36. Academic Snobbery and the Journal of Scientific Exploration

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Guest: Dr. Peter Sturrock, on academic snobbery. Hard-core skeptic Dr Clive Wynne, and Ethologist Dr. Marc Bekoff on whether controversial science encounters a double-standard when published. Sturrock on the legitimacy of the Journal of Scientific Exploration: “…this depends on whether we think that science is all worked out or whether it’s, let’s say, an ongoing process. If we think that scientists know all there is to know, then there is no need for the, the Journal for Scientific Exploration, but if we think science is an ongoing process that has problems to work through and work out, and some of which are ignored by mainstream science, and many of which are of interest to the public, then there’s a real need for the Journal of Scientific Exploration.”

• Editor Journal of Scientific Exploration, Dr.
Peter Sturrock

• University of Florida animal behaviorist, Dr.
Clive Wynne

• University of Colorado Ethologist, Dr.
Marc Bekoff


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