168. Parapsychology Researcher Dr. Hoyt Edge Explores Cross-Cultural Views of Consciousness

Interview with Rollins College professor of philosophy examines what parapsychology research in other cultures tells us about consciousness.

Join Skeptiko guest host Dr. Richard Grego for an interview with Dr. Hoyt Edge, author  of, A Constructive Postmodern Perspective on Self and Community. During the interview Edge discusses his forst exposure to cultures with a vastly different view of consciousness and personhood:

Hoyt Edge: I remember an epiphanial moment hearing about the Aboriginal worldview, the “dream time.”  All of the sudden I began to say, here’s an entirely different vocabulary.  Here’s an entirely different way of looking at the world.  And, it’s been around for forty or fifty thousand years.  As a pragmatist — it works.

Guest Host: Dr. Richard Grego

Who is Dr. Hoyt Edge?

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