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Jessa Reed

Jessa Reed, a woman with long blonde hair, posing confidently in front of a brick wall.


Jessa Reed’s life story is one of remarkable transformation and resilience. From her early years as a teen mom to her struggles with addiction, Reed’s journey has been both challenging and inspiring. Born and raised between Portland and Delaware, Jessa’s life took a dramatic turn when she started using crystal meth at age 21. This period of her life was marked by intense personal struggles and challenges.

However, Jessa Reed’s story is also one of redemption and reinvention. Turning her life around, she found solace and expression in comedy. Reed’s raw and candid storytelling style in her stand-up comedy reflects her life experiences, offering audiences a glimpse into her world of recovery and self-discovery.

Reed is not just a comedian; she is also a host of her own podcast, the Awakening Orientation Dept. In her podcast, she explores various aspects of life, spirituality, and personal growth, often drawing from her own experiences. Jessa describes herself as an 8th-dimensional being, reflecting her deep interest in spiritual and metaphysical topics.

Her work in the podcast “Mormon and the Meth-Head,” which she co-hosts, further showcases her ability to blend humor with serious discussions about life, addiction, and transformation. Jessa’s storytelling is compelling, filled with honesty and a unique perspective on life’s trials and triumphs.

Today, Jessa Reed continues to inspire and entertain through her comedy, podcasts, and public speaking. Her journey from a troubled past to a successful career in comedy and podcasting is a testament to her strength, resilience, and talent.

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