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Ed Opperman

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Ed Opperman is a distinguished private investigator and the President of Opperman Investigations Inc, a private detective agency based in Colorado. He is also the President of Accurate Information Recovery, a firm specializing in computer and cellphone forensics. Opperman’s expertise in investigative work has made him a notable figure in his field.

Opperman’s career in private investigation and digital forensics has led him to work on high-profile cases, offering services in areas such as infidelity investigations, cyber-stalking, and missing person cases. His proficiency in uncovering digital evidence and providing expert analysis has been crucial in solving complex cases.

Beyond his investigative work, Ed Opperman is also known for his contributions to media and broadcasting. He hosts “The Opperman Report,” a popular radio show and podcast where he discusses various investigative topics, delving into the intricacies of high-profile cases and offering insights into the world of private investigation.

His background and experiences have made him a sought-after expert in legal cases, where his skills in digital forensics and investigation are invaluable. Opperman’s ability to analyze and interpret digital data has played a significant role in various legal proceedings.

Ed Opperman’s work as a private investigator and digital forensic expert continues to impact the field, setting high standards for investigative techniques and methodologies. His contributions to both the investigative world and media have made him a respected and influential figure in his profession.

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