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James Ellis, a philosopher and the creator of the Hermitix podcast, has emerged as a pivotal figure in modern philosophical discourse. His podcast, Hermitix, is celebrated for its deep and ‘level three’ conversations, which navigate through complex and often under-explored philosophical themes.

Ellis’s foray into philosophy and podcasting is marked by a dedication to probing ideas that lie beyond conventional thought. Hermitix is a testament to his skill in unraveling intricate philosophical concepts and making them accessible to a broader audience.

Beyond podcasting, James Ellis is also an accomplished author. His written works echo the depth and introspection characteristic of his podcasts, providing readers with an opportunity to delve into philosophical ideas with greater detail and subtlety.

His approach to philosophy and dialogue is defined by an eagerness to question and delve into the unknown. This openness has established Hermitix as a haven for unconventional ideas to be discussed in depth and without reservation.

James Ellis continues to make significant contributions to the field of philosophy through his podcast and literary works. His efforts foster deeper thought and reflection, urging his audience to embrace new perspectives and ideas.

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