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Andy Paquette, born in 1965 in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a multifaceted artist and writer, primarily known for his significant contributions as a CG artist in the feature film and video game industry. His diverse career has seen him living in various states across the US, with a notable presence in New York and Maine.

Paquette’s work in the entertainment industry is marked by his expertise in computer graphics, contributing to the visual dynamics of feature films and video games. His artistic skills and technical knowledge have made him a respected figure in the CG community.

In addition to his work in computer graphics, Andy Paquette is also recognized for his contributions to philosophical and scientific research, particularly in the realm of psi experiences and precognitive dreams. His work in these areas is characterized by a rigorous statistical approach, blending his artistic sensibilities with a scientific methodology.

Paquette’s journey into exploring psi phenomena and dreams reflects his deep interest in the mysteries of human consciousness and the potential of the mind. His research and writings in this field have garnered attention for their depth and innovative perspectives.

Today, Andy Paquette continues to be an influential voice in both the artistic and scientific communities. His work bridges the gap between creativity and empirical research, offering unique insights into the capabilities and mysteries of the human mind.


Explore the insightful works of Andy Paquette, delving into the realms of psi experiences and precognitive dreams.

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