215. Victor Zammit Grills Skeptics with Lawyer’s Evidence for Near Death Experience


Interview examines a near-death experience science from a legal perspective.

Join Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris for an interview with Victor and Wendy Zammit authors of, A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife.  During the interview Zammit explains how he would cross-examine skeptical scientists:

Alex Tsakiris: I mentioned to you in my email that my wife is a forensic psychologist and gives testimony in court on her expertise.  Of course, she is just grilled by the other side, as is appropriate, but here’s what you and Wendy write in the book:

“When materialist scientists attack scientists and others who support the paranormal, the materialists do not allow their prejudices to be examined in public. Testing the credibility, the prejudices, and the degree of expertise of an expert witness through cross-examination is another role of attorneys because they know that the outcome of many trials depends on the testimony of such an expert witness.”

Tell us about this cross-examination process and what you think would be revealed if we had the opportunity to cross-examine some of these folks who are against near-death experience science.

Victor Zammit:  In a legal process we have a cross-examination situation where the witness has to answer the question. This is very, very important. In a courtroom situation I’d ask simple question, “What actual evidence have you come across do you not agree with?” I have 24 different areas of after-life evidence to present, not just one. This is like the prosecutor having 24 witnesses in a murder case. Why should the prosecutor call only one witness when he can call 24 witnesses?

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