Jumping Off Point for Skeptics and Believers

The Skeptiko forum is a great place to hash out the topics we discuss Skeptiko. I spend a lot of time there and I sure like it when who join me (even you lurkers :)).

Over the last few weeks (i.e. before I recorded this) we had quite a debate about how we should handle the firestorms that can break out when skeptics and believers dialog about stuff. It isn’t always pretty… but maybe that’s what we have to expect. At any rate, I recorded this piece in order explain my thoughts on how we should go about trying to have this dialog. Any comments? Come join us in the forum 🙂


Play it:

[audio: http://media.blubrry.com/skeptiko/content.blubrry.com/skeptiko/skeptiko-jumping-off-point.mp3]

Download MP3 (23:00 min.)