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Jan Van Ysslestyne

Two women, Jan Van Ysslestyne (left), and another woman, standing side by side in the woods.Bio:

Jan Van Ysslestyne was a distinguished expert in classical shamanism, particularly of the Ulchi culture. Her profound understanding and connection with the Ulchi people, a small indigenous group from the Amur River region in Siberia, made her a unique and respected figure in the field of shamanic studies.

Ysslestyne’s journey into the world of shamanism began with her deep interest in the Ulchi culture. She spent decades with shamans in Bulava and surrounding regions, immersing herself in their practices and beliefs. This extensive fieldwork allowed her to gain an unparalleled insight into classical shamanism.

As an author, Jan Van Ysslestyne’s work is a testament to her dedication and passion for the Ulchi shamanic traditions. Her book, “Spirits from the Edge of the World,” is a comprehensive exploration of classical shamanism in Ulchi society. It offers readers a unique glimpse into the world of enchanted animals, ancestral shaman legends, and the profound spiritual wisdom of the Ulchi people.

Jan’s contributions extended beyond her written work. She was also known for her counseling services, where she applied her knowledge of shamanism to help individuals navigate their personal journeys. Her approach was deeply rooted in the teachings and practices she learned from the Ulchi shamans.

Jan Van Ysslestyne’s legacy continues to inspire and educate those interested in shamanism and indigenous cultures. Her work remains a valuable resource for understanding the depth and richness of classical shamanic traditions.


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