Documentary looks at old and new models of human consciousness |305|

The Deeper You Go documentary looks beyond traditional neuroscience-based models of consciousness.

photo by: 11thStory

My first impression of The Deeper You Go, a new documentary about consciousness, was — I can’t believe flat-earth-society-consciousness-researchers like Daniel Dennett, Susan Blackmore, and Patricia Churchland are still say moronic things like, “consciousness is an illusion.” My second thought was, I’m sure glad documentary filmmakers Lora Nigro and Kevin Rutkowski captured this on film. And especially glad they included interviews with more sane researchers like Dean Radin and Rupert Sheldrake.

BTW 11thStory has offered Skeptiko listeners a chance to view The Deeper You Go for free (but I hope you’ll stuff a couple bucks in the tip jar if you like it). Use password: Skeptiko


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