24. Naturalism Advocate Sees No Evidence for Survival of Consciousness After Death

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Guest: Tom Clark, Naturalism proponent, explores the lack of evidence for, “fringe science” like parapsychology, near-death experience and the survival of consciousness after death: “…I’d have to be agnostic about the possibilities for consciousness after death, especially my own personal consciousness with my personal characteristics… I can’t disprove that it exists, but what’s the positive evidence for it… I haven’t seen a shred of positive evidence to support that belief… and
that’s how science works. We don’t argue from gaps we leave those gaps unfilled… but the reason I say I’m skeptical of, say, the soul, or consciousness after death, is precisely because there’s no evidence for that.”
Featured Interview:• Director of the Center for Naturalism, and editor of Naturalism.Org, Tom Clark