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Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove

Jeffrey Mishlove donning a suit and tie, exuding confidence.Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove is a renowned figure in the field of consciousness studies and parapsychology. With a rich academic background, including a unique doctoral degree in Parapsychology from the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Mishlove stands as a pioneer in the study of the mind and its expansive capabilities. His career has been marked by a deep exploration of the human psyche, consciousness, and extraordinary human experiences.

Jeffrey Mishlove’s journey in the realm of consciousness began early in his academic career. His fascination with the mysteries of the mind led him to explore areas often left untouched by mainstream psychology. His groundbreaking work has contributed significantly to the understanding of psychic phenomena, spiritual experiences, and the broader aspects of human consciousness.

As an author, Dr. Mishlove has made substantial contributions to the field. His book “The Roots of Consciousness” delves into the historical, philosophical, and scientific aspects of psychic phenomena and consciousness. This work is considered a seminal text in the field, offering a comprehensive overview of the study of consciousness and its various states.

Dr. Mishlove’s presence in media has been influential as well. He is the host of the popular YouTube channel “New Thinking Allowed,” where he engages in thought-provoking conversations with experts in various fields related to consciousness, spirituality, and parapsychology. His interviews are known for their depth, clarity, and the ability to make complex subjects accessible to a broader audience.

Throughout his career, Dr. Mishlove has been recognized for his contributions to the field of consciousness studies. His work continues to inspire and provoke thought, pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the human mind and its potential.

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Some of Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove’s notable books include:

  • The Roots of Consciousness
  • The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter
  • New Thinking Allowed Dialogues: Is There Life After Death?

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