Al Borealis, Universal Health Care Trap? |478|


Al Borealis, is universal health care a human right, or entrapment?


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That’s a clip from a fund YouTube video titled deep office as Zodiac signs, where they play various clips from. The office, if you’re like my family, you’ve kind of looked to as a port in the storm as we look for a way to get through this. Incredible medical tyranny that we’re experiencing.

But this theme of astrology. Is something that may and today’s guest Al from forum Borealis. Kind of rolled into as the preamble. To our conversation. So I thought I’d play a little bit of that preamble


Al Borealis: [00:00:53] According to astrologers, the last time Jupiter, Satan and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn was 2000 years ago , actually a little over 3000 years ago and now it’s it’s happening again. Um, and, uh, the triple conjunction.

Was they interpreted last time. It had been triggered the birth of the grace and power of Babylon and the Sumerian people that went on to rule and dominate the world for many millennia after. So they’re thinking this advent could trigger a change that will have world by effects into the near future.

And we certainly see movements on the ground now, but three, uh, we, uh, experience yet another great triple conjunction now, too. Um, because, uh, the last one, okay, just lost it a few months. This one we lost in Toya year 2021, and that’s suit by rare, uh, and it marks significant and great change. That, that, for example, when they, uh, when Buddha Protagoras and load set, came to the world was during this energy.

Just, uh, last time. And when I say to him and Jupiter meet, it’s called a great conjunction. Uh, and they, uh, cure like every 200 years or something. Uh, but now there is a third planet into the mix and it all happens on winter sources, which is kind of interesting too. And, um, And one last thing. If you manage to see the Crescent moon, pause, Jupiter, and say to him this week, you’ll have noticed something else about the two largest planets.

They are now really, really close to each other. And yesterday they almost appear to collide to become one super bright point of light can probably still see it in the night sky. So, uh, that’s why they were called adobo planets. Uh, in the middle ages. So it’s all, uh, it’s sort of rather interesting and I never tend to think that you can predict directly, you can look at the astrological map and you can look back and you can see, Oh, this happened and look at what happened on the globe.

Right. That’s easy. But to do it ahead, I never trust that because it’s so don’t interpretations and assume money. Various manifestations. So what I’m our sheriff is something is going to change. Something is going to happen. But accessibly, what? I don’t know. It could be good. It could be bad. It could be septal.

It could be overt.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:03:47] Yeah, I’m just trying to think how to process all that because I have a lot of different, uh, You know, I’ve come to agree with the basic concept. And I kind of approached it from a different way that you did. You’re saying kind of a retrospective historical analysis. There’s a correlation there. That’s undeniable.

I mean, I think the other thing that people grab onto is just their astrology sign matches their personality more often than it doesn’t. And people will argue that, that, and some people say they don’t, but I think the general sense for most people is when they have a decent astrological reading, they’re just like, wow, that is uncanny really accurate in terms of who I am.

I also agree with you in terms of the predictive power is a very, very weak in terms of it’s clouded by interpretation. But you know, the, the interview that I did that really changed my mind as I interviewed him. And we talked about this before, so it’s a little bit of a repeat, but we talk, I talked to Renee, Elsa, who is this super duper smart PhD, you know, statistics kind of genius.

Who’s also interested in astrology and she did. A statistical analysis of a particular orientation of the planets you were talking about and its correlation to followers. And she used Twitter as her model base or data model for, you know, if people have this configuration in their chart, Are they statistically more likely to have, you know, just a massive amount of followers and the data was overwhelming.

It was overwhelming in that, in favor. So here’s the question, I guess I lead here’s the question. I guess I lead that up too. Is that, do you think we. Uh, have this, that w w we, how do we manage to disassociate that fact, you know, those couple of facts we just said about astrology from the larger thing, that the implications of that, which is that we are connected to the whole frickin universe.

I mean, that’s what it’s kind of in your face telling us, and we just play around with it. Like it’s a toy, but it’s the deeper, deeper implications there, or fricking connected.

Al Borealis: [00:06:17] Yeah. And if you are, there should be ways to measure that. By the way, all we own obvious started

Of course this little clip here. Isn’t really a good reflection of the entire show. Our, like I said is a very deep guy. It, every once in awhile he lays some absolutely paradigm shifting nuggets on us. Like, how about this one?

Al Borealis: [00:06:42] It’s not about what system do we live in. It’s about how many people accept the system 11

Alex Tsakiris: [00:06:50] Welcome to skeptical where we explore controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers, thinkers, and their critics.

I’m your host, Alex Securus. And today we welcome back. Sorry. I stumbled on my own name because I have an Al with me, but today we welcome back now from the very excellent foreign Borealis. I always call him Al Borealis cause he likes to stay sell stealthy with that last name Al if you’ve listened to the show, you know, we’ve connected a few times on his show and my show, and this is a guy.

I am always just blown away at the depth of his insights. The depth of his interviews he’s actually changed the style of my interview sometimes and allows me to go a little bit deeper, which he is an absolute master at. So we just did a rolling introduction that I will include. Either at the beginning of this show or the back of the show, but we can come back and pick it up.

But what I really wanted to do today, if he will allow it is kind of turn this into a 20, 20 end of year review show and talk about. Some of our favorite and not so favorite moments on both forum, Barry, Alice, and skeptical. When I thought that would be really fun and I thought it would just be a great, great person to do it with.

I love this guy owl. Welcome back to skeptic.

Al Borealis: [00:08:24] Thank you, bro. Uh, always loved to discuss with you.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:08:27] We were just chatting a minute ago about, um, astrology and in particular, because we’re recording this the day after the winter solstice, and maybe you do want to recap for people a little bit, just from your understanding. Uh, how significant this winter solstice is and what it’s, uh, you know, kind of bringing in now, I’m going to have to play some of that.

Cause I don’t want to repeat everything I said, and I don’t want you to have to repeat everything you said, but first of all, help people understand where you’re coming from. This is not like your thing, you know, that you do on a full-time basis. You’re just a curious person who sees some of this as being important, right?

Al Borealis: [00:09:12] it’s true, but I do have close friends who are masters of this Croft known people since I was 16, who was deep into this, but what made it for me, you know, astrology is it’s like any other unprotected field. If something is popular and it’s not regulated, I’m not talking about from the state, but at least from the industry itself, from the skilled people itself, anyone can call themselves an astrologer.

So, um, I would say, and, um, I’m probably being generous. Yes. But I’d say probably 80% of the people who practice this are clueless. They’re into it for all the wrong reasons. So, uh, the chances for an average, Joe, who has no clue about Astro getting some decent input on Astra is very low because first of they don’t even have a tool to know how to get a good astrologer.

If they even could get one, the best ones don’t waste time giving readings. But back to the point, what did it for me, it was science three different. Um, maybe I should include for, uh, including studies who cycles, but there are at least three different scientific evidences for Korean relations. If not core sessions, because course sessions isn’t important here.

It’s not, you don’t have to believe that the planet is beaming array into your skull and making you act like a robot. I mean, you could go for that medieval view, but my point is that. If everything in existence is following laws, laws of nature laws, or whatever, then everything is following rhythms then, uh, uh, and faces and cycles.

Then you can use the heavens as a mirror. As a map. And if you do that, uh, over enough time, like the Malians did like the Babylonians de glottis Shenice did like everyone’s done Indians. So you see, Oh, Hmm. Here’s some changes in the heavens and look, look, folks, there’s some changes going on in earth too.

Now after a hundred years, thousand years. Oh, look, it’s the same kind of changes happening when it’s the same kind of, um, movement, uh, changes going on on earth. So it’s as above, so below. So. What’s the chicken. What’s the egg what’s influencing. What if, if not, indeed. Both of following up mutual. Deeper causation, but that’s not the important thing.

What’s the causation, there is an undisputed correlation. I don’t know. I’m not just saying that for my own personal conviction. I’m saying that because of scientific evidence, I have three different, uh, books, scientific reports about this plus books about disciples. It was all very known for those who want to know one of them very famous and this kind of research was done mostly before.

Because nowadays skeptics suitors CAPSI set, taken over most of science, but in the seventies they were very good. Uh, and one of them, Michelle go Gilenya, I think, is his name a French man. He even killed himself because. No matter how much good info you threw on the table. You look at the facts, look at the facts.

Didn’t have . Everyone went after him. It’s the same old tune. We’ve heard it a thousand times and you’ve covered it many times in your accident shows every time a scientist steps outside of the accepted paradigm paradigm folks, not the research, not the methodology, but paradigm. And prove something with it.

If it debunks something, they did that’s okay. You can go outside the paradigm and debunk, but if you prove something you’ve got to, you got to bring in dome. So that’s my, uh, my in general, why I’m, but then I have a personnel element or used chair ministry horoscopes, which means you make two charts, one, uh, uh, where you make one shot, but you base it upon.

Two different people. It doesn’t even have to be people. It can be you and an advent or whatever, but you make a, like a chair, Mistry reading. And I did for decades. I did that in connection with dating best motivation in the roadmap, because you, you, you, you don’t accept excuses. It’s just tangible results.

Right. And indeed, I did get that. So, so after that, it was a closed case for me. Don’t deal.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:13:51] There’s so many interesting parts about that, and we were chatting about it before. So, uh, I’m uh, I am gonna repeat a little bit of that because you know, science is going to have to be one of the things we talk about. Today, because I think 2020 in a year in review was kind of the final assault on science.

As I see it, it was the final breakdown of like, we don’t even need science. We’re just past these edicts and just say stuff and just in your face. Yeah. We don’t care about the science, but like there’s so many subtle shades to it that, uh, that need to be understood. I know some people are going to react to when you say a causation doesn’t matter.

. But I think you’re, you’re just absolutely spot on.

Here’s the bigger, sure. For me from a scientific standpoint is that one correlation is the beginning of all scientific inquiry. I mean, that, that is called observation.

We observe something that seems to be correlated with something else, and that begins our observation. So on astrology, you know, the, the people that. That kind of don’t understand the correlation thing. And the critics will point to, well, you know, every year this, uh, insurance company will say which drivers are the most accident prone.

And they’ll say, Capricorn, they’ll go. Ha ha ha. We were just data mining every year. It changes. We just take this statistical most accidents by this age, by this, uh, date, you know, and dah, dah, dah, well, Yeah, so they are correct and pointing out how a correlation can be misapplied. But what they’re losing sight of is that fundamentally statistics are about correlation properly applied.

So when I. Said a minute ago about the research that really impressed me of Renee ALSUP was on the show and did this very, uh, refined peer and peer reviewed a sophisticated Monte Carlos statistical kind of thing. You know, all this stuff that’s way over my head, but you can read it and at least say that person knows what they’re talking about because they reached my stuff, my limit of my understanding of statistics.

And that was like in the first two sentences. But what she found. Was, uh, highly statistical, highly statistically significant correlation between a particular, uh, planet correlation, you know, the, which you were talking, uh, planet juxtaposition, planet alignment, and the extent to which those people who had that in their chart would have a lot of followers, a massive amount of followers on Twitter.

So. I guess I’m just trying to, uh, back up what you’re saying, because I think it’s a super important point. And it’s about the subtleties of science that at this point, you know, I don’t know. I, I just don’t seem to be having those kinds of conversations. Any more with people. Science has been degraded down to the point where you can’t separate out, uh, these methodological issues and, and these, these other, uh, social issues that come along with the baggage of science.

So maybe we want to talk about that for a minute, just in terms of how, uh, how science is under, under attack.

Al Borealis: [00:17:28] Yeah, but let me just say about the correlation causation thing that. Of course it matters. What’s the causation, if you really want to crack open the mechanism or something, but in terms of just knowing that astrology or I prefer the word astray, Sophie to distinguish it from the trash astrology. But to know that that Vertex, even though we may have not have mapped every ounce and aspect of it, um, Then you just need a correlation.

It’s it’s the same as you can. You know, if you talk with the nurse, she was telling you, yes, it’s true.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:18:12] I guess we could talk about it from a couple of different ways, but one yet, and this is kind of the geeky sciency stuff, though. That is interesting to me in having these kinds of conversations, because you realize how this is so often left off the table. When someone says, where I’m asked, don’t wear a mask and you go, well, where’s your scientific evidence for how that is efficacious.

In the real world and you do have to break those things down. So I’d go back to correlation causation. I would say we will never know the causation of everything because from an occultic standpoint, from an extended consciousness standpoint, well, you know, one of the things that my first book by science is wrong is we will never know that completely.

So yes, we can add more and more, uh, causations. As control mechanisms, but we only like to them because they have a higher, higher degree of correlation with the outcome. Right? So if we say, gee, you know, when it rains, the plants grow and we go and test that, we find that the rainfall is highly correlated with the.

The plants growth. And then we find some biological reason for that. But we also have other things that we’ve left out, you know, like someone was giving an intention to have that particular crop grow. Well, we didn’t factor that in, so we can’t really say that. We’ve totally nailed the causation. All we can say is we’ve.

Identified some causative elements that are highly correlated with the outcome we want. So I, I’m not disagreeing with what you’re saying. I’m just saying that a lot of times this smirky, uh, scientific materialism, that we’ve all just come to to completely distrust because it’s completely fake has always been.

Fake. And we’d just been kind of conditioned by their language to kind of accept what they’re saying a lot more than we probably should. And this year is the final insult, you know, 20, 20.

Al Borealis: [00:20:14] Yeah, no, but that’s normal. There’s always been a clash between the, those theories relations and, you know, prep practice. Cause I was about to say like, if you ask a nurse, she’ll tell you that. Yeah, it’s true. Uh, on the full moon, more babies are born and under dark moon, the opposite, more people die. And so they always have more, um, baby nurses, what’s it called?

So they had more midwives and birth nurses at work, every full moon and at every doc move that have more of those who work with death there because they know in advance, it will happen.

They don’t care why. And there may come some kind of egg head in and say, no, this is superstition. And it has nothing to do with the moon and blah, blah, blah. But he could say that to women too, in terms of menstruation. Right. But they wouldn’t listen to him. They would probably indulge him. But as soon as he was gone, they would go back to business as usual more people at work then.

So that’s what I’m saying. From a practical standpoint, if there is a correlation, we can work with that. The question of core session is more important because done is not just, you know, Uh, everyday life, how are we relating to it, then it’s understanding why is it? Uh, so we can change it or manipulate it somehow.

So, yeah, that’s when real science enter in and that’s where they can get away with things because you’re very right. The ultimate sessions. And as soon as the tuition is, that’s what we’re working on. Right? So the ultimate core sessions, context played Emmanuel. Can’t explain that too. As long ago, the thing in itself, you can never.

Really? No, you can know the thing in you, which the thing in itself has to be filtered through in order to, um, be recognized, perceived whatever. And so it’s true. We cannot do that’s because existence is rigged against us. It’s rigged against us in the way that we only have five windows. Maybe you could argue, we have a 61, which is.

Half open, but we have only five windows between ourselves, which is the ultimate reality and the world, those five windows, those five senses are super limited. And we are so indeed ingenious because we create tools to broaden them more. So we can more know more what’s going on. That’s for example, an x-ray machine does that.

But then on the other hand, we were so stupid to human beings that we try to feel those frequencies that we normally don’t interact with they’ll as in 5g, right. Where we pollute and you know that problem then, and then that’s one we will have to discuss causation is what, what, uh, Backlash does it give, and if you can’t immediately on that and document it a hundred percent, then they can get away with it because, you know, it’s so hard to find core stations and, and that’s so much crime is getting away with it.

So, but in terms of the pandemic, I think there’s different core sessions going on and then the correlations or, you know, whatever the total balance of those different, uh, Inputs come when I come in play together, they find some kind of way to, you know, it’s like different waves being clashed into each other and wherever is the midpoint.

That’s, that’s the correlation we find ourselves in.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:24:07] Tell me what you mean? I wasn’t. This isn’t really where I was planning on going, but let’s, let’s go there. Let’s talk about the plan. DEMEC it was obviously one of the most important events of 2020. Your shows were instrumental to my coming to grips with it pretty early on, because I’ll just, maybe you can tell us, you know, what shows you’ve done on the plan DEMEC and how it impacted you.

But, uh, Th th th and then I can offer, I can offer my opinion, but go, go ahead and tell us, tell us how you covered it and how you covered it from the beginning of the year, through the end of the year and where you come down on it now.

Al Borealis: [00:24:51] Okay. And after that, you tell me how you COVID it. So how I COVID, it was that I really didn’t want to touch it at first because it was a 24 hour news cycle. Right. We were all fed up, but then I realized, damn, I can’t stay silent on this. And so I started making some shows and interestingly, as many people said, ah, we come to you to get away from Orleans shit.

That’s when I realized, Oh yeah, that’s a good function to have. So, but I had to cover the basics of it. So I started with F with our mutual friend, Robert Bonomo. Because I wanted to have, uh, first the financial aspect and that’s because before the pandemic and I was one of the few voices out there who touched it, but it was completely ignored in a shame stream press, and also in independent media, almost no focus, but that’s that the economy was crashing before then.

Pandemic. And of course the pandemic just escalated. It even worse. In fact, before the pandemic half a year before the pandemic, the fed rail reserve was pumping $1 trillion a day into the stock market to make it afloat. But you don’t hear about that. So we, we had a show called the money game, MMT UBI in the coral and I crash.

Then I call it the virus itself. And a show called what you should know about the pandemic. And there I am focused on the more sin because you, you notice there’s like two different, uh, polarities in the counter-culture media about this one is the plan demic thing. Uh, nothing to see here, folks, it’s all a scam.

Move on. And the other is, this is, uh, either a deliberate or an accidental by a weapon lab’s bail. And it’s not an either or, but, uh, let me just say the third aspect, the third show I did, which was probably your favorite that’s what’s with the MSD, uh, independent research investigative journalist, uh, George Webb called spooky aspects of

Alex Tsakiris: [00:27:15] Who who was the second one? Who was the second one with again, it was a doctor. Um,

Al Borealis: [00:27:19] doctor. Absolutely. Uh, great guy. So, um, and the third was Jewish web spooky aspects. And there we went into actually a little bit about it. Follow the money, a little about, about the virus, a little about how this is planned, but in my world, all this can be reconciled because you know, as well as me that the shock doctrine has never been.

More in use than now. They tested it out first in foreign countries. And then after a while they started implementing it on, uh, American citizens to like nine 11, et cetera. You could even argue JFK was kind of a shock doctrine. So what they do, whether you believe that the cave Arabs with books, characters, it was behind the whole thing in 2001.

Or you don’t the fact is that when something like that happens, they seize up on it. They seize upon it with preplanned and pre-tested scenarios. It’s not, it’s not like invented on the spot. They have plans they want to implement and they’ve had it for years and they still do. And we all know what that is.

And so every time something shucks the population, because you know, the battle isn’t. Happening in the independent areas. That’s where the people are having their heads up, their asses. That that’s what they think there are in their own bubbles bogus, or the big problem today. Echo chambers and bubbles for everyone, not just the independent, but the real back lists.

How many of the sleep walkers can be reach? And the thumb Brule has always been for the powers that be anywhere, anytime that you need to pacify a certain amount, there’s two ways to do it either by brutal force, which was very popular in the past, which is very risky and dangerous because the backlash is so bad.

I mean, it’s the gym dingy routine and, and uneven verse Rasheem after that, the other way is to pacify them, you know, the whole liberal style. The it’s basically 1984 versus brave new, so brave new world. Keep them happy, keep them, uh, fad on, uh, you know, throw them some bones and let them play with that.

Now the oligarch today has forgotten all the lessons. I mean, um, you’re great precedent. Uh, Uh, in the thirties and forties who brought you off to the depression, brought in the new deal and he was criticized, Oh, you’re on goddamn. You’re yielding to, to the socialists, um, uh, Soviet and what not, you know, no wizard.

I saved capitalism because he understood, we cannot. Uh, uh, you know, just destroy the whole middle-class. So it’s a set, but that lesson has been forgotten now we’re in the exact same situation and now they’re making it worse. So it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens, but, uh, talk myself away from the point.

I’m sorry.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:30:36] Well, well then maybe, maybe I need to push on through. So. What are you really saying there in terms of, you know, the Roosevelt’s new deal versus the current global financial reset that a lot of people are talking about? So if I can connect your dots, you’re talking about our friend, Robert bonobo saying, you know, Hey, the thing doesn’t really float, you know, we have these.

We were comfortable with the term zombie banks. Well, now we have zombie nations of which the us is one and virtually every country in Europe is one. So, you know, how does that really go?

Al Borealis: [00:31:18] Yeah, it’s very evident right now because in America, in Europe, they keep us throwing us toys so we can sleep on everybody’s getting bail out. Which of course, when you force a lockdown on

Alex Tsakiris: [00:31:31] hold on. Cause, cause I did want to kind of get to the end point here, which is what our, I never hear anyone talking about. So everyone gets to this point that you’re talking about and then the conversation just kind of. Peters out or it just goes, okay, so they’re going to do a reset, you know, the other way to do a reset is war, right?

I mean, you go to war with China, you got to reset, right? I mean, cause you, you straight up bore, you say, okay, well you’re holding all the chips, but what you’re really holding ha ha is just notes again to us against us. So now we say. Screw you, we’re not honoring any of the notes game over. So that’s another way to do the reset.

And I’m not advocating any of this people. I’m just saying, why not? That seems to be off the table. It’s always like, Oh my gosh, we’re just printing more money. It’s like, well, so what do you know, why is that necessarily ever going to there? There’s there’s couple of ways to solve that problem. And the, the it’s, it isn’t necessarily.

Uh, you know, this very global, uh, agenda driven, reset, and I hate when we start using that language again and again, I’m not advocating, I’m just saying that isn’t the only solution.

Al Borealis: [00:32:48] I agree. But, um, first off, I want to just say I was getting originally to the point that, uh, you know, virus RIAs pandemic, it may be both. There may have been an action spill. And they may have seen it and they S then seized upon it with the plant dynamic. You see what I mean? So it doesn’t mean that, Oh, there’s no such thing as COVID on.

Oh, you don’t worry if you get it, it may still be serious. And on the other hand, yes, it may be exploited for a more serious than political purpose because that’s what they do with crisis. They take them and they try to shape because here’s the thing I was talking about, the fight to win over the sleepwalkers.

I always have that in mind that there may be sleepwalkers listening to me, so always need to reach them. I don’t want to get too esoteric unless that’s the whole point with the show. So, uh, and that’s. Brilliant opportunities for the powers that be because they could never look down stuff on a normal circumstances, the skateboard cause wouldn’t allow it because that would shook them so much that they would realize, Oh my God, the rural isn’t as safe and comfortable and simple as our desperately wanted to believe I’m feeling it on my own body now.

And that’s. Uh, always good grounds for revolutions and reforms and changes from below because that’s when everybody is losing their waking up. Right. Let’s Oh, I’ve been hypnotized. I’ve been a Samba. Okay. Come with us, boys. Let’s fight the man, but the man does the same nine 11, and now the majority or a full affair and disoriented.

And that’s when you shovel down. Before they get to think about anything or organize or anything you shoveled down through the throat, insane mashes that never could have gone through an enormous dope circumstances. So that’s the big battle in crisis, like this to win over the sleepwalkers now to what you said in EU.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:35:00] Can we pause there for a second and talk about sleepwalkers? Cause you know, this is going to be, this is going to our classic kind of conversation. It could just kind of go on and let’s lean in all these different directions, but to your point, I think is so, so important.

And again, I would, because that’s mumps up skeptical, I’d have a slightly different perspective on that one. And tell me what you think, but I bet you anything, your experience is the same. It’s not so much that we are waking the sleep Walker it’s that we happen to be around when they wake up. Right?

Because the resistance to waking up is so strong. And particularly from a spiritual perspective, you know, this is like a deeply ingrained pattern that might even spam lifetimes. We have to suspect for a lot of people because we see them and it is so deeply ingrained. They can be given. Piles and piles of evidence in it just does not change them.

We Lindy to look no further than our religious institutions, you know? And it’s like, no matter what is exposed, you just keep following it. Yeah. There was a very famous book written when prophecy fails about cults and the w w would make prophetic predictions. And you would anticipate that when you say that the world is going to end on March 5th and the world doesn’t.

And on March 5th, you would say, well, that’s probably the end of the cult. And what he found was exactly the opposite that yeah, a few people drifted away, but the majority double down and that is the sleepwalker phenomenon. So I think that what’s really is sleepwalking is about, is we happen to be there when they wake up, which is kind of a neat thing, but I do so much agree with your other point, which is.

I always think us in the alt alt community, which we are because we’re an active in the adult community more we’re the Ault alt community. But we far underestimate the power that that is in the hands of the social engineers of the MK ultra, uh, you know, educated. MK. They went to the MK ultra Institute 50 years ago.

And they’re so much further along than that. And the thing the tagline I always use is they have not yet begun to fight. So if you think there’s going to be this massive, uh, waking up that is then going to kind of storm the Gates of the castle with. Pitchforks and torches maybe, but I would say be ready for a lot of counter attacks from weaponry that they have stacked up, that we haven’t even begun to contemplate.

What do you think?

Al Borealis: [00:37:39] Oh my God, this better be a three hours because I have an hour to reply on it, to that one. But, um, first off you’re very right. It doesn’t mean that first. No, first off who’s waking then up. You’re right. It’s not us. It’s the material conditions because we have. Uh, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. And if you fuck with my ninth priority, I may, you ago, I may, you know, it’s not worth the fight, but if you fuck with my primary or secondary, I mean, I need food in my belly and I need roof over my head, and I need a whole lot of other things before I can sit down having this Cornwell with you, Alex.

And so when they take that away or they shake it up for forks, And you and me, we can handle, you can watch horror. Movies are not Fletcher. We can, we can be abducted by aliens and ask doesn’t it go any faster. But if you just, you know, just, uh, the, the, the idea of a ghost to a sleepwalker is shaking them up in their core.

So imagine how they are handling. Because their whole paradigm, I sound so arrogant of us to call them that we are all sleepwalkers in different areas. Okay. So it’s all about waking up. Nobody’s

Alex Tsakiris: [00:39:03] Yes. Good point.

Al Borealis: [00:39:04] Yeah, but here’s the thing. One, it happens to them because their value system and paradigm, or a hundred percent dependent on the school, not going to be a change.

If this change is incorrect in what you call it increased mentalism and it’s. Yeah, incremental and it’s, um, it’s just, uh, abstract and theoretic. Yeah. I was dead Russian revolution in 1917. All the black plague. Yeah. I can get those concepts, but don’t talk to me about you get poor Graham Hancock. Why does those guys get so much?

They have all the facts on their side and they go off to the Mondex because you’re you, we are unpopular messengers because they say no, the world can just go under. You know, the, the drives period and all that debate overnight. They’d want to think about that. That traumatized from Atlantis. Okay. Because astrology is just like the jeans.

It’s just a map. It’s not the genes driving me. It’s a correlation. And however, I experienced life influences my genes and it’s the same thing with the astrology, just to close that debate. That was a callback now to the current debate. So it’s about the material conditions. And then. Yes, you’re right. Uh, Manny will double down.

That’s a very good point. You made you, you see, because they look ready to come out and admit that, you know, they have been in an ally in an evolution, so they have to fight even harder. No, you have to Vera Marsh gripe go down and kill you or you have to take them succeed. Yes. Give me a chip. Yes. So, so they, because they are fastest to eat as proved in his book.

The functional for the orgasm. It’s very connected to our character and psychological design. Now, even those guys have a hard limit and I’ll give you example of where that’s been paused just to know lately, but I also want to point before the hour before that, that even though many double down and become.

Like crazy cultists for that big cult code society. We get record numbers over to our side, which that means in broad terms, the coal counter-culture side, and I’m not going left right here because that whole thing in itself is, is kind of an illusion. Or it’s not an illusion. It’s a distraction because it’s true in culture as matters in values.

But. Not on the prime really matters. And that’s where populism has to band together. Because for example, if you’re a right-wing populist, you are against Wars, but mainly so, because you don’t want to fuck up other countries because you’re a nationalist and you don’t want other countries to fuck up your own.

You realize that plus you don’t want the blow back of a million. Uh, Refugees, et cetera, or the bad karma, what you plus you don’t want the money to go to war industry. You want it to go to build up your own country that you love and on yourself that you need to stay alive. Now, if you’re at the left, You would probably have more, um, emotional and ideal idealist reasons for it.

It could be in jail. Like you’re like Buddhism. Oh, I’m against, you know, I’m a pacifist I’m against hurting others anyway, and you can share. So like you, you want the money to be spent in your own country for, you know, social welfare, whatever. So if you can get those two guys to fight over, you know, Cultural issues or, or identity, you know, gender issues or abortion pump you win.

And this, I don’t know, I’m flogging a dead horse. We’ve been down this road many times. So let’s just put that to the side. Now in Europe,

Alex Tsakiris: [00:42:59] Well, hold on. That was, that was absolutely brilliant. I don’t care how many times uh, we’ve we’ve covered it or it’s been said, , Ew, Ew. Very succinctly I think captured something there. That’s awesome. I loved hearing it. So yeah. Please continue.

Al Borealis: [00:43:14] Okay, cool. Because I believe that we can quote light, not just across left and right-wing, but of course everything, but it’s not about our differences. That’s what I want to point out. We have to point to the goals. So if people let’s say no freedom,

Alex Tsakiris: [00:43:30] Let me pull you back in a different direction here, piss on all that, which I kinda like to do sometimes because I am such an idealist. I am such a, an advocate of just life and love and prosperity on a personal level, as well as every other level.

Level. So I so resonate with what you’re saying. Cause it’s so optimistic, but let me be less optimistic. And let me return to the point of, they have not yet begun to fight because as you alluded to some of the tools at their disposal is like this identity politics, right. That they can put, they can undermine your glorious strategy as they have so effectively with just something as simple.

As identity politics and it’s completely, uh, effective.

Al Borealis: [00:44:25] I get it. I agree with you, but let me give you a and more hope from because we have to be scientific and not idealistic when we discuss this. So I’ll back up my points from reality, not from my wishlist, if it was my wishlist, we were discussing, uh, will paint an even better picture for you. So let’s, let’s anchor this in reality, just these days here.

Something interesting. I have a happened on American left because, you know, I make a point out of not being in an echo chamber. So unlike most people in independent film, I think on like most, I think I’m in a minority or I deliberately keep oriented in all areas of existence that I, uh, you know, can. You not within my resources and politically I keep an eye both on the left and the right, because there’s interesting things going on in both.

And right now, as we speak, you know, uh, 80% of Americans want a universal healthcare system. It’s just Nigeria. And you say who? Hasn’t got it yet. And. That’s 80% of, uh, no, sorry. It’s 70% of American. It’s 89% of Democrats. It’s 55% of Republicans. And I don’t remember the number for independence, but if the overall number is 70%, then the moth is there.

Now politicians it’s the opposite. You’ll find a handful. Who probably support, let’s say Bernie’s version of Medicare for all, because make no mistake, forks, universal health care comes in five different versions from a left-wing solutions like UK and the NHS to arrive at the solution, which is what the, in America called the pub public option.

Now. That’s not what America has. You have corporatism and no politicians backing it. And you have a lot of voices on the left saying they want it. Well, look at what just happened. Jimmy Dore, that loose cannon. You have to love the guy. He’s the Alex Jones of the left and he has no exposed, uh, one of the biggest independent networks.

Out there that, well, the thing is they’re not independent anymore. Namely, the young Turks, they were once upon a time, pretty innovative and independent, but long ago been mainstream and they’re in Hillary Clinton’s pocket and establishment Democrats, and he’s exposing it live and he’s turned 80% of the, of the young Turks, uh, audience against them.

Why? Because he is now. Find himself accidentally at the spearhead of a campaign to expose the so-called progressive left politicians, like the squad AOC or the new ones that are coming in because I’m Bernie Sanders too, because they’re not fighting for Medicare for all because Nancy Pelosi that all can’t.

Can I sorry, beat that, but she’s disgusting. And she, they want AOC and those guys to force her. To have a floor vote on Medicare for all. Not that it’s going to pause, but they want to see which politicians in both parties that are actually going to block it in the middle of a goddamn depression, where people lose their jobs.

And for some weird reason jobs that are attached to healthcare in America, which keeps them, you know, slaves attached to the job. So I’m not seeking careers, but now they even lose that and they don’t have healthcare and it’s a depression and it’s a goddamn pandemic. So they want to see which politicians, because if you got get those names down, that’d be destroyed, uh, in the next elections because now people care because everybody wants it because nobody, you, Alex are upper class.

So you don’t feel the pain, but your brothers and sisters are really suffering. Now 50% are about to lose their homes and I’m not blaming anybody. Particular, it’s not like this is Trump’s fault. The Russia’s photo, anything, but it’s Congress, it’s his Mo mostly to blame and that’s democratic, uh, Govendor.

Now that they have the leverage over Nancy Pelosi, because she needs the votes. Just one vote. Ken boycotter as the new speaker in the house, she’s going to renew all of those. She promised to step down she’s up for reelection. And so they had leveraged for the first time AOC and those people are leverage.

And what do they do? Nothing. Nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. They just, no, no. You saw that in election too. They said, uh, no, no support, Biden support Biden. He won’t give you anything you want, but support Biden. And it’s the same. Now they’re so loyal and Jimmy do is not pushing and saying people if they don’t with, how do you like the tea party did on the right with hold a vote for Nancy Pelosi until she gives a floorboard and Medicare for then, uh, we they’re all exposed us.

Fake populists and young Turks came out against it, but everybody’s for it. And that’s the positive thing, Alex, when you see sleepwalkers, because I believe there’s at least as many stupid people on the left, on the American left as all American rights, if not more. And when you see, they realize. That everybody is a part of the game.

The young Turks AOC, Nancy Pelosi is all, uh, it’s either the establishment itself or they are controlled or blackmailed or, or seduced a pressure. So now it’s a real. Populist or pricing going on on the left and not just in America, in India right now there’s 200 a million people in the world’s biggest general strike because when the media is sold, when the politicians are on the take, when every Institute democratic institution that we can use to implement the beautiful ideas you were describing that you share with everyone, no, ma’am no matter their paradigm, other political affiliation or whatever.

Just freedom, basic prosperity, happy home. When you, whatever, then people band together like they do now. And Jimmy Dore is heading it and it’s the majority and they are now realizing it is a lie and this can spill over to other areas.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:51:08] Hold on a second. Cause this is going to be, this might be a major rift. Not really, but. Uh, a dividing point in this discussion, because like, to me, I’m so surprised that you would go with universal health care. Because I think from my read of that, from where I sit in the alt alt community, is that whole movement has taken about five steps back because we’re now facing a medical tyranny.

That is unlike anything we could have anticipated. We didn’t think they would get to this level of control with an all out fake medical, uh, oppression of people for years. And they’ve accelerated in the last year. They have it. I mean, vaccines are, should be mandatory to some extent, whether it’s you can’t fly on a plane or you can’t go to the ball game or whatever the heck it is.

Matt vaccines will be a mandatory. And once we’re to that point, there really is no that there really is no fallback. So I don’t want to be any part of that medical system, universal health care. I understand my brothers and sisters who are, who are suffering, but I would suggest that they need to re-examine their life and see how they can more effectively withdraw from the phony.

Tyrannical an ineffective medical, uh, system that we have. I don’t know why we want to move towards that or.

Al Borealis: [00:52:39] You missed understand. Let me clarify. Okay, so I’m just talking about financing health, uh, that can be done many different ways financially. Yeah, but if you talk about the contents of the health operators, that’s an actually another debate and it’s not tied automatically to finances, because for example, in UK, Hormel

Alex Tsakiris: [00:53:05] And separate them. Can’t

Al Borealis: [00:53:07] you approve it in UK.

You have a. Uh, homeopathy accepted as part of the public health care. So it’s free, like at the point of service, like anything else and that’s because they have their own debates, uh, the problem with what you’re pointing out, isn’t who’s financing it. The problem is that big multinational corporations, Pfizer, Monsanto, everyone.

We, we know who they are. Not only are they the same as the owners, as the digital corporations and the military industry and media, but also they are calling the shots. So they don’t want to give you. Universal healthcare because they want to price gouge. Every time you have a scam system, first of you have an needless middleman, a mafia, the insurance companies who exploit it and their interest is not to pay out.

So even when you have health care, you don’t really have it as you experience when it manifests. But secondary,

Alex Tsakiris: [00:54:13] What do you want out? What do you want out of the healthcare system? I can, you know, if I fall down and break my arm, I want something hold on. I want something. I want something from, if I fall down and break my arm. Break my leg. I want something from the healthcare system in all other situations.

I can’t think of anything I want from those fucking people. I have a heart attack. I’m not interested. I have a stroke, not interested. I have cancer. I’m certainly not interested. What the fuck do I want from the fucking healthcare system? Immediate, uh, emergency triage. If I have a cut, if I cut myself in the, in the fucking.

Kitchen with a knife. Yeah. I want them, I want to withdraw 90% fucking just cause they, uh, yeah, they’re going to fucking placate the Brits with their homey home. Op homeopathy, homeopathy, whatever, you know, that’s just, it’s just bullshit.

I want to withdraw, cut the healthcare system by 90% and then I’m in.

Al Borealis: [00:55:11] I understand, man. And I’ll address your good points because I understand your protests, but they are misplaced because your concerns are not a problem. If you break your leg, it’s, who’s going to finance the solution. If you get cancer, who’s going to find them the solution. Here’s the point you’re saying you don’t want to go to Leo putts.

To treat that that’s fine. Who says you, the point is you’re going to have expenses. Who’s going to finance those expenses, acid, no stance in the whole world. It’s not a profit. It’s not a commodity. Like I’m a libertarian. I think that you should have an open market place, market town, square kind of thing.

If you invent something, it belongs to you. Internet was like this in the beginning, it was free. And that’s how it should be, but the military should never be privatized corporations and grown by them, the police and the prisons should, but you have done it with a person that’s crazy. And the fire department should not be run, should not be a business.

And the same with education and the same with health now. Does it mean that the state or some special interest group or some corporations are going to dictate the philosophy of that health system? No, because that’s another matter. And today you don’t have a state run health system and you still have those people in power and they are also very influential here, but less because they can price coach medicines in America.

Like you can go to Canada or Mexico and get it for one 10th of the price, because there’s not a competition there about it here in Norway. Nobody has an interest in keeping me sick or refraining me from getting healthcare because of the insurance. But in America, there’s so many poisonous incentives.

There’s so much criminality in the system that they have taken over the state. So the FDR. Uh, food and drug is completely corrupt and they are all influenced by the multinational corporation. And when they, those people become politicians, they influence politicians and those politicians work in those companies.

So it’s a revolving door it’s so that’s the special interests have taken over. It’s not about who finances it. And you can have a system where you have. Insurance. This is the rifling system. You have private insurance, but it’s a real competition among the insurance companies. It’s not like now rigged and those who can’t afford it.

It’s not, it’s not going to be tied to your job by the way. It’s just going to be taught to you what you pay and what the jobs have.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:57:59] Oh, I go back to my question. What do you want out of the healthcare system? I don’t want, I, what I want is so minuscule that we don’t need to jump through all these gyrations. What are you worried about? Are you worried about a million dollar cancer treatment or made, what are you worried about?

I’m not worried about any of those things, like, so I don’t have any interest in it. So, yeah, it’s corrupt. It’s completely corrupt. It’s come from its core, but it’s philosophically, it’s, it’s, it’s not even based in reality, so I don’t know why what’s, you’re fighting for. So back to the personal question, what do you want, what are you afraid of that you’re going to need to buy from those phony baloney health peddlers?

Al Borealis: [00:58:40] no, uh, I mean, nothing would change today. I have full freedom. I only use the health options. I prefer. Okay. And that’s probably because I haven’t had any serious health is incidents, but if I get cancer, for example, I’m going to go to, I’m not going to take. Um, you know, the radiation therapy, but I’m so lucky because I can choose because I don’t have to pay for this stuff.

If you come visit me as a foreigner and you, uh, run over by a car. Then you get free health care. If you come here, uh, visit me as a foreigner and something more serious happens. You get a long-term disease. You get, you get treated for free here. So, um, I don’t have to worry about that.

Alex Tsakiris: [00:59:29] There’s a misconception that people in Europe have about the medical system, United States. It’s, it’s not the, it’s not like that. It’s not like if you go, if you go get admitted to the hospital, they turn you away because you got in a car accident. You don’t have insurance.

That’s. That’s just not the case and the way that it always is, you know? Cause you’re talking about like, uh, on a different level. I don’t know how you process that inside of the medical tyranny, where they’re going to make people. Uh, take vaccines that are just, we don’t know what the hell they are, because we don’t know what the viruses and you know, back though, if we rewind this all the way back to your COVID interviews, the great thing about your COVID interviews is at the very beginning you identified this thing is if not a bio weapon, certainly in engineered.

Uh, uh, a virus and I think that’s such an important foundational fundamental piece to have in place because we can trace through my shows over the year, over this last year, but that became a real hot issue. I interviewed David Eick and he came on and said, there is no virus, and I love David Ike to death, but I said, David, you surely, you don’t believe that they have not isolated the virus, but this has become a hot issue in the alt.

Alt community and it shouldn’t be it’s flat earth science. And then when you exposed with, again, your George Webb thing was phenomenal because there’s an investigative reporter who starts at that point and then gets back to your thing of the plan. DEMEC, you know, it’s like, are they just taking advantage of, uh, capitalizing on an opportunity implementing, accelerating their plan that they already had in place or.

Is it even more of a, of a planned orchestrated event. Uh, but I’ll take all that, that I just laid out. And I’ll say now, please step back and tell me how you pack that back into how you could ever trust a healthcare system that has put us in this position, how you could ever trust them or have any kind of a soap box to talk about universal health care.

Fuck that. Let me out of it.

Al Borealis: [01:01:40] Yeah, well, uh, I, I don’t see the relevance between how you find yourself care and the corruption you’re pointing out in the, not just the healthcare system, but among it’s an ideological collusion basically. And it’s, it’s the oligarchs shoes behind it. But. What else does that have to look? If they want to force vaccines is going to happen in America where they don’t have universal healthcare and it’s going to happen in Norway where we have universal healthcare.

It’s nothing to do with how you finance.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:02:07] So who gives a shit about universal health care? Who the fuck cares, how you get there, whether the public is financing 80% of it over here, and the public is financing a hundred percent of it over there.

Al Borealis: [01:02:19] I see, I know, understand where you want to take it. So I’m going to address that. Okay. I’m going to go to the vaccines, but I have to cause I’m a F I’m your friend have to, uh, you know, uh, open your curtains a little and show you some morality, you know, see, because what’s happening now because of the pandemic, is that.

Not just individual jobs are lost. Industries are destroyed and it’s not just that they are destroyed. They’re destroyed by other industries deliberately. For example, the tech industry goes from a hundred to a thousand. Whereas for example, the whole hospitality industry, the whole travel industry. Almost all small jobs, personal businesses, like you started out, all of them are being destroyed, not because of their incompetence or something that did or whatever.

It’s forced upon them. No matter if you have universal health care or

Alex Tsakiris: [01:03:21] Totally right. Has nothing to do with healthcare.

Al Borealis: [01:03:24] be we solve this. The result is that all those people. Are without healthcare because it’s tied to the jobs, not in Europe because they bought us affair here.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:03:38] As my friend. Don’t you see the air in your logic you’ve bought into this fear-mongering that you’ve bought into this idea. You’ve, you’ve leaped from a couple of important facts. You’ve leaped from the facts that yes, they’ve destroyed all the, all the jobs that you could potentially have so that they can completely control your life.

But then. You’ve been sold on this idea that what they need to replace that with is healthcare. And I’m saying healthcare is the biggest fear-mongering fucking system in the world.

Al Borealis: [01:04:09] You. Can’t destroy entire lines of businesses and replace it with healthcare. First of all people need money before they need health. Health is like a secondary concern.

I was talking about the hierarchy of needs and that’s what they’re doing now. They’re removing people’s primary and secondary needs, and people are going to fight to get that back. Now, the freedom aspect may get lost in it. I agree with you. If we get the toy, any of ’em. Big pharma, which we already have by the way, but they are getting stronger in this process.

We have to fight that, but that’s not, that does nothing real. We have to get the jobs back. Freedom is what we have to fight for. And so what’s happening now is that the big corporations are taking those jobs. I think I said to you in one of our conversations, if it wasn’t to you, I should have said it because I’ve said it to others and that’s that fair.

That, especially in America, more and more people are working for the corporations, because then they will support corporate Chrissy because they are dependent upon them. I’d much rather have a libertarian society. Web small businesses are thriving and not to big corporations, but the state has a role in this because per today, the state is in bed with the big corporations I’m saying, give the bed.

Uh, give the state the bed of the public people. So we can, you know, it’s from the bottom wealth is created. It’s there. Innovation happens. The corporations are parasites. They can destroy all their businesses. They can take over a hostile, they can buy them up, they can do everything. My number with prices, et cetera, but they can never create, they can never contribute.

They can never, always, when somebody do that, it’s being swept up with the bigger ones. So I think you can Flay the idea of having the freedom of not worrying about your health with being in some kind of fascist structure where I look at the, as shovel down your throat. Those are two different things. We agree that that’s bad and we can avoid that.

No matter if we finance it like we do in the whole world, or if we finance it like in Nigeria and USA, because it’s happening. Both places on the alternatives are both places too. So yeah. Sign me up fighting for more sunlight, more personal exercise, et cetera. But the thing is people who don’t have. A home now or a job, no.

Or an income now they need something, uh, on while we’re waiting for that solution to be implemented, they need to survive. And if we were beginning from scratch, it would be so easy. Then we could design like a Ron Paul paradise, right? Like go back on a couple of hundred years, not in terms of technology, but in terms of personal freedom, but we’re not there.

We are at the, we are at, uh, it’s dramatic energies going on, man. And to tie that call back to what we began with the whole year will be a year of change and we better keep a chunk straight in our mouth. You better try to keep a clear perspective because we know who will seize upon this chaos. That’s the bad guys that we all agree about.

And I’m telling you, everybody agrees, Alex, the sleepwalkers too. It’s just that they think they don’t know where the bad things are coming from. So they are tricked into supporting, you know, they’re taking the assets as a salvation. They’re going to take their, the do that’s how it is. So w but if you can point them to solutions to what they want, like you said, early in your show, All you want for society.

Everybody can support it, but they don’t understand which solu, uh, where it’s coming from. So in crisis like this, you can get people to revolt against the powers that be that doing it on the goddamn left, the left were so loyal to authority who has been buying into Russia gate history all this time.

Even those people are waking up in the populous, left it. They woke up before in the Pope, right? You because you’re not looking enough.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:08:28] But, but you’re just talking about on one narrow issue that I think they’re sideways on. Anyway, I think the whole, the whole, you know, we spent an hour now we’ve spent all our time talking about an issue that is such a non-issue because again, you know, you say that I’m completing things.

The thing I’m thinking you’re conflating is, are our modern. Medical establishment, , you’re conflating that with health and you know, you want to talk about correlation and causation, no fucking way. You’d have to make that case for me.

Over and over again, you know, my personal experience with this a few years ago, I went because I had a heart condition, you know, something wrong, my heart. So I went, I went through the whole gamut. I went through the medical, the mainstream medical. I went to the complimentary medical here in, in San Diego.

They’re just full of shit. And the only thing that we have now, and people realize this is the only thing we have that improves it is we have. Uh, more sources of information. So it’s not that everyone is full of shit. It’s just in order to find the people who are not full of shit, you know, I had to go do my own research.

I had to go find the research that in, in Italy, from some doctors who are doing some very. Unconventional stuff. And then I had to bring it to my fucking healthcare provider and they still shit all over it and said, you know, you’re ridiculous. Unless you take these black box medicines, you know, what are your wife?

What’s your wife going to say when they haul you off. And I had to tell those people to fuck off and I had to go do it myself. My experience is not different. My experience is everybody’s fucking experience. If you go in there, if you expect. The health care system to provide you health you’re sunk.

You’re sunk from the beginning.

Al Borealis: [01:10:24] Primary needs. It’s more slow. Sorry, Rick, you have needs when you don’t have money, you don’t have job. Maybe you don’t have family. Maybe you are sick because you probably be off sick. If you live in a city, big city and are a cog in the system, those people are. Uh, at the brink man, and when that happens, you can reach them with better values.

And I just used Medicare for all, as an example, that wasn’t, I didn’t even intend to discuss it with you, or just said the fact that they are now realizing that everybody’s lying to them. That they are now fighting like a tea, like the tea party. It’s a movement. They’re all their own monsters. Yes, it’s for this issue, it could be for any other issue, for example, BI or for example, against a hang on in India, in India, they are demonstrating against the lockdowns.

Uh, I mean, general strike in Paris. There are hundreds of thousands on the streets. Mainstream medias is censoring this in London. There’s hundreds of thousands on the streets and it’s not just one thing that we’re fighting for. But the main thing is they look down they’re against the lockdown. This means citizens arising up some because they want health care.

Some because they. Want the freedom to move about some, because they are fighting for the jobs that don’t want the corporate takeover, because everybody sees what’s going on. That’s my point. It’s an awakening. Not to look. You want them to come all the way to the Thrones where you and me are sitting and judging these plebs, right?

Like two Lords. You want them to join our luxury philosophical? Yes, they can do that. Eventually. If they can get the basic rigging and controlling entire Arnie. Uh, over overthrown and make no mistake about it. There’s much more people realizing what’s going on in terms of pandemic and virus and all that because they’re gambling when they pool so dramatic, uh, things that makes ordinary people uncertain and afraid.

They’re shaking their paradigm so much that they are receptive to different, to new things that they

Alex Tsakiris: [01:12:32] I agree. So let me have a shot at this. Let me have a shot at this. Cause I, I agree with that last part. I believe that this is an interesting discussion to have, and that is. Are they overplaying their hand, which is the expression. I don’t know if that translates over in our region, but like if you play poker and you overbid it, somebody’s going to call your bluff. I get that people are suffering and I get that. First of all, I get that. I live in a bubble fucking, Hey, yes, I live in a bubble bubble. I’ve orchestrated my fucking bubble and I continue to orchestrate it every day.

I understand that people are suffering. I understand that people have been intentionally pushed to the brink because they’re trying to play that fear game. And they’re trying to turn people into these more manipulated, you know?

Cause like you said, at the very beginning, this is one of the ways that you play them, you know, you beat them down and then that’s one of the ways to control them is you just beat the fucking shit out of them. And I get it. That’s what they’re doing now. The big. Thing I would call you out on is you’ve fallen for one of the basic fucking tricks, which is to say you, you’re now empathizing with the Beatdown people and you’re saying, and they won’t even give you healthcare.

You need to, you need to rise up and get the healthcare. The health care is part of the fucking problem. It’s part of the fucking tyranny that they’re trying to create for you to focus on that. And for you to say that person who is been. Beat down almost to the point where they don’t know, like, this is what I think we’re saying, they’d beat people down.

But what they don’t realize is that that person is now down so low that you don’t know if they’re going to accept that handout, that you’re coming along with to try and reach them up though, your phony, baloney medical handout, which, you know, maybe we’ll, we’ll pull them over to your side or if they’re going to rise them safe.

Fuck you fuck your handout. Fuck your medicine. Fuck all your shit. I’m taking my pitch Pitchfork. I’m taking my fucking torch and a March into the castle. Don’t hand me any more bullshit fucking medicine or any of the rest of the shit that you think is going to make my life better. I’ll tell you, what’s going to make my life better.

Is you not being around? And when I say you, I mean the fucking system that we’ve created.

Al Borealis: [01:14:55] Yeah, but are you saying that doctors have no worth personal physicians?

Alex Tsakiris: [01:15:01] their worth is significantly, , significantly less than we’ve been led to believe.

Al Borealis: [01:15:07] Many physicians are whistleblowers. Now, many physicians are trying to go against the big, uh, health Tyrony being implemented. You are aware of that, right? That we have many allies

Alex Tsakiris: [01:15:20] There’s there’s all sorts of individual things. You don’t like you don’t how many people have died of, of, of diabetes during the plan demic, because how many people died? Cause, cause they’re not getting normal healthcare because they’re afraid to go into a hospital because they’ve convinced everyone that they’re all going to get sick in the face of this kind of medical information and medical tyranny, how you would look to those people as some kind of.

Ally in the battle. I don’t understand that they are the biggest fucking part of this thing.

Al Borealis: [01:15:53] Well, let’s say you have diabetes, then, uh, you need a way to get it. Handled treated, even if it’s not the best treatment, at least you need to survive. So that’s a good example. Let’s say there’s no pandemic. And let’s say, uh, you don’t have to, you know, we pay, it’s no such thing as a free healthcare. We pay for our healthcare here in Norway.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:16:17] Everyone is covered. That’s the whole Obamacare thing. Everyone is covered here. That’s the whole Obamacare thing. They hit up rich people like me a lot. They hit up everybody. It’s a shitty system. Nobody likes it.

Al Borealis: [01:16:29] know, I know, I

Alex Tsakiris: [01:16:30] that, that, that Americans don’t have healthcare.

Al Borealis: [01:16:33] Yeah, I know you were forced into having to buy into it. Uh, and, but then you also bought their explanation that everybody will be covered. I know for sure people are everybody aren’t covered. I know personally people are not covered and you don’t look at the look at the numbers, but talk with anyone.

Uh, it’s a completely, because you know, they have an incentive not to pay out,

Alex Tsakiris: [01:16:58] I’ll give you a case, like, like you just mentioned diabetes. Right? Great, great example, you know, like one of the things, uh, so like let’s take out type one, diabetes people, you know, Uh, juvenile diabetes, people are born and it’s horrible, and they’re going to have to insulin their whole life.

They’re going to have to manage it and stuff like that. Again, the cost of that at this point is not astronomical, right? I mean, we can manage that pretty cost-effectively, but take, for example, type two diabetes, which. It’s basically just people who are not willing to control their diet. Uh, you know, one of the things I do personally is I do kind of the, the fasting intermittent fasting, you know, I just eat within this five-hour five-hour window a day.

The effects on that on type two, diabetes are overwhelming, overwhelming. They, so swamp, any other quote, unquote medical treatment that I’m like, I don’t give a fuck. I don’t want to pay for someone to go in and be treated for, for type two diabetes because they can’t control their diet.

I don’t have to pay for all that. Now I’ll give you some money and you can spend it how you want, but don’t tell me that I have to have an infinite deep pocket cause you like fucking donuts and fucking hamburgers.

Al Borealis: [01:18:17] Okay. My retort to that would be that now you’re actually without realizing it on the same side, as those who want to prioritize Lopate. And not the other patties because you’re going in and saying, yes, there are two actually chimps that both will lead to freedom. One is the one you are not in favor of, which is let every healthcare be free and let people choose which one they want to go to.

And they don’t have to worry about payment, but you are now saying no, no, no, we should. Uh, those who have a lifestyles diseases, those should be excluded. Well, then we could also say, well, everybody who needs acupuncture should be excluded. No it’s either, or it’s either, or either everything is on the table and people choose.

Freely, uh, according to what they want and what they need or nothing is inevitable. If you just accept some diseases or some or causation or some treatments, then it’s being corrupted. But one option is that the other is what you’re saying. Let people choose it by let, let it be commercial. Let it still be.

You’re not a business to trade in your health, but give people a. Resources to finance it either by having work and conditions to create.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:19:39] It’s always a business. What people say this, yo, it’s always a business. Somebody always has to get paid. There’s fucking getting paid. I don’t know why people who advocate kind of universal healthcare, fig Pfizer. Isn’t getting their fucking cut.

Al Borealis: [01:19:55] We haven’t got the health care system corrupted in terms of finances, everything else is corrupted and we’re still a part of the Americanization and a modernization and a much realization and people get sick and they get to wax innate and they get to 5g.

So of course we’re going to have the same diseases. I’m just saying when we have them, people should have a means to it. Actually. They shouldn’t have to worry about them like today. Uh, I don’t have to very, Oh, I can’t. Uh, quit my job because of the good healthcare plan, although I’m miserable in this job and I’m becoming sick precisely because I hate this job and that’s why I need is goddamn mouth care.

And that’s why I have to stay in that job. Nobody, nobody thinks like that, man.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:20:38] How are we going to wrap this up?

Al Borealis: [01:20:39] We’re not, we’re wrapping up shit, by the way, you said people are overestimating. The people underestimating the powers that be, I actually think at least in our bubble, and I’m talking about that bubble that we share. Um, I think they’re overestimating them. I don’t think the powers that be are calculating for the cashback.

I think our oligarchs today, or Dover than the oligarchs back in the day, because back in the day they understood the, they have to pacify for folks either by not like they do here. Brag, new world have a bubble play nut or by brute force. And America is in between. And I, I, you know, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Luna Cohen.

He’s a goddamn prophet. He said, it’s coming to America first, the cradle of the best and the worst it’s there. They’ve got a range and the machinery for change it’s there they go to spiritual first and I firmly believe he was right when he said that, uh, we’re seeing it in real time now. And we can wrap this up.

Without pointing to the fact that if you think you saw changes in 2020 man brace for 2021, and some of those changes will be good. I’m insisting on that. But yeah, the, the shadow is going to be with the still, and the grip is going to be firmer for sure. But the more they do that, the more they are forcing our, our gut reaction, you know, you know, you know, polarity, right.

So. You push down with one force. Um, the backlash is going to be the same. So I’m just saying, you know, you and me have a big responsibility, although we are not reaching as many people as we ought to, or we want to we’re reaching enough. And, you know, as well as me, you know, the six degrees of separation, you know, about the 12th, uh, the 10th monkey, a hundred monkey, I mean a hundred monkey and you know about one man can change, et cetera.

So, and the butterfly here on the revolution, there are, so when you and me on navigate people look to as many, look to us for our voice, um, At least they want to get their viewpoints tested. So that’s why it’s great that you can air disagreements like intelligent gentlemen. And it’s also incumbent upon us be, be cautious before we conclude.

Um, not get too wrapped up in subtracts because we have to have the big picture to navigate through this because I do agree with you that the powers that be have clever ways to, you know, manipulate and hijack gang distract and all that stuff. So we have to try to keep our tongue straight in the mouth,

Alex Tsakiris: [01:23:31] I think you make a really good point. And it’s one that, you know, as you were saying it, I was like, shit, he’s right. Because I think everything that we’re seeing unfolding right now suggests that they don’t have a very good handle on what the fuck they’re doing.

, I don’t even say desperation. I think desperation is the wrong word. I think it more, uh, more w what you kind of were alluding to is kind of a fundamental incompetence in, in terms of, uh, how to do this stuff. And you, you said something kind of really interesting and, uh, you know, the oligarchs of our day aren’t as good as the oligarchs.

Uh, the best at there always is the lens. You know, the Monday morning quarterback and we’re picking and choosing, I don’t know that they were ever that good before, but I think there’s a fundamental truth to what you’re saying. So let me put you on the spot here because we didn’t do the 2020 show that I wanted, but we are going to do the prediction aspect of it. We are, I don’t know how close you’re following this and I am so not a, it’s funny, right? At the beginning, you said you’re not a 24 hour news cycle guy. I have worked so hard to not be. I will just shut myself off from news and you know, my. Friends and family will say something and they’ll look at me like, are you a complete idiot?

You didn’t hear that that happened. But this last year I’ve been, I’ve been forced to be more of in the news cycle. And I’ll tell you what, I’m in the news cycle on right now, which I think is no doubt going to be one of the fundamental key events. Of, I don’t even want to say 20, 20 or 2021 because it feels to me like a guy who’s lived, you know, a few years now as one of the most fundamental, profound moments of our time.

And that’s that there’s more and more evidence that Trump is going to fight this then all the way in that he is not going to, that, that he is going to probably, you know, He’s going to force Biden’s hand by threatening, uh, bringing him on charges for trees and bring his son on charges for trees and bring his brother on charges for trees and, and as well as, you know, arresting a bunch of other people and under the incorrect insurrection act and basically declaring something close to a, a martial law.

I’m not saying that’s going to happen. I’m just saying anyone who isn’t aware. That that option is in play and being actively, actively considered at a very serious level and anyone who isn’t considering the implications that because that’s not something you can do halfway. If he goes that way, he will be forced to drain the swamp.

Something he’s been. People have said he’s going to do, but I don’t know what to make a Trump because he certainly hasn’t drained the swamp yet. He’s demonstrated as being nothing other than somebody who’s in the swamp. But if he crosses. If he crosses the Rubicon here, he will be forced to play that out because he will be taking that step.

Do you think that’s going to happen? And what do you think will be the impact either way if he does, or if he doesn’t? Because if he doesn’t, what a lot of people are saying is then America is probably. Going to be very different just in terms of the people that are taking control. Clearly they have, you know, rig the election that back to our statistics thing, you know, the best proof of that is just statistics in the same way.

We say other elections are phony. You know, you can’t have 105% of the precinct in Wisconsin voting 105% that does it. You know, you can’t have that. And, and have a real legitimate election. So given that we didn’t have a legitimate election who cares, we w they had a lot of illegitimate elections, but my point is, if this illegitimate election is allowed to stand, I think what a lot of people are concerned about is how would you ever, you know, how would you ever write the ship after this?

When you’ve kind of given the keys to the people? I’m an apolitical here. People I’m not saying one way or another one is good. One is bad. I just think. I’d like you to speak to this moment in history that we’re at and which way you think this thing is going to fall.

Al Borealis: [01:27:50] Yeah, I’m going to be a bit more neutral here, I think because, um, Yeah, like in the financial thing, I have taken us side where, which I think is the best working, but here I haven’t, but I can still offer a fair perspective in terms of analysis. Let me start with using, um, Russia against, against Trump as a good example of why I’m saying the current elite is dumper than the previous, because the previous had to fight.

It’s way against uprising from the people that have to pass that the DB world Wars, they had to deal with the control mechanism tools like heckler running. Havoc. And it’s like a doggy. They were having an aleesh who freed himself and starting biting them. They had to deal with the depression they had to deal with.

I don’t know saying this is that they weren’t a part of this. They precisely where they were playing. They even managed to phase it from our, uh, fast, uh, hard currency back to system to, uh, feed systems. And they’ve implemented MMT for all it’s worth. Now it’s because. Today S elite are inbred more than the worn in the past.

You know, even Morgan I think was fighting himself up from, from nothing. So they are inbred. Yeah. We still have heritage elites, but there’s a lot of inbred precisely because we have a lot of inherited in elites. It’s not people fighting themselves to the top anymore. Even bill Gates, who people think.

First off he didn’t invent shit. He hijacked it. He’s a thief second Gates. He’s from, uh,

Alex Tsakiris: [01:29:32] Not true. I was, I lived through that whole thing. We can do a whole show on that.

Al Borealis: [01:29:36] But Gates is an

Alex Tsakiris: [01:29:37] He was a very good computer programmer.

Al Borealis: [01:29:39] He’s born into an elite family. He wasn’t like, so even he, even those new rich people, we look at aren’t really new rich. Yes. He became, uh, a trillionaire by his own, but he was always a part of the elite. And so, and also they are, um, not just in bread, but, uh, in America, especially, but more and more everywhere, the elites have been unaccountable for a long time.

They weren’t before. The only way on elite is falling. Now, if the, if the other elites are turning against them, which is what they’re trying to do with Trump. So, uh, you are failing upwards and, and this has happened for a long time, I think at least as JFK, but after 2001, it was systematized. You saw that with Obama in Oh eight, they rewarded the people who did the crimes.

Banksters. Corporations and look at the, you were saying, how is Trump still is surrounded with the swamp? Look at them. Steve, Minutian one of the perpetrators of the Oh eight recession. You know who we’re supposed to go after him as public prosecutor, Kamilah fucking Harris, like so many other sins she has on her plate, which is why nobody was voting for her in the primary.

So she was elected because she was, uh, accepted by wall street and the perfect distraction. The Obama called a doubling down, not just the cold, but this time also female. Well, she was bribed by Minutian to not prosecute. And now Minutian is the goddamn finance minister. So, uh, Trump, he ran on real populism.

I believe parts of it was his own, but he was more concerned, but greening and he believed in the populist as he had in 60 in luck, Steve Bannon. And so he understood ducks. This is a way to win or at least. It, it aligned with his interests. And I do believe some populism. He really believes like, uh, he, he is actually nationalistic.

He’s always been

Alex Tsakiris: [01:31:45] Yeah, but Steve Bannon was a Coke addict and, and a pedo sex nut. If I don’t get your prediction on this, I’m going to be really, really disappointed because all that stuff is ancient history.

I want to know your prediction. Look to your, look to the Northern lights and tell me.

Al Borealis: [01:32:05] London, Colin. Uh, so here’s the thing, uh, it’s it’s relevant because he lost all those people. Mike flame, Steve Bannon, who actually helped him when he did. In 16, he and Bernie ran a popular him saying they actually, Trump said universal health care, no problem. He said, we’re going to, uh, terrific. N a T S a and all that stuff.

Now in 20, both him and Bernie were running on identity politics because they have horrible and voices. So Trump is left alone in the swamp. So it’s not a matter of. You know, if you’re right. If Trump is going to ride this off, it’s going to be by actually doing a military takeover. And I don’t believe he has enough support in the military.

Uh, the courts is not going to help him. We saw that they’re throwing out the case, even though it’s his people in the court, they don’t have the balls and yes, it’s rigged. I have a, had a program about rigging in 16 already. And, uh, I said on Twitter, when people were fighting about, about this, who’s going to be the next president Biden or Trump, I mean, after the election.

So not who’s going to win. With votes, but who’s going to actually end up on, I said, you don’t want to, who’s going to end up the winner, the one with the best rigging team. And so I think Trump’s team is more incompetent. I think his enemies are much more organized because they are, they have the CIA and everyone on board.

And I, I, Trump, I think Trump’s, uh, Alois are a minority within delete. But they are there. Trump also has a fair portion of Maga people. We can’t do anything wrong, but Trump has an option now to, for example, uh, let us orange and Snowden go free and he may do it just as a finger up to Obama. I don’t believe he would do it for ideological reasons, but he would do it because he knows the near lips are.

They’re going to be angry about that. So it’s, I think it’s all up in the air. Trump has always been like a good guy. Who’s a good tactician. He follows his gut in the now. So we re he could go anywhere. He could go to like, uh, Uh, running again in 2024 and accepting the defeat now and making sure have Oak like freeing our sandwich, pardoning assumption, et cetera, or he could go the way that you’re talking about, but it’s going to be, remember, I think is also not as brave as some would have him.

He’s thinking of his own ass, the backlash. If he doesn’t get away with it, it’s very big. And it’s too late now to start a whole war. So, I don’t think he has enough support in the system to do it. If he has, he will do it because he knows that, uh, they are coming after him after the election. So I, I do not believe I never believed those who said, he said that he will prosecute Clinton Obama.

Biden they’ve said it Q on, and I’ve said it for years now. It never happens. And they’re always doubling down with the next predicament and, and it’s lucky in Kurtz when it fails, instead of saying that’s it I’ve had enough. They, they fall for the explanations and rationalizations, and I haven’t seen anything of this behind the scenes war yet in a deep state.

I don’t think it’s a fight behind the scenes. I think it’s like 90% or still intact of the deep state. And I think some deep Staters and some people in the white system. Has supported Trump for ideological reasons. Not populous reasons tends to be more nationalistic and even fussy, stupid reasons. I’m not saying Trump is a fascist because he isn’t, if he was, he would have taken this COVID and seized upon it, he would have taken a martial law long ago.

Like many countries did. He would have done a shock doctrine to implement stuff. Instead he was fighting. Of course, because he has he’s in the hotel business and he’s being ruined by this, but he was fighting the lockdown and he was wanting like every man for himself, which is the opposite of fascism. So he’s not a fascist, but he does have luckiest, fascist enemy signing as fascist Allah allies, actually.

And so that’s why I can’t do a hard prediction that I can say what I don’t believe or do not believe he will go off to the big power players because he knows. The it’s they’re too powerful. And I’m not saying Biden is powerful. Biden is some puppets, like all the other politicians, actors, basically the real powers are in the hands of the banks and the multinational corporations, because we live in a corporate Cressy folks.

You don’t live in socialists. We don’t live in capitalism. We live in Copa, quasi, which. In culture and identity politics tends to be more left or right here and there, but the bottom line that’s it. And Trump alone cannot fight that. And my, okay. My, I, I tend to think Biden would take over and, uh, the swamp will be reinforced.

Yes, they’re still strong. Uh, but it’s going to be same boss. As before it’s just going to be a new face. That’s one of the reasons I hate Trump because he doesn’t put a pleasant face on the machine, uh, Biden and Obama certainly does. But in, in terms of actions, uh, I think, I think it will be a turn for the worse, but I think if it’d be balanced by people or pricing on different areas, uh, when they uprise against.

Uh, locked down that they do all over the world. Now national strike national strike is one general strike is one of the left. Two last tools we have left. I was trying to say earlier, but when that happens, uh, think, uh, we can contain some of them verse shit coming down on us from the politicians. Uh, and if Trump actually goes to where you’re saying is going to be ugly because he won’t make a populism machine.

It will be like some kind of bull scenario, Brazil thing, or they could Orban in Hungary, which is more or less not national one state nationalist regime. And then you can discuss is going to be worse or better. Than what you’ve got. Now I can see how things can be much worse, but maybe it will actually be better, but that’s what you’re going to get a better whole.

What will happen is that people rise up, which they will do on different areas and you don’t smack it down because the left and the right, you know, when the left left goes out on the streets, Black lives matter, stuff like that against the police. That right. Says, Oh no, no, fuck it. That this is a we’re against this.

When the right goes out in the streets, like against the mosques or whatever, then the leftists are coming in and poo-pooing that. And as long as people don’t just realize nuclear, all pissed, we have to get on the streets with orange Wests until we take over the democratic institutions until that happens.

Big structure changes won’t happen. So for 2021, I think the most changes would happen in the grassroots. I think you will see lots more demonstrations fights strikes. Um, Yeah, different kind of populism of pricings, uh, and more, much more. I think you and me was see more listeners coming to us. The independent will grow.

The independent independent will grow, or the alt alt as you call it. Uh, but the huge structural changes, well, they can happen overnight, but I can’t see ending 2021 with, let’s say a Biden regime and still having a COVID problem. Uh, maybe even being closer to a mass, mass vaccination, but more people than ever will have, uh, awakened man.

And that will be so encouraging for us all because it’s not because it’s not about what system do we live in. It’s about how many people accept the system 11. And when we have the majority, um, changes is going to happen, man.

Alex Tsakiris: [01:40:56] You know, I, I wish I could, we could deconstruct that, which we would have to vet. We just don’t have the time to do it. But I think your analysis of, uh, of Trump is very, very nuanced and very, very insightful in, in a lot of ways.

All right. My friend Hart guest, our guest again has been the fantastic Al Borealis checkout forum. Borealis. I’ll obviously have links in the show and I don’t think this is going to be the end of this conversation. There’s too much great stuff that we didn’t have a chance to talk about. So we’ll have to do it again.

Real soon and see how this 2021 prediction of his, uh, kind of plays out. So Al my friend, thank you very much. Merry Christmas, happy new year. You’re the best buddy. I really appreciate you.

Al Borealis: [01:41:49] great winter solstice to you.

Thanks again to Al for joining me today on skeptical. The one question, I guess I tee up as the one that we spent so much time on and. Not that I think either one of us anticipated it, but it kind of led to an interesting discussion on a number of levels. And that is. What do you make of universal health care?

Do you see that more as a fundamental right? That might give us a little port in the storm, in these very uncertain and fear generating times. Or do you see it as just another and maybe even a primary? Tool of control by, uh, increasingly engineered society. At least that’s how I tee up that question. I’d be super interested to hear your answers to it. Let me know what you think.

So I did, after we wrapped up this interview, I did talk to Al about. Doing this end of year show, which we originally planned on doing. So we’re now trying to arrange that. I think absolutely terrific to do it Al since I have. So much respect for not only his show, but his very deep thinking on a lot of different topics. So hopefully we can put that together.

I also have a bunch of other shows coming up. So please. Stay with me for all of that until next time. Take care. And bye for now

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