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[00:00:00] Alex Tsakiris: , On this episode of Skeptiko, A show about nazis,

And a show about why Hola hoaxers annoyed me so much.

[00:00:24] Alex Tsakiris: , let’s get to the number, . Cuz I was forced because of this exchange that I had to kind of go do some, is there new research being done? Which is one of the other claims that the holo hoaxers make is like, Hey, they’re shutting down the research.

[00:00:39] Al Borealis: There’s no debate. This is quantify in some countries is banned by law.

[00:00:44] Alex Tsakiris: Well, I’m now sharing on the screen. Okay. Let’s see a published paper here. It’s published in Science Advances, this study identifies an extensive phase of killing in which 1.47, a million and a half Jews, more than 25% of the Jews killed over the six years of the of World War II were murdered by the Nazi in an intense a hundred day, three month surge.

So that first clip was from a new Nazi movie on Netflix, blood and gold. Boy. I love those Nazi movies and the second was from an exchange ahead with today’s guest Al Borealis from foreign Borealis who, , joined me to have this very, very kind of intense in-depth multi-layer discussion about some of these issues. Now the conversation is just not going to make it on YouTube. YouTube is so, , unfair how they sensor, you know, and , a lot of people still don’t understand that.

How YouTube does this and you’ll, you you’ll go over to rumble. This will be on rumble. And if you’re wanting to watch the video. You know, you can go watch it on rumble and you’ll be like, wow, I’ve heard. You know, all of this stuff before and other places on YouTube. But that’s not how it works.

They still give you a strikes for content producers, like main small people. And they’re just arbitrarily. I don’t know who else gets it, but a health Huck’s bucketing a strike too. So you just can’t do it on YouTube anymore. You get striked out and then all the rest of your content that’s ever been on there throughout history.

You know, it gets taken down as well. So. A lot of these shows that I’m going to do. Are going to wind up going straight to rumble and that’s okay. That’s great. In the meantime, I’ll play a couple of clips here that all kind of add in. And then you can just go to rumble and find the rest of the show. Or most people listen to this show in podcast form and there the censorship isn’t so bad. So for the folks watching this on YouTube. Here are those clips for the rest of everybody? Here’s the full show.

welcome to Skeptiko, where we explore controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers, thinkers, and their critics.

Today I welcome back Al Borealis, the Skeptiko host, creator of the Fantastic Forum Borealis Show. Al and I have hooked up on many occasions to chat about things. He’s absolutely one of my favorite guests and friend. He, he just has such a, a, a broad perspective on so many things that are happening. And then when guests.

Intersect where we’ve interviewed the same guests. I always find a special, uh, reason to reach out to ’em and a special dynamic in the conversations that get generated off of that. So with that in mind, I reached out to Al because there’s one topic that just kind of returns again and again in various forms.

And then we’ve done a couple interviews that kind of hit on it. I just don’t see anyone talking about it at that level three depth that I’d like to get into. And as soon as I bring up the topic, you will know why those conversations don’t exist. Don’t know how far this we’re gonna go with this, or where it’s gonna be censored or banned.

But the conversation’s really about Nazis and Jews. And, uh, I know that’s provocative right off the bat, but I gotta say, I, I, I think one is defined by the other, and the others are fined by the other. I mean, they, they are, they’ve become, An inseparable pair in our history in a way that when you deconstruct it, I think is really strange.

And I think it needs to be examined more thoroughly in terms of why these links exist. To what extent are they both manufactured and then used to kind of promote a certain narrative or promote a certain agenda or shape certain thinking. And then finally, how long has that been going on? I’m gonna reach back and suggest that the, the history here for that goes way, way back.

And the social engineering goes right back with it to the beginning, if there ever is a beginning. So with that long introduction, but I think I’ve set the table. Al, welcome. Thanks for joining me.

[00:05:15] Al Borealis: Thanks. I have my regular chair in your show now. You too. I’m almost a co-host, but good bit. Good to be back.


[00:05:24] Alex Tsakiris: You know, it’s, it’s really been five months. By the time it’s out, it’s six months. So, Hey, that’s, I gotta talk to you every six months.

[00:05:33] Al Borealis: Yeah, this is my first show. Uh, in uh, three months I’ve been off the road. Good. Private matters, but I’m back.

[00:05:43] Alex Tsakiris: Okay. So where I thought we might start is, uh, Johnny Edmore.

Yeah. Since we both interviewed him about Johnny Edmore is of course, uh, partner with. Whitney Webb at Unlimited Hangout. They’ve done some absolutely fantastic investigative reporting work. We both tuned into ’em when , world Economic Forum stuff was especially heated up about a year ago.

That seems to have slipped off the radar a little bit, but don’t think for a second that they’ve, that they’ve led up on the agenda at all. So why don’t you go back and tell folks about , why you felt like the World Economic Forum stuff was important at the , , at the time that you did it.

And then let’s try and link that back into this conversation I want to have about Nazis and Jews, because I think that jumps us right into the middle of it in some ways that you didn’t fully explore on your interview with him, but I did. So I’m gonna use that as kind of a battering ramp to kind of pull you into this thing.

[00:06:51] Al Borealis: , I mean, why it’s relevant, why it’s important. Do I really have to argue for that? But I wanted to, , focus on the Nazi roots of, I mean, there’s Jewish roots too, right? We are Kissinger, but, , although he’s not very Jewish, ,

[00:07:06] Alex Tsakiris: Yes. Is not very Jewish.

[00:07:08] Al Borealis: Yeah, he’s not very Judaism. , he, he’s probably an aist.

Mm-hmm. But, uh, I don’t know how we, we, you know, we, we need to define these things too. Both Nazis and Jews. Should we start with that? Maybe?

[00:07:22] Alex Tsakiris: Well, we could, but, you know, I’d like to jump, I, I’ll just start doing all the Skeptiko stuff. Yeah. Like, cuz I also did a show with, , mark Gober, who we’ve both interviewed and it was really after the Johnny Edmore interview and I really focused on the link between Kissinger and.

Klaus Schwab. I think that tells us much, much more about what’s going on there. And I think that the Nazi thing with Klaus Schwab is a major red herring to go back and look at his ties to the Third Reich with his father in that business. It’s all bullshit. I mean, from a business perspective, these guys were in the business of making turbines.

If you are in the business of making turbines and you don’t partner with you care, well, they didn’t start out as nuclear cuz there wasn’t any nuclear at the beginning. But I, I’m just saying if you’re making a large scale industrial product like that and the Nazis come to party, if you are not kissing their ass and doing everything you can to become part of that, you’re out of business.

And they are on the verge of going out of business at various times in the twenties like so many German businesses are. So I think the, the Nazi thing is a complete red herring. And that’s what I pointed out in the Johnny Edmore interview. What’s really instructive, I think is the relationship with Henry Kissinger, because what that tells you is two things as you pointed out.

I mean, that’s not very Nazi to partner with Henry Kissinger. And when you say Henry Kissinger isn’t very Jewish, I would, I would , completely disagree with you and this is what I

[00:09:02] Al Borealis: talked about. But he is, AIST does a

[00:09:05] Alex Tsakiris: difference. You know, his history, and we talked about this with Mark Gober. I mean, his family leaves Germany like three days after crystal knock, you know?

Yeah. Three days, like when we watch that German history and we see crystal knock, and if anyone forgets, you know, , when the Nazis take over, they have the plan in place. They’re already implementing it right out the bat. So they are gonna get the Jews and they put the screws on very quickly, but they roll it out very quickly.

And this crystal lock thing is where they go and they kind of incite everyone to go and shut down these Jewish businesses and crystal lock, you know, glass breaking to break all these windows and stuff like that. Well, his family sa What’s that? Sa

[00:09:51] Al Borealis: Yeah, not s as, but sa Sa, which is the precursors, the street police.

Right. They unleashed, unleashed them. They were created for that.

[00:10:04] Alex Tsakiris: Well, I, I guess you know the story, so I’m really saying it for the benefit of anyone who doesn’t quite know. But one of the questions I think we all have when we look at that history is we say, why didn’t people get out? Well, a lot of people did get out and a lot of people tried to get out and couldn’t get out.

Jewish people we’re talking about, so. Kissinger’s family gets out, they’re like, okay, I don’t need anything more. I don’t need to know anything more. We’re outta here. And they immigrate to the United States. And what I thought was really interesting when I looked at Kissinger’s background, and again, this doesn’t get played out and part of the reason is because there is this kind of alt-right neo-Nazi underpinning red ice radio kind of thing going on that we don’t talk a lot about, but is part of this conspiracy culture that we are a part of.

And that’s another thing I wanna sort out, and we’ll get to that maybe next in just a minute. But the point I guess is that if you look at what happens to Henry Kissinger, he is an immigrant. He comes to the United States, he can’t even speak the language. And because antisemitism is rampant in the United States, even in New York, even though they have a large population of Jews, he’s walking on the other side of the street.

You know, so when the Irish and the Italian kids are coming down the street, he is over on the other side of the street cuz you’re gonna get your ass kicked if you’re a Jew. Especially if you’re a Jew who can’t speak the language. That’s just kind of the rules of the street kind of thing.

But anyways, he enlists in the army. He’s a brilliant student, very smart guy. But he enlists in the army and he goes and fights and he’s there. But because, and this is an interesting fact to it,

I’d throw out, and again, I’m, I’m talking a lot here, but I wanna make sure we have the same base of knowledge here when we talk, when, when he gets over there, one of the things that he has is a total command of the German language.

And because he’s Jewish, a lot of these guys were recruited, there is no chance that he is a sympathizer with the Nazis. So that makes him quite, quite interesting from an intelligence standpoint. So he immediately steps into that role, is recruited into that role as a very young kid, 22 years old. And here’s a little factoid that I pulled out of that, that again, I was kind of surprised that Johnny didn’t go there because I think it’s maybe the most significant fact.

, he starts doing basically a. Project paper clip work before there was a project paper clip. And that is, it’s the Battle of the Bulge. We’re, you know, we’re taking a lot of prisoners, a lot of Nazi prisoners. How are we gonna find out the good ones from the bad ones? And when I say good ones from the bad ones, I don’t mean the nice ones versus the bad ones.

I mean the good ones in terms of ones we can use, you know, for our purposes versus the ones we have no use for. Enter Henry Kissinger and he can go interrogate these guys, talk to these guys. He’s completely fluent and completely fluent in the culture as well. But here’s the point that I guess I was gonna raise.

He stays there until, catch this 1948 in Germany. What that tells me is he is Project Paperclip. He might have been involved in the precursor to Project Paperclip, but if you were there doing this work at the Battle of the Bulge and then you roll it, you, you are one of those guys that it is a very, very important job to do.

And I think he did that job. And now doesn’t that fit back into how we are to understand Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum, the partnership with chrisinger, the plan for how we socially engineer culture. Lot on the table there.

[00:14:04] Al Borealis: Take a minute, tell me so much because, um, you know, you, you often use the terminology 3D 4d hs.

Right? And with all respect, and I love that you are focusing on this subject, uh, but with all due respect, I feel like you’re, um, operating right now in a two 2d, uh, or, or maybe you’re operating in a 3d. I, I, me a 40. I’m gonna explain why, because what you say, you are pointing out apparent to seeming contradictions.

But I, I venture to you, they are not, in fact, you just made the case without realizing it. But I’ll, I’ll see if I can reconnect the dots. So, so you see what I think I see, and I’m not alone by the way. I’ve had, I don’t expect much from vor. He’s a current journalist so that he doesn’t go into the de background of these things.

I, I, I never expect he knew more than I actually expected about these things. Uh, but I have hashed it out with others. Of course, Pharrell, I recommend, uh, those who bother listen to my shows to check out. I think it’s the Hema part three, uh, where we go deep into Jews versus Nazis. And we do it in a couple of other shows too.

I just don’t remember, but. Just listen to my Nazi series. I have, which, yeah, but, but I’m saying this to the listeners too, and of course I’ve also had others on, but okay. Back to the point. First of all, look at a guy like George Soros. He was deliberately, uh, collaborating with the Nazis, hunting down Jews and pretending not to be a Jew.

Um, so it’s not as easy, you know, this concept of the self-hating Jew that they always use as a smear to anyone who want to criticize the fascist politics of Zionists. It kind of has, you know, every, anybody can have, you know, the psychological background explains a lot, and you just gave us the psychological background of case.

And he came to the new country. He was probably fed up being hunted down, being ostracized, be belonging to the underclass. So he very quickly ascended into Nazi circles. But now is the definition time because, uh, really a Nazi was a follower of Hitler. He could mold and determine he could have changed that po po any policy they were having overnight.

And now that was the Nazi policy. We have to go deeper and we have to look at the structure. And the structure is fascist. Even communism can be fascism. Stalin was operating a fascism regime. We’re talking about authoritarianism, right? We’re talking about one central power. And the point of the system is not truth or untruth or right or wrong or justice or anything.

The point of the system is central power will be implemented throughout the system from up to down. That’s the definition of how, um, Stalin did it. That’s the definition of how Hitler did it. It’s the definition of how Mussolini did it. But we get lost in these ideological definitions where the, which they are based upon.

So, because Stalin was based upon a red version and, uh, muslin a brown and Hitler a black, then all these are the differences. No, in, in, if you were living, and especially if you were a dissident in any of these three regimes, it would be the exact same experience and outcome for you. So we have to nuance now after Hitler fell.

Uh, see there was a Nazi friendly faction in the West. They were super powerful. I believe they killed F D R. I’ve been wanting to have a show about that, but there’s very few experts on that. This, we, we, we, we refer to them with different, uh, things in, in these shows that I’ve done about it. For example, what we could call it, uh, Anglo-American, uh, fascists.

These are the people who collaborated with Hass to try to, they try to overthrow Hitler parallel with, um, Churchill. So it’s the Wall Street fascists. We have the Dolls Brothers who are very famous representatives of these, these are the people that SMA but Butler was fighting against.

They, they go back even pre 45. For them it was a tragedy what really happened, but they managed to take the power after F D R. Now on the Nazi side, um, things were a bit different because they are, they, both the Churchill and the Hitler faction won. So the diehard Hitler Nazis, you know, with all the, you know, the, the racial stuff and all the symbols, they won.

But after the war, um, our shifted to the moderate Nazis, those who were closer to the Wall Street, Nazis, fascists, wall Street fascists. So we have. People who were Nazi sympathizers in the thirties, who take over the American state in 45. This is the context and why it matters that, uh, our friend, uh, lo Schwab has a Nazi background, has to do with values.

They were collaborating with South Africa. They were collaborating with Franco. They were collaborating with Perons Argentina because there was an invisible Nazi structure after the war. But it was no longer this primitive Nazism of Goosestepping in the streets, like sa Bullis. It was the most sophisticated Nazism, the one that was aligned with the big German banks, the big conglomerates.

They didn’t really care about race and, and all, all these exotic stuff, but there were diehard fascists. Uh, and, uh, this value system has survived among the elites, both in the, because as you point out a paperclip, which is just one of many, um, ways of whitewashing them, they threw a few symbolic Nazis to the wolves, and then they wrapped up very quickly the hole.

Thing which is unprecedented in terms of, uh, wins and losers in the war. Remember when I went into the military, we saw a film very interesting. We saw a film from 45 after the war, where I’m an American propaganda movie, where they were hailing, communism and Soviet Union, or these brave people who was, or allies was fighting against the Nazi scourge.

And then we saw a new, the next propaganda movie they sent out just half a year after, completely switched after ft after ftr. Now it was, oh, Soviet Union, the New World, uh, danger. So there was a e deliberate, the bottom line. They ceased power after rtr. They had a complete power switch in the system. Now they took all the useful Nazis, no matter how die hard they were, they threw a few to the wolves and, and, and wrapped up, up.

And now they took, uh, and went, went with the huge multinational corporations that were, were also fascists who were, uh, partly in Argentina, partly other places in the world. Ex Nazis, very useful skilled people. The leaders of the spy networks reused the leaders of the economy, reused the leaders of the science.

We used all these useful things. Now the problem, which we, which is why we are, we are focusing on it, isn’t this because people think it was America taking over. The problem is that all of these people in the German, in the access side of the Nazis, were still loyal to Borman. And, uh, hold on,

[00:22:23] Alex Tsakiris: I gotta pull you up there. Before you go into the Borman thing, . Let’s go right to Johnny Ved Moore’s article that we both interviewed him about.

You can easily find it on Unlimited Hangout. One of the things that caught my attention is a brief history of Jewish persecution in Raven. So one of the things that it mentions is the dates are unbelievable, like 1345.

[00:22:50] Al Borealis: This is basic history.

[00:22:52] Alex Tsakiris: It is, is, well no, it’s not in Europe. It is, it’s, it’s really, it’s really, really not. Cause when I talk to people, and in particular, you know, I just pulled up also on a screen, this idea that. The blood liable is another thing is that, hey, the Jews , are kidnapping little kids and killing them.

And this is like, been around for hundreds of years and the Nazis just kind of reboot this idea, but it’s, it’s old and it’s very well kind of established in terms of the roots of this anti-Semitism. So I, I, I think that most people do un do not understand and certainly I don’t think, , Johnny put it in exactly the right perspective in terms of what it meant to be anti-Semitic.

It was just as comfortable as putting on the Warren pair of shoes. It’s just what you did. It’s what you believed. Yeah. And what I think we don’t get to though, and I wanna pull you in if we can, is the root cause of that. What is the root of that amp antisemitism? And if I can, I wanna play you a clip.

By the way this is Ben Shapiro. When he was on the Lex Friedman show, very popular interview with millions of views.

[00:24:09] Alex Tsakiris: There are actually a few different ways that breaks down, right? You have antisemitism in terms of ethnicity, which is like Nazi Ask antisemitism. Then there’s sort of , old school religious antisemitism, which is that the Jews are the killers of Christ, or the Jews are the sons of pigs and monkeys.

Uh, and therefore Judaism is bad and therefore Jews are bad. And , and then there’s a sort of bizarre anti-Semitism that’s political anti-Semitism.

, what I really wanted to draw people’s attention to is how quickly he brushes past the religious connection here. you know, people understand the basic story of the Bible, but they don’t really understand.

They haven’t read it when you remind them of, of, of Matthew, let me pull that up for a second.

So Al, let me just read this into the show for all those Bible geeks out there. This is from Bible hub, which is amazing because as I have up on the screen, they not only have the, the quote from the Bible, but then they have all the different translations and versions of it. , everybody knows this, but you don’t really know it.

It’s when Poncho Pilate , washes his hands. And in a minute we’ll talk about the historicity of this and whether we think it’s historically accurate. But first we have to get to just what it is. What is Ben Shapiro talking about? Why do Christians hate Jews? I’m gonna suggest that you can’t do otherwise.

If you’re a Christian and you believe in the Bible. Here’s Matthew 27. Start with 24. When Pilates saw that he was accomplishing nothing, But that instead, a riot was breaking out. He took water and washed his hands before the crowd. I am innocent of this man’s blood. He said, referring to Jesus, right? You bear responsibility.

And here’s the point. Here’s the 1350 Raven. Here’s the, uh, right up until the Nazis, . , persecution of antisemitism, the crowd says all the people, that’s all the Jews. His blood will be on us and our children. I’ll just cut off right there. That’s the whole story. And we never talk about that.

We never talk about that. This has been drilled in generation after generation. And even when it gets glossed over, this is it. Jesus’ blood is on the Jews in all our children. If you believe in the Bible,

[00:26:35] Al Borealis: if you’re a fundamentalist, yes, but first

[00:26:39] Alex Tsakiris: of all, well, Paula, what do you mean by that?

[00:26:41] Al Borealis: Define, oh, I don’t think, look, go back to the quote here.

. You really think the masses said, . , all, all the people answered his children. This is, someone has written this thing. First of all, that’s different versions of this story. Okay? You choosing not to. There are not,

[00:27:00] Alex Tsakiris: there are not. That’s why I pulled up bible hub, read over here.

Here are all the different translations. And they all say exactly the same thing, or almost exactly the same thing. And,

[00:27:12] Al Borealis: and that’s the four gospels that survived the purge. Uh, there are at least 12, one for each, . , disciple. And, uh, uh, the thing is these are, uh, even if you’re a fundamentalist Christian, and even if you believe that those people who lived there and then said, it’s on us, it’s on us.

By the same logic, we should blame Americans for the war crimes of, . , Iraq, for example, Oli, because the masses were stupid, they were brainwashed, and they were supporting what the leaders did. The people will read power back then, were the Romans. You might as well hate. Hold on Romans. Well, I, as a J. But

[00:28:00] Alex Tsakiris: you get what?

But my point I’m saying here, you get what I’m saying? I’m, I’m pointing out that what, what gets glossed over is the fact that antisemitism is built into Christianity in a fundamental way that doesn’t get talked about. And instead it gets talked about. You’re, you’re kind of shaking your head back and forth, because I haven’t even made my point.

There is no way of getting around this. So if you want, there is no, the way of getting around it is to point out that these are fake religions. I I can

[00:28:33] Al Borealis: suggest another way around it.

I, I’ll say into the Bible and most of these, a Abrahamic scriptures is built in an excuse to hunt down and hate almost any group

so I, I, I don’t understand why this is such a big

[00:28:48] Alex Tsakiris: deal. It’s such a big deal because if you do go back to Josephus as you just referenced, that you knew I would, so I’ve pulled up the quote. That I often reference, but I have to hammer on it because just not enough people understand this. And , this is Josephus, who again you mentioned is a Roman propaganda agent.

He’s a Jew in Galilee and Visian lands to kind of clean up the Jewish problem with his son Titus. And we have evidence of this, right? We have archeological evidence at the, we still have in Rome the arch of Titus. And it’s this huge arch that they would build after these conquests. And it shows the Roman soldiers with this heavy Jewish gold on their shoulders, you know, the star, David, and all these other things, all these other relics that they brought back from Judea.

Josephus is with them, converts, if you will, becomes a traitor for money because he gets this big villa of his Bayesian, gives him his house in Rome, and he moves to Rome afterwards. And in exchange, he writes the history of the space’s conquest. But what so few people realize and is that not only is he a propaganda agent, but we have clear evidence that he was engaged in a social engineering project, which puts a totally different view.

On Pius pilot, because we can only interpret Pius pilot the same way that, that’s my point, is you, that’s the only way to interpret it. But here’s the quote from Josephus. This is Josephus. He and Josephus, by the way, if you read the Jewish War, his most famous book, he starts out the book, it’s classic. He starts out the book by saying, look, man, there’s a lot of historians out there that like to kind of sling a lot of bullshit.

I don’t, I’m gonna tell it to you straight. And I don’t, uh, stand for any of that other stuff. I always tell you the truth. And the truth is, I know this stuff better than anybody. First of all, I’m the Jew of Jews. You know, know more about all the teachings, , the rabbis at the temple were sitting at my feet when I was 15 years old. I was teaching them.

[00:31:10] Al Borealis: So now it reminds me of Paul only they went the opposite way.

[00:31:16] Alex Tsakiris: , only the, the difference here is Josephus is is writing history. And he knows, he, he claims to be writing history, let’s say. But that is, yeah.


[00:31:26] Al Borealis: even back then, history didn’t mean what it means today.

[00:31:28] Alex Tsakiris: Just, you know, we don’t, we don’t know. We don’t know what history meant.

[00:31:32] Al Borealis: Yeah, we know we have a hero dot, for example. We have ancient historians.

[00:31:37] Alex Tsakiris: , my point is we don’t know what it meant to them, and I suspect is that it meant what history means to us.

No one, I don’t think people were reading Josephus going, eh, you know, I, I read a, I’ve read a blog post that was pretty critical of that. I think. I’m like, you didn’t get a lot of information. I suspect that it was even more kind of single source, uh, news thing. Here’s the quote he wrote. This is Josephus speaking, and , he’s talking to people both in Judea and also throughout the Roman Empire about what happened in Judea, why this war even existed.

The Jewish war. That’s what he’s writing about. Mm-hmm. But what more than all else, incited them to war was an ambiguous oracle, likewise found in their sacred scriptures to the effect that one from their country would become ruler of the world. This they understood to mean someone of their own race, and many of their wise men went astray in their interpretation of it.

The oracle, however, in reality, signified the sovereignty of the basian who was proclaimed emperor on Jewish soil. I gotta break this down a little bit with a little bit history. So, again, I’m telling you the perspective from which Josephus is writing this. What he’s doing now is , this thunder god religion of Judaism, which if you trace it back, is highly influenced by all these other religions, most notably, , zori aism, which gives it this kind of monotheism.

And it wasn’t like that before. It used to be kind of just this thunder God, we have a God of our, which everybody thought, you know, so the Jews thought, Hey, we have a, we have a God of our kind of little people and he also is related to the thunder God and stuff. And then it shifts over time, like all these religions do cuz they’re just instruments of control.

But now we fast this, this is a

[00:33:33] Al Borealis: super esoteric view on religions. You, you really don’t grasp. This description, doesn’t really grasp. So, so here’s the point. First of all,

[00:33:39] Alex Tsakiris: what people thought here, here’s the point, is back to when the, the, the point at which this is being written. The, the people of Judea, the Jewish people of Judea are very tied to these ideas of prophecy and oracles what’s going to happen.

And that’s how they understand their world. They interpret things that are happening to say, Hey, that’s right out of our book this must be happening. So what Josephus is playing up on here is that hey, you know, there’s this oracle that you guys have tied to really closely that’s, that the Messiah was going to come.

This is the Messiah Oracle, right? And it said, you always thought that this would be of your own race. But what you didn’t realize is if you twisted a little bit this Basian, who is Roman, right, he becomes the Roman emperor on Jewish soil, which is a total coincidence in history. So it is a real, it’s a real rigging of classic social engineering in order to make this fit.

But there’s no other way, in my opinion, there’s no other way to interpret this. This is social engineering in process. And this will cause us to look differently at Poncho’s pilot washing his hands and they’re staying beyond my people forever. Cuz we, we have to, we know this is true. Then we have to ask if that is true.

[00:35:12] Al Borealis: You know, who would be a great guest for this portion of, of the history? Par He is a theologian, as you know. And, um, he’s discussed, he, he’s written thesis on, on stuff that, uh, can be related to this. And, and, and he’s discussed some of it with me. But anyway. So let’s say then that, uh, Josephus was, doing this SIOP on behest of the Roman Empire.

Uh, how, how are you connecting, uh, uh, we can discuss it, but isn’t there a bigger picture you want to connect this to?

[00:35:47] Alex Tsakiris: the bigger picture is, is religion as we know it mm-hmm. Is that our, our starting point needs to be. That religion is a social engineering project and everyone kind of nods their head and goes, okay, yeah, I get it.

You know, the Catholics and the Pope and all that stuff. It’s like, no, bro, from the beginning, , it was always about that. , the reason I’m, I’m so passionate about it is because I connect it to the current understanding we have of extended consciousness.

Primarily near death experience is that God is real. There are these extended realms. There is a moral imperative there. Jews have the ability to connect with God apparently in the same way that Christians do, in the same way that Muslims do in the same way that atheists do. And I don’t understand exactly how that works, but if I

[00:36:37] Al Borealis: follow the data, I know, yeah,

[00:36:40] Alex Tsakiris: agnostics and everyone else, I don’t know how that works.

But my interpretation of the data following the scientific data for survival of consciousness suggests that that is the par, most parsimonious example. So what we have to do then is square that with religion and it doesn’t square. And we can’t stop patting religious people on the head and go, well, you have faith and that’s wonderful and whatever, what you, you have to deconstruct it in this way.

And then other things begin to fall out. And crystal knock looks very different after you read Josephus. I don’t see

[00:37:18] Al Borealis: the link to the No. But, um, look, religions start, uh, by some genuine spiritual impulse being hijacked by people who want control and power. It happens not just in the a Abrahamic religions.

The a Abrahamic religions just happens to be very effective tools in terms of the theology, cuz you can create better excuses there to suppress sin and war and whatnot than many other religions. So that’s how they, because they, if there was such a person as Jesus, and I believe he did exist, then, uh, he was actually an of, because what you have to understand, there’s something new happening.

There is first the original religions on Earth, which I, I won’t even go back to Shamanism. That’s those who think that’s how it begun. But that’s in the traditional evolutionary model of us being stone edge people and then gradually advancing. I don’t even adhere to that. I, I know from the facts, uh, that, uh, there’s always been advanced and.

So-called primitive or simple cultures living side by side all the time. But what we do have as at least an origin point is paganism, not meaning vic and bullshit like that, but meaning, and like if you go to India today, you’ll see Hinduism isn’t a religion is just an umbrella notion for very old spiritual impulses.

Many of them can be very different actually. And the same was the true in the West and everywhere else, among their married Indians. Among the Chinese, you, everywhere you go, you have those traditions and they all claim themselves. They, uh, go back to the golden age before the fall, whatever that is. It’s reliable to regard it as an Atlantis.

But where before something terrible happened in the world and we were forced to become hunter gatherers or stone age people because whatever advanced structures we had, we are collapsing. So these religions were not power institutions. They were uh, they were operating more like the modern world mystery schools, like schools of light where you get education.

And they had two versions. They had one for the those who were committed like monks or devoted people who wanted to devote themselves to understanding, because back then they didn’t distinguish between science and religion. The word science and religion are new, modern words. So it was just about truth.

And then you had a version for the masses. Those who, uh, especially as uh, agriculture started to, uh, spread a lot and people didn’t have time and energy, bu cities were rebuilding to devote themselves and they got this primitive version, uh, that we now can call religion. So Jesus and his disciples had nothing to do with what we call Christianity today.

What we call Christianity today is basically poor pluralism. It’s Paul more than any other who has shaped the, both the practice and the theology of that. You can also add, uh, adhere to, uh, Constantine. He too was, uh, instrumental, at least to establish the church as a power institution. But yes, you’re right.

What happens is that genuine spiritual impulses, however, they are infatuated. It becomes hijacked when they become big enough, when they become useful enough. It, you don’t even need conspiracy. You just need to understand human nature. Sooner or later, if you’re operating something big, it can even be a business.

Someone who wants power and money and control are gonna fight to take it over. I don’t care what it is. It can be Greenpeace, it can be the Communist Party, it can be the free Masonic order. You name it. That’s what happens. And of course, this happened with Christianity too. Now, uh, I need you to explain to me how this is relevant for our actual discussion.

As I understood it was about Jews and Nazis. So, so what is the big, uh, connection bit here? Because this part of history that you’re discussing with me now, you’ve had a million shows about it already with others, more competent people than me in many respects. And I’ll suggest you get on Pharrell too. I, I’m, I’m more interested in what happened after this and, and up until our days.

[00:42:10] Alex Tsakiris: Well, I think we kind of started there and, and worked our way back in that I’d again, but I’ll try and roll it forward. Yep. I don’t agree with your characterization about h how the Jews are. Treated throughout history. I think the Jews have a special relationship with the Christians that’s built into the stew.

Again, it’s built into Ponchos pilot saying that phony scene, it’s just as phony as Josephus saying, Hey man, you got the Messiah. That’s Sian. The next fake phony thing is Poncho Pilate saying, gosh, I, I met with this guy. I, man, I’m trying to go along with you guys, but this guy, he seems like a good guy to me.

This Jesus guy, I wash my hands. And that You say, no, no, no, he’s gotta go down. Let it be on us. That creates a special relationship between Christianity and Judaism, and both are participating in that relationship because there is no logical reason for Judaism to survive, to thrive, other than as kind of , the Bobo do, , the kick him when he is down object of Christianity.

Christianity defines ju, but Judaism

[00:43:29] Al Borealis: didn’t survive. What’s called Judaism today isn’t the same. You know, Hebrew was a dead language a hundred years ago. They reconstruct it. It’s like we take Latin and we implement it. How can you say that? I

[00:43:42] Alex Tsakiris: mean, that goes everything we’ve talked about in the last hour.

No, the Judaism doesn’t survive when,

[00:43:47] Al Borealis: when this is Tud, man, if you talk with experts in, in, in Judaism? No, in the religion. No. Hold up, hold up. Most of the str Judaic strains are dead. What has survived and is called Judaism today is a small segment of the original religions, very fundamentalist, very poor representation of Judaism.

There is also some mystical things that have survived La Kaba, et cetera, but basically most of Judaism is dead. We have some survivors like the Hasidic Jews and other groups. But anyway, you know, what I realized from, from it was useful for us to go back because I just realized that what happened there, according to at least your take on it, is exactly the same that happened, uh, uh, with the Nazis after the World War ii.

See, the, uh, you, uh, and, and, and maybe this was, you were misspoke, but you were right because you said, uh, the Christians and the Jews were having a special relationship. Fact is, you see, your surfers were, were operating, um, before they managed to hijack Christianity. But it seems that that faction, that Usif USF is represented m.

It’s exact same philosophy and ideology who took over Christianity. And by year 3 25, uh, after the third, uh, council in iia, they had complete control over Christianity. That’s when they flushed out all among others, not just, but among others, inic. So it seems to me that that siop that begun, who knows when it begun, but at least that Josephus represented that they succeeded in taking over Christianity.

I think it’s the same people who Paul represented. Cause he’s, he’s exact same figures. Josephus Josephus was a Jew. He was fighting against the Romans. Something happened, you speculate. He, he got the knife on his throat and then he, he was a chicken shit and sold them out. And now he became more, uh, Catholic than the Pope.

The same happened with Paul. Paul was hunting down Christians. He was a mercenary, he was a Roman mercenary, again, working for the Roman state, like Josephus. And then he had this bullshit, uh, that this is my, uh, skepticism revelation on the, on the path to Damascus. Oh, across in the sky. And now I’m certainly, look, if I was in his shoes, I would realize eventually, goddammit, this Christian virus is taking off.

I can’t just, we can’t just stop it by me killing random individuals. How can I really stop this, uh, revolutionary impulse? Hmm. What if I pollute the whole thing? What if we take over the whole ideology? That’s what eventually they ended up doing. Paul did. And that’s what I think Josephus represents also in terms of the, uh, Jew.

So they both have a similar function. And this is very similar also, but we can talk about that later. What happened with the Nazis after the Second World War? I don’t know if you have to go. The essence of what I’m saying here. Well,

[00:47:03] Alex Tsakiris: I totally understand. I just, I, I really disagree in, in a fundamental way, but that’s okay because, you know, if, if we can’t get to the point where we’re in that kind of genuine disagreement, then we’re probably at the precursor that where we’re just completely talking past each other and we are not talking past each other.

We are basically handling the same set of facts. I love it. Council Noia, Constantine, you know, all that, you know, sees the, the, we could, we could spend hours on that, but I really wanna poke you because it’s the Skeptiko way inquiry to perpetuate doubt. I, you said, okay, Alex, but I don’t see the link. And then I said, well, the link is right here.

The link is the blood liable. The link is, Jews are killing Christian children. And this is like from 1500, they’re saying that. And then at 1600 they’re saying that, and then it dies down for a little, Hey, we can all get along, can’t we hear? And

[00:48:00] Al Borealis: then, oh, oh, oh, wait a minute. Put a dump on that. In Spain, just one example of many 1492, the ocean complete opposite thing happened.

Uh, uh. You also have it in this ancient city of, uh, what the f was it? But you’re kinda, you’re kind slipping. No, no. Wait, wait, wait. The opposite happens too. There are oasis in Europe in this period where not only are they getting along, they are directly cooperating. There are schools of education, of course, Muslims, Christians, uh, Jews, even non-a Abrahamic religions are represented.

So, so if we cherry pick parts of history in Europe where they have been, uh, knocking down on Jews, then we also need to balance that with the opposite having happened. No, we, we don’t, or at least balance it with other people than Jews being knocked down too. Not just juice. We

[00:48:51] Alex Tsakiris: don’t, we, we don’t. Because what we’re talking about, what you tried to bring us back to, and I’m gonna bring you back, I’m gonna bring you back where you did, is the Nazis, right?

So what I’m saying is the justification. That the Nazis give to the general population in Germany and the world. Cuz remember at the beginning the Nazis are kind of like, well what should we do with these people? Should we just ship ’em all out? We wanna, we hate ’em, we wanna get rid of ’em. And there’s, there’s a lot of, uh, well like, don’t send ’em over here kind of thing.

[00:49:22] Al Borealis: Ship them to Madagascar, for example.

[00:49:24] Alex Tsakiris: And the point is, the point is that I’m making is if you don’t go there in terms of tracing that back to the Josephus thing that I mentioned to the Pius pilot washing of your hands thing. And I, I still wanna push you on that cuz you go, well, you know, fundamentals. No, that is, you can, the fundamental belief of Christianity is Jesus.

And that Jesus dies on the cross. This is the, the fundamental point that he is rebelling against poorly on Christianity. Yes, he is rebelling against the Jews. He’s re rebelling against the Jewish priests. And he goes to the Roman governor says, I don’t see any problem with this guy.

I wash my hands. So when, when Hitler reboots the blood liable, And the idea that the Jews are actually kidnapping little Christian kids and eating them and doing all this other, he is tapping into a deep, deep, psychologically planted social engineering project that began 2000 years ago. And so that’s point number one.

And I’m gonna slip in point number two is the only reason that that stays alive is because Judaism is dragged along in the wake of Christianity. Yes, Christianity is fake and it’s manufactured by Constantine and used and stuff like that. But you can’t have Christianity go forward through all this history without dragging Judaism along.

And every once in a while, as you point out, not all the time, but every once in a while, you can dredge it up and use the same old thing and say, gosh, turn those Jews and remember they killed Jesus. Don’t forget that. And that’s what this thing is about. Well, uh,

[00:51:16] Al Borealis: do people care that he killed Jesus? I mean, I don’t think anything is about this.

I think this is one of the intellectual or theological excuses they can use, um, against Jews. Uh, God knows Catholics did it, but. You have to look at the pattern of how power operates. It’s like saying, you know what? It’s like saying, oh, they’re smacking down on the right wing, the right wing. They’re smacking down on every wing.

That is not a part of the establishment. This is like, oh, we are specially chosen as suppressed people.

They can see, say they’re Jesus killers, right? Uh, but, um, At the end of the day, you should also hate, uh, Italians then, because, uh, the Jews wouldn’t be in that position if it wasn’t for pto. So it, it doesn’t make really a big sense that this is so big. And who really cares? Who really cares today?

Uh, yes, it’s an ex very good excuse. So let’s grant, uh, grant that it’s an excuse, but, uh, uh, the big picture is that power does what it needs to smack down on dissent. And, um, uh, with the Nazi, uh, they, uh, didn’t even need a religion thing because they were just flirting with Christianity in the beginning when they needed to build up the Nazi party.

Eventually they came clean and said, you know, maybe parts of Catholicism was preserved because of the b, have the bio influence in the Nazi philosophy, but certainly very soon they smack down on the Protestant Christianity. So, uh, Some of ultra-conservative Catholics, they pursued, but they had no qualms with the fact that we don’t even care about religion, especially not Christianity, because that’s a slave religion.

We actually prefer Islam. Let’s have Islamic SS battalions because that religion works very well because of its demanded submission to mold fanatical soldiers. And by the way, Islam has also built in, uh, for historical reasons and, and enmity with, uh, Jews. So this is perfect for us all the time. We’ve already have pointed out Jews as our main scapegoat.

So, um, but um, uh, and then it came clean with, right, the elite, at least in the Nazi party, are more hailing to, uh, a revised, again, a hijacked version, but a revised version of a Norse, a Paganism, right, and Tism. So, um, I don’t think this who killed Jesus is a, is a big deal in terms of the actual, I, I think it’s a very good excuse for whoever needs it.

But having said all that, I actually don’t think that the Jews have any special claim. And this will get you program banned probably from YouTube. Uh, they have been persecuted, but they haven’t been exceptionally persecuted compared to. Other minorities. Uh, other than that you can say that in Europe, they have for certain periods because they much more than the other represented a power, potential power bastion.

And they represented a sec, uh, secluding option that is dangerous for power because, um, they couldn’t control them. In addition, they had very brilliant people, people who were smart people, people who were good at doing things that at the end of the day also can be regarded as a threat to the powers that be.

So, so the youths have been sitting ducks. They, they’ve secluded themselves. They’ve been, uh, shunned. Uh, they haven’t done themselves any favors in terms of being sitting ducks. Uh, of course the blame is under people who persecute. But, uh, look, if, if Jesus wasn’t, uh, killed by Jews, uh, history would have to invent it to paraphrase, uh, our saying.

You understand what I mean?

[00:55:34] Alex Tsakiris: I do. And now you’re really treading into this water that I wanted to talk about, because I think there is this, what you’re saying to me is bordering on anti-Semitic. It really is just in terms of your interpretation of that history. And, and I’m not saying that, I’m saying that’s the place where it goes in so many in the community of the conspiracy

[00:56:02] Al Borealis: have gone this airman.

It doesn’t mean anything anymore.

[00:56:05] Alex Tsakiris: Well, let’s, let’s listen to, uh, Dr. Jason Jerian, uh, that my interview with him and this interview was about image cheapening. Cuz he went alt-right. He went alt-right for a very specific reason, and I’ll remind people of this. He is, uh, an advocate for Iran and advocate for the Iranian people whose country was, I say Persian?

No. He, he kind of corrected me in the interview and he said, oh, okay. He said, really? It’s not, uh, uh, Persia is kind of the slang and it really traces back to Iran and Iranian and the origin of the word and Arian, well, he, he’s a PhD. So when he kind of corrects you on that stuff with a long paragraph, you kind of go, okay, I learned something.

Mm-hmm. But here’s his thing is he’s like, Iran has been overrun by these fundamentalist Muslims. I don’t like that. So politically I’m looking for a way, in a way to facilitate the regime change that needs to happen. And this is back a few years ago. And what that leads him to, he, he looks to the left and he goes, they’re not gonna have any part of that.

And he looks to the right and he says, yeah, maybe, I mean, maybe I could get in with Trump. Maybe I could push this agenda. It fits more on that side than it does on the other side. And alls I care about is a kind of regime change in Iran. So here’s the interview that leads to his alt-right image cheapening by partnering with the holo hoaxers, which is what I want to talk about next is holo hokes denial and how it has worked into so many ways and we can’t root it out.

And I think kind of there’s even some traces of it in, in what you’re saying. Maybe not, maybe not. So we’ll see,

reach Steve Bannon and then influence Bannon on Iran policy. That was the idea. Uh, and in order to facilitate this, uh, it was proposed that I take Arktos and fuse it with two other, um, right wing institutions. Something called Red ice radio on television, which

[00:58:24] Al Borealis: by the way used to be a paranormal broadcaster.

They had nothing to do with right wing

[00:58:28] Alex Tsakiris: politics. 10 out, 10 out. Cuz here’s where the thing start sliding off the rails. Uh, so Heinrich from Red Ice, right? Mm-hmm. I mean, I know who he is. I’ve listened to him for a long time and he used to be like ARL back in the day. It used to be like Art Bell. Yeah. And he would occasionally kind of slip into this, you know, kind of holo, hoaxer kind of nonsense.

But you could kind of forgive it cuz it was a very small part of the content and hey, shouldn’t we be open to research? Even if it’s wacky research and Yeah. And all sorts of wacky stuff turns out to be real and stuff like that. But I mean, at this point now, I mean he is full, full on, full on b Nazi, holo hoaxer kind of thing.

So are are you saying I haven’t spoke, I

[00:59:14] Al Borealis: haven’t spoken to him for four years, so I have no idea. You know, I have no idea. You

[00:59:18] Alex Tsakiris: can just go to his website. I mean, it’s the great one is how he refers to, uh, Hitler. He regularly has on people who are just, uh, you know, the whole, whole hoaxer thing really. I guess it really tweaks me a little bit because it’s anti intellectual, anti history.

It seems like an op to me because it, it’s just trying to, well just

[00:59:38] Al Borealis: that I can tell you it’s not an op. Um, I knew him quite well and, and the more important point is that when I knew him back then, he wasn’t like that. Okay, so we gotta remember this is 2016, and if you go back and you look at what Red Ice was putting out in 2016, he had only just barely started to turn in a kind of right wing political direction.

Most of his shows up to that point had been basically, you know, COEX extensive with coast to coast content. It was

[01:00:03] Alex Tsakiris: about nine 11. It was, I’ll stop it, I’ll stop it there. You could tell me what you think of, uh, Heinrich and Red Ice, but I think in two 16, uh, uh, 2016, he was still slinging the, alright man. He was starting to sling the, , anti-Semitism stuff pretty strong.

And the Neo-Nazi great one, uh, that maybe poor, poor Adolf Hitler is misunderstood. And the one, the place they always go to, which I wanna talk about a little bit if we touch on, is the 6 million number, which is the key. If ever they bring up 6 million, like, hey, maybe it’s not 6 million, then you know, they’re holo hoaxers, you know, their, they’re whole hoax deniers.


[01:00:44] Al Borealis: I disagree with that, but it’s interesting, uh, with the red eyes. Why do you disagree? I, I’ll tell you, but it’s, you asked me my opinion of, of this and I, I haven’t commented upon it. Many people have told us after we started that, uh, they look at us at as the reincarnation of it because I think they ruined their own show going all political.

It’s true that they had an interesting show in the beginning. But then you can see, like you say, you can see the gradual political priority, uh, taking place, but then there’s like an exag almost overnight. It’s like it goes slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, and then boom, and the, the show is completely transformed.

So something happened there. What? I don’t know, uh, but, um, uh, I agree with you that there is probably a SIOP component to the, uh, revisionism wave that w uh, went on back then. It doesn’t mean that those guys are a part of that, that they are deliberate. Uh, uh, if anything, I think there’s stooges for it. Uh, but he was, giordani was saying they are not compromised those people.

Uh, he may be right about that, but you may still be right about the, uh, holo hawks, uh, . But look, we have to be able to be nuanced. We have to be able to have different thoughts in our mind. It’s if you gonna play the, if you say the wrong thing, then you belong to that faction, then, then we back to the black and white and the smear thing, like anyone is, you know, it’s like saying, um, If you, if you’re really an anti-racist, you should really smack down on people who abused the anti-Semite claim because it voters it out and it means nothing.

If you, for women, you should really knock down on women who give fake rape, uh, accusations because it hurts women who are actually raped. You understand the philosophy here, so in the same manner, you, you should be able to discuss the 6 million thing without being, oh, you are a denier. I, for my sake, have seen enough historic evidence to doubt.

This 6 million thing I discussed.

[01:03:09] Alex Tsakiris: , you’ve looked at the wrong evidence.

[01:03:11] Al Borealis: Looked at reports before the Second World War where they say 6 million Jews have been, uh, slaughtered. 6 million Jews have this number goes back in time. So speak from

[01:03:21] Alex Tsakiris: newspapers.

I heard this. No, it’s just, it’s just bullshit. It’s just whole hooks are bullshit. And you know, I got pulled into this discussion just recently. Yeah. Every once in a while I do. Somebody shows up on the forum. They’re usually, I hate to say it, but they’re usually from a Scandinavian country and the last guy was from Sweden and he starts spinning this stuff and their entry point in is always the 6 million.

And I had a discussion with, uh, Jan Irvin, uh, a while back, uh, who kind of became famous. And it’s always this very subtle kind of, they don’t wanna come right out and do it because oh my God, they’re so persecuted for just doing research. We’re just doing research. Well, when someone puts out an idea that idea should be tested, and when it doesn’t hold up, then it should take its rightful place. Not all ideas are kind of partially true. Equally, you know, the whole flat earth, well, I guess I should be spherically neutral about the shape of the earth because I don’t wanna offend anyone.

Everyone’s ideas are equal. So here’s the thing on the 6 million, first of all, the Nazis themselves at Nurenberg said 6 million. That was their figure, and those guys were pretty good at counting, and they don’t get it wrong.

[01:04:38] Al Borealis: Which Nazis were these? Because the problem is that the guy who was behind it, they didn’t take, that’s number one.

Number two, at Nuremberg, they had a gun to their head. Number three, those who were thrown to the Nuremberg process were the Nazis that. Uh, they did not cooperate with yada real antisemite were, were

[01:04:57] Alex Tsakiris: yada yada. It’s, it’s

[01:04:58] Al Borealis: just No, no. The real antis were friends with American’s

[01:05:01] Alex Tsakiris: just bullshit from holo hoaxers who are trying to advance that.

I, the conversation that the conversation during was at the Nuremberg, I’m gonna share with you, I’m sharing on the screen more recent research.

[01:05:12] Al Borealis: Right. And I commented, let me just say Gering was at the Nuremberg. He said, who, who is a Jew or not? I decide who is a Jew or not. He wasn’t very particularly anti-Semite.

Um, well here’s the

[01:05:26] Alex Tsakiris: point. Let’s get, let’s get to the number, let’s get to the number. Cuz when, so I was forced because of this exchange that I had to kind of go do some, is there new research being done? Which is one of the other claims that the holo hoaxers make is like, Hey, they’re shutting down the research.

No, it’s very easy to find research. Here’s what I found an article quantified.

[01:05:49] Al Borealis: There’s no debate. This is quantify in some countries is banned by law.

[01:05:55] Alex Tsakiris: Well, I, it, it, this contradicts what you’re saying here, Al, because I’m now sharing on the screen. Okay. Let’s see a published paper here. It’s published in Science Ava Advances, but it’s a, it’s a published paper and you can see the authors and the affiliations and everything else.

And what they show is they went back and they, they’re playing out the fact that they had some, you know, unique way of using the data sets. The data sets that already ha that everybody has, they focused

[01:06:23] Al Borealis: Aman. Aman was not in, in, in, um, they never took him. And he’s, uh, allegedly the one behind it. And, uh, his second in command were, were the dead before, before the um, uh, the trials.

So I, I don’t see how you can say that they said it themselves, but let’s see. What does it say here? It

[01:06:45] Alex Tsakiris: says, using unusual DA dataset originally from railway transport records. This study identifies an extensive phase of killing in which 1.47, a million and a half Jews, more than 25% of the Jews killed over the six years of the of World War II were murdered by the Nazi in an intense a hundred day, three month surge.

So 1.5 million are murdered in 90 days, and

[01:07:14] Al Borealis: that is before the allies take over. Yeah, they’re in a hurry. Right? To, they’re in a hurry to get rid of all the camp Jews before the

[01:07:24] Alex Tsakiris: allies. Well, well, we can go in and, and look at the, but this, if you go and read this article, they kind of have all the, the breakdown of where they got all this data and Yeah, it’s 6 million.

That’s the number I,

[01:07:39] Al Borealis: I didn’t see that number. I saw 1.5,

[01:07:43] Alex Tsakiris: which is 25%. Actually, they say more than 25% of the Jews killed during the six years. Well, if you read further around, they have the breakdown of the whole six years, and it adds up to basically just a shade under 6 million.

[01:07:59] Al Borealis: So, look, let me say this.

I, I have to say a couple of things. This is very important. Number one, this area can’t be discussed freely in today’s climate. It’s discussing No, no, no. Let me, let me make some important points. Number one, it’s banned by law. You will be arrested if you have the wrong view on this, uh, thing in some countries in Europe today.

Uh, moreover, you’re being censored and. Guaranteed smeared. If you even try to have another opinion, you’ll end up like the red ice people sitting in a basement in a complete underground. That’s number one. So therefore, per definition, there is no clean research. There is no like, oh, sophisticated. We are hashing it out.

We are looking objectively on all this. It’s too much emotional. Uh, it’s too, uh, emotional loaded. There’s too many agendas. There’s a lot of stuff, uh, vested interests in, uh, particular narrative. So we can’t pretend that this is like any other objective, trivial thing that we can hash out with tesis antithesis synthesis.

That’s number one. I’m not saying there’s no 6 million Jews. I’m just saying this isn’t a clean topic to pretend that we can find out. I haven’t even read this article, so I can’t really comment upon what I can comment upon. I will and I will do it now. But before I do that, I want to, uh, make my position clear here.

Number one, my grandfather. And this is why you will find more Nazis in Sweden than in Norway. My grandfather was, uh, in the resistance movement. He was spreading news about what was going on. They caught him. They tortured him, removed his, one of his fingers. He had nightmares. Like all these war heroes in our country.

To his death. I remember being a child and, whoa, what’s this noise? Oh, it’s just grandpa, grandpa having nightmares again. So, uh, Norwegians have no incentive to be pro-Nazi. Historically, uh, most people have someone in their family like me, uh, higher up, who were, uh, you know, uh, tasted Nazism on their body.

Uh, number three, uh, it, we, it doesn’t matter if it was 6 million Jews or 4 million Jews, or 1 million Jews, this is the big point. So I don’t understand these people who, uh, you know, they, they start with doping, the numbers, and then they end, end upse high, right? Cause it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all.

All we need to know is what was this political ideology? What did it lead to? Uh, what, you know, what, what, what good is it or what bad is it? It’s plenty of bad stuff. You don’t need the number of Jews or people dying to know. This is, this is a rather, um, non-constructive thing to be organizing, uh, society by.

And that’s the important thing because there are mechanisms in the Nazi. Philosophy and ideology that has survived. They got rid of some exotic stuff, like the racial stuff, et cetera, but it’s still going super strong today. And, uh, uh, we can get more back to that. So, look, they were, uh, suppressive, they were anti liberty.

That’s all you need to know. You had no freedom to, uh, if they had one, you and me could not say that 6 million Jews died because we would have been in even more trouble than we are in now if we say they didn’t die. You understand? So, so I don’t, I never understood these people who find problems with the pro war propaganda and then go full Nazi, because obviously after 45, the victor write the history.

And obviously there has been laws and propaganda, exaggerations, alterings of facts. This is what happens in, in, uh, propaganda and especially after a war is won. So when I see historical, uh, what looks as, uh, propaganda lies in the aftermath, for example, that Hitler died, I don’t become a Nazi by that. I just realized, okay, these are one of the things like the moon landing thing.

Of course there were, this was a big propaganda stone towards Soviet Union, but that doesn’t mean they never went to the moon. It’s the nuance. You have to have the nuance. What did you say? I.

[01:12:39] Alex Tsakiris: So let’s not get sidetracked on the moon. I mean, that

[01:12:41] Al Borealis: could be like five minutes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I agree. But it’s an example of you have to have nuance.

It doesn’t mean either we went to the moon and it was exactly as they told us or we didn’t go. And everything is a lie. There are reality somewhere in between. And I think the same is here because here’s why I am, I, I cannot say honestly a hundred percent that, uh, I’m convinced it was 6 million Jews. Why can’t I say that?

Is it because I have an emotional agenda or a poli? No, it’s because I have seen, and I can show you the same thing because these are excerpts. Show me,

[01:13:15] Alex Tsakiris: show me. You haven’t shown me anything. I keep showing you, Stephen. You haven’t shown me. I will show. If you wanna come back, if you wanna come back and show me, show me.

But otherwise, I keep, I I

[01:13:23] Al Borealis: will show you, I will show you the

[01:13:25] Alex Tsakiris: classic. So this is the classic thing. Look, the ethos of Skeptiko is follow the data, look for the deception. And then use discern. So the data keeps, that’s what I’m doing, weaning to 6 million. And the data is important for you to say a couple times you’ve tried to slide, you know, well, what difference does it really make if, uh, Joseph, if Josephus said that and then he washed his hands and that we’ve always had this relationship between Christianity and Judaism.

Hell, yes, it matters. It matters cuz the Nazis rebooted that as an, as a way of persecuting the Jews. And now you brought up six me. Does it really matter if it’s 6 million or 5 million or one? Mean? It does cuz here’s the facts. Follow the data. Who said it at Num? Who said it at Nuremberg? Uh, right here in this article, you’ll see that it’s, uh, no less than our friend Ed Elf Eichman.

And uh, here he says in, wait a

[01:14:18] Al Borealis: minute, Eichman wasn’t in Nurenberg. He,

[01:14:21] Alex Tsakiris: Correct. So the conversation he had with Eichman, the, uh, so it’s said at Nurenberg, but it’s also said by Eichman, according to the 1961 testimony of this guy who recalled how Eichman told me that according to his information, some 6 million Jews had perished until then, 4 million in ex in extermination camps in the remaining 2 million through shooting in the operation units, in other causes of disease.

And then in here, they also have the Nurenberg testimony . So in November, 1945 hotel, who is the guy just. Mentioned testified for the prosecution at the Nuremberg trials so it is said , at Nurenberg and no one denies it at Nuremberg. It’s the well-known figure.

And if you got something else, you, you can bring it. I do, but Okay. Pop it up on

[01:15:14] Al Borealis: screen. Well, I don’t have it readily available, but you can find it among other things in Pharrell’s book publishes.

[01:15:21] Alex Tsakiris: Yeah. Bring it there. It bring it.

[01:15:23] Al Borealis: Sure. We can lay it over here in the aftermath of the show as our illustration.

Here’s the two things that make me doubt that figure. And again, if even if they just killed one Jew, I would have the exact same opinion of them as if they killed six men. No, no, no. A regime killing people. Murdering people is a bad regime. Why would the numbers matter One person’s life, of course the numbers matter Is as much matter.

No, no. If, if, if a regime is killing, okay, where do you draw the line down? Is it okay to kill thousand people? Is it okay to kill 10,000? Where do you draw the line?

[01:16:05] Alex Tsakiris: Important they to understand the data. And it’s important to understand the deception, what you are pointing

[01:16:12] Al Borealis: it. That’s not my question, but here, here you say it doesn’t matter.

Uh, you say it matters. I say it doesn’t matter. The data, the data even

[01:16:19] Alex Tsakiris: matters. The data always matters because it no, no, no, no, no. 1,000,006 million, a million versus 6 million does matter. And part of the reason that it matters, both in terms of understanding history in the same way of understanding whether or not Josephus really wrote that understanding whether or not, uh, poncho Pilate really said that those facts matter.

And when Christians gloss over that, and like you said, which is the ultimate cop out, but I get it. You know, who cares? Who cares really? Well? If you’re Christian, you have to care if you are supporting in some way, if you are justifying or in some way saying, Hey, maybe that Hitler God wasn’t so bad. Maybe the regime wasn’t bad, you better get the data right.

And if you say he, he, he was really, really bad. And we should do everything we can to make sure that, that, that that doesn’t happen. And we should root out the extent to which I agree to which Henry Kissinger, God bless him, but he brought the fourth, right? He bought the fourth right to the us and we are living in.

The Nazi application of America. Yes. Which we won’t even get to cuz that’s the subtle point. You better. But that’s the interesting part. You better get those numbers right as a starting point and you better understand the deception. You better, we can’t get them. Right. People who are falling in those numbers out as a way to not use it.

So you can say you can never get there, but I just showed you a study where they got, it’s

[01:17:41] Al Borealis: , what do you make of the following then? Cause you’re an honest guy, so you will follow the data. Here’s the data I’ve seen, I’ve seen the, uh, newspaper articles, genuine, uh, you know, representations from back in the day.

No, no, not Falsifications. You can pull ’em up yourself where they say, uh, 6 million Jews terminated. 4 million Jews terminated. This is before the second World War. This goes back to, uh, turn of 1800, 1900. I discussed this with Pharrell and we, we, we kind of thought there was something ritualistic about this.

Well, as for the number of Jews killed in the Second World War or in the camps or what. Uh, because those are two different things I’ve seen also newspaper articles, starting with, I think it was 2 million and then going up to four and then going up to six. So I seen different figures there. And if there were 6 million people.

Died in the camp, all of them weren’t Jews. But if there were 6 million Jews died in the camp, then you have to throw in a few more million to account for homosexuals, handicapped, communists, socialists, union workers, Catholics, um, gypsies, et cetera. So, uh, all in all millions of millions perished. I’m saying from a value, uh, uh, vantage point, it doesn’t matter if it was 10,000 or 6 million, why on earth would you follow a regime killing 10,000?

Why on earth would you fall in a regime killing hundred people? You can just analyze Nazis or any kind of fascism, and you can see, okay, these people are not for freedom. They’re not going to, truth will have no matter here because it’s all about the will of, of whoever is in charge. Uh, like we see in today’s corporatism, censorship, smearing, uh, demonization.

Uh, also it’s the, the, the less intelligent people. You know, mediocracy is being promoted intelligent people. An intelligent society is decaying in such systems. So you don’t need 6 million Jews to be against a Nazi philosophy. Any thinking person would be against Nazi philosophy. But if you are into truth, then you owe it to your intellectual honesty to say, Hey, hey, there’s something wrong with some of these most.

Send me the gas chamber debate. I never studied that thing. So I, I will never, I will never say that I’m convinced that everybody was perished by gas chamber. What I know is that Jews and non-Jew died in the camps. That’s enough for me. I don’t care if they were gased or they were tortured in other ways, that’s all we need.

So this, it’s like a derailing of the whole point of the discussion. Once people start discussing these numbers and making a lot of vest investments for whatever these numbers are, it’s crazy, man. But if we are to discuss these numbers, we have to be honest, and I’m honest, cause I’ve seen different numbers being published back in the day.

Um, I’ve not read these studies. I can’t relate to that, but I can relate to what the news media who were propagandists back in the day said about these things. I also, I’ve seen newspapers going back to the late 18 hundreds where they claim 4 million Jews dead, 6 million Jews dead. What on earth is, is this about?

Are we saying 6 million Jews have died like every 20 years since the late 18 hundreds? No, it’s impossible. So something is up here. There’s some kind of siop, there’s some kind of propaganda thing, there’s some kind of vested interest, and we are being sidetracked if we marry ourselves to the details of the propaganda.

And then it’s an either or. Either you’re against Nazism. Oh, your four Nazism and how you approach these small snippets of propaganda points will determine that. No, that’s crazy, man. You can be against Nazism just by a neutral analysis. Look, if they never came to power, but they published what they were thinking, you could still be against Nazism because it’s all there in their, their philosophy.

All fascism. Uh, uh, you can just analyze and realize you’re against this. And, uh, uh, when it comes to, uh, I challenge you again. At what number is it okay for a regime to kill innocent people? Since you say it matters. It doesn’t matter. One person, and that’s enough for me. Course it matters. It’s a murder regime.

[01:22:09] Alex Tsakiris: Of course, of course it matters. And you know, so again, you’re gonna bring it. But you know, here’s another article I was just

[01:22:17] Al Borealis: pulling up on. Okay, okay. 10,000. Where is the limit if it matters how many they kill? I say one is more. Is one too much? No one, you say, no, it has be 6 million. You don’t, yes. I really believe that.

No, of course. I believe that. The important point, let’s take an individual. At what point is an individual murderer to be punished? Is it when he kills one person? Is it when he kills 10 person? Is it when it kills hundred people? When is it okay to, to murder?

[01:22:49] Alex Tsakiris: So you’re gonna, you’re gonna bring your evidence.

The latest article that I brought up said, what I’ve heard, every scholar who’s ever looked at it is the number ranges between 5 million and 6 million. And most of the four,

[01:23:02] Al Borealis: four and six, according to newspaper published after the World War. Well,

[01:23:08] Alex Tsakiris: I just pulled up an article and if you read it, it says that the, the article published right after at, at the Nurenberg.

It was the if you want it. Okay. So you, you kind of brought it up, but

[01:23:18] Al Borealis: there’s different newspapers.

[01:23:20] Alex Tsakiris: Exactly right. So mm-hmm.

[01:23:23] Al Borealis: And there were no Nazi newspapers after, after the, they lost the war.

[01:23:29] Alex Tsakiris: There are several ways in which historians have been able to, but they do admit that there’s millions of these methods.

[01:23:34] Al Borealis: That’s interesting. So they do admit there were different claims.

[01:23:38] Alex Tsakiris: Okay. Yes. There are several ways in which historians have been able to derive a figure of nearly 6 million and the fact that these methods have not changed since the Jewish death toll was declared at the Nurenberg trials in 1945, cuz it was declared there.

The tribunal of Nurenberg declared that the number of Jewish victims to be 5.7 million. The tribunals calculations as well as subsequent ones, first examined pre-war and post-war census to determine the population of Jews in Europe before and after the war. Then they go on and they have a bunch of different ways of calculating it.

They have the meticulous records at the death camps. When is this study from? This is right after, this is right

[01:24:18] Al Borealis: after the study. You, you saw it thing at

[01:24:22] Alex Tsakiris: Nurenberg trials 1945.

[01:24:23] Al Borealis: No, no, no. That’s a source. I’m talking about the study, the article. The, the

[01:24:27] Alex Tsakiris: study is, uh, 2019 Mm. Okay. 2019. 1.5 million in a hundred days.

So, yeah, it’s just, you know, so just to be on, what I’m seeking is again, the, the deceptive part of this and how it’s used and how it’s been used over and over again, which is this, uh, 6 million figure is the nose of the camel to get people into this kind of holo hoax. Denial. Denial. Hey, you don’t really know anything.

There’s some conspiracy

[01:25:00] Al Borealis: against, well, I, I’ve seen, I’ve seen the gas chamber as the nose of the camel. I’ve seen, uh, other things, uh, at least as effective, uh, being the nose of the camel. They, oh, here’s evidence for this, evidence for that, blah, blah, blah. I never bothered to look into it, so therefore I cannot, you know, make an opinion.

But I don’t, again, I don’t need it. I know they killed people. I mean, it’s still not long enough time have gone by to really honestly say that if it were 2000 years ago, we could doubt right? But there’s still people alive today who were victims and certainly. Relatives of people alive today. So we, we, we don’t really need, but, but for you, it matters obviously.

How many what? No, no.

[01:25:48] Alex Tsakiris: What matters to me is the red ice thing, is the red ice radio thing and the undercurrent of the whole hoaxer kind of vibe in our community, because I’ve run into it multiple times. And that’s what I think Oc Hol Hoaxing does. And Holocaust denial does is it sucks people in and it breaks apart , this genuine concern we have of back to Klaus Schwab and what they’re trying to socially engineer us into. Right? If they can carve off a piece of that group and say, oh, there they are, those are the guys out there with the neo-Nazi flags, and go talk to ’em.

And they’ll tell you they have a bunch of reasons to believe it and they’ll say, Hey, did you ever look at the 6 million figure and did you know the gas chambers? And they’ll have, and they’ll call it research. And if you listen, if you’re not tuned into this, if you haven’t done your own research, at the end of the day you’ll say, gee, maybe there is something to those guys.

Maybe there is something to flat earth. Maybe there is something to no rabies, no virus. And now you’ve quarantined yourself into this intellectual ghetto that you can’t get out of, but you’ll find good company

[01:26:59] Al Borealis: because it’s suppressed, it shouldn’t be suppressed. It should be all be in the open. And we should use, um, arguments and truths.

, this is unintended consequence by dumbing down society.

People don’t have the ability to do source criticism. They don’t have the ability to do proper analyze. They don’t know how to do re research. I remember this, uh, video, what’s it called? Uh, it’s about Hitler. Um, some, some Jude in England took, he made a propaganda movie, basically. And people and impressive youths watching that, who doesn’t know much about history.

They, and up thinking that, you know, poor Hitler and poor Nazi, um, what’s it called? One of the most famous ones. It was in YouTube at millions of years. So yeah, people are not skilled enough to, um, yeah, people will be, uh, persuaded by, uh, whatever, uh, propaganda manipulation techniques comb their way, like I’m sure the Jews were when they were screaming for Jesus’ blood.

Uh, so this is, there’s nothing new in history here, but, um, uh, what’s interesting to discuss Alex is the point you, because we’ve, were stuck in 2D now and it bores me deep into the soul. What is important to, uh, point out here is that while people are fighting about labels and about outer manifestations, like for example, you have Nazis.

Nazi sympathizers who believe that, uh, uh, Hitler, uh, killed themselves. And then you have Nazis who believed he didn’t kill themselves and they can’t even agree. And then you have anti Nazis believing he killed themselves. And then you have anti-Nazi who don’t. He killed themselves. And all four factions use their story to argue for why this is important.

Now we are getting it somewhere because if you just realize that power do not is only loyal to one thing, and that is power, it’s to mom, money to it’s money control brute force, and it’ll use anything to stay authoritarian. Power will use anything to maintain control. The only thing, actually, modern times threatening it as I see it, is Bitcoin.

But that’s another debate. Now, if we realize that, then we will see that, uh, why the power, the, the, the Wall Street fascists and the whitewashed Nazis, uh, joined forces of the World War ii. And there, the story could have ended there and you could make a natural evolution up until today. But the story unfortunately didn’t end there because those on the RC sides were loyal to, um, an exile power.

Uh, Symbolized through Martin Bowman. Bowman died, um, before, uh, you know, in the early seventies. And another guy took over, and this faction has been very active as a part of the power system. Another thing happened, Israel became, uh, uh, fascist, uh, regime very early. And, uh, they buried the hatchet. The last person they went after was Mont.

After that, even, uh, the Nazi hunter was complaining about this. After that, they made a deal with, uh, the powers in Argentina, the Exile Reich, if you want. And that was to move. Now everything would was to become corporatism. And, uh, if you analyze the Israeli regime, it is, uh, like the South African regime was, it is apartheid.

And it is, uh, heavily, uh, fascist and authoritarian. It has some semblance still of democracy. It does, but, uh, uh, it’s very, uh, root, uh, decaying, uh, accelerated. Now, this is also an apparent contradiction, huh? Why could, uh, how could, uh, the Jewish state, which was to be a, supposed to be a sanctuary for Jews, how could that, you know, develop so close to Nazism?

You know, we are the chosen people. Because this is how history works. Uh, it’s not about the out things, it’s about the inner things. This is why Christianity, for example, can go, oh, Islam started as our Christian sect. You can have a system starting with one values, but sooner or later it’s taken over and it starts expressing other values.

So, um, today we have our, uh, c fascist structure taking over in the west, especially in America, but I would say include Europe too, because there’s no really dissent anymore, uh, that taken over. It’s the corporatism. But on the value things where Hitler were insisting on Goosestepping and, uh, you know, measuring the sizes of heads or the pigment in the eyes or, you know, stuff like that.

They have replaced that with a VO thing because they can take anything. If you go back to Bush’s, uh, George Bush, when he was the symbolic, uh, figurehead, then it was more Christian conservatism values. So this authoritarian, uh, creature can have any value system attached to it. I believe that they are using whatever is trending in the culture, but they don’t really care about homosexuals.

They don’t really care about, you know, pregnant women, et cetera. Uh, At the end of the day, they only care about what they need to maintain their system, but they use whatever is in vogue or, or, or dominant in, in the, or a trend in the system. So right now they’re using Vogue, but that vogue nest thing, I think it’ll die.

And I don’t think it’s a long till we see a die, but it will be completely replaced with something else. Maybe the PDU will switch back to, you know, the opposite, that women back to the home and, uh, the man should, who knows what values will be infused into it, I believe anyway. Politics shouldn’t deal with those things.

I think culture should deal with those things. Politics should focus on how we organize society, the economics, the structure, et cetera. But that’s just me. Hey, so to my point then we have the same, we have the natural successes of these fascists. This, this children and grandchildren of these people are still in power.

And I don’t think these children and, and the, these grandchildren believe in those old, uh, deals anymore. Because when Kissinger grew up, they were actually racist. The people surrounding him were the old Wall Street fascist people, and they were horribly racist. And they were, uh, thoroughly sexist and they thoroughly, you know, I don’t what’s called for other religions, but they had those views.

They have died out. But has the system changed? On the outside. Yes. We’ve had, uh, you know, the hippie revolution. Oh, free sex. So certain cultural values have changed, but if you look at the real mechanisms of what’s going on politically, it’s worse, I will say now than ever. Uh, or maybe it’s not worse than ever, because it was probably worse before we got the internet, but we had this taste of freedom for a while, and now they try to roll it back to how it was before the internet.

Only it’s, it’s gonna be worse because before the internet, we had free press, physical press. We don’t have that anymore. So we are stuck in fascism, and we don’t realize it because we are, we, we just look at the symbolism, oh, what is the color of the flag? What is the, you know, uh, uh, what do they call it?

Uh, value briefing. No. Um, they have this expression, you know, is they a little bit closer to the mic, if you can, yeah. Value briefing, is that what they call it? When you, oh, you know, you, you, you virtue signaling, you know, the virtue signal and they fall for that. It, it’s like the old cartoon. One American bump is gray, the other one has rainbow flags and et cetera.

This is the difference. This is the difference without distinction, this is what we have to understand. And it’s true. If you go back 2000 years to the, your self instincts and the birth of Christianity, it’s true about the 1945 and the Holocaust. And it’s not just in sim. This is the last point I wanna make in this round.

It’s not just the symbolism that’s the same, uh, I mean, uh, not the symbol, the essence that’s the same. It’s not just the arch type or the values that, uh, is the same. It’s also, it’s more, it’s worse than that. It’s an historical lineage. It’s an actual inheritance. It’s the same people in power and the children of those people.

And you can track this historically, I’ve done this in many shows. Plenty of researchers has done this. You can track it historically back, so you see a direct line. It’s not just that bankers woke up one day and now they, you know, agree with their Forbes. It’s the direct line. It’s the same people, it’s the same factions, it’s the same values.

These values are anti-human. They are anti liberty, and they are pro elite. But that elite doesn’t have to be defined religiously in terms of Jew or Christian. It doesn’t have to be defined ethnically like, you know, an Aryan or, or a Jew or whatever. If that’s even a ethnicity, it, you can put an or, or class for that matter.

So it’s the elite and how they have, you know, the, the ruling philosophy and the release and the future elites are heading all the way down to transhumanism, which has been present among all these manifestations, not just the Nazis. So, so that’s my point. And if you discuss it like that, then we can elevate this discussion to our more three or 4d, uh, level.

[01:37:21] Alex Tsakiris: so let me ask you this as we kind of move to kind of wrap this up,

so, to, you know, back to my original premise for kind of doing this show, and you’ve been, you’ve added a lot to it and I knew that you would, because I know this is something that you’ve looked at from a lot of different angles, different from me, but to what extent the, the basic premise from these Johnny V.

Moore thing and the Klaus Schwab thing and his, I think it’s a head fake to, to, to tie that to the Nazis. Unless we’re gonna say same values tied to the American Nazis, we’re the Nazis, you know, it’s Henry Kissinger is the next Nazi that is the,

[01:38:02] Al Borealis: uh, Nazi, take

[01:38:04] Alex Tsakiris: the clip that is part of this thing. Okay. So to what extent do our understanding of Nazis define our understanding of Jews?

To what extent does our understanding of Jews define our understanding of Nazis? I’ll let you have the floor. Okay. Look, wrap it up. But I do wanna say, thank you so much for doing this with

[01:38:26] Al Borealis: me. Yeah, but this is, it’s a new bag. Look, man, the American state was hijacked after World War ii and the final, um, move, the final step of that hijack was the assassination of jfk, by the way, oh, I hope RFK can make a difference.

But this the, you have to understand that this plague is still among us, and it goes directly back to the Nazis. It does not go back to the Hitler faction because Hitler went rogue. Okay. So, so they, uh, kind of, uh, he, he was authorized e eventually, but, uh, it goes back to the, the value system that they had.

It goes also back to the American fascist, the war street fascist, let’s just call ’em that. And these people try to fuse. Churchill and Hitler, it with a has coming to England, et cetera. It failed, but they managed to fuse it, uh, after the war of the F D R died or was killed. And, um, but, but whatever you think up until that point, whether you think or, um, Roosevelt was killed, or whether you think Hitler or why it doesn’t matter, because you can just start there.

And then you can see that they fused, they fused with the networks, with the spy networks. They fused with the banking and the corporation system. They’ve fused with, um, uh, scientists and c cia a became dominated by Nazis, loyal to an extra-territorial state, not loyal to the president. They lost control on the American side,

[01:40:13] Alex Tsakiris: Joseph Ferrell stuff.

It just, and, and I’m down with some, yeah, I’m down with some of that. But I mean, you’re kind of going a farfield because I was bringing it back to the, to the Jewish thing, which you can’t tie it to. The can’t, you can’t plan on No, no. You can’t square that. And that’s one of the things that they go, that people go with that, with the breakaway civilization, you can’t account for, you know, Epstein was about, and it’s so interesting to hear all the people that are interested now in, in Epstein and all the rest stuff,

[01:40:42] Al Borealis: anti-Semitic, Nazi, he’s Maad died, he’s

[01:40:45] Alex Tsakiris: masad.

I mean, Epstein is masad at the same time. He’s working for the saw cia. So I think, you know, you Yeah, I, I don’t want to go there and tune the 2D 3D 5k. Who the cares? And that’s No, but,

[01:40:57] Al Borealis: but we can take it 2d.

[01:40:58] Alex Tsakiris: But the point, the point is that, that there is another, there is another player on the field, as Joseph Ferrell correctly points out, that has to be kind of factored in here.

And we can’t do it in the time we have left. We’ve already gone for

[01:41:13] Al Borealis: two and a half hours. But let, let, let’s not, let’s not factor them in. Let’s just see that the cia, uh, the NATO naso, uh, the corporations and the banking system just take those five power players among many even un actually were dominated by people with the same value system, both on the American side and on the Exxon Nazi side.

And, uh, included in this became the new Jewish state. Uh, the new Jewish state was, uh, started out like a socialist project, but it soon ended up, uh, in, um, our fascist, um, manifestation, which is a

[01:41:54] Alex Tsakiris: evidence isn’t there for that. You know, it’s a really good book. I dunno if you read it phenomena by, uh, Annie Jacobson and she traces the whole mind control thing and the whole thing Yeah.

Too. And,

[01:42:03] Al Borealis: and to Soviet. Yeah, it’s a psyop. The whole book is a cyop.

[01:42:08] Alex Tsakiris: What is, what Issi about

[01:42:10] Al Borealis: it. Which, which richer for a book, by the way. I just told you. Phenomenon. Oh, okay. I was referring to the one, uh, the Rowell, uh, uh, thing. Well, uh, I don’t trust her because she, uh, here, the reason, first of all, well,

[01:42:26] Alex Tsakiris: you don’t know the, you don’t know the, the research.

So the, but the point is, if you look at phenomena, you look at the history of MK Ultra, you look at the history of mind control, you look at the, she’s a

[01:42:37] Al Borealis: limited hangout man.

[01:42:39] Alex Tsakiris: She is a limited hangout. But when the limited hangout is hanging out more than anyone else, than that is your starting point for the limited hangout.

And so, you know, the, the, a limited hangout against what is the mainstream scientific understanding, which is that consciousness is totally a byproduct of the brain and nothing happens and there is no extended realm. So we need a limited hangout that rejects that idea. Yeah. And we also need, but remember the, one of the most compelling parts I thought of the book is at the end when she’s talking about, IRI Geller and the long history of the early gel. I Geller and anyone, you know, can go watch the videos that they did at the Stanford Research Institute of the experiments they did with Uri Geller. But where she is at, she’s in Israel with Uri Geller.

He’s going around and bending all the spoons like he does, which doesn’t make any sense. It completely defies our understanding of science in the same way that UFOs do. You cannot bend spoons like that. It’s not a trick. Other people, Dean Raden has one on his, has one on his desk of a Ben St. Spoon, not by I Geller.

There’s literally hundreds and hundreds of people who have attended spoon bending parties and this happens. So it’s real. But Uri Geller is there meeting with Masad Intelligence why a while Annie Jacobson is there at the residence of the Prime Minister. So it puts a different perspective. No, it’s not all.

Oh, these fascists are kind of teamed up. Everyone has their own jersey and is playing their own game and that’s back ah,

[01:44:20] Al Borealis: factions among the power elites.

[01:44:23] Alex Tsakiris: Sure. Well factions and power elites. I mean, factions among the wor you say power elite, somebody has to run the world. So that that is, that is the point really.

That’s throughout history. Someone is going to grab control and run the world and it’s gonna be one group or another. So it is factions among the power elite. That’s history. Yep.

[01:44:47] Al Borealis: Yep. Well, I mean, there’s no contradiction. Uh, this is the problem. People think it’s a contradiction because certainly they say See juice.

Or Zionists, which isn’t the same thing, uh, in play. Some Jews and some Zionists in play, and even the state of Israel and Moad in play, of course, they have been a part of the power elite since, uh, uh, I don’t know, sixties at least. So that’s not a contradiction. Uh, as for any Jacobson, remember, her sources are, it’s like this real whistleblowers versus fake Vin man or whatever they call it.

He’s called this Ukrainian guy who, who, who did, uh, uh, Trump Gate, no, uh, Russia gate. He’s boosted by the, by the powers that be. What do you

[01:45:37] Alex Tsakiris: stra? What do you know that is fake about what she’s recording on mk. Let me all let, I know it pretty well, and I didn’t find out. I know, I didn’t find anything that contradicted what I already knew.

The only thing I found is limited hangout pulling up short of, in the same way that you do, which is that

[01:45:55] Al Borealis: I’ll explain it. It’s a good question, but gimme time to, to explain it. So what she did with the book before there is that she, uh, I’m interested in the book before there No. Yeah. It’s a pattern. It’s a pattern.

Let me explain first. She immediately, after Pharrell’s book, Rosewell and Roche, she comes out and says, yes, it’s exactly like that. Only it was the Soviet, it wasn’t the Nazis. Because here the vested interest is to derail our attention from how much. Notification happened with American State Liberty, all that shit went out the door.

The wrong people won. The right people were eliminated. And her sources are official. Her

[01:46:37] Alex Tsakiris: sources Roswell thing is silly. It doesn’t, doesn’t matter.

[01:46:41] Al Borealis: Doesn’t matter. The problem is that people can’t realize that Nazis were amd into the American system because with the, the Nazis comes values, uh, and her sources are all, you know, lining up official people still in, it’s like all your reasons for doping.

The Tom DeLong thing applies to her. Only you’re not applying it to her. Then comes the next book and you will notice something. Everything she writes about is already written about she’s really taking stuff. It’s not, that is already there. And then

[01:47:15] Alex Tsakiris: she’s that’s not true. That’s not true with phenomena read.

I’ll tell you what, I’m gonna even cut this out, read phenomena and we can come back in and talk about it, but I don’t think you, I mean, what do you know about Uri Geller?

[01:47:28] Al Borealis: What do I know? I’d never met him, but, uh, but but you don’t even think he’s real Oh, yeah. Yeah. Real, uh, how that his abilities are real.

Yes. Yeah. I’m open to that. Yes, absolutely. I’m open to that. Yeah.

[01:47:42] Alex Tsakiris: Yeah. I mean, are you open to the possibility that he’s,

[01:47:46] Al Borealis: uh, fake? I remember, you know what? I was, uh, 16 years old. I saw a recording of him on Norwegian television, a recording, 10 year old recording or something, and he appealed to everyone at home to do something.

And I did it. I can’t remember if there was a spoon or the clock, because I’ve, I’ve been manipulating clocks and spoon all my life. I think it was the clock. Of course it happened. And then I realized later that it was a recording. I thought it was live. You understand? Yes. That’s my first meeting, I think with Ru Galler.

So he, so a broken clock started to work, and he was the, he was the, like the, uh, nexus for that. Of course, it was my own. Um, but yes. Yeah. So, so that’s my first meeting with you, Geller. So

[01:48:41] Alex Tsakiris: this, this foray into extended consciousness contradicts a lot of this other stuff that you spin out there, you know, because this would’ve, I don’t Yeah.

Cuz this immediately take us to non-human intelligence, right. Because Right. That is the big barrier to non-human intelligence is that consciousness can’t survive. Death consciousness can’t leave the body. So, right. We’d immediately have to look at non-human intelligence, particularly et intelligence , in a completely different perspective.

Now, your buddy Joseph Far whom always picking on Yeah. Is he down with that in terms of there are these extended consciousness realms where things are happening that are, uh, from a conventional scientific physics standpoint, unexplainable. It is unexplainable that Uri Geller can do that, that Uri Geller can precipitate you doing that.

It’s, uh, and it therefore takes all physics and puts physics as kind of a, it obsoletes physics as being completely incomplete in terms of our understanding, our understanding of propulsion, our understanding of how UFOs work, our standing, our understanding of interstellar travel. All that is out the window.

Because you made that clock move. Do you get

[01:49:59] Al Borealis: that? Yeah, I guess you can, you can, uh, put all the, look, look, if, if you show me a miracle. I’m not gonna change my paradigm. 20, uh, you’re talking to the wrong grind. 99% will change the paradigm. If I was a skeptic, change it to earn a hundred percent. But in my paradigm, uh, there’s room for it is much more nuanced than that.

So I don’t need a miracle to like, oh, now I change my mind. There’s room for many, many potential, um, nuances to either that or that. So in Jacobson’s case, I’m sure that there’s an agenda they want out, but they know already that this look, the point of a limited hangout isn’t, isn’t to neither to contradict the established or to introduce a revolution.

It is to stifle the revolution. Because so many already doubted the official that we have to spin this dissent. So we put the, in something that admits that, yes, the official isn’t true, but here is how it is True. You understand? So that we don’t start, you know, going to, and this is the same with the, with the Holocaust thing.

It’s like as soon as people start adopting some of the propaganda that was made, then oh, you’re supposed to be a Nazi. If you don’t, I don’t buy into that. I don’t buy into that either. But

[01:51:28] Alex Tsakiris: that’s not the kind of conversation we wanna have. The kind convers, no, no, not you, we wanna have, but, but that is what

[01:51:33] Al Borealis: people do.

[01:51:34] Alex Tsakiris: Right. Well, that’s what, not us people, not the the two of us talking here, but the, the thing that I would challenge John, and, and we can follow up on any of these and I’ll roll into the show if you wanna just send me a telegram message with some of this stuff. But Joseph Ferrell , and Roswell Nazi thing is, is a non-starter.

Once you understand that, you made that clock move, because when you make that clock move, now you have to incorporate in all the, . , remote viewing stuff, all the stuff outside of consciousness, all the Joe Mcle, uh, remote viewing Mars a million years ago. You have to, . , John Brandenburg and the profiles of the isotopes.

All that comes into play. Joseph Ferrell has his fingers in the dyke saying, look, guys, I’m gonna give you this explanation that keeps everything in this materialist paradigm. As soon as that damn breaks, then the most parsimonious explanation is . U F O U A P, non-human intelligence et it just is,

[01:52:44] Al Borealis: uh, again, that’s a black white thing.

I don’t buy into, there’s rules.

[01:52:48] Alex Tsakiris: There’s a burden proof on there’s burden. Nazi side or the other.

[01:52:52] Al Borealis: Look, someone, we agree that human beings master anti-gravity, right? I don’t care who. So you don’t think any no human in history if, if in ancient times in this time? No, no. Deep state. Nobody has ever managed to break the loss of the physics we presented.

Well, if,

[01:53:13] Alex Tsakiris: if you expanded, like, you know, like, uh, a lot of people really like, uh, who’s that guy who’s on Joe Rogan all the time? . . Eric Weinstein. Yeah. I do not, I think he’s, I think there’s so many holes in his argument be super popular. Millions and millions of views on Rogan and Lex Fried and all the rest of that.

But the one thing that he says as, uh, uh, uh, an elite mathematician who’s plugged into physics, he goes Anti-gravity. He goes, look, here are the people. Here’s the line of, uh, published work from back in the fifties. He goes, I know the line of, uh, who’s connected to this technology. He goes, the, I’ve talked to those people.

They do not, they say there’s no there there in terms of people who are working on it. He said, we’d love to work on it. We have this guy down here in Austin, Texas, this guy here, but I know the research, it isn’t there. And that’s another Joseph Ferrell kind of silliness. Is

[01:54:11] Al Borealis: that this who you think Bob Lasso is making it up?

Yes. Mm. Okay. Well, I mean, if there’s no, if there’s no black

[01:54:19] Alex Tsakiris: research is exposed by this, this most recent round, I mean, he, he, Stanton Friedman kind of busted his ass five years ago. Okay. Okay.

[01:54:27] Al Borealis: But nevermind that if it’s only white research, there’s no such thing as black research of, although be no black research, of course, but it’s no black research on gravity only.

Yes, COVID. And there

[01:54:37] Alex Tsakiris: is, but, so if you take, here’s what you do. If you wanted to get as close as you could to understanding that is you take the smartest guy in the room and I don’t think Eric Weinstein is the smartest guy in the room. No, but let’s let him stand in

[01:54:52] Al Borealis: because, but the smartest guy is a hijack into black projects.

[01:54:55] Alex Tsakiris: No, that’s his, that’s his point, is that we still have a basically functioning, uh, academia and research community that is filled with, uh, co co-conspirators.

[01:55:07] Al Borealis: And, and he himself admits that now more than ever, it’s stifled. It’s not, uh, yes. But the

[01:55:14] Alex Tsakiris: point is we can, we can trace the fingerprints of the scientists who would be involved in this.

Okay. Let me ask you this. Hold on. Do you understand, do you understand my point? Yeah. So you can follow their record of published papers. You can follow the record of their research. Okay. You can follow the record of their research associates and the people that work under them, and you can go talk to them and you can put together a pretty good record of is there some huge thing that is outside of that in case open with it.

There wasn’t enough time. There isn’t enough time in the day to have all

[01:55:49] Al Borealis: that kind of stuff. Okay. Okay. Let, let, let’s, let’s move away from that approach. I have another approach that will bring back the same point, although in the fifties, there were open articles about their anti research. Yes. But let me ask you this, are you open to the idea that there are some physical organisms, humanoids, no.

Let’s forget about biological. Beings as UFOs like that they are biological or extra dimensional or time travelers, all that. Are you open to the idea that on some other planet or or, or or bo celestial body, there are beings who has, who master anti-gravity? Sure. Are you open to that idea? Sure. Okay. Then I don’t understand what is the big deal with humans not mastering it then?

It’s, it’s a chicken and egg. Right? If, if, if we were created by aliens still who created them, that’s my point. Right? So if they can master anti-gravity, it’s just a matter of Sure.

[01:56:51] Alex Tsakiris: Fine. Right? There’s no evidence, there’s no evidence for that. The evidence points the other direction, the evidence points that we’ve been helped along the way.

I mean, that’s, that’s

[01:57:01] Al Borealis: the way you would Oh, it goes into evidence and, and all that stuff. Depends

[01:57:04] Alex Tsakiris: what, yeah, it’s back to, it’s back to Josephus, it’s back to real stuff that we can dig up. It’s back to whether we have that gold coin that shows that Pius pilot really did live. It’s following the data the best we can, uh, the best we can cuz we’re

[01:57:18] Al Borealis: never the, the data we are allowed to follow.

Yes. This is why we need freedom. If there’s no freedom in, um, in research, if there’s no freedom in, uh, as, as long as there are systemic power centers that you know you can use Covid, why are they having. Uh, these black sites, these, uh, bio labs around the world, black, right? As long as there are things like that going on, we cannot pretend that this is a clear and open and honest discussion because we know that those who have the money and the power are doing stuff behind our back.

We know they are vested, of course, in US only, you know, accepting parts of the paradigm. So if you were living in a society that was completely free, everything was open, you would have a a a point. But those of us who know that as monkey business, like you and me, we knew it already during the, uh, pandemic, then we have to apply that

[01:58:20] Alex Tsakiris: first.

I got it from your show first,

[01:58:24] Al Borealis: whatever. If it, if you didn’t get it from there, you would get it from somewhere else. Right? But the point is, we must do the same on all areas and then we must look for the exceptions. And when we find exceptions, let’s say for example, uh, whistleblowers coming out saying that, uh, there is black project on anti-gravity when we see independent researchers mastering, uh, anti-gravity and getting eliminated when we see the newspaper articles in the fifties, uh, about announcing that they weren’t scientists.

[01:58:57] Alex Tsakiris: Yeah. But we’re just, we’re rehashing the same thing. And I’m gonna edit some down cuz we rehash the same thing. My point is, Like a lot of people, it’s back to the 6 million. It really is al It’s like you just wanna say, well, six, well how do we really know it’s back to flat earth? Well, do you really know, have you really heard the arguments against that?

And do you put water on a basketball? It flows off. How does this, you have to drill into it as far as you can. And I would suggest to you, when you drill into the anti-gravity stuff, even though I’m not an Eric, uh, Eric Weinstein fan, Eric Weinstein, I, I’m, I’m not a fan,

[01:59:33] Al Borealis: it’s Weinstein. I would say that I don’t know his, I’ll tell you one thing.

His methodology, his method,

[01:59:41] Alex Tsakiris: his methodology, his methodology for coming closer to understanding that is solid. And that’s to say, look at the individuals involved and look at the volume of research that they’re producing. And if you see a big hole, then okay, maybe there’s a black project there that fills that hole.

And then the other thing he’s saying is go back to those papers in the fifties and follow those people. Follow their path. Follow who, what institution they’re at. They’re at Caltech. They’re at m i T. Okay. Who else was there? Who else? At the same time. That is the, it’s kind a gene. Hold on, lemme finish.

Kind of a genealogy of science. And if you were to do that, then you would say, if there’s some big gaps, then we got a problem. But Okay. I’ll give you two gaps. Hold on. If there aren’t any big gaps, then it’s, it’s more this flat earth bullshit. It’s rabies, uh, no virus bullshit. It’s, there wasn’t 6 million Jews.


[02:00:40] Al Borealis: here’s, here’s a few gaps. What about Reagan? Admitting that we have a space fleet, but per, per, then it was, it could have six people at the same time. What about a hacker in England who found out, uh, even the names of these, of this space fleet? What about, uh, what about, um, uh, up to, what’s the number now?

30 trillion missing money from Pentagon going straight into these black projects Now,

[02:01:09] Alex Tsakiris: have you listened the latest episode of Skeptiko with the woman who works with, uh, my lab Vic? You know what? My lab is? Uh, military abductions. Okay. Right. So that’s three. You know, you wanna talk about 3D 40 chess? That is, that my friend is several huge steps beyond what you’re talking about in terms of,

[02:01:29] Al Borealis: uh, you know, can we give the gist of it?

I’m gonna check the show out, but here’s

[02:01:34] Alex Tsakiris: the gist of it. Here’s the gist of it. That, that just drives me nuts. A lot of stuff drives me nuts. That’s why I still love talking to you, man. We have a good, we have these good conversations. If you accept as the, if you accept right now that we are post disclosure, that it is now accepted official, that there are these things that are flying around out there, and I’ve spoken.

You know, on this show to the guy who was on the boat who shot, who saw ’em and was trailing, tracing them through his radar and did so for a week and saw them and then went up on deck and actually saw them through the scope, and this is in addition, then he sent the fighter pilots out who saw ’em. So that is now disclosed open.

That is the, if you wanna go against that, you say, well that isn’t real, or that’s something else. You are now kind of, the burden of proof is on you. But if you accept that there, that this is now a part of our reality, then you have to accept the most parsimonious explanation is that those craft are piloted by non-human intelligence in some form or another.

There is some non-human intelligence that is piloting that. If you do that, the problem is that that data dovetails with the alien abduction data, which again, I’d point out to people, you know, people like John Mack at Harvard, probably one of the most respected psychiatrists in the world at that time, at Harvard.

And he went into it to kind of debunk it, to debunk Bud Hopkins in the 19, I don’t wanna say the date cause I don’t know, but, and he’s a Pulitzer Prize winner and he is a super elite guy and he comes through and he tries to money. He goes, I can’t. These people from all my clinical experience, these people are telling the truth and they’re not delusional and they’re not making this up

[02:03:25] Al Borealis: something.

But he concluded there was more consciousness based than biological. Yes. But

[02:03:30] Alex Tsakiris: that, that’s for people who want to bury the lead. The lead is that for the most part, their story is consistent. That they went on a craft, they were abducted. Here’s the, here’s the military abduction part of that that you wanted me to get to, and I know it takes a long time.

If you get to that point, then of course there’s military abductions. You would expect military abductions. You would expect our military intelligence to v at the very least, want to know what happened when you were abducted. What kind of technology do they have? What are they interested in? What is their agenda?

These are intelligence issues. If they weren’t, if they weren’t corralling those people, harassing those people, kidnapping those people, all the thing, abducting those people, all those things that we know that they do, if they weren’t doing that and trying to extract that information from them, we would be surprised.

[02:04:26] Al Borealis: Right? Yes, absolutely. In, in, in this day and age. But your, your big point is that, uh, there’s some kind of, um, either orth, black and white thing. Either it’s consciousness or it’s physical. To me, it’s, it’s, it is not either or. It’s both. And we live

[02:04:45] Alex Tsakiris: in a, for the people who’ve experienced it, it’s definitely physical.

It’s definitely beings. It’s definitely craft. It’s all those things. So if

[02:04:53] Al Borealis: you wanna, but you just made an argument earlier. This is why I wanted you to admit there was anti-gravity. You just made an argument that if Geller did that thing with consciousness, then forget about all the physical stuff. And, and Joseph Ferrell saying, Nazis, I’m just saying Nazis can master advanced technology.

Doesn’t mean consciousness doesn’t exist. Doesn’t mean miracles doesn’t exist. I’m saying there’s room. It’s complicated

[02:05:18] Alex Tsakiris: thing. It’s complicated. But the part that, the part that kind of tweaks me is that, uh, the data that, that you’re trying to overturn is that, What they’re saying is that there are physical, that there is physical craft in some cases.

Yeah. That these people absolutely have traveled from another star system in some cases.

[02:05:37] Al Borealis: Well, we don’t know where

[02:05:38] Alex Tsakiris: they’re traveling from. That is Well hold they do know. I mean that’s if

[02:05:42] Al Borealis: they have traveled from another star system, then they’ve definition time travelers travel in time without space. El el

[02:05:49] Alex Tsakiris: you, you are now injecting your personal opinion.

I’m telling you that the, if, if you go here, the testimony that you will get, the accounts that you will get is that people have, have been abducted, have said that they were told that this is the star system they’re from. So you can choose not to, uh, not to believe that or come to some counter example.

But my point is, and it kind of matches the near death experience accounts when people want to go, well, it doesn’t mean this, it doesn’t mean that, maybe not, but we do have to understand the testimony from the people involved.

[02:06:22] Al Borealis: Right, right. Well, I, what I’m saying is, yeah, Adamski said that, uh, they were from Venus and, and there’s a lot of claims that’s okay.

But all I’m saying is if they’re traveling in space, they’re also traveling in time. So, so it can never be a simple matter this thing, uh, although I don’t think complicated is the right word. I think nuance is the right word because I don’t really think these things are complicated. If we can afford. Not going into the either or trap.

If we can afford realizing that we live in a reality that is, has room for multiple, uh, it’s like, look, if the lie was just on one thing, yes, then it’s an either or. But the lie with that, I mean, the consensus reality is so narrow and it’s so full of cracks and errors and it’s so forced into this small Overton window that obviously there’s a huge map outside of this Overton window on all areas, whether we are discussing history, politics, metaphysics, spiritualism, there’s so many cracks that it’s not just an and, uh, or it’s like, it’s like I, I’m amazed every time I see a mainstream thing being true.

That’s, that’s my, that’s my starting position. It’s anything true. And if it’s true, to what extent is it true? Is it just true in some aspect and some angle? So, so no, let’s just concede that, uh, look, there may even be Nazis who experimented with, I think there were actually Nazis who experimented with, uh, psychic things.

At least they would have to do it as soon as they discovered some excellent facts. They did. Right. So, um, so, but my, a very important point to, uh, go away with from this discussion today from my point of view, is that. Look, you have to look beyond Jews. You have to look beyond Nazis. You have to look what values do they represent and what system do they represent.

So if they represent the TR power elite, the traditional powers that be authoritarianism, anti liberty, anti populous, uh, control, all that stuff, it, it’s just an other mosque. It’s just an other, the Hydra has many heads. It’s just an other head of the hydra. Don’t be confused that it can be red, it can be blue, it can be brown, it can be green.

It doesn’t matter. Look behi behind these manifestations. And, um, uh, so that’s one important takeaway. The other important takeaway is that there may be seeming contrasts, uh, but there are nuanced, um, uh, explanations for most things. Uh, it doesn’t mean I have the explanation or Alex has the explanation, but what we are doing is very important exercise because people are not used to seeing that people can disagree.

And the funny thing about us Alex is that we agree about the context. We even agree about most of the facts, but we actually offer the ability to have different approaches within that. And that’s not that common. Uh, usually it’s, uh, people have to hash out even the context. And I’m not even married to my own opinions.

For example, uh, we talked about the gas, uh, the, the, not the gas chambers, the number of, I don’t know, the number of Jews that were slaughtered. How would I know I wasn’t there? So I’m open to, uh, you know, uh, when I are being wrong, it, it, it even grants that I have an assertion. I don’t really have an assertion.

I just have some doubts based on some facts I’ve seen. And it’s the same thing with the anti-gravity thing. It’s the same thing with the origins of, of, you know, the suse and polish’s thing and, and the Hitler survival thing and all these things. But to me it seems like a very good, uh, picture is emerging, uh, when you realize, you know, when you start putting in these bricks, uh, I’m starting to get a, a clear picture.

And many times you tell me, no, no, no. There’s a contradiction. There’s a contradiction. I don’t see that. But it’s not always, I have time to explain to you why. And, uh, I’m not here to defend, uh, Joseph Farrell, by the way, but, uh, uh, I happen to agree with him on, on, on some points and including this point that you attack.

But, you know, after American cosmic, it’s not a debate anymore, right? She, she, she lays it out and she’s a Catholic. She, she comes from the theological angle, but she’s lays it out. It’s a both and.

[02:11:09] Alex Tsakiris: Well, you know, you said you took three months off, so I squeezed three hours out of you because you took three months off.

You, you paid the price.

[02:11:19] Al Borealis: Has it been three hours? Oh my God, you’re

[02:11:21] Alex Tsakiris: awesome, my man. And I, I really appreciate it. And we’ll say with your permission, I’ll, I’ll, I might edit this down to try and keep it, some of the stuff we said is just gonna, you know, blow it out the water. I, maybe I’ll put it on rumble or something, but it’ll never make it on YouTube too.

I’ll just never make it on YouTube. It’ll never, it’ll never. No, it won’t. And I already have one strike. A strike for the stupidest, not for the stupidest, for a great interview with Mary Radwell, but it had nothing to do with, you know, it’s so, it’s so ugh.

[02:11:54] Al Borealis: It’s, it’s unbelievable. I, I got my first strike recently with Katherine Fitz, and it was me who did it, it wasn’t even her.

I said that Bill Gates was, uh, unpopular in India and Africa because of some vaccines. Scandal. Bomb strike. There you go, Ms. Microsoft Right. Uh, uh, is, uh, behind Alphabet and behind YouTube. So you can’t, can’t criticize the man, which invalidates then the access of evidence we have. Yes. You understand? Yes.

Hmm. Okay. But we, we, we, we, we did get some, uh, triggers. We, we did get some provocations in there for the thoughts. So let’s hope they can get something out of this debate today. Great.

[02:12:44] Alex Tsakiris: Congratulations on the new place. And, uh,

[02:12:47] Al Borealis: okay, now we’re in touch. Now we’re, we’re done, right? This is, it’s

[02:12:50] Alex Tsakiris: hard to say. I’ll just say, Al thanks again and, uh, talk soon.

Thanks again to Al Borealis from foreign Borealis for joining me today on Skeptiko boy, usually tee up a question, be too many of them to do. . We covered so much ground and, uh, I do really respect Al and where he’s coming from. And, uh, yeah, it got a little tense there for a minute, but in general, I mean, you just don’t find people who are.

Willing to engage at this depth when you have some kind of differences of opinion. And I really, respect and appreciate that about Al and I love his show have learned so much from his show. So, uh, That’s off to him. And, uh, I really appreciate him joining me. Stay with me on Skeptiko.

Let me hear from you. . Let me know what kind of shows we might do together. That is you have somebody you’d love to hear on Skeptiko. . And I’d like to work with you to make that happen because I think that’s fun.

And engaging and brings us together and kind of creates a reality to this thing where I’m just talking into this microphone over here. And then you’re magically kind of listening on the other end. Let’s make it real. Let’s close the loop. Until next time, take care. Bye for now.


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