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From a young age, Claire Broad exhibited a unique connection with the spirit world. At just four years old, she experienced her first spiritual communication at Richmond cemetery, conveying a message from her deceased grandad. This profound event shaped her understanding of life and the afterlife. During her teenage years, a spirit guide named White Feather revealed himself to her, guiding her to medium Sheila Thomas for training. White Feather’s early prophecy that Claire would write for the spirit world came to fruition two decades later.

Claire’s adult life has been dedicated to exploring afterlife communication, blending hands-on mediumship experience with insights from respected scientific researchers in the field. Her balanced approach, combining practical experience with spiritual wisdom, has garnered global acclaim and demand for her services.

Recognized as an ‘honest medium’ by media and authors alike, Claire focuses on healing emotional wounds through spirit communication, offering therapeutic mediumship. She also provides Soul Readings, channeling wisdom and insights from higher dimensions of consciousness.

Claire is accredited by the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums and is a respected teacher and public speaker. She runs her training program and teaches at the College of Psychic Studies. Her work aims to help individuals realize their fullest potential through heightened consciousness experiences facilitated by mediumship.

Her bestselling books, ‘Answers from Heaven,’ ‘What The Dead Are Dying to Teach Us,’ and ‘Heaven Sent,’ have awakened thousands to a greater truth. Claire’s influence extends through sold-out theatre audiences, guest appearances on popular shows like BBC Radio 5 Live, TalkRADIO, and various podcasts, including Skeptiko. She has also been featured in several publications and is gaining popularity on YouTube.

In 2020, Claire, alongside energy healer Gyles Whitnall, trained under White Feather and a team of advanced spirit guides. They now offer a unique soul healing service, aiding those in spiritual crises or seeking ascension.

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