka Tay was kind of… I think he wanted to tell me why he was there, but he couldn’t for some reason, I don’t know why, but he left enough hints that I was able to figure it out later. I think Chaka Tay and Forrest and probably others too knew that I was under the influence of Vallee-Davis post effects long before I ever did. I didn’t even know who Vallee-Davis was until just several months ago. But he left me hints, some of the things that he said just kind of shook me, right before they left, and I never saw him again after. He looked me right in the eye, he was emotional, and he said, “Kevin, you are incredibly important to what’s about to happen.” That’s the last thing he ever said to me.

End 00:22:49

Start 00:36:37

Alex Tsakiris:  It looks like a PSYOP to me, not that the event wasn’t real, but the way that it was rolled out, it sure seems to me like it had a different purpose. I’ve interviewed Leslie Kean, who I greatly like and respect and who wrote the New York Times story, I’ve interviewed her on this show, but the story just doesn’t add up or make sense, that this 12-year-old case, that a lot of people know about, became this centerpiece for this rollout. It seems to me like the plan was to somehow further this agenda of conditioning everyone to the idea that this is real. Not that we shouldn’t condition them to it, because it is real, but I wonder what the underlying political/PSYOP agenda is to this kind of controlled disclosure.

So, I went on for a long time there and I’m glad that you and other people who were there, firsthand, and taking control of the story. I’m super glad about that, but I’m not willing to just look away from the fact that the way this story was orchestrated, rolled out and even, you know, Tom DeLonge seems like a great guy, but when Tom DeLonge says, “Well, we had to figure out what was going on, so we had to go to the government, we had to go to the military, we had to go to the guys who’ve been lying out of their ass for the last 50 years about this stuff.” It just doesn’t ring true to me.

So, I don’t know if you have any thoughts on the controlled disclosure aspect of this or what the agenda is, but if you do, I’d love to hear it.

Kevin Day: I think there are people that have come to the same level of concern that I have. I hesitate to say this too, but I have what they call a high morale compass, a high ethical compass, most people consider me a pretty decent person, but what if these effects happened to someone that’s not like us, someone that’s malevolent? It’s going to affect them too, just the same, and what are they going to do with their new abilities and did this all happen before in antiquity, in some pre-diluvial civilization? Did it end up going badly back then and could it happen again?

I think that question is the reason behind the way this is being rolled out. I think there are people that really know about this stuff that are every bit or more concerned than I am about it. And I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I think this has to happen, but I think I’m a good case history for it, because once I understood what was happening, I was able to turn it around for good and improve myself and my condition.

But up until that point I was struggling, I didn’t know what the hell had happened to me or why it had changed. I didn’t know what to do, where to go. I figured I was just having trouble, I was having trouble transitioning back into being a civilian again and it turns out maybe that wasn’t the case, maybe there are really good reasons why the things happened to me the way they did.

Alex Tsakiris:  So Kevin, you’ve kind of described a little bit where you plan to take this and the UFO Conference coming up in Laughlin and you’re out there, you’re public about this, you’re doing this TV appearance that’s going to be on national TV. What other plans do you have? How much of this is going to be a part of your life going forward and how much of this do you plan on just letting the wave pass and then just returning to your awesome life up there with the Motherload in Oregon?

Kevin Day: I have determined that I’m going to play a role in helping to make people understand what’s about to happen in whatever way I can, and I think it’s starting now in fact, and I hope to go to congress to testify. I hope to talk to President Trump personally about this. Our government takes [unclear 00:40:36] seriously.

Alex Tsakiris:  What makes you think that they haven’t taken it seriously?

Kevin Day: Well, that’s the point, maybe they have, and we just didn’t know about it, which is fine. Maybe they have their reasons.

Alex Tsakiris:  That’s the thing that, again, I guess I can’t resolve completely, so I have to dive back in there. They rolled this thing out in the New York Times, December 2017. When Richard Dolan, UFO researcher wrote a book a few years ago, After Disclosure was the name of the book, he had an idea of how things would happen that everyone embraced, and he said, “There will never be disclosure because the questions will never stop,” and then we had disclosure and there were no questions.

So, to me, it’s like the big head fake, it’s like, no, if Tic-Tac was real, then it’s all fucking real. The Foo Fighters were real. The ancient aliens were real. The 1950s contactees were real. All that shit now has to be examined as real. The Travis Walton thing was real. All the stuff that they’ve held behind the dam with their little fingers in the dam saying, “Don’t believe any of that, it’s not real,” well you can’t swing over and say, “Oh yeah, it is real, but it just happened this one time in 2004 off the coast of Santiago.” The story, that just doesn’t add up.

So if that’s real, then the whole thing is real and they’ve known about it all along, certainly since the ‘50s, because we have the memos that say, “This is the  most highly guarded secret in the American government, higher than the H-bomb,” and they’re not only looking at the physical parts of it but they’re looking at the mental aspects of it. That’s from the memo of Wilbert Smith that he wrote to the Canadian government that was released with the Freedom of Information Act in Canada, and that’s in the 1950s. So, they know? Fuck, yes, they know.

Kevin Day: I have to agree with you. There are people that know, yeah. Alex, maybe, rather than deserving of our disdain, maybe they’re deserving of medals, because maybe they were protecting us for some reason. I don’t know, I’m just saying that’s possible.

Alex Tsakiris:  That’s a great point. Let’s just dive into that a little bit because the US Military, there are a lot of people who want to crap on the US Military or this big power and how we exercise our power and how we destroy, but the flipside of that is take a look at the other dominant powers in the world and maybe we ought to feel a little more grateful that one particular power has emerged and is flexing its muscles and if somebody’s going to control the world, to your point, maybe they’re doing an okay job of controlling the world, as it were. Do you have any thoughts on that?

Kevin Day: I think it’s entirely possible. It’s the one thing that makes sense to me. Let’s assume the case, yeah, the government does know about this or there’s a faction of the government that’s been dealing with this for 75 years or more than that. I have to think that maybe they have damn good reasons for not letting this come out. What those reasons are, I don’t know, I just think it’s possible. I can’t think of any other reason why they wouldn’t want it to come out, because the technology is pretty promising, it could solve our energy problems, for example, worldwide.

End 00:44:00

Start 00:48:29

Alex Tsakiris:  Let me just interject because sometimes when you guys retell this, you’re being modest in a way that maybe obscures the story a little bit. You’re top of the heap here. Top Gun, top dog guy at running this, orchestrating this array of the most technical, highly sophisticated machinery in the world and you did it for 20 years. So, this is something that happens on a routine basis and hundreds of times you’ve seen stuff that shows up, probably thousands of times, I don’t know how many times, and you go through the same procedure and you go through it all and you identify it, or you don’t identify it. So, when you say, “This stood apart from all of those. This was unique,” I mean, that is really saying something, right?

Kevin Day: It is. These objects that we encountered, I wasn’t really concerned about them being any type of threat, because we were off the coast of Santiago and they were still quite a way from the Strike Group, in terms of miles. But my concern was safety of flight. When we started launching aircraft to do the [unclear 00:49:37] and that’s how I convinced Captain Red Smith to agree to intercepting one of these things.

So, up until that point, I knew they were anomalies, but I don’t know if I was really thinking UFO at that point because they hadn’t done anything strange. They were 28,000 going 100 knots, which is strange, but not really that strange, I guess.

Alex Tsakiris:  Let me just jump in there. I hate to probe that, but I’ve heard you say that over and over again. Do you ever look back and wonder if there isn’t some mind control aspect to that, because to me that sounds extraordinarily strange? It also sounds extraordinary that everyone else is seeing it and everyone else is going, “Oh yeah, that’s what’s supposed to happen.”

And I’ve got to interject because I was telling you a minute ago, the story with my friend Rey Hernandez who started The FREE Group. He’s not only a guy who’s researched, but he’s an experiencer and his experience, I’ll make this really brief, but I can’t help but feel it relates to your story.

He and his wife are in their bed one night and his wife jumps up out of bed because there’s this glowing white orb down in the room and she runs down there with her little dog that is going to be put down the next day, and I only say that because the dog gets healed as part of this experience. But Rey follows his wife down there and his wife is now having this extraordinary experience encounter with this intelligent orb, and do you know what Rey’s thought is, “Oh, this is nothing. I should go back upstairs and go to sleep.” And he walks back upstairs, and he gets in his bed and he goes to sleep, and this is a story that gets retold over and over and over with these encounter experiences. It just doesn’t add up.

So, I don’t want to lead you but when I hear that part of the story, it’s like, “Oh yeah, I didn’t pay any attention to them because they were flying at a hundred knots,” super-slow, at how many thousand feet? And they were just…

Kevin Day: Way up in the sky, 20,000.

Alex Tsakiris:  Do you think there’s anything to that, that you weren’t drawn to that and that the other people around you weren’t drawn to that?

Kevin Day: Yeah. A lot of people ask me, why didn’t we do something sooner? Why did we wait so long? Well, it’s kind of complicated. We didn’t have any aircraft available to us, and until we did, out there at CDL, they flew onboard, the carrier landed, and they set up shop and everything.

The moment I had aircraft to work with, I recommended that we go and intercept one that’s when I really understood that we were looking at UFOs, because as soon as Commander Fravor started approaching it, that’s when it did the anomalis maneuvers, like dropping from 28,000 feet down to 50 feet, just above the surface of the ocean in less than a second, zooming off over the horizon away from him in about the same amount of time. What can do that? That’s when I became convinced that we were looking at UFOs. Up until that point, my mind was open about it. I didn’t know what to think, I just knew what they weren’t, I didn’t know what they were.

So, do I think your theory is possible? Yeah, I do. I actually do. I don’t want to say we were dumb-down to not pay attention to them, but looking back, maybe it kind of feels that way. I think you might be right. We should have done something sooner maybe.

Alex Tsakiris:  I don’t know if ‘should have’ is a part of it. I mean, with the Vallee-Davis, that’s just right in there. That’s just right in the smack of it. Smack in the middle of it is that it’s part of the experience.  

End 00:53:15

Start 00:58:30

Alex Tsakiris:  Thanks again to Kevin Day for joining me today on Skeptiko. The one question I’d have to tee-up from this interview is, what do you make of Kevin’s message? Again, his message is twofold. It’s happening, that is not just the rollout of UFO information, he’s alluding to something more happening, to the possibility of a more widespread, mass encounter with this, well, whatever it is, UFO, ET, consciousness thing. So, he’s alluding to that and he’s alluding to the fact that he suspects that when you encounter it, it will change you in some fundamental ways like it did him, and he points to Vallee-Davis’ documenting these and also points to the fact that many contactees have talked about it in similar ways.

That is a lot to process. What do you make of it? A good warning or somewhat controlled messaging, or both?

I said this was going to be multi-layered. A deep-dive down the rabbit hole. Boy, this is among the deepest that I can remember.

So, I’m going to need your help. Tell me where we should go from here. Tell me where we should go with this. Join me on the Skeptiko forum and let me know your thoughts.

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