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Jasun Horsley, born in 1967, is an English author, cultural commentator, and podcaster known for his unique and critical perspective on a variety of cultural and societal issues. His work often explores the intersections of psychology, popular culture, and high strangeness.

Horsley’s literary contributions include several books that delve into the realms of film, popular culture, and the psychology of trauma and sexual abuse. His approach to these topics is both insightful and provocative, challenging conventional narratives and encouraging readers to think critically about the world around them.

As a cultural critic, Jasun Horsley has developed a reputation for his incisive and often controversial commentary. His work is characterized by a deep exploration of the underlying psychological and sociological forces that shape human behavior and societal trends.

In addition to his writing, Horsley is also known for his podcasting work, where he engages in in-depth discussions on a range of topics, from the esoteric to the everyday. His podcasts provide a platform for exploring ideas and theories that are often overlooked or marginalized in mainstream discourse.

Today, Jasun Horsley continues to be a thought-provoking voice in the realms of literature and cultural criticism. His ongoing contributions to the discourse on popular culture, psychology, and high strangeness make him a significant figure in contemporary cultural studies.

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