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Cody Noconi

A book being held by Cody Noconi, a man with a beard.


Cody Noconi, an ex-Mormon writer and podcaster, has made significant contributions in the field of psychedelic studies, particularly focusing on the intersection of religion and psychoactive substances. His insightful approach in his book “The Psychedelic History of Mormonism, Magic, and Drugs” highlights a unique blend of historical, religious, and pharmacological perspectives, shedding light on lesser-known aspects of Mormon history and its links with psychedelics. Noconi’s academic journey includes participation in notable publications like “Revelation Through Hallucination” and “The entheogenic origins of Mormonism: A working hypothesis”. His work extends beyond writing to his role as a podcast host, where he explores similar themes in greater depth. Cody is also a certified permaculture designer, specializing in micro-remediation and plant medicine, demonstrating his versatile expertise and commitment to environmental sustainability.

His journey from a Mormon seminary student to a critical analyst of the church’s history with entheogens marks a significant personal and professional transformation. This transition is imbued in his sardonic, cannabis-fueled tirades that he often shares on his show, the ‘Mormons and Drugs Podcast.’ As a prep cook and writer, Cody also brings an unexpected twist to his profile, boasting skills in crafting garlic and olive oil-based pizzas, a testament to his diverse talents.

His interest in history and passion for writing are complemented by his love for listening to the blues, creating an ambiance that fuels his creativity and scholarly pursuits. Cody Noconi stands out not just for his academic contributions but also for his unique personal story and multi-faceted talents, making him a distinctive voice in the field of psychedelic studies and religious history.

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