Assistant Gig

Hi… I need help with stuff related to (a show about science and spirituality). If you have great English skills, and can do chats and phone conversations thru whatsapp/telegram, and are skilled at SMM stuff, then you would be great for this $100USD per week part-time gig. Some experience with podcasting and youtube would probably help, but isn’t 100% required. This job will have you interfacing with booking agents, content creators, other fiverr contractors and other folks, so yr communication skills gotta be on point. I live in SoCal outside of San Diego (BTW pls send me an email w/ yesterday’s high temp in the subject line) so we may have to work around time differences. This job will require about 10 hour per week and will be task oriented… i.e. we’ll agree on what needs to get done within the allotted time. Also, I need someone who gets the whole Skeptiko thing… maybe you can respond with a quick story that let’s me know you get this kind of content.