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David Sunfellow, a visionary and pioneer in the spiritual realm, is the founder of NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE), a groundbreaking non-profit organization based in Sedona, Arizona. NHNE emerged in the digital world as early as 1984, positioning itself as one of the first spiritually oriented entities on the internet. The organization’s ethos was to seek truth without being tethered to specific religious or philosophical dogmas.

In 2009, Sunfellow shifted his focus to the global phenomenon of near-death experiences (NDEs), leveraging NHNE’s resources to delve into all facets of NDEs. His work in this field led to the establishment of the world’s largest self-contained NDE social network. He also produced popular YouTube presentations and developed several websites dedicated to sharing NDE stories and insights, including The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth, NDE Stories, and Encounters with Jesus.

Sunfellow’s first book on near-death experiences, “Love The Person You’re With,” published in 2016 and later republished in 2019 with additional chapters as “The Purpose of Life As Revealed By Near-Death Experiences From Around The World,” has been a significant contribution to the understanding of NDEs.

Under Sunfellow’s leadership, NHNE’s mission has been to address humanity’s most profound and enduring questions about identity, purpose, and destiny. The organization aims to establish a global network of seekers, pooling talents and resources to unravel life’s great mysteries and fostering a worldwide community to navigate the profound changes occurring on our planet.

Today, David Sunfellow continues to be a leading figure in the exploration of spiritual phenomena, particularly NDEs. His work has not only provided insights into the afterlife but has also offered guidance on living a more fulfilling life in the here and now.

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