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Jason Louv, born in 1981, is a prominent author, journalist, and occultist, known for his extensive work exploring the intersections of magick, spirituality, and technology. His writings and teachings have made significant contributions to contemporary esoteric practices.

Louv’s literary journey includes several influential books such as “Generation Hex,” “Ultraculture,” and “Thee Psychick Bible.” His work often delves into the realms of magick and mysticism, offering readers a modern perspective on ancient practices.

As a journalist, Jason Louv has written for notable publications like Esquire and VICE, covering a range of topics from surveillance to international trade. His journalistic work often reflects his deep interest in the impact of technology on society and culture.

Beyond writing, Louv is also known for his teachings on meditation and magick. He has been a guiding force in bringing these esoteric practices to a broader audience, demystifying them and making them accessible to the modern seeker.

Today, Jason Louv continues to be a leading voice in the field of occultism and spirituality. His ongoing work as an author, journalist, and teacher keeps him at the forefront of discussions on the role of magick and mysticism in the 21st century.

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